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Virtual reality is finally where it needs to be, thanks to smartphones capable of powering on VR headsets that are essentially glasses sitting in front of our eyes.

If you own an iPhone and are concerned about the potential cost or don't know where to start to buy one, you've come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to introduce you with the best iPhone compatible Virtual Reality headsets.

After all, it's great to play high octane games or watch 3D movies in the 360 ​​degree view, isn't it?

It's all possible with a good pair of VR Goggles!

Mobile VR has exploded in recent years, thanks to Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard isn't the most stylish or comfortable mobile VR headset, but at least it has helped spread mobile VR to consumers, and on a massive scale.

And surprisingly, even a lot of people were first exposed to virtual reality in general.

There are other headset alternatives for those who want to wear something more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, but at a slightly higher price of course.

Take a look at what the stores offer, and find things like Merge VR headset, a purple VR headset that offers comfortable experience and functionality with ventilation ports and a flexible foam body.

Next, Pasonomi VR has a user-friendly design and high-quality material. Furthermore, Homido V2 VR gives you a 100 degrees plus field of view.

If you want to look at the Carl Zeiss VR One Plus its stylish and modern look.

And if you are nostalgic, View-Master VR Glasses Starter Pack would be the perfect choice for you!

They also look great and contain great educational content. Finally, our last choice is BoboVR Z4.

This headset with integrated speakers, excellent build quality and it is a little bit different from the others.

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Best VR headsets your iPhone can use

To be completely fair, however, the full VR experience is no different if you take a cheap route with Google Cardboard.

If you're an iPhone fan, you can be sure you'll want to buy all of these best VR headsets, but it's all about how much comfort and settings you want for your money.

Google Cardboard

Using Google Cardboard is the cheapest way to experience VR on an iPhone.

You can get headphones for less than 10 euros, and with some of them you can get with a band and NFC so that it invokes the application on command.

Google Cardboard is primarily made of cardboard (you guessed it by the name, of course), so it's not the most comfortable headset to wear, especially over extended periods of time.

Being made from real cardboard, it's as minimal as you can get.

The premise of Google Cardboard offers a lot of experiences that range from games, to being thrown in the middle of a 360 degree video, to watching movies and even going on a rollercoaster ride.

After downloading the necessary Google Cardboard app, the initial demo will help notify you to navigate the VR space.

Google Cardboard is the best starting point for mobile VR users, and if you still want to use VR after this headset, it might be worth investing in a slightly more comfortable alternative.

Also read: how exactly do cardboard vr glasses work?

Merge VR Goggles

If you're looking for an ultra-advanced VR headset and are a bit of an enthusiast, then you don't need to go further than Merge VR.

Google's rules for making a Cardboard headset for iPhone are mostly the same, but Merge VR has an edge in several ways.

While most of these headsets are made of hard plastic, the Merge VR Goggles are made of lightweight and flexible foam, and the headset can easily fit any face.

It also helps make the headset light and comfortable.

There are two-button adjustable lenses on the top of the headset to interact with the VR content, and there's even a pop-out window on the front if you want to use it for AR purposes.

With the help of dual input functionality you can simultaneously perform two different actions.

The lenses are also surprisingly clear, and the device itself fits both the regular and the Plus iPhone models.

The interesting feature of the Merge VR headset is access to the camera, so that the Merge VR headset can also be used with augmented reality apps.

The whole case is a soft foam, the design doesn't unfold, so you can put the iPhone in the top slot.

Thanks to the foam technology you can clean it up without any problems and this special design makes it very durable.

Screen compatibility is 4 "- 7". This is a solid, relatively inexpensive option for everyone.

Pasonomi VR headphones for iphone

As mentioned above, the Pasonomi VR headphones are made of high quality material, it has user-friendly design and the superior technology lets you get the best out of your 3D movies.

So, there are three qualities that stand out in Pasonomi VR headset.

Screen compatibility is 4 "- 6". It uses 42mm diameter spherical resin lens material and high quality ABS, which minimize the distortion to the bottom level when you enlarge the images and give a wider view.

The T-shaped straps make it adjustable for different needs of the users.

You will feel much more comfortable enjoying the movie or the game as the design also helps to reduce the pressure around your eyes.

It also offers you a 1000 inch large screen at a distance of 3m, giving you a super 3D image effect and a great feeling.

You can easily place your iPhone in the 3D headset and zoom forward. With the resin lens, you will not feel any visual fatigue even if you use it for a long time.

The lenses help because they are individually adjustable.

