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Best Electric Skateboard Review | From beginner to pro

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An electric skateboard is a very cool and useful item to have. Especially if you like skating, longboarding or similar activities!

Compared to a normal skateboard, an electric skateboard is powered by an electric motor.

This makes it easier to get up to speed and even climb slopes without having to put in a lot of effort.

Are you going to buy an electric skateboard? Then read on!

Best Electric Skateboard Review | From beginner to pro

My favorite electric skateboard on the market today is this Meepo Mini V5† This skateboard is the best overall for kids, but can also be used by adults (up to 70kg). Because you can choose from three speeds, the skateboard is also ideal for beginners!

Besides these, there are of course also other fantastic models to be found. Which one is best for you depends on a number of factors.

In the table below you will find electric skateboards in different categories, making it easier to make a selection!

Best mini electric skateboard

MeepoMini V5

Has speed and pep, and with a well-charged battery it can even tackle steep hills. The lowest speed setting is very gentle and perfect for beginners.

Toy score
Product image
Best Electric SkateboardImages
Best Electric Skateboard For Adults: Cool&Fun Electric LongboardBest Electric Skateboard for Adults: Cool&Fun Electric Longboard
(view more images)
Best Electric Skateboard For Beginners: Caroma 36 inch 700W Dual MotorBest Electric Skateboard for Beginners: Caroma 36" 700W Dual Motor
(view more images)
Best Electric Skateboard For Heavy Riders: Teamgee H20 39 inch 4 Speed ​​Adjustment LongboardBest Electric Skateboard for Heavy Riders- Teamgee H20 39 4 Speed ​​Adjustment Longboard
(view more images)
Best Electric Skateboard for Commuts: Hiboy S22 Dual Brushless MotorBest Electric Skateboard for Commuters- Hiboy S22 Dual Brushless Motor
(view more images)
All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboard with Suspension: L-faster Mountain Skateboard Conversion KitAll Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboard: L-faster Mountain Skateboard Conversion Kit
(view more images)
Best Dual Motor Electric Skateboard: Teamgee H5 38 inch Hidden Battery Long BoardBest Dual Motor Electric Skateboard: Teamgee H5 38" Hidden Battery Long Board
(view more images)

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What is an electric skateboard and what do you use it for?

The electric skateboard was invented in 2013 and has been gaining ground over the years.

It is mainly used for entertainment, but it is also very popular nowadays as a means of transport.

The basic concept of an electric skateboard is, as it were, a (wooden) board on wheels that works on a motor and is used to move you.

What is an electric skateboard

In addition to being fun for children and teenagers as a 'toy', electric skateboards can also serve as a means of transportation.

This can be especially useful in the city. In addition, an (electric) skateboard can help to develop certain physical skills.

An electric skateboard, also called an e-board or electric longboard, is thus driven by an electric motor. It is quiet, efficient and low-emission.

The energy comes from a battery and is passed on to the wheels via the drive.

Depending on the features and the price, you can sometimes even go faster than 40 km/h and reach a range of almost 40 km.

You operate the board with a remote control that you hold in your hand while skating.

You can get e-boards with wheels that are made for paved roads, or with bigger tires for off-road adventures in the woods or other unpaved roads.

What is the difference between a regular skateboard and an electric model?

The first difference I have already discussed and is also very clear: the regular skateboard is powered by energy that is generated by your body movement.

The electric skateboard, on the other hand, is powered by a motor and you control it with a remote control.

The regular skateboard thus requires much more physical activity than the electric model.

For example, if you are looking for a means of transport for the city, an electric skateboard is probably very useful for most people.

Most models have an autonomy of at least 10 km when the battery is fully charged, and therefore allow fairly long journeys.

The regular skateboard is less suitable for long rides (unless you are in very good shape and do this often) and can sometimes be a bit dangerous as a means of transport.

It requires much more balance.

For competitions and athletes, the original model gives more freedom, and this version is of course also cheaper than the electrically powered model.

