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Best Kids Bike: 10 Best Models Reviewed for Every Age

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The problem with buying a bike for your kid is that they grow out of it quickly, and you just don't know if your kid will enjoy riding it or not.

That's why I created this guide to help you choose the best kid's bike for your kid with the features your kid cares about, and that matters to YOU!

With these tips you will find the perfect children's bike for your child! And remember – cycling is great fun!

Best children's bikes rated

Cycling gives them a feeling of freedom and independence. They feel like they are growing up.

And this is true. From the first balance bike to the tricycle with pedals to that one bike with the big wheels.

By cycling, children touch their daily, lost energy and build a good body condition.

Make sure that you do not buy a bicycle that is too big for your child, I will help you with that later.

But the absolute best kids bike to start with is this Volare Black Cruiser Children's Bicycle, with training wheels that can be removed, perfect to grow with. It is from the quality brand Volare and fits nicely in size after they have already practiced a lot with a balance bike (it is available in 12 to 16 inch).

Here's the best kids' bikes at a glance first, and I'll go over all their key features in more detail later:

Best children's bikeImageen
Best children's bike with training wheels: Volare Black CruiserBest children's bike Volare Black Cruiser Children's bike

(view more images)

Best Girls Bicycle With Basket: Super Super Little MissBest children's bicycle 14 inch Popal Little Miss Children's bicycle - Girls

(view more images)

Children's bicycle with the best handbrake: 2Cycle BMXChildren's bicycle-18 inch-scool XXlite

(view more images)

Best fat tire kids bike: Volare Thombike CityVolare Thombike City 20 inch single speed Blue

(view more images)

Best cheap kids bike 20 – 26 inch: Super Super Funjet XPopal Funjet X - Children's bicycle 22 inch

(view more images)

Best Kids Bicycle With Gears: Bike Fun UrbanBike fun city children's bike 24 inch with coaster brake

(view more images)

Children's bicycle with the best coaster brake: Bike Fun LoadBest 26 inch kids bike (9 to 12 years): Bike Fun Load

(view more images)

Best retro kids bike with front rack: Nogan Vintage Transport BikeBest Retro Kids Bike: Nogan Transport Bike

(view more images)

Best kids bike with push bar: Volare Disney Cars tricycleBest Kids Bicycle with Push Bar: Volare Disney Cars

(view more images)

Best trailer bike for rear big bike: bike2goBest trailer bike for rear large bike: Bike2Go
(view more images)

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What we discuss in this comprehensive post:

What should you pay attention to when buying a children's bicycle?

When comparing different options, it is always useful to know which aspects may be important.

Buying the right children's bike for your child is a little more than going to the bike shop and buying one. There are a lot of factors and functions to consider.

In any case, know that lightweight bikes are the best choice.

Are you still looking for a balance bike for your little one? We have the best balance bikes here for you!

Weight of the child's bicycle

Before making a choice, the first thing to consider is the weight of the child in relation to the bicycle you have in mind.

It is recommended that the weight of the bicycle is no more than 32% of your child's weight.

Anything above that is too overwhelming for the rider, so make sure the bike's frame is as light as possible.

A bike with a light weight also makes it easy when you carry the bike in and out of the house.

Children's bicycle wheel sizes and ages

The size of the bike's wheels depends on your child's age and their experience level.

Young cyclists between the ages of 2 and 3 should be comfortable on 10 to 12 inch tires. 24 inch wheels are perfect for children from 9 to 12 years old.

Because not every child will be the same size at the same age, you can also quickly check in this table what the best wheel size is for your child::

Wheel sizeAgeClothing sizeLength
12 inch3-4 92-9892-98 cm
14 inch3-4 92-10492-104 cm
16 inch4-6 104-116104-116 cm
18 inch5-8 116-122116-122 cm
20 inch5-9 122-128122-128 cm
22 inch5-9 128-134128-134 cm
24 inch8-10 134-140134-140 cm
26 inch9-12 146-158146 - 158 cm
28 inch+12+158158cm+

Make sure the wheels on the bike you buy are comfortable enough for the child to maneuver easily, but also keep in mind how quickly they will grow out of them.

