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Can't get enough of it hoverboards? Well, let's talk about hovershoes.

Before we take a look at some of the top shoes on the market, let's quickly run through the introductions.

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What the heck are hovershoes?

Well, we don't want to get into the technical details about hovershoes just yet.

But for now, you should know that hovershoes are nothing more than separate hoverboards for each of the user's feet.

This may sound a bit confusing if you've never used a hoverboard before, but many will already know it a little bit, and certainly if you're looking for the latest hype shoe craze.

Hovershoes are fantastic news for human-powered transport fans.

Users who enjoy using self-balancing motorized devices know that you generally have to put your entire body on a shelf.

In other words, they probably had to deal with sticking both of their feet on a Segway or Segway-style hoverboard.

But, Hovershoes are here to change all that.

At the moment, China is the market leader in the sense that most of the companies that currently offer overshoes are all from China.

One of those companies is InMotion.

It is a Chinese mobility company that offers hoverboard fans the best transportation options with features such as self-balancing.

And that's what we want to talk about in this section. The Hovershoe X1 comes with two separate smaller and self-balancing smooth hoverboards.

Users must wear both shoes on each of their feet.

Video streaming sites like YouTube are already full of videos on how to use this new hovers cover.

And you don't have to keep an eye on them all to know that the way of wearing the hovershoes uses allows the wearer to perform some pretty crazy maneuvers.

We are talking about maneuvers that would not be possible if they were tried on a one-piece hoverboard as we have known it until now.

The best Hovershoes reviewed

Below a lot more information about Hovershoes for the enthusiast, but now let's look at the best Hovershoes you can buy right now:

Inmotion Hovershoes


  • light
  • brand name that was the origin of hi-overs shoes
  • Cons:
  • expensive
  • limited range

The best thing about the InMotion Hovershoe is that many consider it the origin of hovershoes.

Of course, the inventor of a particular product does not automatically receive the title of the best in a particular area.

But InMotion has done enough to warrant a top listing here.

InMotion believes their model is simple and can be used quickly after purchase without a steep learning curve and they want users to think of these new shoes as actually electric roller skates.


People who have previously enjoyed activities such as roller skating, rollerblading, and / or ice skating will find at least hovershoes interesting.

As the name suggests, the InMotion hovers cover are portable to the extent that each piece weighs just 2,7kg.

Since each pack comes with two hover covers, one for each foot, the total weight comes to about 5,5kg.

This makes them easy to carry.

Check out this model here at Amazon

Oulv Koowheel Hovershoes


  • less weight
  • fair price
  • complies with UL2272


  • load capacity is 80 kg
  • average speed

These hovershoes are not only powerful, but also flexible. The dual footboard-loaded hovershoe comes pre-installed with a self-balancing technology.

In terms of the concept of short haul, Koowheel shoes have taken a serious step forward.

At least, that's what OULV tries to convince users of it.

The OULV E-Shoes try to combine the functionality of self-balancing (but older) electric scooters with automatic balancing and the pleasure that someone would get from a skateboard.

The company also claims it has tested its products and can guarantee that it is free from all possible potential fire hazards as had happened with some Hoverboards.

Unlike hoverboards, these OULV hovershoes are not only fun, but also a cause for less worry as it is very easy to get started.

This brand is fully committed to the young hip culture and doing tricks. Much more than InMotion, which focuses more on reliability.

The company claims that users can simply move forward or backward within seconds without any problems, and the shoes are designed to make it easy to perform basic functions such as turn and stop.

That makes this Koowheel easy to use and very nice very soon after buying.

As with all E-shoes, this model is also portable to the extent that each shoe of a set weighs only 2,8 KG, slightly heavier than the InMotion.

Plus, riders don't need a remote control to use this hovers cover.

To play with it, the user just needs to balance and lean to go in a certain direction.

The advantage of this OULV Hovershoes is also a fast charging time so you don't have to wait long before you can use them again.

Users who want to fully charge this model have to charge it for at least 1,5 hours, which is not too bad.

For example, you can easily charge them at your destination for the way back. Or during lunch and afterwards to play again.

In terms of range, this OULV Koowheel can go about 8KM on that 1,5 HR charge.

OULV has installed a 250-watt brushless motor in each unit.

