What is Speelkeuze.nl?

Speelkeuze, also known as Speelkeuze.nl or Speel Keuze, is a website with toy reviews. It was founded in 2018 by Joost Nusselder within his digital publishing house Decision Tree Online Services.

Play Choice focuses on safe and educational toys for children, enabling parents with children of all ages to choose toys they will love and learn from.

Since the domain Speelkeuze.nl is in Dutch and is aimed at the Dutch and Belgian market, the English part of the site is hosted on kidstoys.studio.

How do we make money?

We make our own digital products and t-shirts that you in our store.

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Below are the emblem and logo of PlayChoice:

Play choice emblem
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How does PlayChoice rate its toys?

Joost Nusselder is the assessor at Speelkeuze and thoroughly examines the toys before they are placed on the site. The assessment process consists of 4 steps:

  1. Making a list of relevant toys for the category, such as best educational toys, or best toys for preschoolers.
  2. Narrowing down the list using online reviews from multiple websites and forums to arrive at a definitive list of the best toys for the item.
  3. Gathering all relevant information about the toy, such as materials, learning objectives, age appropriateness and more. This information is stored in a database and the toy is scored on these quality aspects.
  4. Writing the review based on this information, the reviews of others and the personal experience with the toy.

What can I find out about the toys on Play Choice?

At Playchoice you will find a written review of every toy on the site. In addition, you will find comparisons between the different toys on a number of important data points, such as the age suitability or the choice of materials and the associated durability of the product.

In addition to written text, you can find these data points in tables and graphs that help you choose the right toy.

What is the mission of Playchoice?

Playchoice's mission is to make choosing toys easier for parents and grandparents. The site does this by giving an opinion about the toys and substantiating this opinion with collected data about the products.

The aim is to provide more than just a website with opinions about the products, but to help make an informed decision about the purchase of toys. Whether it's to find an age-appropriate toy, find a brand that offers durability, or find a toy that can support a child's important milestone.

One final note

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