Best AirBlock Reviewed | Top 5 Handy AirTrack For Training At Home

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By now, many sportsmen are already familiar with the benefits of doing physical and gymnastic activities on one AirTrack mast.

But did you know that they come in all different sizes?

So you have the AirBlock. A handy, smaller size AirTrack that you can use for all kinds of different exercises.

What this means and what it looks like, you can read below and we have immediately listed the best ones for you.

Best AirBlock Reviewed | Top 5 Handy AirTrack For Training At Home

We have tested and listed several Airblocks for you, but our favorite is the AirBlock from the AirTrack Factory. Not only is the mat of extremely good quality, you can also combine it with other parts of the brand. And you get a five-year warranty, which is quite a plus because even a high-quality mat can get a leak.

Best choice overall

Air Track FactoryAirBlock

The AirBlock is a true AirTrack Factory invention and indispensable for anyone who is a fan of the brand or is just looking for good quality.

Product image

Best with Velcro

12 SPRINGSAirblock 100 W60 Plus

The Airblock 100 from 12SPRINGS is a lightweight airtrack mat with 100% airtight and watertight seams.

Product image

Best with handles

YouAreAirAir Block Pro 4.0

We love this mat because it is not only high quality but also super light and has two handy handles.

Product image

best cheap

VidaXLGymnastics mat with pump inflatable 60x100x10 cm

The VidaXL has a friendly price and comes in many different colors, so you can choose one that suits you exactly.

Product image

Best full set

Air Track FactoryTraining set

The Airtrack Factory Training Set is a great addition to any home with an Airtrack mat set up.

Product image

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Why buy an AirBlock?

With an Airblock you can practice on an air-filled block just like the original mats.

This provides more suspension (think of a small trampoline (like this one in our complete comparison) and also protects joints with that extra bit of bounce.

When you are exercised you deflate it and fold it up easily.

These smaller blocks take up even less space both inflated and deflated, which is ideal for some families.

In addition to training indoors, these mats can also be used outdoors and even on the water.

You can practice yoga on these mats and they provide extra comfort if you have sensitive knees, for example.

In addition, they are perfect for learning somersaults from standing on free cartwheels, split jumps and upright jumps.

Or use it with an extra high take-off for cartwheels and split jumps, for example. 

You can also attach some blocks to larger ones AirTrack mats and so you can make a real AirParcour.

Last but not least, you can also use these small blocks as a trampoline, just like the large formats.

In the absence of space, the kids can still have fun without your entire garden being taken over by an inflatable mat.

What should you pay attention to when buying an AirBlock?

A AirTrack is a training mat that combines the benefits of a trampoline, bouncy castle, jumping floor and landing mat in one.

An AirBlock has exactly the same advantages, but is therefore a smaller size and that can be quite handy, as we just mentioned.

If you buy an airblock, you want to pay particular attention to:

  • the thickness of the mat
  • the quality of the material
  • supplied options (such as a pump or carrying case)

Just like its larger version, an Airblock is very versatile and also incredibly safe because of its thick soft plastic layer and which is only filled with air.

The advantage of such a mat is that you can set the hardness of the mat yourself, precisely because you can play with the air pressure.

But there are different sizes, and not all mats are the same thickness. That is why it is useful to think in advance for which antics you want to use the mat.

If you use it as a yoga mat, you probably need a less thick mat than if your kids want to use it as a trampoline.

The material is also important. Of course you don't want the mat to get worn out in no time and therefore leak more quickly.

AirBlocks can really take a beating, and are even water resistant! So they can safely go into the garden and even into the sea.

Although it does not directly say anything about the quality of the mat itself, it is also a good idea to see what is included with your new AirBlock.

For example, you want to check whether there is a guarantee on the mat, and whether, for example, an electronic or foot pump is included.

Sometimes you think you have found a cheap mat, but you still have to invest in all the separate elements.

Do you want to know more why it is better to choose an Airblock or Airmat than, for example, a traditional gymnastics mat read more here.

The Best AirBlocks Reviewed: Top 5

Now that you know what to look for when buying an Airblock, it's time to look at the best options on the market.

With the choices in this top list you are always right.

Best choice overall: AirTrack Factory AirBlock

As a partner of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Turn Bond (KNTB), they are allowed to carry the Quality Label. This means that these products meet the strict requirements and standards of the gymnastics association.

This means they can guarantee quality, safety and fun. All products from AirTrack Factory have been extensively tested by external bodies such as TÜV and SGS.