As you can see, many categories overlap in terms of age, so always choose a wheel size that just fits your child.

Also consider the width of the wheel. A wide wheel provides excellent grip for the safety of the child.

Handbrake vs coaster brake

Hand brakes are fitted with brake levers to the left and right of the handlebar.

Although it requires more skills compared to coaster brakes, it allows your child to take their bike on both hilly and off-road terrain.

For foot brakes, on the other hand, your child has to pedal backwards to stop the bicycle.

Since new riders naturally pedal both backwards and forwards, these brakes can be difficult for them.

However, a child learns to cycle more easily with coaster brakes compared to hand brakes and therefore recommended for beginners.

If you want the best of both worlds, choose a hybrid option that comes with both hand and coaster brakes.

This way your child can use the brake that he or she is comfortable with and since the fact that he will eventually grow towards handbrakes, this is also a great way to prepare him.

Geometry of the children's bicycle

Good geometry of the bike guarantees the comfort of the child while riding. This applies to both a balance bike and a pedal bike.

A balance bike must leave sufficient space between the seat and the handlebars and must ensure that the child's feet touch the ground completely.

A pedal bike must have enough room for the child's knees when pedaling and must ensure that the child touches the ground with the tip of the toes when sitting on the saddle.


Whether you buy a single-speed or multi-speed bicycle depends first of all on your own preference.

Second, it depends on the child's riding style and where they want to take their bike.

A single speed bicycle is easy to pedal and cheaper than a multi-speed bicycle.

Loading ...

This bike is also suitable for everyday use and good for riding on roads without hills and slopes.

A multi-speed bicycle gives the child the option of traversing rougher terrains, such as forest trails. These bikes are therefore best suited for experienced riders.

Sustainability of the children's bicycle

Your child's bicycle must be sturdy enough to withstand all the additional aspects of learning to ride a bicycle.

You cannot escape it, because your child will not be able to cycle properly right away.

Learning to ride a bike will take some time and some pain before beginners get the hang of it.

Falling every now and then, bumping into walls or trees, it's all part of it.

The bicycle you purchase must therefore be of solid quality, to guarantee years of riding pleasure and safety.

Steel and aluminum bicycles are the most common.

Looking for even more toys to stimulate your child's motor skills and condition? Here we explain everything about the cool hoverboards!

Top 10 Best Kids Bikes Reviewed

A good start is half the work! When your child is only starting to learn to ride a bicycle, it is important that he starts with a bicycle that meets the necessary requirements.

It is therefore nice to know in advance what to look out for when buying a children's bicycle.

We will discuss our favorite children's bicycles below and then give you handy tips for choosing the best two-wheeler for your little one.

Best Kids Bike with Training Wheels: Volare Black Cruiser

Best children's bike 12 inch 2 to 4 years Volare

(view more images)

In our opinion, the Volare Black Cruiser Children's Bicycle is the best children's bicycle to start with. The excellent Volare brand is made in Volendam.

Our favorite children's bike overall, ideal for learning to ride a bike. With extra wide pneumatic tires, training wheels and both a handbrake and a coaster brake.

A sturdy, solid children's bike.

It is available in:

Although 16 inches with training wheels does feel a bit odd, but there are very young kids who are just grown up or kids with learning disabilities who could benefit from that.

Thanks to both a coaster brake and a hand brake, the child can choose which brake option he likes.

The beautiful black bicycle has a classic and sturdy look.

You can immediately see from the bike that the bike is of a decent quality.

To confirm this, it is good to know that the Volare brand is behind this beautiful children's bicycle.

Thanks to the steel frame, the bicycle is lightweight and it is made easy for you as a parent to carry the bicycle back and forth.

The bicycle is delivered including training wheels and a bicycle bell.

Besides the fact that this beautiful children's bicycle has a tough look, you can also count on it that the bicycle offers the necessary stability.

With the extra wide pneumatic tires, the bicycle is stable and the child can go about it safely.

Additional details such as the closed chain guard and the practical mudguards at the front and rear are absolute plus points that make the bike even more attractive than being 'a first bike'.

