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Nice to receive and nice to give. But above all it is very nice to read, also for yourself.

I am now 39 myself and I am not ashamed to say that I still enjoy taking a can in it myself, even though I bought the Donald Duck subscription to the weekly magazine “officially” for my son :)

I have found a good site where you can take out a cheap subscription to the duckstad weekly.

You will receive a copy every week and you can cancel it whenever you want.

You can easily choose a number of numbers in advance, which you then pay for, it expires automatically so you are not tied to it and after that you can always decide whether you want to order again.

You will then be reminded that the period is almost over. You can order one at readmap.nl.

Of course there are a few other options for following Donald, I'll cover all of them in this article.

The options at a glance are:

Donald DuckImages
Donald Duck weekly newspaperDonald duck weekly newspaper


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Donald Duck Junior WeeklyDonald Duck Junior-874x1024


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Donald Duck Pocket subscriptionDonald duck pocket subscription


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Loose older Donald Duck pocketsdonald duck pockets


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Reviews of the Donald Duck weekly magazine subscription

We also found some nice reviews from really enthusiastic people using it and reading it. See the reviews from real customers below:

Donald duck subscription weekly newspaper

Just like myself, I immediately see some like-minded people. I think a lot of people taking it now come from our generation.

We've all read it ourselves before, and maybe a few of those magazines are still lying around.

The kids got hold of them and liked it and now they want one every week, recognizable?

Donald Duck Magazine

Donald Duck magazine, the happiest weekly in the Netherlands for years!

I used to like it best on vacation. My mother often bought a subscription to the weekly and then saved them up.

We took them then in the car to have something to do, often also together with the pockets of Disney. I only now know that we actually had them for weeks and they were being held back.

Otherwise I would of course have read them much earlier, but in the end it was much more fun. A nice holiday feeling with a “duckje”.

And Donald himself often traveled in the books.

A rich history of duckstad stories

It is not surprising that we are now also hitching a ride with the success of the duck city. The weekly magazines have been around for more than 60 years.

The figures were already known before, the success had not started with the magazines. Walt Disney had first created the characters for the cinema.

At the time, many people went to theaters for all kinds of movies, including short ones.

What you used to see in the theater is now more likely to be seen on TV. And Donald and his friends are still doing very well on the TV.

The first time in print, however, was in the newspapers where he, interspersed with Mickey Mouse, appeared in short stories of a line.

That was later expanded into a real weekly! In 1952 the first version of the magazine was published in the Netherlands in black and white.

It had been four years earlier that such a magazine had come onto the market in Scandinavia, and the publisher of the Margriet (yes, it already existed at the time) came up with the idea to simulate the success in the Netherlands.

Even their own stories were drawn in the Netherlands and the front of the ducks was made entirely in Dutch style, with for example Dutch houses and even a Sinterklaas.

There were also a number of stories very popular in the Netherlands that quickly lost their popularity in America. So it was with Hiawatha and with the Big Bad Wolf and the Little Pigs.

In America they had quickly lost their shine and just continued with us.

Another fun fact: in the 70s our version of the duckstad newspaper was voted the best in the world.

Just like with Bert and Ernie, where we also have the best voices and stories at the top, it is the same with the Donal Duck weekly.

Lots of own stories and also lots of reissues and adapted pieces by the original writer Carl Barks.

That is something to be proud of. You can even see our self-made stories all over the world in the various weekly magazines of those countries.

You can also recognize in which country a story was made. You can see this from the code written in the first picture of the story. If the code starts with “H”, then that story is made in the Netherlands.

A code starting with a “D” originated in Denmark and stories from the United States usually have a code starting with “US” or “WDC”

Unique stories by Douwe Dabbert and Olivier B. Bommel cannot be found in other countries. These are truly unique by Dutch writers and illustrators such as Marten Toonder and Thom Roep.

That also explains the diversity of stories that are still being released for it. Partly reinterpretations of old American and Danish stories and also largely original Dutch additions.

Now you also know how it is possible that so many real Dutch figures pass in review in the storylines, and why they are always so topical. These are clearly the stories of our own authors and drafters.