The Pasonomi VR Glasses stand out from the other options in this sector thanks to its unusual look - a black and white ABS plastic case, so this headset is stylish.

It feels sturdy, regardless of its relatively light weight of 297g and the non-magnetic closure keeps it secure.

This headset works as well as can be expected for the price point, and is built to last. And of course they just look great too.

Homodo V2 VR Headset

The original Homido VR headset from the French VR company was one of the best you could buy in 2016.

Now we have a new improved V2 headset which screen capacity is 4,5 "- 6".

The Homido VR V2 headset is a good option for iOS users who want a more premium VR experience.

It is larger than the original so you can record the latest iOS comfortably.

Not only is it larger, but the build quality has also been improved and this headset comes with its own sturdy carrying case and branded cleaning cloth.

The Homido VR headset is designed with a soft wristband so as not to irritate your skin when you wear it.

The new lenses provide an astonishing 100 degrees wide field of view with the minimal plane of blur.

In addition, the Homido VR V2 seems ideal for glasses wearers as it offers controls that allow you to adjust the distance between the lenses.

Maybe it costs a little more if you think because the average prices of VR headsets have fallen in the last year.

But you definitely get your money's worth because Homido V2 offers the most immersive VR experience of any headset tested.

Carl Zeiss VR One Plus

Carl Zeiss' experience in lens making puts this headset high on our list.

The Carl Zeiss VR One Plus headset gives you a fun VR experience with a 100-degree field of view, so it's worth it to pay the money, despite being quite expensive.

Now with VR One Plus you can experience apps and video with this wide field of view, also those who choose the Magnet Controller accessory can also control the action when attached.

The headband holds the headset comfortably in place and in a comfortable position.

The headset itself has a foam line on the back and it features two adjustable, stretchy straps, so when you put it on your head, it doesn't hurt and you feel comfortable.

The headset contains “vents”, air vents, which prevent the lenses from getting foggy.

Unlike the Carl Zeiss VR One, the VR One Plus comes with a single tray that can handle any smartphone, meaning any phone other than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are compatible.

Great design means this headset looks stylish and modern.

View-Master VR Glasses Starter Pack

The first mobile VR glasses actually sold in Apple stores were Mattel's second View-Master but have since disappeared.

The View-Master VR has a revamped smartphone dock and can thus work with all sizes of iPhone, headphone support and improved lenses.

The screen compatibility is 5 "- 6". Today we are sold with a few designs, such as the iconic View-Master design with a modern twist.

The headset is modeled on the classic View-Masters beforehand, even down to the side sliding lever, so it's a successful combination of adult nostalgia and fun features for the new generation.

The viewer is well built and easy to set up, but the lack of a headband means it's better for shorter use.

Some users have had issues with the non-adjustable lenses, but we found the View-Master to have our iPhone screen in reasonable focus.

It is best to use the View-Master with all applications suitable for cardboard devices on the App Store and Google Play.

BoboVR Z4

The Bobo VR Z4 headsets are a refreshing attempt at trying something different from Google Cardboard's other competitors.

The lenses are adjustable and the headset fits glasses. BoboVR Z4 weighs 15 ounces and it is the best mobile headset that is not Gear VR.

The device has built-in headphones and a control button and is easy to use.

The field of view is an impressive 120 degrees and this means you get the widest view on your smartphone, but for the best experience it is recommended to use a phone with the highest resolution screen.

This headset performs well in the areas that matter most, so it's worth considering.

The screen compatibility is 4 "- 6". The build quality is quite good and the headsets provide fine control of the focus of both lenses and the device.

All of the above makes this one of our favorite headsets. And if the headphones get in your way, it's also sold in a mini version without them.

Blitzwolf BR-VR3

The most recent version of BlitzWolf's VR glasses combines comfort and function.

These iPhone virtual reality glasses offer strong quality and suitable design for long time wearing.

The front cover is magnetically bonded and can be removed to improve ventilation and keep your phone cool.

With available open sides, you can connect a pair of headphones to your mobile phone without much effort.

It is also compatible with larger phones as the rubber pads can be adjusted to fit your device without accidentally pressing the smartphone side buttons.

In any case, this is not all. Blitzwolf's headset also understands that your eyes may not be the same as other users', so it also includes individual pupil distance and focal length.

This way you can adjust how far or close the lens is to your individual eyes and up to 300 degrees of near blindness.

Lenses are upgraded to be smoother and clear. Each eye can be focused independently.

That, combined with improved soft artificial perforated leather padding around the eye area and improved lenses makes the BlitzWolf a perfect choice for iPhone's virtual reality glasses.

