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LEGO DUPLO Castles | the 5 best options at a glance

LEGO DUPLO has developed a series for the little princess lover.

How about a complete collection of all Disney Duplo princesses and the accompanying castles?

The castle of Cinderella, Princess Sofia or an impressive underwater castle of The Little Mermaid? LEGO DUPLO has it all.

Because LEGO DUPLO is intended for smaller children, these sets have been specially developed for children from about 2 to XNUMX years old 5 years old.

The LEGO DUPLO Disney building models are compatible with all other LEGO DUPLO sets.

In our opinion, all these castles are beautiful and we prefer to collect them all!

To make the first purchase of your dream castle a bit easier, we have highlighted the five best options for you below.

This looked at the contents of the package, the price and what kind of assessment customers give who have purchased these packages.

We have also selected our top two and will discuss these two favorite items in detail below.

Our two favorite castles

Which package do we think is the most beautiful? That is the LEGO DUPLO Disney Cinderella Fairytale castle.

The first thing that makes this package so attractive is the price and the cute details that you get in return.

With this package you can recreate Cinderella's castle with blue turrets, a dance floor and a bedroom with bed and sink.

With the two mini figures included in the package, namely Cinderella and her charming prince, you can create and act out stories in and around the castle.

The details and accessories ensure that you can recreate multiple scenes from the movie with your favorite Disney princess.

A somewhat more expensive package is our number two, the LEGO DUPLO Disney Sofia the First Kings Castle, but for good reason.

The package is more extensive and comes with more building blocks if you compare it with our number one.

With this set you can build a large castle of Princess Sofia. With the two sisters as mini figures, Sofia and Amber, you can create and play out royal scenes.

The package comes with surprisingly nice accessories and details and is well worth the price if you ask us.

Product nameImage
LEGO DUPLO Disney Cinderella Fairytale castle
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LEGO DUPLO Disney Sofia the Princess Royal Castleduplo sofia castle(view more images)
LEGO DUPLO Ariel's Underwater Castle
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LEGO DUPLO Cinderella Princesses Carriage
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LEGO DUPLO Sofia the Princess Royal Stable
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Best Duplo princess castles

Duplo Cinderella fairytale castle

This pack lets you recreate LEGO Disney's Cinderella's Castle, featuring blue turrets, a dance floor with spinning gears, stairs, an upstairs room with a bed and a sink with open drawer.

The set contains two mini figures, namely Cinderella and her prince and also a bird mini figure. Contains 59 building pieces.

What makes the LEGO DUPLO Disney Cinderella Fairytale castle now our ultimate favorite Disney package?

For a very nice price you can build the magical castle of Cinderella.

Cinderella fans will love reenacting the ball scene with the handsome prince in this beautiful castle.

Since the dance floor has gears at the bottom, you can easily move it.

Put Cinderella and her prince on the dance floor and let them perform a romantic dance.

But don't forget to watch the clock (and teach them with these games), because at 12 noon, the spell that enchanted Cinderella will expire and Cinderella's outfit will disappear!

With this easy to building kit, small children can develop building skills and fine motor skills from an early age.

Use the iconic accessories, colored LEGO bricks and details to bring true magic to life.

In addition to Cinderella and her prince, LEGO also offers a bird mini figure.

Nice to combine with Belle

Are you looking for a package that combines well with this Cinderella castle?

If this package has been well received by your child, then we know for sure LEGO DUPLO Disney Princess Belle's tea party will like it.

What exactly does this package offer?

The building set contains mini figures in the shape of Princess Belle and Mrs. Teapot (the talking teapot), Crack (the talking teacup) and Pendule (the talking clock).

The accessories that this nice package offers are a fireplace with a door that can be opened and closed, and a table with two chairs.

The perfect scene for a tea party at Belle's castle and of course Cinderella is also invited!

With the beloved characters from the Disney films you can experience funny adventures and hours of fun are self-evident.

Our favorite number two: Sofia Castle

With this set you can assemble an easy-to-build castle with a rotating dance floor, staircase and annex.

Accessories include golden wands, sleeping blankets, treasure chest, gem stone and comb, chandelier and LEGO bricks decorated as a window.