The training wheels prevent your child from falling over while cycling.

After some practice and acquired skills, the training wheels can be disassembled so that your child can cycle independently.

The handlebars and saddle are both easily adjustable so that the bike will last a long time. The child can enjoy this bike for years to come.

The bicycle is also supplied 85% pre-assembled, so that you do not have to tinker yourself a lot before the little one can start cycling.

Check prices and available sizes here

Best Girls Bicycle With Basket: SuperSuper Little Miss

14 inch children's bicycle for a girl Popal

(view more images)

With this beautiful princess-like pink SuperSuper (formerly Popal) Little Miss Children's Bicycle, your little girl can enjoy cycling along with her favorite doll!

Beautiful pink children's bicycle with nice accessories, such as a doll seat and garlands on the handles. A sturdy and cheerful girl's bike that will provide a lot of fun while cycling.

Your child can store all kinds of things in the basket when she goes on an adventure.

Items such as dolls, books or craft supplies can be taken with your child in this handy basket on the handlebars.

This fun children's bicycle from the Popal brand ensures that your child will love cycling.

It is available in:

  • 12 inches (2 to 4 years)
  • 14 inches (3 to 5 years)
  • 16 inches (5 to 6 years)
  • 18 inch (6 to 8 years, without training wheels)

The rear seat on the bicycle is made for the doll to ride with and in the basket at the front you can still do anything with it.

It is a sturdy bike that is perfect for girls who like to cycle from one adventure to another with their doll.

The frame is made of steel, making the bicycle only 11 kg. Not very heavy to carry.

The bike also still looks great. With the fun accessories such as the rear seat, the basket at the front and the beautifully decorated steering wheel and frame with stickers, you will delight any girl of 4 or 5 years can make you very happy.

The bicycle also comes with training wheels, which you can remove depending on the time as soon as the child can cycle better.

In itself a very nice bike for girls who like to ride like princesses.

Check prices and available sizes here

Children's bike with the best handbrake: 2Cycle BMX

Children's bicycle-18 inch-scool XXlite

(view more images)

A flashy bicycle with a front carrier definitely belongs in the list of the most sturdy children's bicycles for a smaller price. The 2Cycle BMX is a cool children's bike that is suitable for children between 5 and 7 years.

Nice children's bike with beautiful design. Good for the bigger kids, when they can already cycle independently.

Available in:

  • 12 inches (2 to 4 years)
  • 16 inches (5 to 6 years)
  • 18 inch (6 to 8 years, without training wheels)

It should actually be a boy's bike, but tough girls can enjoy it too, because the bike has a hip and modern design that appeals to both groups.

It is a sporty model on which your child can make a lot of rides and can take some on the front carrier as well.

This gray children's bike with red rims has a foot brake and a bell. And is also equipped with mudguards on both wheels and a closed chain guard.

In essence, the bicycle has everything to enjoy cycling in a safe way.

In short, a great hip and comfortable bicycle in the color gray, with bright red accents.

Check prices and available sizes here

Best Kids Fat Tire Bike: Volare Thombike City

Volare Thombike City 20 inch single speed Blue

(view more images)

The Thombike City children's bike is a new model from the Volare brand that has been specially designed for all young adventurers and has extra thick tires to handle all trails in and around the city.

A children's bike with a sturdy frame in a blue color and sturdy tires.

It is available in:

  • 20 inches (5 to 9 years)
  • 24 inches (8 to 10 years)

Has a handbrake and a coaster brake, a bicycle bell, front and rear lighting, a sturdy aluminum stand, aluminum rims and a bicycle lock.

The bike has a fresh blue color that asks to be seen. If your child goes to school with this bike, he will certainly stand out.

The beautiful bright color and the trendy design give the bike a 'wow effect'.

It is a great bike that will probably appeal to every child between 5 and 8 years old.

The sturdy wide tires give stability to the bike, so that your child can cross on the street without any worries.

In addition to the pleasure that your child experiences with a bicycle from Volare, the safety of your child is also taken very seriously by this company.

The bicycle therefore has a bicycle bell, a handbrake and a coaster brake, front and rear lighting, a sturdy aluminum stand and aluminum rims.