In addition, it is better for health if we look at exercise; the regular model takes much more physical energy and also allows more maneuvers.

Buying guide: what to look for when buying an electric skateboard?

Buying the best electric skateboard is tricky enough.

To help you on your way, I have listed a number of important things that you should pay attention to when buying an electric skateboard.

Know that there are major differences in key features of electric skateboards, including maximum speed and battery life.

By the way, always make sure you wear protective clothing when you use an electric skateboard. Falls are common!

Are you going to buy an electric skateboard? Then pay attention to the following.

(Carrying) weight

Electric skateboards for kids can generally bear less weight.

If you are looking for an electric skateboard as an adult, take into account the maximum weight that the skateboard can carry and look for one with a maximum carrying weight of an adult.

Loading ...

Not only the carrying weight, but also the weight of the skateboard itself is perhaps a useful factor to take into account.


The battery is fundamental. And I'm not just talking about how long it will last, but also how quickly the battery charges.

Most electric boards have a lithium-ion battery, the charging time of which is between 3 and 6 hours.

The batteries are normally easy to change, but on some models the battery is built-in so you can't replace it.


Think in advance about what you will be using the skateboard for. Is it mainly entertainment indoors and in the garden, or will you also move through the city with it?

Most e-skateboards have a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour. But there are even models that go faster than 35 kilometers per hour.

If you want to use it as a means of transport, a board that goes up to 10 km/h will not work very well.

Of course you don't want to have to travel for hours to get anywhere. In addition, the autonomy of the battery must also be large enough, so that it lasts longer.

How fast an e-board goes also depends on your weight.

If you are on the heavier side and are close to the stated maximum weight, it might be better to buy a faster electric skateboard.

If the electric board is for a child or teenager, you should ideally choose a somewhat lower speed.

The e-boards for beginners or children often have a top speed of 15-20 km/h.

In addition, boards for beginners have certain functions so that acceleration and braking are not so jerky and you therefore stay better in balance.

The higher the speed, the greater the risk of injury. And a high-speed fall can have dangerous consequences.

So always protect yourself well and make every ride as safe as possible.

View a review of the best helmets for skating here for optimal protection


The range (how many kilometers you can drive with a full battery) is therefore also very important: there are even e-boards that can travel up to 30 kilometers with just one charge.

How far you can ride with a board depends on the handling and use, the weight of the user and the speed.


Be aware that electric skateboards are not allowed on public roads in the Netherlands.

On the sidewalk or in the skate park, and of course on your own property, you can just go about your business.

It is also important to always read the manual of your board and to handle the product with care.

Check the weight limit and stick to it.


The most recent skate and longboards often have a deck made of wood and fiberglass. This makes them very resistant and the weight remains relatively low.


In general, two types of drives are used: V-belt or wheel hub motors.

With the V-belt motor, the drive is not directly on the wheel, which makes it more difficult to start with.

In addition, the belt can tear or slip, which makes it prone to mistakes.

Wheel hub motors are generally better protected against external influences, including moisture and dirt.

There are even motors that have a regenerative braking system in which energy generated during braking is recovered.


Finally, the price is of course also something to take into account.

If you are looking for a good entry-level model, you will spend around 350 euros.

However, if you are planning to buy a professional board, you will soon lose a few hundred more.

So know in advance what you are looking for and approximately how much you are willing to spend. You may also have a preference for one or certain brands.

Best Electric Skateboards Review

Now we know what to look for when choosing an electric skateboard. Let's take a closer look at the top picks on the market.

Best mini electric skateboard

Meepo Mini V5

Product image
Toy score
Best for
  • Handle on the deck, making it easy to carry
  • Smooth brakes and driving modes
Less good
  • Bushings supplied as standard are too soft for higher speeds

Overall, I think this is a decent product for adults looking to use it as a beginner to intermediate board.

It's got speed and pep, and with a well-charged battery it can even handle steep hills for a short period of time. The lowest speed setting is very gentle and perfect for beginners.

