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6 Best Airwheels for Every Budget Reviewed (Top Picks with Video)

I enjoy writing these articles for my readers, you guys. I don't accept payment for writing reviews, my opinion on products is my own, but if you find my recommendations helpful and you end up buying something through one of the links I may be able to receive a commission on that. More information

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If you're looking for the best electric self-balancing unicycle (aka Airwheels), one of the models from this list is one to consider.

We have selected the best for you and assessed them so that you have an easy overview on which to base your choice.

My own top choice is this Ninebot One S2. It is a bit more pricey but has all the safety functions and steering comfort of the latest developments in Airwheels.

A must have if you want to ride it a bit more.

Otherwise, I certainly have some more budget options in this list.

View the list in my video, or read on for the extensive reviews:


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The best Airwheels

Let's dive into the list:

Ninebot One S2

Review: Rated 4.6 / 5 in America. It's the fastest on our list and very comfortable.


  • Beautiful appearance
  • Very powerful and sturdy
  • Very fast
  • Style
  • Very manoeuvrable with good controls and handles


  • The carrier handle could break
  • Need to take the unit apart to access the tire connector.
  • Slightly expensive

Key product facts (provided by the manufacturer):

  • Top speed: up to 14 MPH (22 km / h)
  • Range per charge: up to 35 kilometers
  • Charging time: up to 4 hours
  • Max weight: up to 110 kg (110 lbs)
  • Max. Climbing grades: 20
  • Product weight: 18 kg (18 kg)


Full description of the product:

Ninebot One is an intelligent and fashionable personal transportation tool with interactive function.

With your exclusive transporter Ninebot, you can say goodbye to the crowds and enjoy the freedom and pleasure of your own mode of transport.

Price from € 539, -

Check the most current prices here at

Air wheel X3

Review: Rated 4.6 / 5 in America. If you go for a more budget option, the Airwheel X3 is also a good choice.


  • Excellent performance
  • Sustainability and
  • Long lasting battery
  • Quick


  • Takes time to learn
  • Makes you lazy
  • Everyone wants to try
  • Constantly asked about it

Key product facts (provided by the manufacturer):

  • Top speed: up to 11 MPH (18 km / h)
  • Range per charge: up to 18.6 miles (30 km)
  • Charging time: about 90 minutes
  • Max weight: 264 lbs (120 Kg)
  • Max. Climbing grades: 15
  • Product weight: 11,2 kg (25 lbs)

Full description of the product:

Airwheel's self-balancing electric unicycle scooter is designed and originated in China.

The intelligent one-wheel system from the Airwheel brand automatically balances you.

The built-in gyroscopes and inertia monitor make corrections in engine speed and power hundreds of times per second.

The left and right balance is similar to the technique of cycling - achieved by slightly sloping left or right.

Airwheel is a green product that can easily be taken on the bus or metro, making it a useful commuter tool

As Airwheel's latest masterpiece, this X3 underscores the brand's consistent premium quality at affordable prices and can tackle a variety of terrain challenges with ease.


Additional functions

  • Battery: 170Wh Lithium (protection board with SOC equalization)
  • Temperature: -10C ~ 40C
  • Size: 450 * 395 * 160mm

When Airwheel is steered sideways at more than 45 degrees, eg when you turn around, the control system activates the tilt protection.

The engine will stop immediately to avoid injury.

Speed ​​control: To prevent injuries from overspeeding, Airwheel sets a maximum speed.

When the speed exceeds 12km / h, the front end of the foot platform will rise gradually, and when the speed exceeds 16km.h, the foot platform will form an angle of 10 degrees to the leveling surface, making you no longer inclined to speed up.

Loading ...

Low battery protection: When the power level is below 15%, all four lights flash and the buzzer beeps.

The front of the pedal will rise to force you to slow down and eventually stop.

DO NOT try to drive again or you may suddenly lose strength and fall over.

Price from € 349, -

Buy it here at

Future Wheel Scarlet

Review: Rated 4.5 / 5 in America. The FutureWheel scarlet is a premium model made for easy portability.

It's a bit more expensive but built to last and capable of carrying over 120 kilos despite its own light weight.

If you often use public transport and want to take it with you, this is the model for you.

Key product facts (provided by the manufacturer):

  • Top speed: 12,5 MPH (20 km / h)
  • Range per charge: up to 10 miles (16 km)
  • Charging time: approximately 1 hour
  • Maximum weight: 147 kg (325 lbs)
  • Max. Climbing grades: unknown
  • Product weight: 27 lbs (12 kg)
  • Full description of the product:

The FutureWheel is handcrafted with 6061 alloy.

Built to last and to stay beautiful, the Scarlet is ultra-portable and can handle loads of 120kg and more!

