Best bubble machine, lawn mower, gun, animal and vehicle

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  November 20, 2020

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What do children like more than blowing bubbles in the garden together? Blowing bubbles has something magical about it. And with a bubble machine it will be a real party!

In this article we give you an overview of the best and most fun bubble blowing machines.

Best bubble machine

Especially for children's parties or summer activities, such a bubble machine is of course a real added value. 

One of the most simple, inexpensive, but also nicely designed is this Relaxdays bubble blowing frog.

A very nice bubble machine that your child will love.

But of course there are many more models and in this article I will look at the best options with you.

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Let's take a look at the options first, then I'll go into more detail about each of these choices:

Bubble machine Images
Best cheap bubble machine: Relaxdays frog

Best cheap bubble machine: Relaxdays frog

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Most powerful bubble machine: Maijixide Zerhunt

Most powerful bubble machine: Maijixide Zerhunt

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Best bubble machine lawn mower: Lydaz Bubblez walker

Best bubble machine lawn mower: Lydaz Bubblez walker

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Best bubble blowing vehicle: Ciftoys Steam Locomotive Train

JOYIN steam locomotive engine car, soap bubble machine train

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Best Bubble Gun: Jonotoys ArtCreativity Fire Department

Best bubble gun: Jonotoys ArtCreativity Fire Department

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Best bubble machines reviewed

In this article you will find various bubble blowing devices in different categories. With the help of these categories you can easily and quickly find your favorite bubble machine.

Curious about our suggestions? Then read on!

Best cheap bubble machine: Relaxdays frog

Our budget choice for a bubble blowing machine is the Relaxdays bubble machine.

Practical features

In addition to the attractive price and the beautiful blue color, this is a handy bubble machine because you can run it on batteries and therefore take it with you wherever you go.

This robust machine has a handy handle on top so that it can be easily taken anywhere: to events, birthday parties, or simply during pleasant afternoons with the family.

In addition, the bubble machine is safe to use. With purchase you get an adapter and 250 ml of liquid. Finally, the machine has an on and off switch.

Check prices and availability here

Most powerful bubble machine: Maijixide Zerhunt

Most powerful bubble machine: Maijixide Zerhunt

An alternative to this category is the Maijixide Zerhunt compact bubble machine with fan.

This bubble machine with a powerful fan produces large quantities of bubbles.

The machine works very easily and is also tidy again. The power is 25 W.

However, the machine comes without liquid, so make sure you don't forget to get it.

See later in this article how exactly you can get bubble fluid.

The machine that would be a top choice for us is the Maijixide Zerhunt professional double bubble machine with 2 speeds.

Very powerful bubble blowing device

This bubble blower has two wheels that produce a lot of bubbles at the same time. The fan ensures that the bubbles are launched into the audience.

You can control the machine with the remote control.

With the bubble blowing machine from Maijixide Zerhunt, your children's party cannot go wrong!

Don't forget to buy enough bubble fluid for an unforgettable afternoon of play with the kids. The power of the machine is 100 Watt.

Check the latest prices here

Best bubble machine lawn mower: Lydaz Bubblez walker

Would you like to purchase a bubble machine in the form of a lawn mower?

Our favorite in the lawn mower bubble blowing machine category is the Bubblez Bubble Machine walker.

Walk around and blow bubbles

Pour some suds into the machine, press the on / off button and you're ready for a real bubble feast!

The cheerful colors (blue, green and orange) make this bubble machine extra attractive.

The bubbles that the machine produces are driven by a fan.

This way your son or daughter will have the feeling that they can help out in the garden, where a lot of beautiful soap bubbles are immediately spread throughout the garden!

With the purchase you will receive one bottle of 118 ml bubble-blowing liquid as a gift and the bubble machine is suitable for children from 3 years. 

In addition, children like that they can drive around with the machine and spread a lot of beautiful bubbles at the same time.

This way they can immediately lose some energy.

The machine is suitable for children from 4 years and works on batteries.

This lawn mower is for sale here

Looking for even more ideas for the kids to play outside? Here you will find our top 10 best outdoor toys!

Best bubble-blowing vehicle: Ciftoys Steam Locomotive Train

There are also bubble machines in the form of a vehicle, for example this JOYIN steam locomotive soap bubble machine train.

What makes this bubble machine really fun is that it produces lights and sounds in addition to beautiful bubbles!

In addition, you get a bottle of bubble-blowing liquid of 59 ml and a funnel to refill the liquid without spilling.

To refill the liquid, remove the red bubble from the train, then insert the funnel and pour the liquid into the opening.

Finished refilling? Then remove the funnel and put the red bubble back in place.

The train works best on a hard surface and is easy to use.

The material of the machine is non-toxic and can therefore be used safely by children.

Check prices and availability here

Best bubble gun: Jonotoys ArtCreativity Fire Department

If you are looking for a bubble blowing gun instead of a machine that you put down, you can buy this bubble gun for little money.

This bubble gun emits lights when you blow and you are able to blow a lot of bubbles in one go.

The gun comes with bubble fluid and is battery operated.

It is a nice device for an attractive price. The bubble gun is suitable for children between 5 and 12 years old.

Check prices and availability here

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Where can you buy bubble fluid?

In many cases you will receive one or two bottles of bubble-blowing liquid for free when you purchase the bubble-blowing machine, but of course you cannot do this forever.

At you can also separate bubble machines bubble fluid to buy. The same applies to Blokker and

Make bubble liquid yourself

Did you know that you can also make bubble liquid yourself?

Ingredients bubble liquid

You only need a few ingredients and it is done in no time. What you need is:

The sweetener is needed to make the mass sticky in order to make the bubbles last longer.

In addition, it is useful to have a large container with a lid and a large ladle.

A tip when making the liquid is to add the detergent last. You don't want to produce too much foam when you start blowing bubbles.

Provide dish soap without lemon

In general, most dish detergents work, but it is important that they contain at least lemon.

Dreft is an example of this a dish soap that works fine as bubble fluid.

For example, take 2 tablespoons of dish soap, 1 glass of warm water and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Depending on the amount, you can of course double the dose.

Blowing bubbles is also great fun in the bath! Here you will find our recommendations more fun bath toys

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