The only negative thing is that you have to download apps with 3D format video or watch panorama videos on YouTube as this VR cannot convert images to 3D format automatically.

All video sources can be found on Google.

Homido VR Goggles

First, these iPhone virtual reality goggles are comfortable to wear and compatible with larger phones.

One of the many advantages of using the Homido is that the headset does not allow light into the viewer itself. The screen compatibility is 4 "- 5,7".

The lenses are an essential part of any VR headset, and with Homido you get three unique cones to put them on.

Everything is made for different focal points: when you cannot see well far away, cannot see close up well and 'normal' vision.

It's ideal considering the Homido can't be worn with glasses - it's just too small for that.

So if you wear glasses, they fit you perfectly because you can adjust them. The focus points provide a 100 degree field of view.

Any device with a 5-inch 1080p resolution is recommended, but it will work with almost any phone.

Now you can enjoy impressive 360 ​​games, 3D videos, photos and unique virtual reality experiences.

Thanks to the tight-fitting headband you have your hands free to fully enjoy the VR experience and this is especially useful for games, and the soft foam that is applied along the side of this accessory feels comfortable even during long play sessions.

Goggles Tech C-1 Glasses

Experience 3D images and videos on your iPhone. Made with the plano convex lens, this is a really handy device that works best in 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution.

Goggles can function through applications available through the Google Play Store. Compatible up to 6 inch displays.

With regard to open-sided headsets, there are many choices. The Goggles Tech C-1 Glass folds flat, weighs just an ounce, and includes a nice little carrying case.

Plus, it's available in a few different colors if you're not into basic black.

The Google Cardboard QR code is printed on the left side of the device.

Whenever the virtual reality application asks you to press the button to start a particular function, just press the screen.

Plus, with full screen access, you'll be able to switch between applications and videos without having to take out your phone every time.

This product provides the ultimate media experience.

Please ensure this product is handled with care as it is made with glass.

The downside is that these virtual iPhone glasses are too small to have headbands, and you have to hold them with your hands.

So they are not for watching a full-length movie. However, because they are not tightly attached to your head, you can use them with your glasses.

Harbor 3D iPhone Virtual Reality Goggles

Do you want to experience movies anytime and anywhere? Do you want to play a real racing or shooter game in 3D?

Just put on this updated version of the Habor VR Goggles and it will immediately drop you into the action!

We all know that the blue lights coming out of cell phones can damage our eyes.

Habor New Version VR Goggles has integrated a blue coating so that it reflects the blue light from your iPhone, protecting your eyes.

In addition, the lenses are adjustable and you can slightly adjust the spherical resin lens to get a better video experience.

The viewing angle is between 95 and 100 degrees.

Designed to minimize discomfort, this headset provides a balanced tension state in three points on the head, reducing pressure on the eyes, providing continued wearing comfort for its users.

It is more hygienic, elastic and comfortable.

Comfortably too, it fits an iPhone with a screen size within 4,0-6,0 inches.

The Harbor is an extraordinary mix of the top of the glasses and the simpler versions. It is neither too heavy nor bulky.

You can sit (or stand) in any position and watch your movie. It fits your own head and your son's head without any problems.

It fits comfortably and no external light comes in, you are literally in your own world.

The VR applications that require user input get a bit trickier as the headset doesn't have built-in action buttons or a built-in Bluetooth controller.

This is the only negative side if you choose this set and also exactly why it is a combination of top-of-the-line with the somewhat simpler versions.

But, on the other hand, you can already buy separate bluetooth controllers for a euro or 10.

Tepoinn Virtual reality glasses (VR Shinecon)

Our first impression was a pleasant surprise.

The Tepoinn VR headphones are well constructed: the dual lenses can be adjusted for focal length and wear the unit comfortably on your head.

In addition, the build quality is very strong.

It will easily house an iPhone as the device is designed for smartphones ranging from 3,5 to 5,5 inches in length.

These iPhone virtual reality glasses are perfect for playing games and watching 3D videos anytime and anywhere, whether sitting, lying down or standing.

But if you wear glasses you cannot always use them, it is only adjustable for normal vision and short-sightedness from 0 degrees to 500 degrees.

Aided by the dual-axis adjustment of the lenses, it is easy to set up. The glasses are pleasant to wear.

They make it possible to get better viewing angle and definition according to your own perception by adjusting the distance.

The headset is fantastic because the mechanism inside it holds the sides and keeps your device stable and centered.

iDudu iPhone Virtual Reality Goggles

IDudu VR exceeds expectations in giving you an amazing 3D experience.

