14 best board games reviewed with explanation + video

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  May 24, 2021

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Dear geeks and games enthusiasts, pay attention!

Want to get together with friends or family? These are the best board games to play with.

Especially fun when playing challenging with your slightly older children. Also nice as games that children can play among themselves with a group of friends, or of course just to organize a fun game night for yourself.

14 best board games and board games

If you are just starting out or want to expand your collection, it can be difficult to find the best board games; after all, there is so much choice!

Fortunately, I did the searching for you.

My tip to start with is therefore the best deal at the moment, Gloom:

One of the best and funniest party games you can play right now is Gloom. It is a lot of fun, easy to play and for 2-4 players. The price / quality ratio is great and the second edition is very discounted because many newer variants have been added in the meantime.

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First here in a nutshell a table with the best board games in this list:

Board gameImages
Cutest black humor from 10 years: GloomGloom family game
(view more images)
Best family board game from 7 years old: Sequence
Best family board game from 7 years Sequence
(view more images)
Best children's board game for two people: Who is it?Children's board game for two people who is it(view more images)
Best family game for the little ones from 3 years old: Melissa and Doug Suspend (Jr)Melissa and Doug suspend(view more images)
Most fun for adults: One Night Ultimate WerewolfOne night ultimate werewolf board game
(view more images)
Best espionage board game from 13 years old: The ResistanceThe resistance board game
(view more images)
Best board game for gamers from 14 years old: Fallout Fallout the board game
(view more images)
Best board game with bluff from 10 years old: StrokeCoup card game with friends
(view more images)
Best party game from 10 years: codenamesCodenames board game
(view more images)
Best retro board game from 8 years old: Boss MonsterBoss Monster retro board game
(view more images)
Best board game for children from 8 years old: King of TokyoKing of Tokyo board game dice game
(view more images)
Best horror board game from 12 years old: Betrayal at House on the HillBetrayal at house on the hill board game
(view more images)
Best strategy board game from 8 years old: CarcassonneCarcassonne board game for the family
(view more images)
Most beautiful playing cards from 10 years: SplendorSplendor board game
(view more images)
Best roleplaying from 12 years old: Lords of waterdeepLords of waterdeep board game
(view more images)
Best collaboration from 13 years: Pandemic legacyPandemic legacy blue version
(view more images)
Best board game with negotiating from 12 years: Cosmic EncounterCosmic Encounter
(view more images)

Best board game is your personal choice

Sure, it's a bit geeky, but many youngsters have a great time playing a quick card game or a fun board game, and more and more adults are starting to play them too.

More and more adults enjoy playing games, but a board game is just a little more fun to do together than to spend an evening behind a screen together.

Knowing what to buy can really impress friends and family next time.

Did you know that board game fairs and special board game gatherings are getting easier to find?

So if you're looking for a hobby besides gaming that will keep friends, partners and family entertained, board games are a great option.

In this article I take a look at the 14 best board games of the moment.

The best board games depend on the situation in which you use them.

Sure, it's great to have a complex, smart game - like Fallout - when you're playing with a group of like-minded friends, but sometimes you just want something quick and easy enough for your grandma to understand.

That is why we have a wide range for you below, from hardcore games to casual classics.

We'll even tell you the best board games for specific occasions such as parties, birthdays, family events, gatherings or for serious play.

So, forget about Monopoly, ditch the Cluedo and dive into some of the best and most entertaining board games around.

Some games are rare, on this site we've just included the ones with the best prices.

What you look for in a family board game?

Number of players

How many people do you expect to play the game at the same time?

This is important to consider as some games are more suitable for two players, while others are suitable for eight or more.

If you have a large family or like to entertain a group of friends, choose a game that supports a greater number of players.


Some games require more critical thinking than others, which can be challenging for younger players.

However, there are plenty of options for people of all ages. Just pay attention to the age rating of a game to determine if the difficulty is right for your situation.

I have also included it here with each game, so that you can make a good estimate.


Play time is another factor to consider.

This list includes shorter games that require quick thinking and others that test your problem-solving skills over several hours.

Think about which one suits you best!

Best board games rated

Let's start with the list. For each game I immediately added in which situation it is fun to play:

Best black humor from 10 years: Gloom

The best kind of misery: for family and friendly gatherings

Gloom family game

(view more images)





Gloom is a game that's all about making your family feel miserable - but playing the game itself is a lot of fun.

Players take turns taking their cards to make members of their chosen Victorian Gothic family live the worst of lives before they are killed. Then they can redeem points depending on how miserable they ended.