Because it is a valuable bicycle, this bicycle certainly comes with a bicycle lock included.

The bicycle also has a strong rear carrier with straps if your child, for example, wants to carry his school bag there.

With only 5% that you still have to assemble yourself, this cool bike is delivered almost ready to ride. Super easy!

Check the latest prices here

Best cheap kids bike 20 – 26 inches: Popal Funjet X

Popal Funjet X - Children's bicycle 22 inch

(view more images)

Whizzing through the streets with your bicycle is allowed, as long as it is done in a safe manner. With the Popal Funjet X, your child will flash across the road like lightning.

It is available in:

  • 20 inches (5 to 9 years)
  • 22 inches (5 to 9 years)
  • 24 inches (8 to 10 years)
  • 26 inches (9 to 12 years)

Sturdy children's bicycle with double-walled rim and coaster brake and hand brake. The sturdy frame and solid quality ensure that this bike will last for a long time.

Thanks to the double-walled rim, the child can cross curbs freely and happily in a safe way.

The bicycle can be brought to a stop quickly and easily with the coaster brake and hand brake.

The bike has a sporty design and comes in a gray color with green details.

This cool bike is intended for cool kids who want to appear at school with the coolest bike.

The steel frame and aluminum rims provide a stable riding experience and make the bike can take a beating.

This children's bicycle is intended for children between 5-9 years and also includes a bicycle bell, a luggage carrier and a ring lock.

A nice extra accessory to this cool bike is the front and rear lighting, which is certainly useful for cycling during the short and dark days.

Check prices and available sizes here

Best kids bike with gears: Bike Fun Urban

Bike fun city children's bike 24 inch with coaster brake

(view more images)

With the Bike Fun Urban bike your son will not only arrive at school in flair, but also safely.

Ideal bike for the tough little one who already cycles to school by themselves. The bicycle comes with a bicycle bell, lighting and a stand and has 3 gears.

As a parent, you can count on this bike with the best features to transport your child safely and securely to wherever.

It is available in:

  • 20 inches (5 – 9 years)
  • 24 inches (8 – 10 years)
  • 26 inches (9 – 12 years)

This bike is best suited for something older children between 8 and 12 years old who already know how to maneuver a bicycle with gears.

Thanks to the 3 gears on this bike, your child can enjoy it optimally. Climbing hills and slopes is thus made easier.

The bicycle also has a handlebar that is adjustable in height, a bicycle bell, lighting and a kickstand.

The steel frame of the bicycle is sturdy and gives the bicycle a robust appearance. The cool bike comes in a black color and has beautiful white and red accents.

The perfect color combination for a tough guy who likes to be seen.

This children's bike also has mudguards on the front and rear wheels, a coaster brake and a hand brake, and lighting at the front and rear of the bike.

Check the latest prices here

Children's bicycle with the best coaster brake: Bike Fun Load

Best 26 inch kids bike (9 to 12 years): Bike Fun Load

(view more images)

Any girl aged 9-12 will have the time of her life with this Bike Fun Load.

It is available in:

  • 20 inches (5 – 9 years)
  • 24 inches (8 – 10 years)
  • 26 inches (9 – 12 years)

Children's bicycle with sturdy steel frame and aluminum rims. Beautiful light blue tires give a nice accent, a nice bike for little ladies.

This children's bicycle has a playfully shaped frame that gives the bicycle a cheerful appearance. The frame is completely finished in a white color and covered with nice stickers.

The characteristic feature of this bike are the sky blue tires that give the bike something extra despite its simple design. This bike immediately catches the eye because of the blue tires. In short: this bike is an eye-catcher!

The bike has all the minimum a good bike needs and more. In any case, it has a handbrake and a foot brake, mudguards, a bell and additional functions such as: 3 gears, lighting at the front and rear and a luggage carrier.

Thanks to the gears, the bicycle can also be handled on uneven terrain. Places such as forest paths and hills are therefore easier to ride and explore.

Check prices and available sizes here

Best Retro Kids Bicycle With Front Rack: Nogan Vintage Transport Bike Transport

The Nogan Transport bicycle children's bicycle is a flawless example of a hip bicycle with a retro twist.

