Best Karaoke Set for Kids Reviewed: Sing Like the Stars with These Top 6

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The problem with most karaoke sets is that they are extremely boring, and not suitable for children at all!

And then the other problem, the most popular one karaoke sets for children are very cheap and of low quality.

They don't have professional features like pitch control or echo effects.

That's why we delved into the world of kids' karaoke sets and found the best karaoke sets for your kids.

Singing together with your parents or your friends gives every child a wonderful feeling and is always fun at a party.

Furthermore, your child develops musically and learns to dare to stand in front of a (small) 'audience', which will also benefit them later.

So it is a good idea to have quality karaoke purchase a set where your child can sing along to his favorite songs to his heart's content with his own microphone and perhaps also come up with a dance to go along with it.

Most children, especially smaller children under 5, need a simple one karaoke microphone. But get one with a recording function so they can practice and listen back to themselves. That gives so much more pleasure, and this Bontempi Sing-a-Long is one of the best in its price range.

But there are more and here we have the best karaoke sets for children are listed for you below:

The Best karaoke setImages
The Best karaoke set for childrenBontempi microphoneBontempi karaoke microphone for 3 years

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The Best karaoke microphone for the little ones: Bumba toy microphoneBest karaoke microphone for the little ones: Bumba toy microphone
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nicest karaoke set 3 years: Buddy Fun Karaoke SetNicest karaoke set 3 years - Buddy Fun Karaoke set with stand
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nicest karaoke set 4 years: iDance Funky Bear Party SpeakerBest karaoke set 4 years - iDance Funky Bear Party Speaker
 (view more images)
The Best karaoke set with 2 microphones: King MixerBest karaoke set with 2 microphones

 (view more images)

Dear pink karaoke set: Vonyx SBS50PBest pink karaoke set Vonyx

 (view more images)

Best Bluetooth karaoke set: Fenton AV380BTBest Bluetooth karaoke set: Fenton AV380BT

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The Best karaoke set to practice: VTech KidiMusic Super Sound KaraokeBest karaoke set to practice: VTech KidiMusic Super Sound Karaoke
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What should you pay attention to when buying a children's karaoke set?

Do you have an artist in your house who likes to give a show? Then it might be time to replace the hairbrush or remote control for a real microphone.

Perhaps you wonder why? The benefits of singing for children:

  •  Supports proper intellectual and emotional development;
  •  Enables the discovery and development of vocal talents;
  •  Helps recognize, remember and repeat the sounds and lyrics of songs;
  •  Develops imagination, concentration and memory;
  •  Gives you confidence and self-esteem.

And so children's karaoke sets are a very nice gift. But you have to make sure you buy one of good quality.

Fortunately, that does not mean that they have to be very expensive. There are a few things you want to watch out for:

  • Pricing
  • Quality
  • Age
  • Features
  • Connection
  • Weight and/or portability

Of course you want to buy a nice set, but not necessarily one that immediately costs a rib out of your body.

There are sets in different price ranges, so you can choose one that meets your needs. In addition, quality is important.

We already mentioned it, but not all children's sets also have a high sound quality and that is a shame.

Especially if your kids like to sing, it's worth choosing a microphone with which they can actually practice.

What you also want to pay attention to is the age category of the set you buy.

Some are ideal for the little ones, but older children will have a lot less fun with them.

It also makes no sense to buy a more professional set for a toddler, because you want them to be able to have fun with it independently.

Do you have a nice set in mind? Then also check the connection that the karaoke set has.

Some work with Bluetooth, for example, so you can easily take them to the park, a party or friends.

Not all sets are wireless, so it is useful to check whether the connection of the karaoke set matches that of your television, for example.

Finally, we also recommend that you check which functions are available on the set.

Nowadays, many children's sets come with a lot of fun options, for example, some have a cool disco light, sound effects or recording options.

The kit from VTech even has built-in singing exercises and a singing competition to discover how well you can sing.

Best kids karaoke sets reviewed

A lot of nice options, so let's take a quick look at the best choices!

Best karaoke set for kids: Bontempi microphone

Bontempi karaoke microphone for 3 years

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  • With recording and playback function
  • With 4 different demo songs
  • Applause function
  • light effects
  • Records up to 60 seconds


  • Color: silver
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 7,2 x 21 cm (ø x H)
  • Required battery: 3 x R03/AAA 1,5 V⎓ (not included)
  • Not suitable for children under 36 months.

