Best games with Google Home for children & adults

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You have probably already experienced that Google Home is known for its many useful, but also for its nice features.

My favorite feature is of course Google Home games! Simply instruct the Assistant to play a game.

You can play fun games at home with Google Home, which I think is the coolest feature. You 'just' turn it into a - proverbial - game console.

Best games with google home

With Google Home games you have a lot of games at your disposal and you can play alone, with the whole family, or with friends. Very nice to use at your parties too!

The Assistant also likes to tell you a crazy joke or sing a song for you on command.

In this article I explain how playing games with Google Home works, and which options you have. You probably didn't know the device could provide so much entertainment!

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How can you play games with Google Home?

Google Home's games don't contain images, but that doesn't make them any less fun.

It's very simple to play a game, are you ready?

This is what you should do:

You say 'Hey Google' ...

… And then the name of the game you want to play, for example: 'Play Willem Wever!'

If you don't know what you want to play, ask "do you want to play a game with me?" Then the Google Assistant lists all possible games.

Disadvantages of Google Home games

I myself really like the Google Home games to play with family and friends, but of course there are always a few downsides to be found.

The games of the Google Home do not contain a picture, it is all on sound. Which may also be an advantage, because that is not how the games contribute your child's daily screen time!

If you do want to play games with images, then I recommend the Google Chromecast apps.

Also, not all games made for the American and English market are also available from us in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, the smart speakers have a microphone to hear sounds; so no loud noises or music should be heard in the background.

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Best Google Home games for kids

Because not all English games are available to us, I have listed the best Dutch games for both children and adults below.

I have made a list of funny and often educational games that are available for free in the Netherlands and Belgium.

All you have to do is say, "Hey Google, talk to…." and then you mention the name of the game.

There are games for the whole family, but of course there are games that are more suitable for young kids, and games for the older children.

I have the games below at age tried to classify:

3 years: Hey Google, talk to Animal games

Test your animal knowledge and guess the right animal with the animal sound. Fun for the little ones from the age of 3!

4-5 years: Hey Google, talk to Paper, Rock or Scissors

You choose a word from this list and the Assistant also chooses one. The next question is who chose the right word.

Can you outsmart the Google Assistant? A game for kids from 4-5 years old.

6-10 years: Hey Google, talk to Willem Wever

Learn the tables with Willem Wever. The child who guesses the most multiplications correctly wins.

Suitable for children aged approximately 6-10 years.

From 7 years: Hey Google, talk to the Donald Duck

A super fun game for the whole family. It's full of jokes, riddles and a Donald Duck knowledge Quiz.

Great for children from the age of 7.

7-8 years: Hey Google, talk to Guess the floor

Actually it is just playing hangman. You get information about how many letters the word to be guessed counts.

Guess a letter. If the letter is correct, then there is nothing wrong. If it is wrong, the beginning of the gallows will be drawn.

I think children from the age of 7-8 up to and including adults really enjoy this game!

From 10 years: Hey Google, talk to Glazen Bol

You ask a question about your future to which you can only answer yes or no. Maybe this game is a bit more fun for the older children.

I think it is fun for kids from about 10 years old.

From 12 years: Hey Google, talk to the Sound of Q-music

You probably know the Q-music program, you hear a sound and have to guess from which object this sound comes.

Everyone in the family can try to participate, but it may be more suitable for children from the age of 12.

For the whole family: Hey Google, talk Riddle of the Day

With this game you solve a beautiful new riddle every day; that helps you to think more creatively.

In the morning Google presents you with a riddle and every night Google tells you the answer. So you have all day to think about this riddle!

This is my favorite for families as it is a challenge for every member of the family!

It is probably on the difficult side for the younger kids, but hey, they can use their imagination to the maximum!

TIP: Use the Google Home riddles for this an exciting children's quest!

Best Google Home games for adults

Continue with the games for adults!

There are also a number of fun free games available for adults.

Brain Teasers: Hey Google, talk to Herman the Brain Trainer ”

Do you like brain teasers? Then talk to Herman.

Every Monday you will receive new questions from Herman to train your brain.

Quiz: Hey Google, talk to The Slimste Mens

Another brain teaser - in the form of a quiz - but also atmosphere maker is The Slimste Mens.

Challenge your friends and family to a short quiz and see who is the smartest!

Brain games, quizzes, city knowledge or 'Truth or dare', plenty of educational or crazy games for adults to play. You can play alone or in a group.

City knowledge: Hey Google, talk to Spotmeister Fun

Test your city knowledge! Do you know everything about your place of residence or about cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague or Maastricht?

Choose a city name and you will get quiz questions about facts and fun facts about the city name you have chosen.

Football Knowledge: Hey Google, talk to TOTO

For the football fan there is TOTO. How good is your football knowledge? Answer questions from the Dutch Eredivisie up to the Premier League.

You get 50 points for every correct answer. Per Quiz there are 6 questions, you can score a maximum of 300 points per quiz. You can play this game with a maximum of 4 players.

Challenging Game: Hey Google, talk Doritos Truth or Dare

Do you fancy a challenging game with your friends? If you choose Dare - do you dare? - Doritos will come up with a challenging assignment.

If you choose Truth - the truth - you will get a nice or perhaps an embarrassing question. You must answer this question truthfully!

This is a very cool game, LOL guarantee guaranteed!

Dilemmas: Hey Google, talk to Would you rather

This game gives you fun dilemmas. You get two options each time and you have to choose what you prefer.

Sometimes it is difficult for the Assistant to register your answers, but it is fun anyway to think about the answers together.

Movie Knowledge: Hey Google, talk to Popcorn Quiz

With the Popcorn Quiz you test your film knowledge. Who knows the most about the film world?

You are given five questions, these questions can be true or false and relate to film actors, characters, titles and quotes.

The questions are about more than 80.000 films from about 1940 to the present.

Fact or Fiction: Hey Google, I want to talk to Fact or Fiction

All kinds of questions are asked in various categories and you decide whether it is 'fact or fiction'.

New questions are added regularly to keep the game interesting!


We usually turn to Google Assistant for help to control our smart home. We ask her to check whether there are any appointments in the agenda today, what the weather is, or whether she can turn on the lights.

However, Google Home can also give your day a very nice turn and offer the children fun entertainment.

You do not always have to ask the Assistant only useful things. She loves games and jokes just as much!

Besides all the games I mentioned to you, you can also ask the Google Assistant to 'just' entertain you.

You say "Hey Google, entertain me" or "I want to do something fun"; give it a try and let yourself be surprised!

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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