Are AirTracks waterproof? They can even go in the water!

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Airtracks are extremely popular among adults and children alike, perhaps because of their multi-purpose features.

Freerunners as well as gymnasts, children and acrogym enthusiasts can practice, train, jump and play to their heart's content on these mats.

Are air tracks waterproof? Can they go in the water?

That one is really nice Airtrack is that he can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This way you can practice your flick or the Air track use as a trampoline.

But, what if it suddenly starts to rain? Can they actually handle that?

Fortunately, the answer is, yes! Airtracks are made of a special type of PVC, which means that they can not only take a beating, but also water.

In this article we answer all your questions about using your Airtrack in the water.

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Can Airtracks withstand water?

Airtracks are made of a very sturdy type of PVC and glued in a special way, which means that the Airtracks can not only be used outdoors, but are also waterproof.

By the way, we do not recommend leaving the mat in the pool for more than a few hours.

Eventually the pressure will decrease in the mat, and then playing on it can mean it can break faster.

A little less air pressure is of course no problem: playing with different pressures is exactly what these mats are made for.

The chance that water will get in is nil because of the three special layers these mats are made of. You can read more about that further.

Running mess? If there is some lemonade on the mat, that is in principle no problem at all.

Just wipe with a cloth to avoid a sticky mess and stains.

Can I leave my airtrack outside in the rain?

Are you just mid somersault, it suddenly starts to fall from the sky with buckets.

Do you have to drag the mat in straight away?

You can do it every now and then Airtrack It is best to leave it outside for a while, especially if an unexpected rain shower suddenly falls on your roof.

But it is not the intention to leave the mat outside for weeks or months.

The mat can then slowly but surely be damaged and eventually leak.

Although you can easily repair a small hole, it is of course better to prevent the Air track breaks down.

We therefore recommend that you empty the mat after use, and simply store it neatly in the shed, garage or closet.

Also make sure that the mat is completely dry. This way you prevent mold growth.

Are Airtracks waterproof?

Airtracks are indeed water resistant, but besides that they can also float!

In this video, these kids even take the AirTracks into the sea:

There are many different sizes of AirTracks.

These little round AirSpots are great fun to take with you to the beach or a lake for a day. That promises a lot of fun for the whole family.

A larger copy is also nice for water fun, in this article we wrote more about that.

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How are Airtracks mats made waterproof?

Why is it that Airtracks mats are so impeccably waterproof? It starts with the materials.

The top layer of each Airtrack is made of sturdy PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride).

PVC is a type of plastic used in pipes, toys and packaging. It generally does not react to liquids and does not biodegrade.

It is a material that is naturally resistant to water damage.

Underneath the PVC layer is a layer of foam padding, which helps to absorb shocks and protect the mat from sharp objects.

Finally, the bottom layer of each mat is made of PVC fabric, which helps to repel water and prevent moisture from seeping into the inside of the mat.

Together, these three layers form a mat that is virtually impervious to water damage.

The mat has leaked… what now?

Are you unlucky and the mat unexpectedly punctured, perhaps by playing a stone or just a little too wild?

Don't worry, luckily it's made that way! Read all about how you can quickly and easily repair your AirTrack here.


A Air track is water resistant, waterproof and can also float!

The inflatable gym floors are truly multifunctional.

Do you want to know which one? AirTrack mat is the best? We have reviewed the seven best and listed them for you

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

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