Leave with this cool Bontempi karaoke microphone 21 cm silver let all family and friends hear how wonderfully you can sing!

This microphone can be your record voice and afterwards you can listen to yourself or together with your parents how beautifully you have sung.

Perhaps you will also dance with it and become the new King of Pop!

The set also has cool light effects for a spectacular performance and contains four nice demo songs.

The microphone is made of plastic, fits well in the hand and is suitable for kids from 3 years.

Check the latest prices here

Do you prefer a microphone on a stand? I discuss the best options here

Best karaoke microphone for the little ones: Bumba toy microphone

Best karaoke microphone for the little ones: Bumba toy microphone

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  • Fun microphone for toddlers to sing songs with
  • Stimulates motor skills and interaction
  • Stimulates the senses


  • 3 x AAA batteries included
  • record function
  • Voice distortion
  • Microphone height: 182mm
  • Microphone width: 70mm
  • From 18 months

This is officially not a karaoke set but a toy microphone for the smallest music lovers and that is why we wanted to add it to this list.

Small songbirds can use this microphone to sing along with the pre-programmed songs, record and listen back to songs and add sound effects.

View the current prices here

Best karaoke set 3 years: Buddy Fun Karaoke set

Nicest karaoke set 3 years - Buddy Fun Karaoke set with stand

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  • Can be used by even the smallest music lovers
  • Has nice light effects
  • You can record with it
  • Sound effects, including applause


  •  high-quality plastic
  •  adjustable tripod height
  •  adjustable tilt angle of the microphone stand section
  •  sound control
  •  integrated loudspeaker
  •  light effects, sound effects
  •  power type: battery
  •  age: 3+

The set comes with a nice pink microphone on a stand, so you can sing along with all your favorite songs alone or together with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

this amazing karaoke set for your child develops hearing, musical and rhythmic skills at the same time and with the built-in applause, the self-confidence of your musical star will also increase.

Also very handy (especially for parents who occasionally want to hear something different) is that there is a headphone connection. (for one of these kids headphones), so not everyone has to enjoy your (really beautiful) voice for hours on end.

Check the latest prices here

Best karaoke set 4 years: IDance Funky Bear Party Speaker

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  • Easy to take anywhere with the included shoulder strap
  • You can record yourself and listen back
  • Built-in disco light


  • Sound: 40W
  • Audio connection: AUX in
  • USB type: USB connection
  • Card connection: TF card up to 32 GB
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth
  • Accessories: USB charging cable, AUX-in cable, shoulder strap and microphone
  • User Manual: Yes
  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 32.3 x 25.5 cm
  • Warranty: 24 months

What child doesn't feel like a cool artist with this wireless one karaoke microphone in cute bear shape?

The microphone is suitable for children from the age of four, is also easy to hold and, due to its small size, lies comfortably in the hand.

You can take it anywhere because it is light and comes with a handy shoulder strap.

Your toddler will enjoy this portable speaker with microphone.

This gadget is also portable Bluetooth speaker and so you can easily play your favorite songs via Youtube or Spotify. The playing time is three to five hours. A very popular birthday present!

Check the latest prices here

Best karaoke set with 2 microphones: Konig mixer

Best karaoke set with 2 microphones

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  • Two microphones
  • Easy to connect to the TV
  • High Quality
  • Easy operation


  • Two microphones
  • RCA/Tulip to HDMI converter required 
  • No battery required
  • 1039 gram

Let your voice be heard with this set and feel like a real pop star.

This set with two high quality microphones lets you sing along with all the lyrics that appear on your TV.

Children can easily operate this set themselves and they are sure to be a great success at parties.

It is also a good portable set and therefore easy to take anywhere! Maybe your TV only has HDMI inputs?

You also need an RCA / Tulp to HDMI converter, to be ordered separately, to connect the set.