At the same time, try to keep your opponents' families living a nice life and fend off game-changing event cards.

What sets Gloom apart is the fun with which you impose misery on your family.

The rules state that you must tell the story of the series of unfortunate events that happened to them so that you and your friends make each other laugh while trying to be as sadistic as possible.

The word 'macabre' was invented for this game (but that doesn't mean you can't have fun playing).

Best for ... friends who like to make each other laugh, but also to beat each other

Gloom & extensions are available here at bol.com

Best family board game from 7 years old: Sequence

Best family board game from 7 years Sequence

(view more images)

You may not have heard of the Sequence game, but this card-based strategy game is sure to become a family favorite.

The best of both worlds, this board game is easy enough for kids to learn and tricky enough to keep adults on their toes.

You can play the Sequence Game individually or in teams and it is recommended for ages seven and up.

Here's how it works: Each player or team gets a handful of standard playing cards, and during each turn they put down one card and cover the matching spot on the game board with a chip.

The goal is to put five chips in a row and each round usually lasts 10 to 30 minutes.

The Sequence Game is simply one of the best board games for families because it is easy to learn, for all ages, and just endless fun.

This board game requires a combination of strategy and luck, and the whole family is sure to get more competitive the more they play it!

Check the most current prices and availability here

Best children's board game for two people: Who is it?

Children's board game for two people who is it

(view more images)

I used to enjoy it a lot and it remains a good classic for two people.

If you're looking for fun for two players, this is a great choice.

The box says 6+, but it is often also suitable for slightly younger children.

“This was so great for my 3 and 5 ″ sons. After a few rounds of play in a team with one parent and one child, they can now play almost all by themselves, which is great to watch, ”says one reviewer.

It's easy to explain and gets going pretty quickly.

Another reviewer who bought this for his 4- and 7-year-old nieces tells us how educational it is.

And anyone familiar with the original version of this game will appreciate that this updated version is very different again.

The game has been improved by also using people of different ethnicities and different skin colors, a simple classic that finally added all the beautiful skin tones and different faces to the game.

View it here at bol.com

Best family game for the little ones from 3 years: Melissa and Doug Suspend (Jr)

Melissa and Doug suspend

(view more images)

When you mention fine motor skills, you think of small children. But nearly 400 satisfied reviewers confirm that this game is “really great fun for all ages”.

Several reviewers also describe it as a 'learning tool', with one explaining:

"It takes a steady hand and attention to balance."

The quality and durability of the game make it very attractive in a home full of children of all ages.

It encourages children to think about weight and balance, as they need to place the squiggly pieces carefully to make sure they don't knock anything over.

View the most current prices here

Best for Adults: One Night Ultimate Werewolf (1 night werewolves & daredevils)

Ideal for adult parties - a fast-paced game of suspicion and brutal murder

One night ultimate werewolf board game

(view more images)





Distraction and deception go hand in hand in One Night Ultimate Werewolf, a game that makes wink killing practically a competitive sport.

Each player is randomly assigned a role at the beginning - there is a choice of a motley collection of villagers or the werewolves trying to plunder them.

Over the course of a night, where everyone in turn secretly plays their unique game, the players are supposed to find out which one of them is a monster.

So while the 'seer' can turn over another player's card to view it, the 'troublemaker' can then exchange that card with someone else, making it difficult to be absolutely sure who is telling the truth.

As with all games of this kind, the fun is in making accurate judgments based on facts and gut feeling, and successfully playing other players under the table, if you happen to be the werewolf.

There is a lot of uncertainty over the course of every ten minute game, and since there is always a chance that there are no werewolves in a particular game, innocent players will have to do their best not to receive a death sentence.

The free accompanying app makes installation a breeze, especially for games with more players, for which One Night Ultimate Werewolf is ideally suited.

Best for ... larger groups who like to discover that they never know some people as well as they thought.

Check the current prices for 1 night werewolves & daredevils here, and the English version: One Night Ultimate Werewolf is for sale here at bol.com

Best espionage board game from 13 years old: The Resistance

Perfect for friends gatherings: a spying game with excitement

The resistance board game

(view more images)





If you've ever dreamed of a shouting match with your lover but never had a reason for it before, The Resistance is the game you need.

And since up to ten people can play the game, those swearings can get really loud.

The premise is simple, as is the setup. You have to succeed in three of the five missions to win the game - but the spies who are anonymous want those missions to fail.