These iPhone virtual reality glasses are made of good quality plastic, ultra strong and comfortable, making it stylish too.

This headset is made of the best leather material. The adequate nose bridge and facial foam protector provide the necessary comfort to wear it for a long time.

You can adjust the pupil and focal length from 58mm-68mm with little effort, offering a different visual pleasure even if you need your own glasses.

The best thing is that it is suitable for all smartphone ranges with screen size from 4,0-6,2 inches.

The headset also has built-in headphones. And there are three adjustable straps for flexible adjustment around the head.


Have you ever dreamed of entering your virtual virtual world?

You can now explore whatever you want from the front row of a sold-out concerts to enjoy movies on your own amazing big screen.

You can even communicate and share adventures with other VR users around the world.

All this awaits you in the SIDARDOE. What makes SIDARDOE 3D VR Goggles special is the ability to pimp up 360 degree panoramic photos and videos.

You can adjust it yourself with the optical lenses and focal length setting.

The design is made to minimize any inconvenience and this makes it very easy to use.

It is made to upgrade your IMAX time to a real pleasure.

It works perfectly with your apple phone, and it allows you to enter a 3D world through the optical principle.

ZiKON 3D iPhone VR Goggles

Regardless of whether you are looking for the best VR headset for iPhone, giving you the ability to watch 3D movies with great fun or excellent technology to make your 360 degree viewing look the best, ZiKON 3D VR can provide a great choice for you.

With the soft leather edges and sleek design, the headset is extremely comfortable to wear.

You can easily take it off your head again so that you don't have to constantly fiddle with getting it on and off.

You also have the option to adjust both lens and focal length.

The positive is people with near blindness (less than 600 degrees) can use it without wearing their glasses.

Suitable for iPhone with screen size up to 6 inch, and the maximum smartphone size should be 170x80x12mm.

What is the ultimate best buy VR headset for Iphone?

You're addicted, yes? You want a VR headset and, as you can see, Google Cardboard's competitors' headsets come in all shapes and sizes, but these 7 are the best for your iPhone!

The truth is, these things are fun and make gaming and movies more enjoyable. There are many VR headsets for iPhone that are also compatible with other smartphones.

So, educate yourself with Virtual Reality - it's here and it's a lot of fun!

In our opinion, the most important thing is comfort, so don't forget to check the length of the headbands and then you can fully enjoy your movie or game.

Keep in mind that the performance and graphics of the VR experience itself will vary depending on the resolution of your smartphone and the quality of the app or game you're downloading.

All you have to do is choose which one suits you best!

Virtual reality experience on iPhone

How does VR work? How do iPhone virtual reality glasses make you think you're in an ocean with dolphins swimming around you when you're actually almost falling down the stairs in your house?

Sounds great, right? (except that fall then)

The purpose of these glasses is to create a life-size, 3D virtual environment without the boundaries we usually associate with TV or computer screens.

Let's face it, it's great for watching 3D movies or playing high octane games in the 360 ​​degree view, isn't it?

So, the iPhone virtual reality glasses make your wildest dream as vivid as you could ever wish for!

Nothing can ever match the joy of living in a world where everything looks beyond imagination.

This advanced technology offers the ability to make things happen that cannot even be done in the real world.

It's a fascinating way to travel with nothing more than the power of technology.

We've seen a virtual reality explosion in recent months, and now there is a great collection of VR glasses to choose from.

VR lets you look around a virtual space as if you were actually there with the glasses and motion tracking.

More and more people seem to be convinced of the fact that VR is a great experience and want to try it.

You are probably wondering which are the best iPhone virtual reality glasses.

Then you are in the right place! We've made a list of the best

Virtual glasses for your iPhone. Equipped with beautiful design, the latest technology, these VR glasses are the new standard.

I am sure you would love to buy one of these iPhone virtual reality glasses, so give it a try and choose which one suits your taste.


You want to try them all, right? Well, we tried a lot of them and can tell you that these 8 virtual reality glasses for iPhone are one of the best!

To get the best up-to-date picks, we first read customer reviews on Amazon, which was helpful and on top of that, we read guides from respected sources and also consider compatibility with iPhone 6 plus models in our research.


So we decided which one to try, while wearing each headset, we checked how the screen looked, a test of the lenses of the headphones and a test of the mobile phone display inside.

We assessed visible pixels and how wide the field of view appeared.

When buying, keep in mind that the performance and graphics of the VR experience itself will vary depending on the resolution of your smartphone.

Now you just have to choose which one fits your current needs perfectly!