AirTrack Factory AirBlock best choice overall airblock

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The AirBlock is a real one AirTrack Factory invention and indispensable for anyone who is a fan of the brand or is simply looking for good quality.

The AirBlock can be perfectly combined with the AirFloor, the Air Board, or other pieces from their range and is easy to attach with the supplied Velcro.

This way you can make a real one at home AirTrack create a track that can be trained on, but which is also great fun, like a parkour track for jumping and somersaulting.

Set it up in the garden and invite the neighbors and have a race with fun assignments and games.

On a summer day you can also wet the mats and use them as a slip and slide track.

Almost every AirBlock, including this one, has a length of one meter.

That is an ideal size if you do not want a too large mat in the living room or garden, but do want to exercise on a soft surface.

The AirFactory mats are non-slip and that is of course a plus for safety. Certainly also for the somewhat younger users if they want to jump wildly on the block.

However, we recommend that if you use the mat on a slippery surface or outdoors, you place a special anti-slip mat underneath.

This way you can be sure that the mat cannot slip and you also protect it against sharp objects that can cause holes.

Product specifications

  • The original brand, market leader
  • Partner of the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Association
  • Velcro included and can therefore be attached to Airfloor or other pieces
  • Including manual
  • 5 year warranty
  • Shock absorbing, waterproof
  • 60×100 cm, 20 cm high
  • 3 kg (sturdy durable material)
  • carbon edge protection
  • antislip
  • rolled up size: 100x15x15cm

Check the latest prices here

Best with Velcro: 12SPRINGS Airblock 100

The Airblock 100 from 12SPRINGS is lightweight Airtrack matt with 100% airtight and waterproof seams.

The mat is not connected to a pump that has to continuously blow air into it, so it makes no noise during use and you can use the mat anywhere.

12Springs Airblock100 - best Velcro airblock

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The seams of the mat are so well made that air loss during use is nil. This is important because it ensures that the mat does not deflate.

In addition, it ensures that they can also withstand a rain shower or a night outside.

However, it is still not recommended to leave the mat outside for days or weeks as this can eventually cause wear and tear.

The AirBlock of 12 springs comes with a handy carrying bag and so it is not only easy to store, but it can also be taken to friends to practice acrobatic arts together.

The mat is straight forward and that's why we like it so much. You can have hours of jumping fun with this, practice your cartwheel on it or use it as a yoga mat.

You can also play with it on the water, because AirBlocks are waterproof, just like AirTracks!

Product specifications

  • Glued seams ensure 100% air and water tightness
  • The Airblock is lightweight
  • Includes foot pump and carry bag
  • Shock absorbing, waterproof
  • 60×100 cm, 20 cm high.
  • 3.6 kg

Check the latest prices here

Best with handles: YouAreAir AirBlock Pro 4.0

If you're looking for a fun and versatile way to take your workouts to the next level, look no further than the YouAreAir AirBlock Pro 4.0.

This high-quality Airtrack is perfect for use at home, in the gym or on the beach and provides an unbeatable training experience.

YouAreAir AirBlock Pro 4.0 - best airblock with handles

(view more images)

YouAreAir is a young and hip sports brand that specializes in airtracks. In addition to this AirBlock Pro 4.0, they also have other products such as the AirBox and the AirRoll.

All YouAreAir products are made of eLite gymnastics 5-star top quality material.

The AirBlock Pro 4.0 is made from eLite gymnastics 5-star top quality material, including Master sports series DWF (Double Wall Fabric) PVC.

This ensures that it offers maximum stability and durability for years to come.

The mat can be used on two sides, with different markings depending on what you need for your workout.

Do you go for the line in the middle for somersaults and cartwheels in a perfect line or do you want to see where you can best push off for the jump or jump?

There is a foot pump with pressure gauge in the package, so you can easily adjust the inflation level to the desired level.

The lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to move around when needed.

The mat also has two handles, which make it easy to get a good grip on the mat.

You can therefore easily manipulate the mat and place it in a different place in the parkour.

This Airtrack weighs only 3 kg and measures 70x100 cm by 20 cm high, making it also easy to transport wherever you go.

In addition, a repair kit is included and you get a 2-year warranty if something unexpected happens

Whether you're doing tumbling exercises on the beach or practicing your jumps in the gym - with this Airblock you're ready!

In short, if you are looking for a durable and reliable one Airtrack that will support your training needs both now and in the future – look no further than the YouAreAir AirBlock Pro 4.0!