Since there only needs to be one spy to shatter everything, the real game is figuring out who is trustworthy at the table and who is a liar.

The game lasts as long as the spies are good at cheating. When one spy throws another out to avoid detection, or when two good players are played against each other, the game takes on a new dimension.

Don't expect to come out of this play experience unscathed (and resentment).

Best for ... people who want to know if they can discern who is or isn't a traitor (or test their ability to fool other people).

The Resistance is available here at bol.com

Best board game for gamers from 14 years old: Fallout

Ideal for gamers who want to leave the screen every now and then, but want to play a familiar game.

Fallout the board game

(view more images)




Maybe it takes a little too long


If you are looking for an offline experience with Fallout and you are angry and disappointed with Fallout 76 this is the game for you.

With scenarios from Fallout 3 and 4, this board game is very similar to playing the real game, but with friends.

You explore a map, build influence between factions, and even complete side quests to earn more.

The great thing about this game is the attention to detail - everything feels like it's straight out of the Fallout universe, right down to the descriptions on the cards and artwork.

The length of a game can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it.

Games can take 2-3 hours, so if you settle for one massive session with friends then that's fine.

However, if less patient or less experienced people are playing, it might be better to choose a slightly simpler and shorter game.

If you are willing to invest time in this game and you have friends who love a game of Fallout then this is perfect.

Best for ... anyone disappointed by Fallout 76

Fallout the board game is available at bol.com

Best bluff board game from 10 years: Coup

A more complex bluff game: for groups of good friends

Coup card game with friends

(view more images)





Coup's appeal lies in its simplicity: just like characters from a horror movie, each player will be turned off by hubris or by the actions of another player, until only one person remains.

However, the trick to winning lies in understanding when your opponents are in a weak position and bluffing, and launching your coups at the right time.

Each player has two character cards face down in front of them that only they have knowledge of.

Those characters each have different skills; from killing another player to stealing some of their currency, and most have the ability to prevent another player from taking certain actions.

But because your opponents' cards are face down, it is difficult to find out when they are lying about their characters. It will eventually become a soothing mind game, with double and triple bluffs flying around your ears.

Accusing someone of lying can cost them a character card and influence at court, possibly causing them to lose. -But vice versa, it can also happen to you if you falsely accuse someone.

Best for ... groups of four or five experienced in games that require tough counter-action.

Coup can be purchased here at bol.com

Best party game from 10 years old: Codenames

The party game with real strategy

Codenames board game

(view more images)





Most party games are all about fun and bluffing. Codenames is a clever design that also throws a bit of strategy and skill into the mix.

One player comes up with one-word clues that lead his teammates to certain word cards arranged in a grid.

The clue can be anything: it can rhyme with the target, or form a compound word, or be a synonym.

The team does not know that and the person giving the clue is of course not allowed to say anything; so be prepared to go crazy as you observe your team reasoning itself further and further away from the correct answer!

It's more difficult to find clues than it initially seems, which can lead to longer moments of silence. Not the most fun game for your drinking night.

But it also makes things that much more exciting, because wrong guessing can award points to the other team, or even result in an immediate loss.

The reception of Codenames has been incredibly positive, thanks to the easy-to-understand game rules that make it a go-to game for your group of friends.

And with the graphics and adult variant available, we expect Codenames to be played at many more parties this year.

Best before… after dinner

The different Codenames variants can be played separately without the need for a basic set, and are available here

Best retro board game from 8 years: Boss Monster

Perfect for retro players: during a friendly meeting

Boss Monster retro board game

(view more images)





Another game that is perfect for anyone who likes real video games.

Boss Monster (and Boss Monster: Rise of the Mini-Bosses, the sequel) is all about building a dungeon from cards, which you can then use to attract and kill heroes - for points.

Think of Dungeon Keeper, but with cards. It's wonderfully simple, once you know what you're doing, and it can get very tactical when you start training other players' heroes, or turn them around to wipe them out of the game.

Being a simple card game, Boss Monster can be played anywhere - as long as the surface is flat - and you can take up to four players at once during the action.

We'd actually recommend four players, as the game is a bit less fun with just two players (although it's technically possible).

Regular gamers will love the style of the maps and will instantly 'get' the ideas of boosts, multipliers and damage, while it might take a full game for non-gamers to really understand everything.

But with 20-30 minutes per game and an almost infinite replay value, you can get everyone playing very quickly. It is an ideal warm-up game for a full board game night.

Best for ... Fans of retro games.

