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by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  January 2, 2021
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Karaoke is now super popular again, but when did karaoke actually arise and who came up with it?

Karaoke was invented in 1969 by Daisuke Inoue, a musical Japanese businessman who played the keyboard in a band.

In a cafe he sang his first karaoke songs of which he had composed the music himself, eventually a businessman in the cafe also asked if Daisuke Inoue could make music for him in which he could sing himself.

Daisuke made some songs and recorded it on tape recorder, so this gentleman could sing his favorite music himself in the cafe.

The enthusiastic man asked for more and so Daisuke developed a real machine in 1971 with an amplifier and microphone where you could throw coins in and sing along to their favorite music.

Within a year, no fewer than 200 cafes had purchased such a machine and karaoke eventually conquered Japan first and then the entire world.

Karaoke music can now be found everywhere, also think of the lyrics at the bottom of Youtube music videos so that your kids can sing along!

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There is a constant search for singing and dancing talents on television.

Many children therefore want to learn to sing, they dream of becoming the new Ariana Grande or Justin Timberlake.

A lot of practice at home with a karaoke set is part of that.

Of course not everyone sings like a nightingale, but that does not mean that you can still enjoy your favorite song at home.

Does your son or daughter like to sing? Is there a real performer in your child? It could just be ...

And, learned young is done old!

Time to buy a karaoke set.

In the digital age in which we live, it is simply nice not to crawl behind the computer to play games or to be constantly busy with a mobile phone.

It's nice to do something completely different every now and then.

It is therefore also a good idea to purchase a karaoke set where your child can sing along with his favorite songs with his own microphone and maybe even come up with a dance.

Let your child enjoy singing with karaoke from a very young age. Karaoke brings a lot of fun into your home.

Singing together with your parents or friends gives every child a wonderful feeling and is always fun at a party, further your child develops musically and learns to dare to stand in front of a (small) 'audience', which will also benefit them later .

Even at parties, a karaoke set always creates a great atmosphere, there is beautiful singing, singing out of tune, but above all a lot of laughter!

Time to get one ...

We have listed the best karaoke sets for children below:

Children's karaoke set Images
Best karaoke set 3 yearsBontempi microphone Bontempi karaoke microphone for 3 years

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Best karaoke set 4 years: Fun Wireless microphone Best karaoke set for four years

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Best karaoke set 5 years: Big Ben ROBOT01 Bigben karaoke set from 5 years old

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Best karaoke set with 2 microphones: Konig mixer Best karaoke set with 2 microphones

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Best pink karaoke set: Vonyx SBS50P Best pink karaoke set Vonyx

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Best bluetooth karaoke set: Fenton AV380BT Best bluetooth karaoke set: Fenton AV380BT

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6 best kids karaoke sets reviewed

Best karaoke set 3 years: Bontempi microphone

Bontempi karaoke microphone for 3 years

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Show all family and friends how great you can sing with this cool Bontempi karaoke microphone 21 cm silver!

This microphone can record your voice and then you can listen to how beautifully you sang yourself or together with your parents.

Perhaps you will also dance with it and become the new King of Pop!

The set also has cool light effects for a spectacular performance and contains four nice demo songs.

The microphone is made of plastic, fits well in the hand and is suitable for kids from 3 years.

View it here at Blokker

Best karaoke set 4 years: Fun Wireless microphone

Best karaoke set for four years

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Which kid wouldn't feel like a cool performer with this wireless karaoke microphone in cute pink?

The microphone is suitable for children from the age of four, is also easy to hold and, due to its small size, lies comfortably in the hand.

Your toddler will love this microphone with multi-function buttons. The microphone has a music button and a real echo button.

The sound is pure because there is a mechanism that suppresses the noise well.

This gadget is also a portable Bluetooth speaker and you can also connect the microphone to a smartphone, a tablet, or a PC.

Your child can share his beautifully sung songs on YouTube and Spotify, among others.