This motor is responsible for propelling the pair of hovershoes that come with 3,5 ”diameter wheels.

The foot plates are textured to have anti-slip properties. They provide the rider with a great and solid foundation to get up and stay on.

Check the most current prices at Amazon

Hovershoe and Hoverboard in one

But that's not the only advantage hovershoes have over hoverboards. There is one more that makes the use of hoverboards unnecessary.

The only cool thing about hovershoes is that each of the two parts of the unit is capable of self-balancing.

But there are also add-ons available that make buying a Hoverboard no longer necessary.

One of those add-ons is actually a bar-like addition that allows the rider to merge both hovershoe units together, just like a Hoverboard.

The rod-like attachment would essentially turn the loose shoes into a single unit that would actually become equivalent to the normal and old hoverboard.

Dimensions and weight of the hovershoes

Most of the current hiking overshoes on the market come in similar sizes and weights to Hoverboards.

In other words, most hovershoe sets weigh about 5,4 kg. That makes each unit of the hovershoe set approximately 2,7 kg.

At the moment, most of the hovershoes available on the market operate with a 250 watt motor and power this motor with a battery as big as 54 Wh.

This means that they are expected to last a maximum distance of 8 kilometers on a charge of 1,5 hours.

In addition, most of the hovershoes we encounter at the moment have the ability to reach speeds that reach 8 mph.

The modern hovershoes also have the ability to tackle slopes that can reach up to 8 degrees.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that most hovershoes on the market today cannot support people over 80kg, so that might not completely eliminate the need for a hoverboard.

Decent hovershoe sets are also IP65 waterproof, as are many of the Hoverboards. What does that mean for the end user?

It means that modern hovershoes are dustproof and resistant to splash water.

Difference between Hovershoes and a Hoverboard

In all fairness, there are not many functions that can differ. Both help riders get from point A to point B.

The so-called older hoverboards became quite popular in countries such as Germany, where you could occasionally see young people using them on the street.

But as is the case with all such products, they got old and were replaced by something better.

Hovershoes follow much the same principle as hoverboards.

However, the main difference between the two (which we also mentioned earlier) is that the rider has both legs on a separate wheel.

This makes the driving experience a bit different from Hoverboards.

However, since there are now two mini hoverboards on each foot, riders can think of more options for how they want to move and stunt.

How do Hovershoes work?

Well, if we limit ourselves to just the functionality section, then you should know that the name is simply based on the products and / or boards that came before the hovershoes.

Just like hoverboards don't float, neither do hovershoes.

It's about moving without effort using only your weight. You can do that without moving your legs.

For some, that feels like floating.

To start a hovershoe, you just have to follow a few simple steps:

  • First, the rider must turn on the hovershoes using a switch
  • And then the rider has to set them properly
  • In general, the shoes balance themselves within seconds
  • At that point, riders are free to actually use the hovers cover

Such an option is simply not available with hoverboards.

We also want to let readers know that there are times when a hovershoe needs some time to balance themselves.

Our research shows that the maximum amount of time the shoe can take to balance itself, at first, is about 10 seconds.

After it balances itself, the rider is free to simply push the hovershoe and let it roll on its own until and unless the skater hits an actual obstacle.

Keeping balance is very easy

People who think that riding in whip shoes is very difficult are wrong.

Because it doesn't have to be difficult if you take the right precautions.

Of course, every hovershoe rider needs a little practice before getting the hang of it and the amount of practice obviously varies from rider to rider.

What we want to make clear here, however, is that riding with hovershoes is something every kid can do.

Our research shows that it takes no more than 5 minutes for a user to master the hovers cover and know the limitations of these toys.

We believe that hovershoes are much more sensitive than hoverboards.

Now, because the hovershoe has its own separate engine, riders should feel the pulling power of these bikes without putting in much effort.

That also takes a good part of the work away from the rider.

Riders don't have to bend over while using hovershoes like a board should.

All the rider has to do is apply a low amount of pressure to the hover shoe with his or her toes.

In addition, the rider must ensure that he / she moves his or her feet and legs independently of each other.

People who are more likely to experience coordination problems while trying to skate, roller skate, or any other sport that requires a lot of coordination (such as tennis) will also experience a similar difficulty here.

Practice with Hovershoes

The most important thing in the beginning is to just practice with it.

