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12 best baby baths: bath reducers, bath tubs, shower & tummy tub

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Je baby in bad doing is one of the most pleasant and precious moments, but it can also be very stressful.

When you have a baby, the care is not for him/her alone, because now you have to take care of yourself too, especially if you are still recovering!

You need an ergonomic baby bath that makes bathing easier for both you and your little angel. After testing, I have found the ones that are easy to use (not only for you, but also for example by grandparents or other family members who want to help!) and which don't hurt your back.

12 safe baby baths assessed

You prefer one that is also beautiful and hip; That is why we have probably searched for the best and the coolest for you baby baths!

If you don't have a particular problem with your back (you may want one on a high standard) it's best to take a talkable bath so it can grow with it for a while. Then you should this Baninni 3-in-1 have: lasts you for years, plus SUPER handy to fold to take with you.

Let's take a look at the best in each category first, then I'll dive deeper into each of these picks:

Baby bathImages
Best Foldable Foldable Baby Bath: Baninni 3-in-1 foldable Bagno baby adjustable growth bathBest foldable foldable baby bath: Baninni 3-in-1 foldable Bagno baby grow-along bath  (view more images)
Best toddler bath for in the shower: OK Baby ChargingBest toddler bath for in the shower: OK Baby Opla

 (view more images)

Best Baby Bath For The Sink: Greenure Baby SplashBest baby bath for the sink: HBKS Baby Splash

(view more images)

Best baby bath for travel: The Shrunks inflatableBest baby bath for travel: The Shrunks inflatable


(view more images)
Baby bath reducer: Babydam bath reducerBaby bath reducer: Babydam bath reducer

 (view more images)

Best baby bath with stand: Luma bath setBest baby bath with stand: Luma bath set

 (view more images)

Best Cheap Baby Bath: Holland ShantalaBest cheap baby bath: Holland Shantala

 (view more images)

Best Baby Bath For A Small Bathroom: Bib bath adjustableBest baby bath for a small bathroom: Bib bath adjustable

 (view more images)

Best baby bath with thermometer: Bébé-Jou Thermo bathBest baby bath with thermometer: Bébé-Jou Thermo bath

 (view more colors)

Best Baby Bath For Twins: Rotho BabyDesign TopXtra for large babies and twinsBest baby bath for twins: Rotho BabyDesign TopXtra for big babies and twins (view more images)
Best Tummy Tub: Bébé-jou bubbleBest tummy tub: Bébé-jou bubble

 (view more images)

Check out the top 5 in this video or read on for buying tips, safety tips and a detailed description of each of these 12 choices:

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What we discuss in this comprehensive post:

What do you pay attention to when you want to buy a baby bath?

Before I take a closer look at each of these options, here are a few more things to keep in mind when buying a baby bath:

Do I really need a baby bath?

Many parents choose to wash the baby in the bathroom or in the sink, often with a baby bath seat in front of the sink that helps the baby cradle and provide support.

Another viable option is to shower or bathe your baby, which can be a connecting experience, although some parents find it difficult to hold the baby safely when both of you are so slippery.

I myself both showered with my son and put him in a bath and varied this. I didn't dare to really shower with soap!

Whether a baby bath is a better choice for you and your family, you may find out for one of these important reasons:

  • Safety: The non-slip surface and baby bath support can give you more convenience and peace of mind. Remember never to leave infants or toddlers in the bath unattended, as even an inch of water can pose a risk of drowning. Newborns cannot actually support their heads or other body parts, so keep your hands on your newborn at all times. We often did it together, bathing our son (was also just a nice moment together)
  • Comfort: Especially in the first weeks after giving birth, a baby bath can make bathing easier for new mothers, especially one with a stand, where they can stand instead of sitting uncomfortably on the bathroom floor.
  • Ease: The sink in the kitchen and bathroom needs to be scrubbed before each bath, which requires more prep time.

What types of baby baths are there?

There are different types of baby baths and the right one for you depends on the age of your baby, where you plan to wash your baby and how much space you have.

  • Baby bath seats for the sink: As the name suggests, these are foam inserts that you slide into your sink and create a safe space to bathe the baby. The advantages are that you can wash your baby while standing without having to crawl next to the bathtub, and when not in use, they can be folded down for easy storage, ideal for small apartments. Baby bath seats are used from newborn to 6 months.
  • Baby baths: These are self-contained miniature containers. Depending on their size, they can be used in a sink or just for your bathtub. These are more spacious and some can be used during the baby's first two years.
  • Bathtub reducers or adjusters: These grow with your baby and transform from a newborn bathtub to a more traditional bathtub in an instant.

