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Smartwatch For Kids: What Is It?

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A smartwatch (English, literally “smart clock“) is a type of watch that not only serves as a timepiece but also has a range of other functions.

Smartwatches are similar to handheld electronic devices such as a smartphone, but are attached to the body.

Smartwatches can consist of different equipment, such as a camera, calculator, touchscreen, GPS system, speaker and various measuring instruments (for example, an accelerometer, altimeter, barometer, thermometer or compass).

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Smartwatches often have an SD card and rechargeable battery. Many smartwatches can run mobile apps.

Some smartwatches also serve as full-fledged mobile phones; these are also known as watch phone (“watch phone”).

Some smartwatches are specially equipped as a sports watch (“sports watch”) with functions and sensors to support sporting activity.

Such functions include training programs, displaying speed and lap times, a dive computer and a heart rate monitor.

A smartwatch can receive information from other instruments and control computers and other devices. Wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS are used for this purpose.

A smartwatch can also only serve as a remote control for a certain system, or be in contact with a mobile phone and, for example, transmit messages and phone calls and calendar notifications from the phone.

What you are looking for may not be what someone else is looking for. There can be several reasons for a SmartWatch to find out for your child.

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Why a smartwatch for your child

Most parents buy one for their child to:

  1. Still able to get in touch but they're not ready for a smartphone yet
  2. To know that they can always send an emergency message if necessary
  3. You would like to keep track of where your child is at that moment
  4. Keep track of where your child went in a day
  5. Be able to set up geofencing (a “safe” area they can go) with a notification if your child goes outside that area
  6. Keep track of how much physical activity your child gets in a day
  7. Give your child more responsibility in their daily schedule with reminders for brushing teeth, doing homework and cleaning the room
  8. Just to provide something nice for music, games and photos to be able to take

This is also what you should pay attention to when you buy one.

Make a list of the features you care about most. Not every watch has GPS, for example, and not every parent wants to track their child (often depending on the age).

Lecia Bushak resigns that a smartwatch, for example, can greatly help your child to plan their day themselves, especially children with ADHD who otherwise have a lot of trouble with it.

You put technology in their hands and teach them to take responsibility themselves and to use tech as a useful tool in their daily lives (like with the Garmin Vivofit).

Or just because you want to keep your kids active during the summer holidays, instead of playing Fortnite in bed every day :)

What is a smartwatch for kids?

A smartwatch for children is similar to that for adults but often comes equipped with a number of other functions.

For example, smartwatches for children usually have an SOS button with which they can send an emergency signal to preset numbers, a GPS tracking system with which parents can keep an eye on where children are (or have been) and a number of games or options to set reminders. set for tasks such as brushing your teeth or doing homework. 

Smartwatches are often practical for parents as well as fun for children.

Kids Smartwatches Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions:

Can children use a smartwatch to go to school?

Many schools ban smartwatches for children. They have their reasons. According to the BEUC children's smartwatches can pose a serious threat to children's privacy. Manufacturers of these devices do not follow security protocols, so hackers can easily take control of a child's watch and gain access to personal data.

Can you sleep with a smartwatch?

Yes, that's possible. I used sleep for android to track my sleep. However, the battery life of smartwatches is rather poor, so if you don't mind charging your watch in the morning, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Why do I need a SIM card for my child's smartwatch?

Most adult smartwatches are connected to their phones and get all the information they need to call or text via Bluetooth.
However, smartwatches for kids are designed not to be paired with phones, so they need a SIM card to access the cellular network, make phone calls, and broadcast a GPS signal.

Are smartwatches dangerous?

The smartwatches may help with day-to-day business, but the various health concerns cannot be ignored. Smartwatches emit EMF radiation that can be extremely harmful. In recent years, many studies have contributed to the knowledge about the harmful nature of smartphones and smartwatches.

Can smart watches cause cancer?

The evidence has been examined and it has emerged that there is no danger. The National Cancer Institute states: “Studies to date have not shown a consistent association between the use of smartwatches or cell phones and cancers of the brain, nerves or other tissues of the head or neck.

Will a smartwatch make my child more vulnerable to hackers and online threats?

The question of online security and privacy is important when considering a smart device.

There are a number of groups in Europe who believe that smartwatches pose a threat to the safety of the child and have banned them.

Many of these concerns arise because these types of devices can be easily hacked.

So, to be safe, never keep confidential information about them, and remember to teach your child other safety rules other than just talking to strangers and the importance of privacy online and via text message.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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