This way you can unmistakably recognize them, even if you missed the code at the start because you were just enjoying reading.

Donald Duck Magazine

Donald Duck magazine, the happiest weekly in the Netherlands for years!

Donald Duck Junior Weekly

Donald Duck Junior-874x1024

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The Donald Duck Junior weekly is especially for the even smaller among us, who have yet to learn their first steps in reading.

For example, you can help by reading aloud, but they will be able to read more quickly because of the specific content than with the regular duckstad weekly.

Subscription to the Donald Duck Junior repeats

A subscription to the Donald Duck Junior is different from its big brother. This weekly repeats itself over and over again and is published over and over again.

It is a pre-made set of 52 songs that, after your child has read them all, are ready. Your child can then switch to the regular weekly.

New ones come out every time, so you can switch at any time. So it is a kind of stepping stone to the real magazine.

The nice thing is that your child gets all the basics of duckstad because it is a fixed series with sheets.

This way he or she will also get to know all the characters immediately and it is nice that they are recognized in the later editions when they are ready for it.

It is suitable for children from 5 years old. Then they can learn to read for two years and then after they have completed the Junior series switch to the Donald Duck weekly as a 7-year-old.

Just like the original, there are many comics in which the level is tailored to the 5 year old fan. Furthermore, there are also many games that are fun to perform for a child.

The Junior is actually not really a weekly as it is published once every two weeks.

That means 26 editions per year for a total of 52 editions for two years. You can of course also just take a shorter subscription or give it as a gift.

And possibly then decide whether you want to continue with it.

The Junior is easier and with larger letters

Part of this separately released youth magazine for the smaller readers are the larger letters and clear pages so that your son or daughter can easily follow the pattern and participate.

The level of language use is also completely tailored to these young readers and readers.

Furthermore, time in duckstad has of course not stood still, so you also digitally on your ipad follow the adventures, and even link directly to fun extras such as online games and more content about Donald and his fellow townspeople and even his social media channels.

Precisely suitable for children when starting grade three I would say.

They can already read a lot, and with some puzzles they might need a little more explanation to get started, but if you are a little loose with it, that shouldn't be a problem.

Or they skip one for a while until you have time to watch (this is also fun to do if you still know Donald Duck from the past, a bit of nostalgia).

You can pick it up in most magazine stores if you want to test one out.

But you can also already take small subscriptions of 3 issues to give it a try if you are not sure yet and whether it is something for your child.

Then you can make further decisions. You can also choose to save more per number when you take out multiple numbers at once as a Junior subscription.

The Junior is easily read by the smaller members of the family, but in the end adolescent children often enjoy flipping through it too.

The puzzles and games may be less because they are really aimed at smaller children, but the stories are easier to write, but still very fun and entertaining.

Of course I would not buy it if you only have older children, then you better take the weekly, but if you have a mix with an older child, then he can also handle the stories in it.

You can start with it in group 3 with AVI read level 2 (1, instruction level 2 is also possible) and progress to group 4 to AVI level 3 and instruction 4.

I have even heard many success stories with children with a reading disadvantage in group 4 that you still get to read in the hope for a step to a more difficult level and to books.

I also read on the internet on blogs a number of people with dyslexic children. They often don't like reading at all because it takes too much effort.

But the clear pages and large fonts give the Donald Duck Junior more peace of mind and they enjoy reading through it.

View the Junior weekly here

Donald DuckPocket

donald duck pockets

(view all pockets)

Because there are so many fans of the Donald Duck Pocket, we have dedicated a separate section to it here. A lot has been added in the meantime and the first are really sought after by collectors.

But if you just enjoy reading them, you can of course just buy a bunch in the store.

At bol.com for example, they have quite a number and you also have the second-hand market online for the somewhat older ones.

But you can also register for a subscription to receive the newer pockets, view the offer here.

Perhaps what makes them even more fun for collectors is the cover. The cover of the book is in line with its predecessor in order to create an image in the entire series.

That looks nice in the cupboard and is also the reason why collectors want the entire list complete.

Which Donald Duck Pockets are there?