Boss Monster and all its many expansions you can buy here

Best board game for children from 8 years: King of Tokyo

Bring a city to life in this ideal casual party game

King of Tokyo board game dice game

(view more images)





King of Tokyo is a game about Godzilla, or one of the many other crazy super monsters, who have settled in Tokyo. But in this genius piece of abstraction, there is no city map.

Instead, you compete against your fellow monsters to be the one hitting every turn. This will give you points, just like buying cards that represent mass destruction.

Other cards enhance your monster with powers such as extra heads, spitting poison, or a pointed tail.

You can use these to fight the other monsters or crush city districts.

All this is solved through a Yahtzee-style gameplay that you can explain to everyone in a few seconds. Throwing modified dice is great fun.

And there's a social element too, as players conspire to defeat the monster in the city, while everyone hopes to be the one to take their place.

While it is an enjoyable yet silly fighting game, it is also open to strategy in the choice of the cards you buy. If you want a little more tactics, consider the King of New York version.

Best for… party time, or just to measure yourself against your kids. He's also in our list of best dice games

The basic set is available here and here you can also find many extensions to make it even more fun

Best horror board game from 12 years: Betrayal at House on the Hill

A great game for like-minded board game fans

Betrayal at house on the hill board game

(view more images)





Nothing beats participating in your own horror movie. Betrayal at House on the Hill makes you one of six famous horror characters - little girl with a doll, for example? check

Before you find yourself in a haunted mansion, which you build and explore yourself as the game progresses. Each player puts down room tiles as they carefully explore.

This means a completely unique house, complete with basement, with an eerily overgrown garden and chapel.

The early exploration phase is a perfect time for newcomers to get used to the style of play, and it's a great warm-up for what's to come.

Events take place in every room you enter and Omen cards build up gradually.

Whenever an Omen card is drawn, the responsible player must roll all six dice.

If the number you roll is greater than the total number of Omen cards the house remains relatively safe, if not the Haunt phase of the game starts and it gets interesting.

There is a traitor in the group, which means that one player will read ahead about how the rest are being terrorized, and there is a huge variety of gruesome ways the house will attack the inhabitants.

The Widow's Walk expansion has used many top writers, such as Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward and Pandemic Legacy's co-designer Rob Daviau, to create new Haunts, so expect some truly bizarre stories as you battle your friends.

Best for ... Brilliant horror fans, has great replay value

The game and expansion are available here

Best strategy board game from 8 years old: Carcassonne

An absolutely classic board game, and it's still good

Carcassonne board game for the family

(view more images)





Considered a classic for good reason, Carcassonne is available on a slew of digital platforms in addition to the original board game, with a recent release of switch in July this year.

Nevertheless, there is something special about playing the game in its original physical form; to put a stone in just the right place to complete a city and earn serious points.

Carcassonne's challenge is to keep a strategy in mind while placing your pieces.

While you all build a section of the South of France using randomly drawn bricks, smart placement of Meeple will earn you points for every completed city, road, and connected squares - as long as you control that section.

While luck is required in the draw, placing a piece to steal control of an opponent's city requires long-term tactical thinking.

As a result, it is one of those rare games that is easy to pick up, but difficult to master, especially when you compete against other Carcassonne veterans.

Best for ... groups who want to challenge each other through long-term strategic thinking.

Carcassonne and other variants including the Junior version are available here

Most beautiful playing cards from 10 years: Splendor

Perfect for playing with family

Splendor board game

(view more images)





Because of the beautiful box and cards, you can probably imagine that Splendor is a game about gem trading. 

Every turn you can take resources or buy a jewel. Once obtained, that jewel is a permanent resource for other gems.

Slowly, players are building their own small economies, aiming to buy the most expensive gems for points. The most efficient spender wins, but the end of the game becomes a sudden, tense sprint to the finish.

It may be a bit old-fashioned. If that's a concern, you can try it on iOS and Android first. But it's okay sometimes to alternate a deep strategy with moments of excitement and interaction.

There are several paths to victory and what each player is aiming for becomes clear from their gems collection, at which point you can start snapping and look up what they need. A ten-year-old can easily learn the rules, even if he cannot fully figure out the tactics.

Best for:… gaming with racy adults

Splendor and the extension are available here

Best roleplaying from 12 years: Lords of Waterdeep

Dungeons and Dragons in dizzying depth

Lords of waterdeep board game

(view more images)





You place pawns to gain resources and deny them to others, it is a popular playing style in hobby board games.