You can really gain weight with this beautiful retro children's bike! Great grandma style bicycle with front carrier and sturdy frame.

The carrier straps on the back make this a stylish and practical bicycle.

The children's bicycle has a beautiful light blue color with soft light brown accents and a well-known frame from earlier bicycle models.

It is a sturdy bicycle that has been specially developed to cover long distances.

Best Retro Kids Bike: Nogan Transport Bike

(view more images)

The wide and comfortable saddle in combination with the flexible handlebar offer the right comfort for those who have to cycle long distances.

The Innova pneumatic tires also ensure that every ride is simply pleasant and above all safe.

It is available in:

  • 24 inches (8 – 10 years)
  • 26 inches (9 – 12 years)

These tires are fitted with reflectors on the inside to warn oncoming traffic.

In addition, the bike also has front and rear lighting that work on batteries.

This makes cycling even safer, especially when it gets dark early.

Other practical details of this beautiful bike are the sturdy luggage carrier including bicycle straps, a large front fork and front frame.

There is no need for a bicycle bag anymore, because there is enough space on the front or back of the bicycle to carry a school bag.

In principle, the bicycle is delivered ready-to-ride, because the bicycle is already 95% pre-assembled.

Just fix the pedals and straighten the handlebars and your child can immediately start cycling.

This bike is suitable for children who are attending high school and have to travel longer distances.

Check prices and available sizes here

Best Kids Bicycle with Push Bar: Volare Disney Cars Tricycle

Best Kids Bicycle with Push Bar: Volare Disney Cars

(view more images)

Parents who are in the process of teaching their child to ride a bicycle know that cycling does not go well the first few times.

For the little ones who still need some help to get ahead, this is a fun bike with a detachable push bar.

Equipped with sturdy, removable side wheels, a strong steel frame and a closed chain guard.

In our view, the Volare children's bicycle with push bar is certainly a handy bike to start with.

Thanks to the sturdy, detachable push bar, as a parent you can help the child with bicycle and all to push it safely without causing back pain.

This way your little one can get acquainted with cycling at an early stage and before you know it, the support wheels and the push bar will come off and your little one will only zoom on the road.

This children's bicycle has a wheel size of 10 inches and is therefore perfect for the smallest cyclists - with a leg length of 39-48 cm - who are learning to ride for the first time.

Check the latest prices here

Best trailer bike for rear large bike: Bike2Go

Best trailer bike for rear large bike: Bike2Go

(view more images)

This trail-a-bike is great if you're going to ride a bike with a kid! The bicycle has a luggage carrier that you can easily attach to the back of your bicycle, and it comes complete with mounting material for 26 and 28 inch bicycles.

Handy, but also just a lot of fun!

The bicycle must be assembled by an adult before it can be used by children. Fitted with 20-inch diameter wheels, the frame size is 42cm (adjustable) from saddle top to stem in height – measured from crotch height when you're centered on the saddle.

Best trailer bike for rear large bike- Bike2Go

This trail-a-bike is available in silver and is recommended for use by young cyclists up to approx 11 years. Go outside together and hit the trails with the Bike2Go trailer bike, just like mom and dad!

Check prices and available bike sizes here

Nice children's bicycle accessories

You can of course further enhance your kids' bike by adding some cool children's bike accessories.

With accessories you make your child's bicycle completely personal and extra beautiful. Below are some ideas of fun accessories for your child's bike:

Waterproof bicycle bags for children

Especially for those holidays, waterproof bicycle bags for children are a must.

Hiding is fun, but you never know when disaster (or storm) will strike and get you wet.

A children's bicycle just fits a lot less, and you also have a number of fun designs and colors that they may not mind as much to attach to their bicycle.

It is of course a lot of extra hassle and ballast that they have to lug along. Bee you have a wide selection, like this one:

Waterproof bicycle bags for children

Bicycle flags

Flags not only look very nice on your child's bike, but also serve as a warning for other traffic on the road.