You can divide the pocket editions of Donald Duck into three series. The oldest series dates back to 1970 and can therefore be quite rare and collectible.

I will first start with the most recent books in series three, as you will still see and buy them regularly.

Donald Duck pockets list

Series three started in 1992 and actually continues until now.

This series also contains the most books, perhaps you already know quite a few that you have seen somewhere over the years (at the dentist or hairdresser, for example while you wait), or maybe you have had them yourself :

  1. The Seven Wonders of the World
  2. Fight in space
  3. The sweet idea
  4. Bagpipe Island
  5. Indiana Goofy
  6. The first ticket
  7. Mickey in dreamland
  8. The double people
  9. Looking for the fire
  10. The impossible journey
  11. The never ending story
  12. The wild city
  13. The reverse time
  14. Secret Agent 006½
  15. The flying scooter
  16. The Duckburg Lotto
  17. Love sickness
  18. The dragon's treasure
  19. The stone crown
  20. The mountain sirens
  21. Hero without money
  22. Christmas in Duckburg
  23. The tinderbox
  24. Swindling boars
  25. Wild west, at home
  26. Under the giant's spell
  27. The terrible Kong King
  28. Morgan's treasure
  29. Courier of the Tsar
  30. The minstrel from Sheep Island
  31. A white Christmas
  32. The lost world
  33. Dinosaurs adrift
  34. The gold of the two beaks
  35. The toddler billionaire
  36. The melting money
  37. The first Olympic champion
  38. The maelstrom of time
  39. Balloon ride with obstacles
  40. The true Christmas spirit
  41. An unforgivable celebration
  42. The sewers are haunted
  43. The magic duel
  44. The uninhabitable island
  45. The ghost of Fantomius
  46. The simulating simulator
  47. The Duckins of the Capitol
  48. The unmasked Santa Claus
  49. The icy battle
  50. The Mystery of the Jammer Mountains
  51. The magic mask
  52. A criminal powerhouse
  53. The waking sleepyhead
  54. It's a matter of luck
  55. A shadowy surprise
  56. The crazy Christmas present
  57. A frozen hothead
  58. The lost luck double
  59. The Law of the Windigo
  60. SOS for Duckburg
  61. Father for a day
  62. The terror of the desert
  63. The chunky pilot
  64. Santa against will and thanks
  65. The Millennium Madness
  66. Travel in space
  67. The helpless court painter
  68. Noise about a necklace
  69. The Sgorrie Morries are coming
  70. On the way to Euro 2000
  71. Donald is going for gold
  72. One night in the haunted house
  73. A super Christmas
  74. Stars, gangsters and jewels
  75. The hypnosis mask
  76. The mysterious disappearance
  77. The Secret of Shangri-la
  78. Frenzy in Duckburg
  79. A dime on its side
  80. Trammelant in fairy land
  81. Mail for Santa
  82. The monster of the forest
  83. The terrible tidal wave
  84. Danger from space
  85. Gold does not buy happiness
  86. The mascot
  87. Scoundrels, rogues & rascals
  88. Chunkers in the air!
  89. Donald and the zebra mussel
  90. Santa's Secret
  91. The lost fortune
  92. The curse of the black lagoon
  93. The giant rats of Hamelin
  94. The black sphere
  95. Race through the desert
  96. The ideal uncle
  97. The mind-boggling powerhouse
  98. The terror of the seven seas
  99. The Christmas billionaire
  100. Party in Duckburg
  101. Guus finds happiness
  102. The day of the ants
  103. Panic in the money store
  104. Treasure hunt in the past
  105. The disaster relief worker
  106. The Olympic marathon
  107. The wild water horse
  108. A voice out of thousands
  109. Santa's toys
  110. Spies without fear
  111. Shudder with ghosts
  112. Whale for rent
  113. The failed musician
  114. Battle among the stars
  115. A lucky double can roll in a strange way
  116. Superdonald you've been there!
  117. The dragon knight
  118. The legion of the brave
  119. Dreams and deception
  120. The Christmas robbery
  121. The vengeful rascals
  122. The flying garbage cans
  123. The fun pants
  124. Flares and greasy gravy
  125. The magician of the swamp
  126. Star football
  127. The smaller the finer
  128. A paid vacation
  129. Green fingers
  130. It's a matter of money
  131. The Mystery of Cactus City
  132. The Christmas pastry
  133. The mysterious parchment
  134. Ready for demolition
  135. The knight errant
  136. Noise around an air tower
  137. The spirit of the north
  138. Donald's big brother
  139. The fairground pirates
  140. The hot dog money
  141. Lift on the run
  142. The hunt for the treasure
  143. Forty years of confusion
  144. The last Christmas present
  145. Bonje in the mountains
  146. The lucky unlucky guy
  147. Greetings from Dagoland
  148. The big competitor
  149. The terrible nurse
  150. Philosopher's stone
  151. The Battle of Duckburg
  152. The sweltering sea serpent
  153. On the way to Beijing
  154. Hoop for a coin
  155. The color hunters
  156. Darter in the snow
  157. The great Mik-Mik
  158. Choose and cheat
  159. The night of the werewolves
  160. The raging robot
  161. Genius for one day
  162. A picnic full of surprises
  163. Fight on the beach
  164. Gold makes you happy
  165. Danger underground
  166. The swamp monster
  167. The Robot War
  168. Christmas in space
  169. Santa Clauses galore
  170. Uncle Scrooge's first million
  171. Monsters in the amusement park
  172. The reverse plane
  173. The Unlucky Bird
  174. The failing striker, 174½ Football fever
  175. The unstoppable wabblewap
  176. The battle for fries
  177. The haunted house
  178. Donald versus Donald
  179. The unmasked superhero
  180. An icy Christmas
  181. The terrible Dutchman
  182. A cruise full of surprises
  183. Spy hunt
  184. The Hammurabi hammock
  185. A pirate's revenge
  186. Lost in the past
  187. A giant of a duck
  188. Bumblebees in Amsterdam
  189. The mysterious space warehouse
  190. Dangerous Business, 190½ Halloween in Duckburg
  191. The monster from the money warehouse
  192. Christmas with hurdles
  193. The Battle of the Money Warehouse
  194. An impossible mission
  195. The hour of the werewolf
  196. The ghost of the mine mountain tunnel
  197. Adventure in Puindorp
  198. The hero of the field, 198½ Duel for the ball
  199. Visit from space
  200. Tumult on Fun Island