One point I would like to point out is the included bushings. These are quite soft, which is great for a lighter person who wants to ride at slower speeds and make sharp turns. But for me that was a problem. I wanted to cruise at higher speeds, but the stock bushings had a lot of play and needed a lot of tightening. With the stock bushings, I could only get about 20 mph before getting a "death wobble."

But the standard equipment is therefore perfect for teenagers, say from 12 years old.

The hand controls are VERY smooth. Take time to get used to it; a little bit of exercise can go a long way. The display is simple and clear. It even has an odometer. You can change the power settings while cruising without having to think about it.

You can turn the board on or off with the power button or by making a push-off motion with the board. The difference is that if you do it with a push-off move, it will turn itself off as soon as the board stops. I find it easier to turn on the board before I step on the floor. But the push-off method is also fine if you want to push off from a standstill every time (which helps you have more battery range, as the motors use less power to get going).

Best Electric Skateboard for Adults: Cool&Fun Electric Longboard

This electric skateboard from Cool&Fun is not only a great option for adults, but also very easy to operate even by beginners.

Best Electric Skateboard for Adults: Cool&Fun Electric Longboard

(view more images)

  • Max. load: 120 kg
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Battery charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Speed: 32 km/h
  • Range: 16 km
  • Material: 11 layers of maple wood and fiberglass

It is equipped with a powerful brushless motor and can accelerate to a maximum speed of 32 kilometers per hour in seconds.

With this skateboard you can easily climb slopes of up to 20°, and the motor power is 400W.

The board can reach up to 16 miles (XNUMX km) in a fully charged state.

The remote control allows you to choose between four different speed modes: Pro, Expert, ECO and Beginner mode.

You can also read the battery level on this remote control and you can accelerate, brake and drive forwards and backwards.

Both safety and performance are guaranteed while driving. The wheels are made of flexible PU, which reduces annoying vibrations while driving.

The deck has 11 layers of maple wood and fiberglass with an anti-slip layer.

Charging the battery takes 3-4 hours and the maximum load of the board is 120 kg. The board itself weighs 8 kg.

Thanks to the handle, this board is easy to transport and store.


  • 1 x Electric longboard
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Remote Controller Charger
  • 1 x User Manual
Check the latest prices here

Cool&Fun Mini vs Cool&Fun Longboard

If you are looking for an adult skateboard, don't forget to look at the maximum weight capacity of the skateboard.

The Cool&Fun electric skateboard has a maximum load of 120 kg; suitable for adults.

The Cool&Fun Mini Electric Skateboard can also be used by most people, because the carrying capacity is 100 kg.

The difference between the two Cool&Fun models is that one has a smaller size ('Mini') and that it is also a bit cheaper. Both are also suitable for novice skaters.

Best Electric Skateboard for Beginners: Caroma 36 inch 700W Dual Motor

Are you a novice boarder and are you therefore looking for the safest possible electric skateboard? The Caroma skateboard is then a perfect choice.

Best Electric Skateboard for Beginners: Caroma 36" 700W Dual Motor

(view more images)

  • Max. load: 100 kg
  • Weight: 5,7 kg
  • Battery charging time: 2 h
  • Speed: 20 km/h
  • Range: 12-15 km
  • Material: maple

The wheels are made of PU, which reduces vibrations while skating. The beautiful, colorful deck is made of maple with a maximum load of 100 kg.

You can choose between three speeds: low (10 km/h), medium (15 km/h) and high/maximum (20 km/h).

The board has a range of 12-15 km, which makes this board perfect for short commutes and quick errands.

The skateboard weighs about 5,7 kg and is therefore very lightweight.

The dual motor has a power of 700 Watt (350 Watt x 2). Your rides are always smooth and quiet.

The battery is fully charged in just two hours and the board has a powerful and high endurance.

With the remote control you control the direction of travel (forward, backward) and you can accelerate and brake. The electric board is easy to operate.

The deck of the Caroma is made of 8 layers of rock hard maple which is stable and durable.