Who knows, your toddler might even become famous, it could just be that he or she is discovered!

There is a USB cable with the karaoke set and it takes two hours to charge the microphone. Playing time is three to five hours. A very popular birthday present!

View it here at bol.com

Best karaoke set 5 years: BigBen ROBOT01

Bigben karaoke set from 5 years old

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With this sympathetically designed, colorful USB / MP3 player and recorder BigBen ROBOT01 BLUE karaoke player your child can have a lot of fun.

This karaoke set is suitable for children from five to six years old.

The set comes with two microphones, so you can sing along with your boyfriend or girlfriend for as long as you want to all your favorite songs.

You can record your own songs because there is a built-in SD memory card in this karaoke player, so you can listen to your voice again and again and keep getting better!

The karaoke player has built-in boxes and can record and play your voice for up to 8 hours, it has volume buttons and LED lighting.

Also very useful (especially for parents who want to hear something different from time to time) is that it has a headphone connection, so that not everyone has to enjoy your (really beautiful) voice for hours on end.

View it here at Wehkamp

He is also one of the top picks in our article with the best toy microphones.

Best karaoke set with 2 microphones: Konig mixer

Best karaoke set with 2 microphones

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The easy-to-connect set of Konig karaoke mixer with 2 microphones - black will make you feel like a true singing talent!

Let your voice be heard with this set and feel like a real pop star.

This set with two high quality microphones lets you sing along with all the lyrics that appear on your TV.

Children can easily operate this set themselves and they are sure to be a great success at parties.

It is also a good portable set and therefore easy to take anywhere! Maybe your TV only has HDMI inputs?

You also need an RCA / Tulp to HDMI converter, to be ordered separately, to connect the set.

Check prices and availability here

Best Pink Karaoke Set: Vonyx SBS50P

Best pink karaoke set Vonyx

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With this sweet portable Nikkei NKS30 - Karaoke set with usb and aux - Pink your child will have a great time!

Is your child a singer through and through and does he or she always want to perform? With this portable set this is possible anywhere.

This karaoke player can be used on mains or batteries. Music can be listened to everywhere and you can sing everywhere.

The sound is perfect, because the microphone has a good modern noise filter. A must to give as a birthday present.

The pink set with many functions is portable by means of a handle and comes with a CD-Player and USB AUX (cable is included).

It can store 20 radio stations. The set also works on batteries, but these are not included.

Check the latest prices here

Best bluetooth karaoke set: Fenton AV380BT

Best bluetooth karaoke set: Fenton AV380BT

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This Karaoke set - Fenton AV380BT karaoke set with amplifier, speakers USB / SD MP3 player, Bluetooth & 2 microphones is a complete plug and play set.

All cables are included so that the set can be easily connected immediately.

The amplifier has a USB and an SD connection, so you can play your MP3 music directly on it.

The internal Bluetooth receiver allows you to wirelessly connect your smartphone or tablet to stream music.

There is an AUX input on the back for connecting external equipment.

The amplifier has two microphone inputs, which you can connect the included microphones to.

This way you can use this installation perfectly for karaoke purposes. Definitely recommended this professional set!

View it here at bol.com

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Singing is good for your child!

Did you know that singing is relaxing and makes your child feel happy?

During singing, endorphins are released that give your little one, and also you when you sing along, a feeling of happiness and make fear or stress disappear like snow in the sun!

It also releases oxytocin, a cuddle hormone that is also released when a mother is breastfeeding.

Singing also increases oxygen in the blood and strengthens not only the breathing muscles, but also the abdominal muscles.

Scientific research also shows that music positively contributes to the emotional development of the brain and apparently when people sing together, their heartbeat starts to synchronize; Isn't that wonderful?

Enough reasons to let your child have fun with a karaoke set!

Hopefully you, possibly together with your toddler, preschooler or somewhat older child, have gained a clearer picture of what karaoke sets are available in the different stores after reading this article.

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