The most you can buy here

That they still managed to come up with titles after all these pocket series, right? In the meantime already reached the two hundred in the third series with pockets, great! And it is still running now so there are more and more (excuse if we are not quite complete).

Have you also seen that there are quite a few Christmas titles in between? That's because of course it has been around for quite a few years and every year at Christmas, for the kids holidays, a new Donald Duck Pocket was released.

Slightly fewer titles were in series number two, but still quite a number. This series ran from 1977 to the last in 1991:

  1. Donald Duck in search of the magic eye
  2. Uncle Scrooge McDuck and the crescent moon coins
  3. Mickey Mouse as a super sleuth
  4. Fantomerik against the mad Fantomina
  5. A duck with many notes to its song
  6. For Uncle Scrooge on the edge of the abyss
  7. Mickey Mouse and the mystery of the lost necklace
  8. A touchy duck and many Beagle Boys
  9. Donald Duck and the pursuers
  10. Mickey Mouse versus Hortensia Witch
  11. Donald Duck in the South Sea area
  12. Mickey Mouse in the Wild West
  13. Donald Duck takes to the skies
  14. Mickey Mouse and the red dragon
  15. Treasure hunt with Uncle Scrooge
  16. Mickey Mouse and the Time Journey
  17. Donald Duck in Ancient China
  18. Mickey Mouse and the Fourth Dimension
  19. The curse of the gold
  20. Mickey Mouse in the Universe
  21. Donald Duck in Secret Service
  22. Panic about the money warehouse
  23. Donald Duck on track
  24. Mickey Mouse and the Paintings Theft
  25. Uproar in Duckburg
  26. One shot for open purpose
  27. Around the world with Mickey Mouse
  28. The magical stardust
  29. Uncle Scrooge and the money fever
  30. Mickey Mouse on a ghost hunt
  31. The invincible Uncle Scrooge
  32. Great Donald
  33. Uncle Scrooge in the land of gold
  34. Donald Duck in dreamland
  35. Happiness is a virtue
  36. Uncle Scrooge is kidnapped
  37. Donald and the Devil's Mountain
  38. Knight without fear or blame
  39. There is Mickey again!
  40. What a family!
  41. The double
  42. Donald it totally is!
  43. Uncle Scrooge looking for more!
  44. Make way for Donald Duck
  45. Gone by the wind
  46. Somersault without a safety net
  47. Uncle Scrooge at full throttle
  48. The Duckburg parade
  49. Who laughs last ...
  50. Traveling with Donald
  51. Scrooge McDuck for all your money matters
  52. The tiger of Malacca
  53. The New Ice Age