What things do you want to look for in a baby bath?

  • Non-slip surfaces on the bottom (both inside and out) and bonus points for suction cups on the base
  • Smooth rounded edges
  • Support for your baby's head and shoulders
  • Room to grow, because your newborn baby will not be newborn for long
  • Portability, if you want to use the baby bath somewhere other than your bathroom
  • Easy to drain and quick-drying tubs. The quick-drying options are usually plastic, but many baby bath seats are made of mold-resistant foam or fabric.
  • When space is tight, forget about the huge plastic baby tub and consider a soft folding or folding insert with a hook or hanger for easy storage.
  • Avoid inflatable baby baths. While they are the ultimate in space-saving devices, they can tilt, putting your baby at risk of drowning.

Should I buy a baby bath or tummy tub?

A tummy tub is a nice, small, round bath for babies up to about nine months old. It completely mimics the conditions in the womb so it feels very safe for your little one.

It is therefore very important that the first experiences in the bath are very pleasant experiences for your little one.

The tummy tub has wide edges and is transparent. It is also the case that it does not require much water compared to a standard size baby bath. You save a lot of water!

A small disadvantage is that your baby will not enjoy it for very long; Only until about nine months.

With a normal baby bath your little one can go forward for a year or maybe a year and a half, but with a growth bath of course even longer.

How long can you use a baby bath?

You have just read that your child will fit in a tummy tub until about nine months. Your little one can stay up to a year in a standard baby bath.

However, there are also the very handy growth baths, or the fold-out baths. Some of these baths last from zero to about six years, others even up to twelve years!

If you purchase a bath reducer or a 'dam', you can make the space for your child bigger as he or she grows.

The dam grows up to about three and four years, so that can also be a pretty good solution.

Best 12 baby baths rated

Best toddler bath for in the shower: OK Baby Opla

Best toddler bath for in the shower: OK Baby Opla

(view more images)

This great OK Baby - Charging Bath - White is really a lovely little bath to put in the shower! It is suitable for children between ten months and three years old.

If your child can sit upright a little bit, you can start using it; The bottom is sloping so that your child remains seated properly. It is a super safe and stable bath.

You also save water, compared to a standard baby bath! The bath has three handles and is therefore easy to move, even if it contains water.

Here's how a mom uses it in her shower:

You can also take a shower yourself, while your little one is in the bath. Of course, always keep a close eye on your child, even if there is only a small layer of water in the bath!

View it here at

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Best Baby Sink Bathtub: Greenure Baby Splash

best baby bath for the sink

(view more images)

With this very cheerful Greenure Baby Splash you simply turn your sink into a perfect bath! And a lovely soft bath for your little one too!

The Baby Splash bath is a safe, very pleasant way to bathe your baby. Due to the soft material, bathing will be a very pleasant experience for your child.

The unique bath is easy to clean and store. It also acts as a baby trainer so that your baby experiences the first baths in a very pleasant way.

It is also very suitable for frightened children, to overcome any fear of water. The bath is made of very good quality polyester and sponge material.

It does not contain any toxic substances and is therefore also environmentally friendly. An ideal bath for newborn babies up to about a year old and can also be used later as a mat or as a non-slip bath mat.

Loading ...

Easy to take on a trip and available in the beautiful colors blue, yellow and pink. A top maternity gift!

Check the most current prices and availability here

Best baby bath for travel: The Shrunks inflatable

Best baby bath for travel: The Shrunks inflatable

(view more images)

A very comfortable The Shrunks inflatable baby bath for your little one! It is inflatable, so it is very light and easy to carry.

Your child can lean against the soft headrest while you lather and rinse him or her! Handy, the built-in compartments where you can store the necessary items such as shampoo and bath oil.

The bath is lead-, BPA- and phthalate-free and suitable for babies who can already sit up to toddlers of about two years.

A very nice and handy bath for traveling! Nice to give as a maternity gift, even more fun to receive!

View it here at

Baby bath reducer: Babydam bath reducer

safe in the large bath with baby dam

(view more images)

And what an invention! This Babydam bath reducer ensures that your child can safely and relaxed in the large bath!

You can turn the large bath into a baby bath in just a few seconds with the great Babydam.

The dam is very easy to clean, just with soap and water and is a must have for every family. This updated version fits perfectly in any standard bath.

The bath is suitable for newborn babies to toddlers. You place the Babydam upright in the bath and press firmly on the two handles;

The suction cups will lock in place, but press firmly on the back of each suction cup again to check.

Here you can see how it works:

Fill the tub, but do not exceed the maximum, as the water pressure may be too high and it may come loose. Of course, keep an eye on your child at all times!