However, many titles are more like spreadsheets than real games.

Lords of Waterdeep is a glorious exception. It's draped in a loose Dungeons and Dragons theme for beginners, plus there are amazing ways to beat your opponents.

You can send them on pointless quests, steal their resources and block their strategies.

I've seen sessions where after the game nobody wanted to talk to each other. Add the Undermountain extension and it's even worse.

This interaction adds to the already demanding strategies and keeps the game from stagnating. 

Players themselves add abilities to the options offered by building new spaces with new powers to place their bricks. Range varies by game, so there is no set route to victory.

You will be on the (tactical) edge of your seat again with every game, at least until one of the other players pushes you off.

If you're concerned, this fantastic game might cost you your friends, but there's an iOS version to try first for your child's family ipad.

Best for:… Those looking for a deeper experience (which may cost you your friends)

The game and expansion are available here

Best collaboration from 13 years old: Pandemic Legacy

Work together to create your own unique gaming experience

Pandemic legacy blue version

(view more images)





Legacy is now the most popular concept in board game gaming. It involves players physically changing their copy of the game depending on how each session goes:

and at the end your game board is unique.

Not only a representation of your current game, but also previous times you played it, requiring different strategies from the other games.

That's why this game is available in red and blue versions: they play the same, but you can have two different created variations if you wish. And now even a yellow version has been added.

The original pandemic was a popular collaborative game. Everyone worked as a team to achieve a joint victory, trying to save the world from a horrible disease.

Each player had a specific role with special abilities and only by merging them could they achieve a victory.

You can watch that old version on iOS or Android if you want. Without the creativity of human opposition, however, it would soon be stale. Adding Legacy took it to the next level and it is now the top rated game.

Best for:… those who prefer collaboration over competition

All versions and also season 2 that has been released are for sale here

Best board game with negotiation from 12 years old: Cosmic Encounter

Endless discussions about aliens

Cosmic Encounter

(view more images)





Cosmic Encounter was first published in 1977 and has gone through several changes since then.

There are simple reasons for such enduring popularity: it was ahead of its time and remains brilliant.

Each player gets a unique alien power from a huge deck, so no two games have the same mix. Then you should try to establish colonies on rival planets.

But before each encounter, the players involved negotiate temporary alliances with everyone else.

While quite simple, it has a distinct set-up that may seem strange to those familiar with traditional attack and defense games.

But once you get the hang of it, the ever-changing alien abilities make every game a hoot.

Examples include winning encounters by losing, reversing card numbers so 17 becomes 71, or lost ships can be resurrected.

If the options in the box aren't enough for you, there is a great selection of add-ons to add to the game. 

Best for:… those who love to talk and play

The board game and many different extensions are available here

Question & Answer

What is the most complex game?

Magic: The Gathering is officially the world's most complicated game. It is a fantasy roleplay trading card game. Two players compete against each other in a battle for life points.

What is the rarest board game?

The Jewel Royal chess set, which has cost a whopping $ 9,8 million, making it the most expensive and rarest board game of all time.

What is the oldest board game known to mankind?

Finally we come to the game with the title of oldest board game in the world, Senet. It originated in ancient Egypt over 5000 years ago and is also known as Senat or Sen't.

Are board games still popular?

Board games are more popular now than ever and they will only get more popular. The global board game market is worth more than $ 3,2 billion and is expected to increase to $ 8,12 by 2021.

What is the largest board game in the world?

World in Flames finally has what it was looking for: recognition as the greatest board game. The game now holds the Guinness World Record for the world's largest board game.

This is an internationally awarded, strategic game about the Second World War. Five color maps represent all war zones: Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, India, Asia, the Pacific, the Atlantic and Australia.


Did you know that some games help you learn to negotiate, cooperate and bluff?

Plenty of beautiful, complex, kid-friendly or almost scary games on the market. There is a good one for every occasion.

Both for the real board game geeks, who like to play the more complex, longer games with friends, as well as for the cozy family evenings, with the perhaps somewhat simpler board games.

A board game evening is popular with everyone and - usually - creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Here you can read a scientific article about deciphering ancient board games.

Want to play while traveling? View our review of the best games to take on your trip

Joost Nusselder, the founder of Speelkeuze.nl is a content marketer, father and loves trying out new toys. As a child, he came into contact with everything around games when his mother started the Tin Soldier in Ede. Since 2016, he and his team have been creating helpful blog articles to help loyal readers with fun play ideas.