For example, you can use this bright orange Bike Fun bicycle flag to your child's bicycle. The pole is 150 cm long, which makes the bicycle easier to see between other traffic.

Bicycle lighting

Not all bicycles are supplied with lighting. Nevertheless, it is wise to easily attach and buy individual bulbs that work on batteries.

Good lighting on a children's bicycle is extremely important. Due to the smaller size, a child is less noticeable with his small bicycle than an adult.

If your child is still cycling in the neighborhood until late or has to cycle home in the evening, it is strongly recommended that you provide the bicycle with striking lighting.

This bicycle lights LED front light and rear light silicone we find a good option to choose as bicycle lighting. It is a set of 4 highly visible LED lamps.

It concerns 2 red and 2 white lamps including long-term batteries.

This means your child immediately has spare lamps. The set offers a total of 60 burning hours.

The lights can easily be placed anywhere on the bike and are made of waterproof silicon.

Best loose children's bicycle wicker basket

Best loose children's bicycle basket

(view more images)

Children always have a lot of things that they like to take everywhere.

If your child wants a basket for her bicycle afterwards, it is Bandits & Angels - Wicker handlebar basket our recommendation for a beautiful and practical loose basket.

Here the child can put all her favorite gadgets. It is a beautiful open wicker basket that you can easily attach to any handlebar with the sturdy leather straps.

With the basket you create a place for possibly her favorite cuddly toy or doll. so it can now cycle everywhere with you. Always fun for two!

The right children's clothing for cycling

You may be wondering why children need cycling clothing. The short answer is they DO NOT NEED THIS PER SE.

Small children with their first children's bicycle in particular can cycle perfectly in their street clothes.

My son tends to prefer his pajamas, but that's a whole different discussion. Either way, it just works in their own clothes too.

Your children do not need specific cycling clothing to get on their bike. Most outdoor or casual wear will do the job.

ordinary clothes on a bicycle

I would mainly choose a firmer type of clothing and especially long pants, to protect the knees should they fall.

Here are some very good ones, buy one from a good brand so that it lasts a long time.

Sturdy boys' trousers for cycling
Sturdy pants for girls

Long sleeves are also possible, but when it is very hot outside that is almost impossible.

Most parents don't get dressed until they leave for day trips or have a cycling vacation planned.

There is one exception and I would like to dwell on that first, and those are helmets.

A bicycle helmet is essential to protect your child's delicate little face.

Children's bicycle helmets

When your child is learning to ride a bicycle, the first item you will need is a helmet.

The helmet must have a good fit, but give their heads room to grow, otherwise you will keep buying new ones.

Children's helmets come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit both toddlers and teens and are anything but boring.

watch here the nicest children's bike and stunt helmets we wrote about before

which children's clothing do you need for cycling

Cycling clothing for boys

Specific cycling clothing is not necessarily necessary at all, but padded cycling shorts and gloves can make cycling more comfortable, especially on longer rides.

So if you're planning a long trip or a fun cycling holiday, it can pay off to invest in a specific outfit.

However, as children become more serious about riding, bike-specific clothing becomes more important. Padded bike shorts can make long rides much more comfortable.

Cycling jerseys offer handy pockets for storage and there are many useful extras that are specially made for bicycles.

Cycling shorts for your son

If your kids are getting more serious about cycling, it might be time to invest in padded cycling shorts.

There are many different brands available, although the majority are available in one color - black.

These Rogelli cycling shorts is a good choice for your boys. It is the most sold on and gets good reviews.

The Rogelli Cycling Short Junior has a number of advantages:

It has been specially developed with a smaller person in mind, instead of many shorts which are just a scaled-down version of the adult pants.

That makes them very comfortable cycling shorts that your son can ride in for hours on end.

The best innovation is the CoolMax DuPont lining. This lining has been developed to quickly wick away perspiration so that you stay dry and cool.

This special CoolMax chamois in the crotch of the cycling shorts ensures that perspiration can be removed faster and offers extra comfort:

Rogelli cycling shorts for boys

(view more images)

Cycling jacket for boys

Here too you can see that Rogelli is an excellent bicycle brand with specific articles for children. In addition to the pants, they also have a cycling jacket, this Pesaro, which blocks the wind well.