It can withstand all kinds of impact without deformation and will not easily wear, crack or break.

The Caroma is suitable for children from 8 years, teenagers and adults.

The longboard can adapt to different road surfaces, so you can skate more freely and with more fun.

Nice to try too to go over the disaster!

The board also comes with an All-in-One Skate T-Tool and has everything you need to tighten or repair your skateboard.

Package content:

  • 1 x Electric Skateboard
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Manual
Check the latest prices here

Caroma vs Cool&Fun vs Homezie

Actually, all skateboards in this article are suitable for beginners, so the choice in your case may also depend on the design, price and functions.

Let's put this one and the previous three side by side.

Do you think the shortest possible charging time is important? Then you should ideally choose the Homezie with a charging time between 1,5 and 2 hours, or else the Cool&Fun Mini Electric Skateboard or the Caroma (charging time: 2 hours).

If range is more important, go for the Cool&Fun Electric Longboard with a range of 16 km.

Would you like a board that goes nice and fast? Then the Homezie is the best choice with a speed of 35 km/h.

Prefer the cheapest for a beginner? Then choose the Mini skateboard from Cool&Fun.

Best Electric Skateboard for Heavy Riders: Teamgee H20 39 inch 4 Speed ​​Adjustment Longboard

Best Electric Skateboard for Heavy Riders- Teamgee H20 39 4 Speed ​​Adjustment Longboard

(view more images)

  • Max. load: 130 kg
  • Weight: 9,5 kg
  • Battery charging time: 4 hours
  • Speed: 42 km/h
  • Range: 30 km
  • Material: 8-ply Canadian maple wood + 1-ply fiberglass deck
  • Drive: hub motor

Are you a heavy rider? Then you probably want to purchase a durable and high-quality electric skateboard.

With the Teamgee H20 you can reach a speed of no less than 42 kilometers per hour and climbing a slope of 30 degrees is no problem.

It is equipped with a powerful battery that charges in just 4 hours and can travel 30 km on a full battery.

The PU wheels offer a smooth driving experience, are sturdy and offer enough grip.

With the wireless control, you can choose from four speed modes and four braking modes, depending on your needs.

This makes the electric board suitable for both beginners and professional drivers.

The skateboard has a strong 1080 W (2 x 540 W dual-drive) brushless hub motor, with which you can make an extremely fast acceleration.

The deck is made of 8-ply Canadian maple wood plus 1-ply fiberglass deck for a super stable platform, even at higher speeds, and with enough flexibility to overcome unevenness.

The board weighs 9,5 kg and is therefore – compared to the other boards – quite heavy. It also has a maximum load of 130 kg.


  • 1 x Electric Skateboard
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Skateboard Charger
  • 1 x Remote Control Charging Cable
  • 1 x T type tool
  • 1 x Manual
Check prices and availability here

Teamgee vs Cool&Fun

This board from Teamgee has a lot to offer, but is a bit on the expensive side.

Are you looking for a board with similar functions and features, but a little cheaper? The Cool&Fun Electric Longboard is probably the closest.

The Teamgee H20 has a maximum speed of 42 km/h, a range of 30 km and a charging time of 4 hours.

Fun for adults and for the older children who mean it.

The Cool&Fun Electric Longboard – on the other hand – has a maximum speed of 32 km/h, a range of 16 km and a charging time of 3-4 hours.

The difference in price is more than half!

One that is somewhere in between the two in price and features is the Hiboy electric skateboard – with a speed of 30 km/h and a range of 20 km – which I'll tell you more about below.

Best Electric Skateboard for Commuting: Hiboy S22 Dual Brushless Motor

Are you looking for a convenient means of transport for work, study, or just for the city? Then the Hiboy might be a perfect choice.

This electric skateboard is U-shaped with a 7-ply maple deck, which offers enough flexibility and is of robust quality.