Check prices and availability here

Best Pink Karaoke Set: Vonyx SBS50P

Best pink karaoke set Vonyx

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  • Disco ball with light effects
  • Sound effects, echo effect
  • Built-in battery, convenient to take to a party
  • Subwoofer for extra bass
  • Adjustable volume


  • Power: 50W
  • Frequency Range: 30Hz – 20kHz
  • Woofer: 4”
  • Tweeter: 1" dome
  • Connection voltage: 5V via USB
  • Battery: 3.7V / 2.2Ah
  • Color: pink

With this sweet portable Nikkei NKS30   set, your child will spend a great time!

Is your child a singer through and through and does he or she always want to perform? With this portable set this is possible anywhere.

This karaokeplayer can be operated on mains power or batteries. Music can be listened to everywhere and people can sing everywhere.

The sound is perfect, because the microphone has a good modern noise filter. A must to give as a birthday present.

The pink set with many functions is portable by means of a handle and comes with a CD-Player and USB AUX (cable is included).

It can store 20 radio stations. The set also works on batteries, but these are not included.

Check the latest prices here

Best Bluetooth karaoke set: Fenton AV380BT

Best Bluetooth karaoke set: Fenton AV380BT

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  • Stream music via Bluetooth
  • Has two microphones
  • Easy to connect
  • Good sound quality


  • 2x 40W Amplifier
  • MP3 player with USB port and SD slot
  • Bt receiver for audio streaming
  • Stereo RCA (RCA) line input
  • Overload protection
  • Treble and bass control
  • 2x wired microphones with 2,5 meters of cable per microphone
  • 2x Speakers with 3,5 meters of speaker cable per speaker
  • Resistance: 12 ohms
  • Connection voltage: 230Vac (mains adapter included)
  • Dimensions: 145 x 160 x 145mm
  • Weight: 2.7kg

This Karaoke set - Fenton AV380BT karaoke set with amplifier, speakers USB / SD MP3 player, Bluetooth & 2 microphones is a complete plug and play set.

All cables are included so that the set can be easily connected immediately.

The amplifier has a USB and an SD connection, so you can play your MP3 music directly on it.

Thanks to the internal bluetooth receiver you can connect your smartphone or tablets connect wirelessly to stream music.

There is an AUX input on the back for connecting external equipment.

The amplifier has two microphone inputs, which you can connect the included microphones to.

This way you can prepare this installation perfectly karaoke use purposes. Definitely recommend this professional set!

View the most current prices here.

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Best karaoke set to practice: VTech KidiMusic Super Sound Karaoke

Best karaoke set to practice: VTech KidiMusic Super Sound Karaoke

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  • Easy to take anywhere, works on batteries and adapter
  • Remove the vocalist/singer's voice and sing along on every song
  • Built-in music practice and competition


  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Weight: grams 2510
  •  Integrated loudspeaker
  • Including 1 microphone with a 2 meter cable, it is possible to connect an extra microphone
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Connect to smartphone, use the built-in MP3 player using a microSD card (not included) or listen to the FM radio

We absolutely love the VTech KidiMusic Super Sound   set. Because this compact device has a lot to offer.

It has a backlit LCD screen and a handy handle so you can take it anywhere, and that's when the party really starts.

You can easily remove the artist's voice, so you can have one of each song karaokecreate number.

Not the purest sand sound? Then you can turn on one of the voice changers, and still sing along at the top of your lungs.

Perhaps the most fun and unique option is that this set has built-in singing exercises and a singing competition. This way you can continue to develop and improve your voice.

The Vtech comes with an included microphone and if you plan to use it at a party you can easily connect a second one.

Check the latest prices here

Singing is good for your child!

Did you know that singing is relaxing and makes your child feel happy?

During singing, endorphins are released that give your little one, and also you when you sing along, a feeling of happiness and make fear or stress disappear like snow in the sun!

It also releases oxytocin, a cuddle hormone that is also released when a mother is breastfeeding.

Singing also increases oxygen in the blood and strengthens not only the breathing muscles, but also the abdominal muscles.

Scientific research also shows that music positively contributes to the emotional development of the brain and apparently when people sing together, their heartbeat starts to synchronize; Isn't that wonderful?

Enough reasons to let your child have fun with one karaoke set!

Hopefully, after reading this article, you, possibly together with your toddler, preschooler or slightly older child, will have a clearer picture of what is going on. karaoke sets are available in various stores.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

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