A very smart and water-saving solution.

Check availability here

Best baby bath with stand: Luma bath set

Best baby bath with stand: Luma bath set

(view more images)

The Lumabad set silt green is a beautiful and complete bath set. You immediately have everything at hand! There is namely a bath thermometer, a brush, a bath seat, a diaper bucket and a manicure set.

The comfortable bath is user-friendly and has a sleek and trendy appearance.

The bath can be easily clicked onto the strong, supplied bath stand. This set is sure to look great in your bathroom and is available in different pastel shades!

View it here at Wehkamp

Best cheap baby bath: Holland Shantala

Best cheap baby bath: Holland Shantala

(view more images)

This affordable baby bath from Holland - Shantala Baby bath - Mother of pearl has a beautiful mother-of-pearl color! It is suitable for babies up to about nine months old.

Because of the shape of this bath, the water stays at the right temperature longer, which is great. Thanks to the sloping edge, the bath offers you good arm support while bathing your little one.

A very pleasant and great-priced bath for your sprout!

View the lowest prices here

Best baby bath for a small bathroom: Bib bath adjustable

Bib bath adjustable and easy to store

(view more images)

Is your little one too big for the baby bath, but unfortunately you don't have a bath? Then this Bibabad adjustable baby bath is a perfect solution!

Your child can play just as wonderfully in a BiBaBad as in a large bathtub. Setting up the bath is easy: you just have to fold out the bath and place it on the shower drain.

Guaranteed lots of bathing fun for your little one! The bath is non-slip and washable at 60 degrees. Your child can bathe in it for at least eight years.

This version can be adjusted in length and width and is especially for showers; You can also slide the leg in and out so that you can adapt it to your shower area.

Here's how to easily store and unfold it:

A winner!

View all versions here

Best baby bath with thermometer: Bébé-Jou Thermo bath

Best baby bath with thermometer: Bébé-Jou Thermo bath

(view more colors)

The Bébé-Jou Thermobad Click thermal bath is a bath that certainly stands out from all others. The Bébé-Jou thermal bath has an innovative Click system.

With this system you can place the bath very easily and safely, with two 'clicks', on the matching bath stand. After bathing you 'click' the bath again by pushing the click system at the bottom of the stand.

There are two pumps on the bath rim that can be filled with shampoo and soap. This nice bath has an integrated bath thermometer, so the bath water will always have the perfect temperature for your baby!

The bath thermometer also functions as a drain plug. When you push the thermometer upwards, the water runs out through the supplied hose.

You can use the diaper bucket (available separately) to collect the water again.

This way you don't have to lift the heavy bath full of water. A nice, luxurious bath for your little one!

View all versions here

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Best foldable foldable baby bath: Baninni 3-in-1 foldable Bagno baby adjustable grow-in bath

Mother gives her baby growth in the Baninni bath in two different ways

(view more images)

The Baninni 3-in-1 Foldable Meegroeibad Bagno bath just grows with your child!

It can be used as a bath for your baby, but then you can transform it into a children's pool for kids up to twelve years old!

It is a very comfortable bath and is equipped with a reliable locking system and sturdy legs. It is collapsible and can be carried very easily.

There is a drain hose included, so you can easily let the water run out. Baninni does not only think about the comfort of your child, but also about the comfort of you and your partner!

A very nice product!

View it here at

Best baby bath for twins: Rotho BabyDesign TopXtra for big babies and twins

Best baby bath for twins: Rotho BabyDesign TopXtra for big babies and twins

(view more images)

Are you looking for a larger baby bath to bathe your twins together?

Then this Rotho BabyDesign TopXtra Bath Station Baby bath total solution skyblue / white for large babies and twin baths is a great solution!

The fairly large bath is ideal for siblings from zero to 30 months and can hold a total of XNUMX kilos.

The bath is very easy to place on the bathtub standard and is solid and safe.

Bathing the kids is back-friendly for you in this way, also thanks to the height-adjustable stand. The bathtub is easy to empty thanks to a handy drain plug and drain hose.

The bath is made of high-quality and durable material and is very easy to clean with warm water and soap. A great bath for your two little ones and that also of solid German quality!

Check prices and availability here

Best tummy tub: Bébé-jou bubble

Best tummy tub: Bébé-jou bubble

(view more images)

The Bébé-jou bubble - Transparent Tummy tub is a perfect, ergonomic baby bath for the little ones among us! Your baby can completely relax in this and feels safe in the natural fetal position.

There are handles on both sides of the rim, so you can easily lift the bath in and out of the bath stand.

You can conveniently click the baby bath on the edge of the Bébé-jou bath stand, the bath is then securely fixed on a platform.