Best Electric Skateboard for Commuters- Hiboy S22 Dual Brushless Motor

(view more images)

  • Max. load: 180 kg
  • Weight: 8,3 kg
  • Speed: 30 km/h
  • Range: 20 km
  • Material: 7-ply maple deck
  • Drive: hub motors

The Hiboy is powered by a brushless, powerful dual-hub motor (500 W, 2 x 250 W, hub motors).

With this board you can effortlessly climb a hill with a slope of 20 degrees. With a charged battery you can drive up to 30 km/h and cover 20 km.

You can choose from 4 driving modes and 4 braking modes, adapted to your driving style. This makes the board suitable and safe for riders of all levels.

The remote control is easy to control and is rechargeable.

The board is equipped with durable PU wheels, which will offer you a smooth and safe riding experience. The skateboard weighs 8,3 kg and has a load capacity of 180 kg.


  • 1 x Electric Skateboard
  • 1 x T Tool
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1x User Manual
Check the latest prices here

Hiboy vs Teamgee vs Cool&Fun

Other electric skateboards that can be used for commuting are the Teamgee H20 (30 km range), the Teamgee H5 (see more below), or alternatively the Cool&Fun Electric Longboard (16 km).

All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboard with Suspension: L-faster Mountain Skateboard Conversion Kit

This is not a complete electric skateboard, but a truck with wheels that can be mounted on an off-road skateboard.

All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboard: L-faster Mountain Skateboard Conversion Kit

(view more images)

  • Speed: 40 km/h

You can mount these parts directly to your board. The maximum speed of the motor is no less than 40 kilometers per hour.


  • 1x truck with riser pad
  • 2x 8″ wheel with pulley
  • 2x 1650W brushless motor with pulley
  • 2x Engine bracket
  • 2x Motorcycle cover
  • 2x Belt
Check prices and availability here

Best Dual Motor Electric Skateboard: Teamgee H5 38 Inch Hidden Battery Long Board

Best Dual Motor Electric Skateboard: Teamgee H5 38" Hidden Battery Long Board

(view more images)

  • Max. load: 100 kg
  • Weight: 6,4 kg
  • Battery charging time: 2 hours
  • Speed: 20 km/h
  • Range: 18 km
  • Material: 10-ply Canadian maple with a 1-ply fiberglass deck
  • Drive: Dual Hub Motors

The Teamgee H5 skateboard is equipped with 760 W (2 x 380) dual hub motors and can reach a maximum speed of 20 km/h and has a range of 11 km.

This skateboard is equipped with high-quality PU wheels that provide a smooth riding experience and are also sturdy enough to offer the rider enough grip.

The deck material is made of 10-ply Canadian maple with a 1-ply fiberglass deck, which makes the board stable even at higher speeds.

The skateboard weighs 6,4 kg and the maximum load is 100 kg.

To meet different riding needs, this skateboard features 4 speed modes and 4 braking modes.

It allows riders of all levels to enjoy the all-terrain electric skateboard riding experience safely and is easy to control.

Your board is fully charged in just 2 hours. The batteries are small and lightweight, which makes the board very portable.

Uphill (with a 20% gradient) is no problem, and the skateboard can adapt to different situations (climbing hills, dusty surface, city).

Unlike other electric skateboards, this skateboard uses an ultra-thin built-in battery that makes it look simpler and more advanced.

The remote control with digital display and intuitive design not only allows you to perfectly control your electric longboard, but also keep an eye on the speed and the status of your battery.

The remote is easy to use and offers precise control. This electric board is suitable for adults and teenagers.

This is currently the thinnest E-skateboard on the market. The thin deck provides a more stable and confident driving experience.

Check the latest prices here

Teamgee vs Caroma vs Hiboy

In this review I mentioned three other electric skateboards with a dual motor, namely the Caroma, Teamgee H20 and the Hiboy.

However, the skateboards differ in other areas.

The skateboards with the fastest charging time are the Caroma and the Teamgee H5 (2 hours). The one with the longest range and highest maximum speed is the Teamgee H20 (30 km, 42 km/h).

The 'cheapest' from this list is the Caroma, the most expensive is the Teamgee H20.