When you are on the bike and it is a bit colder, you especially need something against the wind, something that has long sleeves.

Your own effort and body heat further ensure that you stay warm.

The Rogelli jacket provides excellent protection.

It is an autumn / winter jacket, specially designed for use during the colder periods in our country.

The inner lining is made of heat-retaining fleece material and the outside has a windproof and water-repellent quality.

Rogelli Pesaro cycling jacket for boys

(view more images)

Short sleeve cycling jersey for boys

For the summer, a sleeveless shirt is better and I have found this one from XLC.

A good shirt should be breathable, not pinched at the back and have large enough pockets to store your electronics or some food waterproof.

When it is a little less cold and just nice weather outside, such as on a summer cycling holiday, then you also want something lighter.

Then you choose this cycling jersey with short sleeves from XLC.

It is a cycling jersey for children, made of a jacquard fabric. This gives the shirt an excellent fit on the body.

XLC cycling jersey for children

(view more images)

Cycling clothing for girls

I'll admit that the list I've put together is pretty shabby when it comes to girls' clothes.

There just isn't that much. A lot of the things we've found are marketed as boys' clothes, but I'd just ignore that.

There are quite a few nice options when it comes to girls' clothes.

Cycling shorts for girls

If your daughter really wants to get started, then there is these cycling shorts with long legs from Susy Cyclewear.

The pants are composed of recycled polyamide yarn. This gives a strong elastic fit with UV filter.

This Susy is moisture-regulating and manages to maintain the correct compression of the muscles.

Susy Cyclewear Girls Cycling Shorts

(view more images)

Cycling jersey for girls

A more cheerful color than most black you see. Susy Cyclewear is completely focused on cycling clothing for women, and also has a girls section:

Susy Cyclewear girls shirt

(view more images)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bicycle is the best for a child to learn?

If your child is between eighteen months and five years old, you may consider getting it started on a balance bike. Balance bikes do not have pedals, but the child uses his feet on the ground to control the movement.

Is 4 years too old for a balance bike?

A balance bike is a great way, also to teach children from 4 to 6 years old to cycle. Whether your child has yet to learn to ride a bike or is struggling with the confidence to remove the training wheels, balance bikes can help.

At what age should a child start cycling?

Learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels is already an important milestone. Children usually learn to ride a bicycle between the ages of 3 and 8, with an average of just over 5 years old.

At what age should a child be able to cycle without side wheels?

The average age for a child to cycle without training wheels varies. Children can learn to ride a bicycle without additional support from the ages of 3-8 years.

Can a 6 year old ride a 20 inch bike?

A 14-inch wheel will probably be suitable… However, for a large 6-year-old, choose an 18-inch wheel.

Can a 7 year old ride a 24 inch bicycle?

Most 7-year-olds are not yet tall enough to safely ride a 24-inch bike. Not only will it be too high to pedal properly, it could also be too heavy and impractical. The best way to the best choose a bicycle size for your child (read more tips here), is by measuring the inseam. The most ideal wheel size for an average 7-year-old is 20 inches.

How far can a 5 year old cycle?

The distance should be approximately equal to the age of your child, so a child of five years old - 5 kilometers, a ten year old - 10 kilometers etc.

How do I choose a bicycle for my child?

Most adults ride bicycles that make up about 20% of their total weight, while children's bicycles usually make up about 50% of a child's weight! Ideally, a child's bicycle should weigh less than 40% of their weight. When choosing the right bike for your child, look for the lightest bike you can find in your price range.

How does cycling help to develop a child?

Cycling not only improves physical fitness, it also benefits the learning development and mental health of your child. Research shows that students who cycle to school are more focused and willing to learn, compared to students who are taken by car.


Cycling is very important and healthy, not only is it nice for a child to cycle, it also gives them a feeling of freedom.

Children nowadays spend more and more time at home; they are often busy with their mobile phone or gaming.

Cycling gets them moving again and ensures that they stay healthy and build up resistance.

If you want to know how healthy cycling is for your child, click here .

Of do you want more advice about children's bicycles?

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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