You can lean a little on the fine wide edges, if you support your little one. Suitable for babies from zero to about eight months. Without a doubt a very pleasant bathing experience for your little one!

View the most current prices here

Frequently asked questions about baby baths

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the use of baby baths:

How many degrees should your baby bath be?

The ideal temperature for a baby bath is 37 degrees; You can fill it with water at a temperature of 38 degrees because it cools down quite quickly.

Many baby baths now have a built-in thermometer.

If that is not the case, you can of course purchase a bath thermometer, or just 'just' feel with your elbow with your elbow to see if the water is nice and warm (but not too hot!)!

Also make sure that the temperature in the room is around 21-22 degrees.

How often should my baby be bathed?

A bath 2-3 times a week is enough to keep your newborn baby clean. But if your baby really likes to bathe, you can wash it once a day. Bathing more than this can dry out your baby's skin so you don't want to do that.

Baby in the bath before sleeping or not?

It is a good idea to give your baby a nice bath before going to sleep. A warm bath is very soothing and will ensure that your little one falls asleep more easily afterwards.

A few drops of lavender essential oil in the bath will also help your baby to sleep relaxed, and the scent of lavender is wonderfully fresh!

Perhaps you can also sleep a little longer ...

Bathing your baby before or after feeding?

It is much wiser to let your baby bathe before a meal, unless your little one is too hungry of course and is crying.

If you prefer to take the bath after dinner, wait until the food has subsided properly. Bathing your baby shortly after eating causes the food to surface and causes your little one to vomit.

For slightly larger babies, the best time to take a bath is always before going to bed. This way they are nice and pink and they sleep in easily.

Bathing your baby in 14 steps

First of all, we would like to give you the following, although it is probably unnecessary; Never, ever let your child take a bath alone!

Even in a few centimeters of water it is possible to drown! It may also be useful to follow the steps below:

  1. Take your time for the bath ritual!
  2. Make sure the temperature in the (bathroom) room is around one or twenty two degrees.
  3. Have all the necessities ready within reach; the soap and possibly the shampoo, bath oil, towel, washcloth, diaper and baby's clothes.
  4. Fill the bath with water and check the temperature preferably with the bath thermometer. It could also be done with your elbow.
  5. It is best to add bath oil to the water a few minutes after you have bathed your child, so that the pores of the skin are already open.
  6. Make sure your hands are clean before picking up your little one.
  7. First, wash your baby's face without soap and dry it.
  8. Clean the hands, arms and armpits with soap or bath oil. Then shoulders, chest and belly. The groin, legs and feet. Put your baby aside and wash the back, pee and bottom with soap or bath oil; Do not forget about the skin folds, as dirt can easily accumulate there. Think of the knees, neck folds, armpits and folds in the thighs. Washing behind the ears is also important.
  9. Support the head and let your little one slide gently into the warm water.
  10. Hold your baby firmly under the armpits so that the head rests on your forearm. This prevents slipping. You can ensure that baby's feet touch the bath wall, which gives grip and feels safe.
  11. Your baby should not stay in the bath for too long because the water cools down quickly. About ten minutes is really long enough! Bathing for too long can also dry out or irritate baby's skin.
  12. Take your little one out of the bath and wrap him or her in a soft towel. You can also use a thin, hydrophilic cloth to dry your baby well in any place.
  13. Dry your baby well immediately and do not forget about the skin folds. The folds must be carefully dried to prevent irritation of the delicate skin.
  14. Place your little one on a dry towel for further grooming.

How can I wash my baby without a bath?

You can wash your baby with a sponge if you don't have a bath or are traveling. To do this, just sit on the floor of your shower stall and put your baby on your lap. Keep baby soap, a bowl of warm water, and a pair of washcloths handy. Also consider wearing bathing gloves so the baby doesn't slip out of your hands.

How often should you wash a baby's hair?

Just like giving your baby a bath, washing his hair doesn't have to follow any specific routine. But washing too often can remove the necessary oils the scalp needs to stay healthy.

Sometimes it is enough to use a sponge dipped in water to give it some cleaning. If the weather is dirty or you have traveled a lot with your child, it may be a good idea to wash the hair.

When can you wash your newborn baby's hair?

If you are washing a newborn's hair for the first time, keep in mind that shampoos should not be used until 6-8 weeks after delivery. Make use of a shampoo that is baby-friendly and also helps moisturize the scalp.

Never use an adult shampoo. Choose a shampoo with a pH value of 4,5 to 6.

How often can you dry your baby with a towel?

