Albott Pro 360 Review | Best price / quality ratio scooter for beginners

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This Albott Pro 360 is a great scooter for - in my opinion - beginners from the age of seven and is suitable for the street, but also for use in a skate park.

It is especially great for impatient beginners who want quick results.

The Albott is made of high-quality aircraft aluminum with an applied welding technology, which is why it is also super resistant to daily stunt use.

Albot Pro 360

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The scooter is sturdy, but at the same time quite light, at 3,7 kg. It brakes well, as the sensitive manganese steel rear brake ensures reliable and safe braking while cruising.

Its excellent ABEC-9 bearings provide a smooth, but also consistent ride while riding and stunting.

They give the scooter the necessary flexibility to absorb the sometimes quite severe shocks when landing after a jump or trick.

One of the best priced scooters for beginner to intermediate shredders.

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What features does the Albott Pro 360 have?

The price of the Albott is on the low side, while its features are still quite decent. With just 3 solid bolts to tighten, your child can start stunting in no time.

It is available in 2 colors; black and gold.

This scooter is 58 cm high x 47 cm long. The handlebars are U-shaped and the deck measures 10,7 cm wide x 50,8 cm long. The height from the ground to the handlebars is 82 cm.

  • Headset: Hidden internal compression with strong 3-bolt collar clamp plus CNC machined wireless steel fork
  • Handle type: TPE
  • Handlebar: U shaped handle bar
  • Wheels Info: 110mm 88A cast rebound PU & 6061-T6 aluminum core wheels
  • Wheel type: sealed bearings
  • Bearings: ABEC-9 bearings
  • Frame material: aluminum
  • Deck: Widened 6061 Box-shaped aircraft grade deck 505mm x 113mm
  • Weight: 3.7 kg light
  • Max load: 100 kg.
  • Brake: Manganese steel Flex Fender Brake
  • Colour: black
  • Brand: Albott
  • Color: black with possibly. gold

The recently updated specifications also include cast PU & aluminum core wheels, as well as ABEC-9 high-speed chrome bearings.

Best cheap budget stunt scooter-Albott Pro 360

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These bearings are very important to the well-known smooth driving experience.

The improved brake is durable and quiet. The solid steel bars provide a high tensile strength. They make this scooter feel reliable.

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Why is this scooter nice for children?

Most children - even if they just came to have a look - want to be able to try out tricks with their new addition right away.

The 360 ​​° handlebar makes some cool tricks much easier for novice riders, a big plus for your aspiring stunter.

By the way, it doesn't matter how you tighten it, the handlebar turns fine anyway.

Albott Pro 360 is designed for on the street, for ramping or for the skate park and great for novice kids from 7-8 years with little or no scooter experience.

The wide deck offers a novice shredder more space to keep his balance and makes it safer to perform stunts.

The brake is made of high-quality material and is safe, gives an immediate response and is durable. The same goes for the ultra-strong steel fork.

The best part is the easy progress your child can make with this step: it is extremely suitable for helping beginners to develop their skills smoothly and to progress to a pro level.

This 'kick scooter' also looks extraordinarily tough with its black - and possibly gold - color.


This Albott Pro 360 gives your novice stunter a very nice entry-level experience:

After reading many reviews, I can say that this is a good scooter, designed for the street as well as for ramp and skate parks.

It is my absolute must for anyone who is especially looking for a stunt scooter with a good price-quality ratio.

The price is very friendly, especially for the solidity you get with this scooter.

Your child can quickly make the necessary progress. The wide deck, the excellent brake and the flexibility apparently give children that extra boost to continue.

The rotatability of the handlebar also contributes to this.

Among the positive responses I read, it often emerged that the Albott was a very sturdy scooter and easy to assemble with the included Allen keys.

A few customers commented that tires and brakes worked perfectly. Apparently the buyers also loved the paintwork.

In a review I read that it is a disadvantage that you cannot fold the scooter, which sometimes makes transport a bit more difficult.

This is the case with almost all scooters, but fortunately they are not that big, so they really fit in the car and you can always unscrew the steering wheel if you lack space.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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