Getting started with the computer for kids

Suddenly so much is happening online, and your child has grown up with it more than you. Still, there are a number of super useful tips that will help you offer your child a better digital future.

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Do you also feel that you need to get a better grip on what your child does or could do online?

Not every child learns equally easily

Not every child learns as easily on the computer, and that while they are often more handy than you…

Do you sometimes have that your child asks something about the computer and you don't really know it yourself? Maybe you don't know exactly what they're doing, or you can't do it yourself because they work on a Chromebook.

Or maybe you don't know where to start when your child is still a toddler and already shows an interest in the computer and other screens.

Why you should learn how to help them learn…

Unfortunately, the fact that they grow up with it does not always mean that they can get the most out of it themselves. The schools have come a long way, more and more happy, but there is so much more to get out of online learning than they do now. 

For example, which skills are important to be able to absorb online knowledge? And how do you ensure that you are not constantly distracted by funny videos?

Get the most out of online learning

You can use the internet and apps for so many things, and it's never too early to start…

There are an incredible amount of things you can learn online, but you need to learn the basics of good computer and internet usage first.

In the first section, we have a full guide to tips that your little “digital native” can learn from.

Teach your child the skills needed to become a better online learner

Who is this course for?

For every parent with a child from preschool to teenager who wants to get a better grip on how best to learn online.

We cover everything from the essential computer knowledge every child should have to the skills you need to be successful in the new digital world.

Successful in the new digital world

Getting started with the computer for kids

Help your child create a better digital future.

What is included?

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Course content

At what age do you start using a computer?

Learn at what age you can start learning computer use, with some helpful tips to get you started. This is how you make an early start

This is how you explain to a child how a computer works.pdf

Most important computer skills your child should know

Toy reviews & comparisons
Toy reviews & comparisons

Once your kids master these skills, they can use a computer at home or school to do all kinds of things with ease! These are the key skills that will help them further

How to put your fingers on the keyboard.pdf

Practicing with the mouse or touchpad.pdf

Teach your kids to code with a deck of cards!

This is how your child becomes a better online student

We sometimes assume that children are digital natives and that they will really know how it should be online, but that's not what digital natives mean at all. Essential Online Skills for the Job of the Future

This is how you can stimulate online skills

What can your child learn online? While it can be challenging to keep them doing something educational all the time, using modern technologies and mobile gadgets to make education interesting and engaging.

In this section, I look at some fun things to pick up online.

Resources for online knowledge

30 skills your child can learn online that has money in it

If your teen spends too much time behind a screen, you can get angry, you can also look at ways to convert screen behavior into positive life skills.

So, turn screen time into learning time! Nice to go through the list together to see if there is something interesting!