As mini figures you get Princess Sofia and her stepsister Amber. The set contains 87 parts.

The Disney package that we have put at number two is the LEGO DUPLO Disney Sofia the Princess Royal Castle.

A package suitable for kids between the ages of 2 and 5. With this pack you can experience countless royal adventures in the magical world of Princess Sofia.

Build the castle with about 87 LEGO blocks and discover the fun accessories.

Sofia and her stepsister Amber have a lot of fun discovering the large castle in which they live.

They are faced with magical surprises and have a lot of fun!

In addition to the two princess mini figures, the pack also offers Clover the rabbit as a mini figure that the princesses can play with.

Go on an adventure together to discover the treasure chest in the basement, then dance the stars from the sky on the rotating dance floor.

When the playtime for the princes is over and they have to go to bed, help them climb the stairs to their rooms and cover them.

The princesses will dream about all the adventures you have had with them.

The pack is super cute, suitable for any princess fan, and will keep young children occupied for hours.

LEGO DUPLO bricks are ideal for kids to get to grips with, because they have an extra large design.

The toys is 100% safe.

Introduce your girls to a world in which Sofia learns everything about norms and values; how you treat others nicely, generosity, that you always have to help others and forgiveness.

When your child gets a little older, there are too these fun LEGO Frozen castles

Expand the castle with a royal stable!

A package that combines perfectly with the package just discussed is the LEGO DUPLO Sofia the Princess Royal Stable (our number five from the table above) for even more magical adventures that include the flying horse Minimus!

Build Princess Sofia's flying horse Minimus's stable. The package comes with mini figures Princess Sofia and her horse.

Included accessories are a pitchfork and colored stones such as grass and hay. The decorated bricks contain roots to feed the Minimus horse.

With this package you can build the stable of Sofia's horse Minimus using 38 building blocks. The pack comes with Princess Sofia mini figure and her horse.

Accessories in this pack include a pitchfork and colored LEGO bricks representing grass and hay.

The set also includes a LEGO brick decorated with carrots to feed Minimus the horse.

Sofia and her horse are getting ready for the lavish show. Help Sofia to be the very first princess to join her school's flight team!

You do this by giving Minimus a lot of love and taking good care of him, so that he is healthy and can pull out all the stops for the big day!

Build a cozy and warm stable for the horse to rest in so that it can practice its elegant jumps for the next few days.

Healthy nutrition is also important, so make sure horse Minimus gets the right nutrition such as carrots and hay.

You can use the pitchfork that comes with the package to keep his stall clean and fresh.

Horse Minimus is the horse of the royal family, so he should be treated like a royal member too! Sofia and her sweet horse will inspire small children to create beautiful friendship stories.

Teach your kids the importance of caring for animals, the emotional bond between humans and animals, and the dedication Sofia takes to master her riding skills for competition.

The LEGO DUPLO Disney Sofia the Princess Royal Castle en LEGO DUPLO Sofia the Princess Royal Stable are a very nice combination for the little fan of Princess Sofia.

Ariel's Duplo underwater castle

duplo ariel lock

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This pack comes with an Ariel mini figure with a mermaid tail and Flounder.

Package includes a water slide, swing, seaweed, and a brick with Sebastian's photo.

The package also includes cute accessories such as sea shells decorated LEGO blocks.

Check the latest prices here

Duplo princess carriage

duplo cinderella carriage

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Get Cinderella to the castle in time for the royal ball!

The pack includes a Cinderella minifigure with a skirt that can be put on and off for a change of outfit. Which knight can you resist this?

Details: a tower with clock and a LEGO brick decorated as a glass slipper.

Watch it here

Endless combinations with LEGO DUPLO

Like LEGO LEGO DUPLO itself is all about your child's imagination and empathy.

Children are able to create the most beautiful worlds and stories and with the help of the blocks that fit together they can shape these creations.

With LEGO DUPLO Disney Castles your child can recreate and play along the beautiful princesses stories.

The larger blocks (this is what to look for when buying blocks) fit well in small children's hands and are not easy to swallow.

LEGO DUPLO is safe, creative and good for the development of your sweet daughter or son.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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