By the way, we are talking about the most expensive range of electric skateboards here, so you will never really be 'cheap'.

Prefer to move forward on your own? Then you want to try a waveboard!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of an electric skateboard?

The most important function of an electric skateboard is probably fun.

Kids, teens and some adults alike enjoy an electric skateboard. So fun for the whole family and a great way to lose some extra energy!

Apart from the fun, it is – as I have mentioned a number of times before in this article – also a great mode of transport.

With a little practice and good control of the board, you can cover long distances with it, depending of course on the maximum speed of your board and battery autonomy.

Furthermore, an electric board can also be a good way to develop your balance, especially in the case of the younger target group.

Are there also disadvantages?

Every advantage has its disadvantage, so no matter how fun and useful electric skateboards are; there are also a number of drawbacks to this.

This puts you at risk of being injured or involved in an accident. The sometimes high price can also be a disadvantage.

Only take to the road when you have mastered the device and know how to control it well. Protect yourself at all times with proper clothing, a helmet, and other protection.

Who is an electric skateboard ideal for?

  • Kids for fun: Buying an electric skateboard will bring a lot of fun to your kids! Even the occasional gentle tumble can be a lot of fun.
  • If you are looking for compact transport: if you live fairly close to work and/or are just looking for a practical means of transport, an electric skateboard can come in handy.
  • Supermarket – and store staff: You see more and more employees using skates or Segways to move around the store faster. An electric skateboard can of course also be an option!
  • For athletes: For board athletes – such as surfers, snowboarders, kite surfers, etc. – an electronic skateboard is an ideal way to keep practicing their sport in everyday life.

Whether you use the skateboard for fun or as transportation; it will certainly add a lot to your life!

How do you control an electric skateboard?

Unlike a regular skateboard, electric skateboards are controlled by a wireless remote that you hold in your hand.

With the remote control you can determine your speed, view the battery level, set the driving mode and also control the braking.

For best balance, stand sideways on the board with your feet slightly outward.

Slightly bent knees and the balance subtly towards the front of the board give you the best possible balance.

See a full tutorial here:

Can electric skateboards go up a slope?

Yes, electric skateboards can go uphill. There's nothing like the feeling of riding up a slope with ease!

How steep they can climb depends on engine power and gear. Most boards have a certain slope.

The average slope an electric skateboard can climb is about 15-20 degrees.

What is a boosted board?

Boosted Boards was an American manufacturer of electric skateboards and electric scooters based in Mountain View, California.

Despite its initial success, Boosted Boards shocked its fans and customers alike when it went bankrupt in March 2020.

A company called Boosted USA took over the large residual stock of the Boosted products, so you can still buy a Boosted board if you want.

Is an electric skateboard prohibited?

The Dutch Road Traffic Agency (RDW) has banned electric skateboards on public roads.

You can use your electric board on your own property and in the skate park. Don't take any risks and choose roads with little traffic.

How fast does an electric skateboard go?

That depends entirely on the model and version of your electric skateboard, but a top speed of 42 km/h is no exception.

Of course you want to avoid falls at such a speed.

So use an electric skateboard responsibly, wearing a helmet, knee pads, and wrist and elbow pads.

Choose quiet bike paths and enjoy the ride!


After reading this article, I'm sure you have some solid electric skateboard options to choose from!

All the e-boards I've reviewed are of excellent quality. You also now know what to look for when making the perfect purchase.

Spending a lot of money on a product that doesn't meet your needs is of course the last thing you want.

Electric skateboards are a lot of fun and you generally don't need any experience with a normal skateboard to get started.

Actually, an electric skateboard is much easier to use, because you don't have to push the board constantly to get speed.

The only thing you have to worry about is spinning, which you will master in no time.

I definitely recommend that you purchase safety equipment such as protective gloves, elbow pads, a helmet and knee pads to avoid injuries while skating as much as possible, as electric skateboards go faster than regular skateboards.

Would you rather have a board with a handle for your child? Then you are looking for a good children's scooter!

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