I notice that in the beginning the titles were often very long, and they gradually opted for a somewhat shorter title.

In addition, there were a lot of Mickey books in the beginning of pocket series 2, and they were later less and less represented in the whole. In the third series they have completely disappeared.

Donald's very first collection of books also had a number of Mickey's, longer titles :)

  1. Donald and the zebra mussel
  2. Ali Baba's treasure
  3. The land of the rising sun
  4. Mickey Mouse and the Riddle of Kariba
  5. Mickey Mouse and the Secret of Zonnestein
  6. Donald throws himself on the mineral water
  7. Uncle Scrooge McDuck and the antagonist
  8. Donald Duck and the Blacksmith's Secret
  9. Donald Duck and the atomic comet
  10. Donald Duck and the double mirror
  11. Uncle Scrooge in Gik's garden

View them here at bol.com

The attentive reader may have noticed that a number of titles appear twice as reissues. What you may have also noticed is that there are names in the titles that you may not know from other stories.

There are also a lot of characters that you don't see anywhere else. This is because the books with these stories are almost all made abroad (Italy that is).

The characters that we do not know but appear in these books are in alphabetical order:

Characters that only appear in a Donald Duck Pocket

  1. Atoompje, assistant of professor Wonderling (read more about the professor here)
  2. Bertus the butler of Dagobert
  3. Betoompje, also assistant of Professor Wonderling, but unfortunately he does not make it to the end of the story
  4. Boem Boem Breedbek, a clumsy moody friend of Donald and Willie
  5. Brigitta, business partner of Linke Lowie and in love with Scrooge McDuck, referred to in older editions as Gitta Gans
  6. The Black Shade, a villain clad in black, is sometimes also called Flat Nose
  7. Dick Dubbel joke used to go to school with Mickey and as his name suggests, he really liked playing pranks
  8. Diederik Duck as Donald's clumsy cousin
  9. Ega Beva appears in the Mickey Mouse stories and is also called Gamma in certain editions (translation from German)
  10. Fantomius, the gentleman thief and scoundrel. He was the inspiration for Super Donald here further down the list
  11. Gideon McDuck is Donald's great uncle
  12. Humfrie Bogaard, Detective
  13. Indiana Goofy, famous archaeologist and Goofy's cousin to the Indiana Jones movies
  14. John Rockerduck, Scrooge McDuck's competitor and the third richest duck, is also called Leopold Kwartjesvinder in certain editions from the first series, also Klaas Klever (translation from German) and even accidentally Govert Goudglans, but that is a completely different character
  15. Leo de Beo a friend of Goofy
  16. Linke Lowie also known in the earlier books as Karel Kaalkop or Flip Florijn
  17. Lusky, Rockerduck's secretary
  18. Opaatje is the grandfather of the Beagle Boys
  19. Otto van Drakenstein is the learned uncle of Donald Duck, this character also appeared in the weekly magazine in the sixties and seventies
  20. Pflip de Tnukkelboe, Ega Beva's pet, is also called Fips (translation from German) in certain editions
  21. Plottikat is a scoundrel and sometimes he also appears as one of Boris Boef's henchmen
  22. Professor Wonderling was a professor and friend of Mickey. His name was also Dr. Kwakbol, Professor Bunsenbrander and Dr. Bibberbuik
  23. Super Donald, that's Donald Duck as a superhero, in older editions he was also called Fantomerik (which you also see coming back)
  24. Trudy Boef, friend of Boris and in older editions Boris's sister (which is a bit strange when you think about it. How can she go from sister to friend ??)
  25. Case, colleague of O'Hara's; is also referred to in certain publications as Inspector Weetal or Inspector Van Puffelen

You can already tell from the huge lists of titles. The Donald Duck Pocket is extremely popular, and that is with both young and old.