It is best to dry each time after bathing with a clean towel that has been freshly washed with a mild detergent. Generally with bath towels, you can use them 3-4 times before you need to wash them, especially if they are individually hung on a towel rail or hook where they can dry.

Towels placed on top of each other or rolled up will not dry between uses and can become stale, so should be washed more often.

Do I need special baby towels?

Can I use a normal towel for my baby?

Yes, that's possible. There are no specific requirements for a baby towel.

Many moms have this question, especially when you're trying to decide what to buy (or what wish list to give to girlfriends).

Do you really need to buy a specific baby towel with a hood and cute design, or can you just use a plain old towel?

I've done some research, and as far as I know, there are no specific standards or best practices regarding newborn towels. So, it doesn't really matter which one you choose.

But if you want my opinion ...

There are some valid reasons why your baby should at least have their own towels whether you buy extra soft or hooded or not.

I'm not necessarily talking about baby bath kits, but rather towels that you bought especially for your baby. Here are my reasons for buying some towels with your little one in mind:

  • Babies have very sensitive skin. A new towel with extra soft fabric helps keep their skin healthy, and let's face it, some of our existing towels have seen better days.
  • Babies are at risk for certain illnesses that adults and older children should not be so concerned about. Having a set of designated 'baby towels' will help keep the baby healthier and less likely to catch a cold or get worse.
  • Newborns tend to defecate and urinate a lot. If you like the way your towels look now, consider investing in some baby towels that you can throw away when they get older. It's just a thought.
  • Babies have more trouble maintaining a normal body temperature and can cool down easily, especially after bath time. Buying towels that are extra warm, absorbent and soft will help keep baby comfortable while you dress them after bathing. The hood also comes in handy here.

Why do babies have hooded towels?

Babies have more trouble maintaining a normal body temperature and can cool down easily, especially after bath time. Buying towels that are extra warm, absorbent and soft will help keep baby comfortable while you dress them after bathing. This is where the hood comes in handy.

There are techniques where you like to keep the baby wrapped in a hooded towel while you wash the hair / head to keep the baby warm. In addition, you use one more to actually dry the baby. As such, this method requires a minimum of two clean towels per bath, but we haven't done that.

How can you properly disinfect your baby bath?

When cleaning things for babies and small children, it is always best to use natural cleaning products:

A solution of soda or mild soap is sufficient to get the bath clean. If you use a lot of bath oil, vinegar can be a good natural degreaser.

Everyone thinks it's exciting

Bathing your baby definitely takes some practice at first. You may find it a bit difficult the first time, but as you know: Practice makes perfect!

You will see that the bath ritual quickly becomes one of the most beautiful and intimate moments of the day. You and your baby.

Is your baby uncomfortable in the water?

Of course it is not nice if your baby is afraid of water and taking a bath is an unpleasant, perhaps daily job!

Although babies generally love to take a bath, there are also some who dislike bathing from the very beginning.

Instead of relaxing, they start to cry and experience stress.

  • This may be because the temperature of the bath is not good, for example if the bath is too cold or too hot.
  • It may also be the case that the baby has been bathed too soon after birth; It hasn't even had time to process birth and is already being dragged into a new experience.

Yet the fear cannot always be explained.

Fortunately, most babies eventually get used to bathing and with a little patience you can still find a way that your little one likes.

However, there are also little ones who are very free in the water at first, but develop fear as they get older. This fear was probably caused by a bad experience.

This can happen if they accidentally submerge, or if they get a lot of water splashed on their face.

When children are slightly older, they also start to think more and more and they become more aware of possible dangers. For example, your child begins to realize that you cannot breathe underwater.

Your little one's imagination can cause fear, children can develop unrealistic ideas, also with regard to water.

Little ones are also very sensitive to the signals their parents give.

When you, as parents, react fearfully to water and warn a lot when the child comes close to water, this can also have a major impact.

Reassure your baby

If you notice anxiety in your little one, reassure him or her. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Take your time for the bath time and be patient
  • Ensure the correct water temperature
  • Let your little one slide very slowly into the water, but first pour a little bit of water on him or her with your hand.
  • Do not use a shower spray, that is often a deterrent
  • Provide bath toys that can provide some distraction
  • Sing a song and do some water games such as blowing in the water
  • Larger children can first put their doll in the bath themselves

By the way, it is not necessary to bathe a baby every day; It is better to pay less attention than to give your little one a quick bath every day.


You may now have a clear idea of ​​which baby bath is most suitable for your home.

Would you rather go for the nice, safe tummy tub first and then purchase a larger bath? Do you prefer a slightly larger bath right away, or perhaps one that grows with your baby?

You have just been introduced to many different types of baths and handy bath solutions; However, the final choice is yours, good luck!

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