Product specifications

  • Light weight
  • Easy to move with two handles
  • Including foot pump with pressure gauge
  • repair kit
  • 2 year warranty
  • eLite gymnastics 5 star top quality material
  • Shock absorbing, waterproof
  • 70×100 cm, 20 cm high.
  • 3 kg
  • Master sports series DWF (Double Wall Fabric) PVC material

Check the latest prices here

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Best Cheap: vidaXL Inflatable Gymnastics Mat with Pump 60x100x10 cm

Rave reviews for this cheap variant.

It is slightly thinner than the aforementioned models, but still excellent for practicing gymnastics, yoga, martial arts or other sports.

Best Cheap Airblock- vidaXL Inflatable Gymnastics Mat with Pump 60x100x10 cm PVC Green

(view more images)

The VidaXL also comes in many different colors, so you can choose one that suits you exactly.

In addition, the VidaXL comes with a foot pump and carrying bag. And that's great, because you can easily take it with you in the car or public transport.

If a small hole does accidentally appear in the mat, you can easily repair it with the repair kit that you receive.

If you want to use the mat outside, we always recommend placing something of protection under the mat, both for leakage and also so that the mat does not slip.

Inside you can also consider a non-slip mat.

Also make sure that when you move your AirBlock you don't drag it on the ground, but tilt it by the handles!

Product specifications

  • Light weight
  • Includes foot pump and carry bag
  • Shock absorbing, waterproof
  • High-density PVC and PVC fabric
  • 60×100 cm, 10 cm high

Check the latest prices here

Best Full Set: AirTrack Factory Training Set

The Air track Factory Training Set is a great addition to any home with a Air track mat set up.

There is also an Airblock included, so if you were looking for that, and want a whole set right away, then this is our recommendation.

This complete set comes with a foot pump with built-in pressure gauge, a nice carrying case and manual.

The set also comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can rest assured that it will last.

Best full set with airblock AirTrack Factory Training Set Home

(view more images)

The training set comes with three parts

  1. an air floor
  2. an Air Board
  3. an air block

The AirFloor measures 3 x 1 meter and is 10 cm high; the AirBoard measures 100x60x10 cm; and the AirBlock measures 100x60x20 cm.

The pack itself weighs 17kg and is made from tough durable material, with carbon edge protection and non-slip surface, making it perfect for any kind of acrobatics or gymnastics.

It also has great portability due to its rolled dimensions of only 100x25x25 cm

The training kit makes it much easier to practice air track skills at home as it provides extra support and cushioning when needed while practicing or performing tricks on the mats.

Fun for little ones to play on but also useful for more serious training purposes.

We still recommend the market leader here, because you can be sure that all pieces can be properly attached to each other and you also get a five-year warranty.

With greater safety in mind, this set allows users to perform more intricate stunts without fear of injury and provides better balance when practicing on the mats.

In addition, users can stack multiple pieces together to create their own custom obstacle course depending on their skill level and ability

The Air track Factory Training Set is a great addition to your home gym, offering users more freedom to practice skills safely on the Airtrack without sacrificing quality or performance.

This set is durable and portable, so you can easily take it anywhere!

AirTracks are great fun to play on, but also to seriously practice your favorite sport. With this complete set you can practice all your tricks like a pro!

Product specifications

  • Including foot pump with built-in pressure gauge.
  • Including nice AirTrack Factory carrying case
  • Including manual
  • 5 year warranty
  • AirFloor: 3 x 1 meter, 10cm high.
  • Air Board: 100x60x10 cm
  • AirBlock: 100x60x20 cm
  • Package weight 17 kg (sturdy durable material)
  • Carbon edge protection
  • Anti slip
  • Rolled size: 100x25x25cm

Check prices and availability here


An AirBlock is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of one AirTrack, but doesn't have enough space or just wants to expand its existing setup.

It offers all the benefits of its bigger brother, such as superior bounce and cushioning, in a fraction of the size.

Plus, its smaller size makes it easier to transport and store when not in use.

Also, setting up and taking down an AirBlock is much easier than one AirTrack due to the minimal parts, requiring no tools or knowledge.

Finally, it is cost-effective and fits almost any budget without compromising on quality or performance.

In short, anyone looking for a lightweight and versatile air-filled sports accessory should definitely consider investing in an AirBlock.

Prefer the full format? Here I've reviewed the best Airtrack mats [+ 7 ways to use them]

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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