Donald Duck Ecards

Sometimes it is nice to send someone a nice gift. This is of course possible with a physical card, but you can also send a nice card by email: with Donald Duck Ecards for example.

For example, it is nice to send a nice message from perhaps the recipient's favorite Disney friend without investment.

A picture says more than a thousand words could ever do. So is anyone down? Let Donald share a nice message that might cheer him up.

At www.hallmark.nl we have found lots of different digital cards to choose from, and if you like it you can have a look there to pick and send one for the right occasion.

For example, also at festive occasions such as a birthday or the transfer to the next class or school can be a nice reason for an e-card.

There are many Happy Birthday Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse cards to send. Especially if you can't be there when you expected it. You will then no longer be able to get the gift from someone today.

Also, you can no longer receive a physical card by post with the birthday boy or girl today, a disney ecard can still offer a solution so that you are a little bit there.

In any case, you show that you have thought of it and then the rest, such as a physical attention, will come another time. Maybe you can put in a new promise when you can come by.

The Donald Duck Ecards from Disney

The nice thing about a card via email is that the recipient can immediately open and view it, or you can send it at a preset time so that he or she receives the ecard on the special day.

But what makes it especially nice is that it can be opened again and again. So if you really make a sweet and memorable card, the reader will enjoy it for a long time to come.

And nowadays he always has it with him because you can often check your mail on your mobile phone. Which card do you always carry with you? This way it can also be easily shared with friends and for example with grandpa and grandma when visiting.

It can also be easily forwarded if you would like to show it to someone else or post it on social media. For example, a birthday card from Disney or other types of cards is always fun to receive and to share.

Donald Duck games

Digital games with donald duck

I am sometimes asked where I found a certain game that I often play with my children. It's one of the Donald Duck games we play regularly. We have two but the best one is Donald Duck Board game.

Here it is on bol.com but I thought I saw it was sold out:

You can indicate that you want to be kept informed when he returns. I think he went badly because of the popularity.

You can at least take a look and otherwise watch one of the other Donald Duck games of course.

The Donald Duck Game as a board game

The reason I liked this one so much (yes, I also enjoy participating with those kids) is that it contains a lot of the figures.

This way you can go all over Duckstad to carry out all kinds of assignments and eventually find the lucky coin.

So all the important things from the weekly magazines and the pockets come back and so it is fun and recognizable for the kids.

My children also enjoy working on the questions. I like it best when you get a new question that you have never had before to see if I still know everything about Duckstad.

However, they like it best when they get a question they've already asked again. Then they shout “Yes, I know!”. Haha, so cute.

There are 600 questions so you can go ahead for a while.

Other fun duck city games

There are also other fun duck city games though.

Sometimes they have enough patience to puzzle, but usually they are cleaned up halfway through for dinner when we want to put it on the table and they do not have enough attention span to finish it completely. But the start is often fine.

They also really enjoy building things together. Anyway all LEGO build at the moment.

The nicest thing I can give them is lego blocks so that they can get going again. But Disney and Donald are still pretty favorites.

Donald Duck games on the digital tour

If you are tired of playing with it yourself (or if you just don't like it that much of course), you can also get them going on the iPad or Tablet.

For example, you have a lot of nice flash games on the official site donaldduck.nl

You have a game of Duck vs Bolderbast, Mr. Bear Sort, Smeermeer, Tunneltocht and Why. Plus you can play it on your own tablet.

On a good safe children's tablet you can indicate what your kids are allowed to see and what not and you could also specifically release donaldduck.nl so that they can play those games.

I here in this post the best kids tablets of the moment reviewed so that's definitely one more to read.