The best VR glasses for iPhone 6 and 6 plus

We all know that the digital generation has taken a big step further.

A VR headset is a phenomenon that allows you to take full advantage of modern technology, giving you ultimate joy in virtual reality.

You will find yourself in the galaxy sitting at your dinner table with your plate of muesli in your milk. Exciting, isn't it?

The VR revolution is still underway and now you can be involved even if you have an iPhone. 

Mobile Virtual reality glasses that can be used stand-alone offer a premium experience on a budget, unlike the expensive sets.

The mobile VR headset's sensors depend on the phone to provide sensors, display and brain of the gadget.

The headset offers VR lenses and simultaneously holds the iPhone for you.

By buying the right iPhone 6 VR glasses, you will bring in the whole new world of virtual reality at once.

Most of the mobile phone VR headsets are made of a plastic case and include a pair of lenses.

You have to choose wisely and buy value for money. We also offer you the information to choose the best VR glasses for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

VR headphones with remote control BlitzWolf glasses 3D glasses Virtual Reality

If you want to watch the best Hollywood movies or play a video game and get the best 3D 360 degree home cinema experience with it, this is the right gadget for you.

You can also relive your memories by viewing panoramic images and go back to being back there on that nice vacation.

Or you can connect to the social networking platform that meets all your long distance social needs.

This is the latest version of VR, designed to let you be comfortable while enjoying the new technology.

The precision of the parts and the assembly process ensure high quality and perfect virtual experience.

After 130 endurance tests and 72 hours of high temperature experiments, a brand new structure has been chosen for this headset that shows hypnotic 3D virtual reality.

This product will meet all your needs as it comes with lenses that are even more refined.

The headset has 42mm Mitsubishi aspherical FOV108 lenses and an 8-layer nano coating that reduces 90% of the phone's radiations.

The anti-radiation lenses also block the electromagnetic radiation without sight side effects.


They also have a high thickness which makes them resistant to breakage.

The anti-reflection lens uses refractive optical materials and vacuum, polished refinement that reduces the excess reflected light from the lens, increasing light absorption up to 98%.

In addition, the anti-blue light reduces the harmful blue lights, protecting the vision.

The five-times polished and adjustable leather headband ensures comfort even after wearing for hours on end.

The best iphone 6 plus vr glasses is the Blitzwolf

This headset also has an adjustable 55-65mm leather strap and +/- 5mm focal length instead of just being able to place the lenses at a distance.

Also, it can support up to 500 degrees of short-sightedness, by focusing each eye individually, making it possible to use it without glasses.

It is lightweight, no issues with extended run time, comfortable on the face and nose due to its easily adjustable headgear, expandable clip to hold the phone in place with adjustable “bumpers” that slide so they don't press volume buttons.

The front cover is magnetically attached and can be removed very easily to cool the device by improving ventilation.

If a particular app is using the iPhone camera, you can remove the cover to reveal the camera.

BlitzWolf VR also has a rubber clamp that is larger and adjustable. It fits well for iPhone 6 and 6 plus, without obstructing the volume button.

One of the best features of this gadget is that it works with over 500 iOS / Android virtual reality apps.

You have to download apps with 3D video, as these headsets do not automatically convert the images to 3D format.

You can also watch 360 degree videos on YouTube, Google Play, QR code or Apple Store. My suggestion is to download Google Cardboard.

“The VR headset is great. I spent all night downloading apps compatible with the VR View and also watching YouTube videos that have 360 ​​views.

It brings the video to life and very interactive, ”says Marjorie on Amazon.

This VR headset has two kinds of modes. When you put it into game mode, it becomes a gamepad.

The second option is to put it into the key state and it will take control of the music and phone camera.

This set therefore comes with a VR remote control that can turn the volume up and down.

This is the right VR headset for you if you want to do something multi-functional with your experience.

Bluetooth selfie, Music, VR, and eBook page controller and wireless mouse are some of the features that are featured.


It is advisable not to press the lens too close to your eyes so that you do not get tired too quickly.

Don't worry if you feel a little dizzy after the first use, it's normal for some users. That will improve after a while.

Moreover, since it has accessible and open sides, you can easily plug a pair of headphones into the iPhone.

Also make sure to remove the protective film from the lenses and wipe it regularly to maintain a clear view.

If you still get an unclear picture, adjust the quality to HD level.

The best vr glasses for iphone 6 and 6 plus available at the moment, something that offers you a unique experience and perception.

Playing computer games and watching videos takes on a whole new dimension.

Without a doubt, this gadget is something that you must add to your collection. You get everything in one design, ease of use and technology use.


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