No handlebar, no handlebar, no need for that handlebar!

Control your FutureWheel with natural leaning movements (similar to the Segway or a Hoverboard) and experience a new way of traveling.

Lean forward to go, lean back to slow down / stop.

The Pure Sine Wave controller with focus designs is more advanced than anything you can find on the market.

With regenerative braking, unparalleled efficiency, eerie silence, and granular torque control, this BLDC controller is the only one in its class.

It takes about 20-30 minutes to get through the FutureWheel and once you get the hang of it you will find that Airwheel riding becomes as natural as walking and chewing gum (only much cooler).

Using some cool features such as Turn AssistTM and Smart SenseTM, the FutureWheel “learns” your movements and performs countless safety calculations every second you ride.


Multiple 3-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes provide a superior inertial measurement that enables a driving experience like no other.

When you turn, the FutureWheel's motion learning algorithms detect your intention and provide stability support throughout the ride.

Navigate narrow turns.

It can handle a lot, but if you push the Scarlet near its physical limits, Push BackTM will intervene and push you back, telling you to relax.

When the battery is empty, your Airwheel will gently immobilize by stopping your movement in order to brake slowly and safely, while still safely maintaining your balance.

It is durable and environmentally friendly. It's green. It's an elegant machine!

Due to the portability of the Scarlet, it is also the perfect portable means of transport that fits on the bus, the metro, the train and under your desk at work.

Price from € 629, -

It is available here at

Air wheel Q1

Review: Rated 4.3 / 5 in America. This Airwheel model is very easy to balance. This is a great model for beginners and for children.

Key product facts (provided by the manufacturer):

  • Top speed: 11 MPH (18 km / h)
  • Range per charge: up to 18.6 miles (30 km)
  • Charging time: 90 to 120 minutes
  • Max weight: 265 lbs (120 kg)
  • Max. Climbing grades: unknown
  • Product weight: 13,6 kg (30 lbs)
  • Full description of the product:

Double wheel + Ultra-widened contact patch = Better driving stability

Reinforced protection mechanism to prevent you from tipping more than 45 ° sideways, Speed ​​Control prevents injuries from overspeeding.

Aviation Aluminum Pedal - High strength, ultra-widened, better fit


Airwheel is the state-of-the-art mode of transport that uses space attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward.

Riders can control the scooter to move forward, accelerate, slow down, brake, etc. by leaning forward or back.

Similar to the techniques of cycling, riders achieve their balance by tilting slightly sideways.

Price from € 449, -

View it here at

Fast wheel EVA

Review: Rated 4.0 / 5 in America.

The Fastwheel Eva, one of the cheaper ones from our list and also a pretty good budget choice with a top speed of 20km per hour and a range of up to 18km, it falls nicely into a mid-range airwheel.

Key product facts (provided by the manufacturer):

  • Top speed: up to 12,4 MPH (20 km / h)
  • Range per charge: up to 11 miles (18 km)
  • Charging time: 60 minutes
  • Max weight: 220 lbs (100 Kg)
  • Max. Climbing grades: unknown
  • Product weight: 15 kg (33 lbs)
  • Full description of the product:


Standard package content:

  • EVA Fast Wheel 1 pc
  • Training belt 1 pc
  • Extended valve 1 pc
  • Wrench 1 pc
  • ser manual 1 pc
  • Warranty card 1 pc
  • Certificate of approval 1 pc
  • Charger 1 pc
  • Price from € 352, -

Available here from Amazon

InMotion MoHawk

Rating: Rated 3.9 / 5 in America. If you like gadgets this one is for you.

It has a number of features that you will not find on the others. He is only not that fast at 14 km per hour.

Key product facts (provided by the manufacturer):

  • Top speed: 8,6 mph (14 km / h)
  • Range per charge: unknown
  • Charging time: unknown
  • Max weight: unknown
  • Max. Climbing grades: unknown
  • Product weight: 16 kg (16 lbs)

Full description of the product:

  • App included
  • Bi-channel Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by Texas Instruments
  • Touch sensitive switches
  • High foam super soft leather protection pad - waterproof
  • Intelligent main and rear light
  • Rock out while you drive

Built-in Bluetooth speaker by Texas Instruments. Stream music from your phone to your Mohawk. Built-in amplifier for incredibly loud volume.

Communicate with your smartphone in Co-Pilot

Watch speed while on the move. Check the battery status. Control on / off functions for headlights and Mohawk.


Day or night driving: Headlight changes direction based on forward movement.

Bright white LED headlight and red rear light. On / Off mode for longer battery life.

Price from € 699, -

Check prices and availability here at Amazon

These were my top picks. Are you already planning to buy one? Then leave a comment with yes.

Not planning on it yet? Then leave one with no. I am very curious.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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