You can play them all directly in your browser (such as internet explorer), so you can do it on your laptop as well as on the tablet.

You also have a site called GamesXL.com. They also literally have just about any game. Also six Donald Duck games so that is also nice to watch.

They are not all equally good, but they might be entertaining for a few hours for the kids.

I also tried one myself. Donald Duck football. It is a “separate” game, which does not necessarily mean much good.

It plays in a flash video browser and the goal is to keep the ball high by bouncing up and down and back and forth with your mouse with Donald.

I played it for a while, just because it was actually so stupid and I was a bit fascinated by it.

Furthermore, a good game is always find the differences. My children always like that and at elkspel.nl there is also one of them. Still some fun for a while to find all the differences, plus good pattern recognition for them.

Another super cool game is Donald Duck Super Ice Cream. It already starts in the title screen with all Japanese characters, so clearly not of Western origin.

The goal is to scoop ice cream onto a cone that floats at the bottom of the screen without dropping the ice cream. It's really nothing, and still I played a few more minutes, weird.

Another nice thing was Daisy builds houses.

So if you have a kid who likes to build and dress things up, this one is nicely made and you can also have Mickey's demolition come back to tear it down and start over.

This way you can decorate your house to your taste with some crazy items.

Those online games are not very educational, but if you just want some simple entertainment for your child, what can it hurt.

Who uses a laptop in Duckburg?

The first possible answer to this question that comes to mind is probably everyone in Duckburg! Duckburg is a bit like reality, because they imitate everything that is in the real world.

In my childhood fantasy I see the story of Digital Duck Drama. The story begins with a serious Uncle Scrooge from his small glasses on the tip of his beak, staring at the rising and falling graphs on the screen of his laptop.

What will Uncle Scrooge be doing? Maybe he's studying bonds and stocks? Do they go up or down and does he have a profit?

As smart as he is, Uncle Scrooge wants to see everything on paper, because he is of the old school. So he asks Donald.

As Uncle Scrooge's assistant, Donald Duck cannot escape the digital challenges that come with using a laptop. Now Uncle Scrooge asks that Donald run a report of the current fluctuations.

Knowing Donald Duck it will not go without effort and annoyance. I see it this way… a stubborn Donald Duck trying to understand where the report should come from. He searches and he searches, he taps and he taps.

Still nothing.

Every 15 minutes Uncle Scrooge comes out of his office to ask where the report is. Over and over, Donald says he's almost done. He doesn't want Uncle Scrooge to think again that he's a good-for-nothing.

So he tries again, he examines the laptop from all sides and still doesn't understand where the paper should roll out. Finally he decides to call the nephews Kwik, Dewey and Kwak. Hopefully, he dials their number 123-KKK-DUCK.

It rings! Donald grows more and more hopes that his laptop problems will soon be solved. It keeps ringing and ringing again. However, it is school time and the boys are not answering. Donald starts to get annoyed. Yes, you know that face.

Diligently he starts tinkering and fiddling with the laptop again. Still nothing. Donald is now flushed with rage. Steam is coming from his ears, he can't understand why it won't work.

And in one second of frenzy, he throws the laptop to the ground with enormous fury. Bam! Laptop split in half and broken! "Oh no, what have I done!" he thinks now.

Fortunately, Uncle Scrooge is gone for a business lunch for a few hours and still has some time to fix this. He calls his friend Willie Wortel, who can certainly help him make up for this.

Willie arrives at the office to find the broken laptop and a desperate Donald. He does his best to fix the broken device and help Donald with it. He screws and hammer, he glues and welds.

Finally done!

The laptop turns on, yes success! "Now that annoying report," Donald thinks. The printer turns on and paper rolls out. How happy Donald is! Uncle Scrooge will not resign him.

When checking the prints, he does not see any graphs, but only pictures of factories. His eyes widen with disbelief and smoke comes out of his ears again! "Aaah I don't want this!" he shouts.

And without thinking, he breaks the laptop again. What a drama duck, that Donald!

Willie Wortel is shocked and amazed. He says very coolly to Donald that he better buy a new laptop from Duckstad computers.

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