But beginners need to make sure, especially at the very beginning, that they have someone close by who can hold them.

People who have never owned such toys will mainly need some time to adjust and get used to.

Children who have already tried more of these types of toys will notice more quickly.

Some people said that the first time they wore hovershoes, they want to pull the toy away from under their legs.

In that case, having someone to lean on can protect a rider from any accidents from falling until they get the hang of it.

So always have support nearby when you try out the hovershoes for the first few weeks.

Practice even more

If you've already seen some videos on YouTube of people wearing a pair of hovershoes and doing super crazy stunts, then it's very likely that you think hovershoes aren't for you.

But, forget those people. That's not something everyone should do with it.

It goes without saying that they are professionals who know the risks of stunts on hovershoes and they are people who have probably been doing stunts on other extreme sports equipment such as hoverboards or stunt scooters.

However, what we have seen is that some believe that even getting started with the shoes is difficult and complicated. And that is certainly not the case!

It will be difficult at first and feel a little uncomfortable.

But with the right technique, precautions, support, patience, and practice, one can easily learn how to do it properly and safely.

Don't forget that the two separate shoes offer great advantages over those old hoverboards.

The rider just has to make sure he / she balances the pedals properly.

Why Hovershoes are better for stunts

Hovershoes clearly have more advantages than hoverboards because of the way they are built.

Having two separate shoes means the rider can easily place their feet behind each other for more maneuverability through narrow passages.

You can ride on one foot:

Or operate three hovershoes simultaneously with your feet:

As for the promotional videos on YouTube, you will also see some serious acrobatic skills.

Of course anyone with enough skills and practice can do it, but here the learning curve is quite steep, just like with other extreme sports.

Hovershoes on the right surface

We hope the majority of our readers already knew that the condition of the ground is very important when it comes to riding the shoes.

More specifically, people need to make sure that the ground they are riding on is smooth and flat. Concrete and asphalt soils are best.

Some even believe that short carpets are also very suitable and others use them on the floor of their gyms which is perfectly fine too.

Paving stones are something the hovershoe wearer should stay away from.

We say that for two reasons:

  • First, pavers reduce the amount of fun you can have with your new toy
  • And the second reason is that it is not safe to use hovershoes on pavers

The many grains and irregularities in the tiles can cause you to fall badly at some speed.

Are Hovershoes suitable for everyday use?

No matter how much media attention the shoes receive, you cannot ignore the fact that it is ultimately not a reliable means of everyday transportation.

They are made for fun.

And to stand out :)

In other words, hovershoes are just toys. I'm not saying they aren't worth the money, because in terms of fun factor, they certainly are.

But it is about the fun factor and not about having a convenient means of transport as an adult.

They were not built with everyday transportation in mind.

The product is fine, but it is the conditions to really enjoy it.

Hovershoess are fun under very specific circumstances, such as the right surface.

If you don't have access to the right kind of road surface, hovershoes aren't fun, but they aren't very safe either.

So do hoverboards, although hoverboards have larger wheels and generally offer a better ride on a variety of terrains.

Difference between Hovershoes and roller skates or skates

In terms of fun factor, Hovershoes can be equated with roller skates or skates. It is a toy intended for riding on specific surfaces and not for commuting.

Of course they are not the same, but the basic concept behind them is similar. Hovershoes are just the modern interpretation of the much older roller skates.

When we talk about inline skates, hovershoes are built very differently.

  • Inline roller skates have about three to four wheels in a row under each shoe
  • Hovershoes, on the other hand, only have one wheel under each shoe

That said, it is also true that the one wheel under each foot of the hovershoes has a relatively much wider profile than the inline wheels.

How good are Hovershoes in traffic?

Not so good. Hovershoes are similar to hoverboards in more ways than one. They are neither approved for use on European roads.

Some types of hovershoes that you can currently buy have the ability to reach speeds of up to 10 km / h.

Add to that the hovershoe has no brakes.

Therefore, it shouldn't be that difficult to understand that hovershoes are only for occasional use and for playing on home turf.


Skaters and stunters are always finding creative ways to move around and try things out, and hovershoes are all the rage.

As mentioned throughout this piece, hovershoes are best suited for those who want to travel short distances for fun and that too on a suitable surface with the right conditions.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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