Best children's tablet holder | 3 top choices handy for at home and on the go

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A tablet had been on our daughter's wish list for some time.

She had seen this with her niece and wanted one to watch nice YouTube videos and to play online games.

Her wish came true when she did her best at school and came home with a nice report.

Best children's tablet holder

We gave her a bright pink Kurio children's tablet that she walked around all day.

It goes without saying that we have limited screentime and enabled the security settings on the tablet.

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A special tablet for your child

Buying the kids tablet was a really good set. As a parent you would like your child to keep up with the latest technology, because otherwise they will fall behind.

Besides fun games, we have also downloaded numerous educational apps for her. In short, the thing works perfectly!

What we certainly did when purchasing the device was to buy a good holder for the children's tablet.

We had already seen the niece who dropped her tablet numerous times and you guessed it.

The screen broke and eventually so did the tablet. She had not used a sleeve or holder.

A children's tablet holder is not an unnecessary luxury

We absolutely knew that this shouldn't happen to us and we made sure we got a proper children's tablet holder.

One that would not only last a long time, but would also certainly protect the precious device.

Because a tablet is quite a pricey investment, you definitely do not want to have it in good condition for a few months.

You would prefer to be able to enjoy it for years to come. And children are simply not that handy and can sometimes be a bit clumsy with it.

So if, like us, you are looking for a good children's tablet holder, we will be happy to help you here.

Because with all the options on the market, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. What do you pay attention to?

The best children's tablet holder

The best children's tablet holder that we have chosen for our daughter is the Kurio C14901 tablet case.

This not only fits nicely on her tablet in terms of color (our daughter is a pink lady), but it fits exactly because it is specially designed for this tablet from Kurio.

What is so nice about the holder is that it is multi-usable. It is a protective bag but also a standard and it is very sturdy.

You can see that at a glance from the product.

An alternative that we also had in mind was this sturdy Universal iPad / Tablet holder for in the car.

We have considered this option, because we travel quite a lot by car every day and also on weekends.

So this would be a perfect solution for pastime on the way in the car.

We looked at several options before picking our favorite. Below our top 3 list.

The best children's tablet holders at a glance

These are the three child tablet holders that were eligible and that had the best specifications in a nice overview.

Children's tablet holderImages
Kurio C14901 tablet case(view more images)
Sturdy Universal iPad / Tablet car holder(view more images)
Terapy tablet holder Paddy(view more images)

Why the Kurio C14901 tablet case is our favorite

For on the road and at home. Suitable for all Kurio tablets, with or without protective cover. Includes storage compartment for accompanying accessories.

We think this children's tablet holder is the best because it is sturdy, easy to use and specially designed for our daughter's Kurio Tab Connect tablet.

Well designed with a nice design

A lot of thought has gone into the design of this holder, you can immediately see that from the product. The chosen colors (blue or pink) give the holder a fresh and cheerful look.

This makes it very attractive to children. With such a striking color, you certainly do not just leave it somewhere.

Easy to use

The design is also easy to handle for every child.

This was certainly one of the important things I considered when looking for the best children's tablet holder.

The holder had to and should be manageable by my child. Other folding models are not as simple as this one.

We did not want the hassle of unfolding and collapsing again as with other holders.

This children's tablet holder has the shape of a bag. And is used just like that.

You open the zipper and slide the tablet under the elastic and voilà your tablet is neatly and safely stored.

You close the zipper again and you can easily take the bag with you wherever you go.

Because it also has a sturdy carrying handle to grip.

Your child does not have to hold it under his arm or hold it against him to prevent it from falling.

No, just as simple as taking a bag. We like this!

And then there is also the fact that we do not have to help our child with this. Simply very simple, so ideal for children.

Multifunctional children's tablet holder

Another useful advantage of this holder is that it can also serve as a stand when the holder is open.

There are ridges on the inside of the holder that offer the option to place your tablet at a certain angle.

This way you can choose how your child wants to position his or her tablet in order to watch their favorite cartoon or play a game.

Your child can easily place it on the table or keep it on the lap in this position.

As the budget holder of the family, we love such multi-purpose products very much.

In principle, you have more to the bag than it would only have a protective function.

Convenient space for accessories

But wait, the pros continue! You can also store some small items in the mesh pocket on the inside of the holder.

This is a suitable place to store an earpiece and the charger of the tablet, for example.

You know how important it is to take that charger with you. You wouldn't want to be on the road and then suddenly be confronted with “low battery”.

Fortunately, the makers of the best children's tablet have also thought of this. Handy such a box!

Store the children's tablet safely

We have already seen that you can take the children's tablet holder with you wherever you go, because of its compact design.

But what if the tablet falls? Isn't that one of the important things you should pay attention to?

Absolutely! The tablet holder is specially designed for the Kurio tablet with a 7 inch screen.

This means that it has the perfect fit to store this tablet.

This ensures that the tablet does not hang loosely in the bag, but fits just right.

You should also know that the tablet holder is made of plastic and is above all shock resistant.

So should it happen that the tablet falls while it is in the bag, you can safely assume that the tablet is safe.

The bag is designed in such a way that it absorbs the shocks when dropped and so this will not affect the tablet.

Of course, not dropping it is always a better option to keep the tablet intact for as long as possible.

But should it happen once, you have at least an insured plan with this solid protective bag.

Extra protection with a matching sleeve

If your child is even more clumsy, there is nothing wrong with protecting the tablet twice. With this Kurio Tab sleeve can you do that.

The tablet fits in the protective bag with or without a sleeve. You really have so many options with this great product!

My mind was made up! I bought this holder so quickly on With the thought in the back of my mind “the tablet must last a very long time”.

We have not regretted this purchase for a moment.

Alternative for your iPad in the car

For in the car. Very sturdy and easy to attach, fits on any headrest. Holder is suitable for any tablet from 7 to 11 inches.

Since we travel a lot in the car every day, we also found it useful if the tablet could be used in the car.

This should also work perfectly for our off-road trips.

So we looked at an alternative, but soon found that it could be more of an addition to our family situation.

So what we will certainly consider buying is this one sturdy Universal iPad / Tablet holder.

Suitable for all tablets in the family

Since this is a universal holder, not only our daughter's 7-inch tablet would fit in it.

Other larger models up to 11 inches also fit on the holder. So is you iPad or tablet slightly larger than the children's tablet, then this holder is also suitable for this.

Easy to install

What's also handy is that you can attach it to any headrest. You just slide it between the two metal legs. It is very easy and quick to attach.

The headrest brackets are easy to handle and within a piece of cake you have screwed and secured the holder.

This keeps it neatly in place, even if the road has more bumps.

Then you slide the clamps apart, place the tablet in it and slide the clamps neatly back into place so that the tablet is securely nestled.

Well built and easy to use

Once the tablet is mounted on the holder, you can rotate the tablet 360 degrees.

So you can keep it in both length and width. That's a nice option to have.

The holder is made of hard plastic and it does not discolour.

You can see from the robust appearance that the holder is sturdy and that is ideal, because you never know with children! It can certainly take a beating.

The holder is not large, so you can take it with you.

It will take up very little space in the car. This tablet holder is absolutely perfect for our trips in the car.

Good price / quality ratio

The price / quality ratio of this product certainly appealed to me and I am certainly willing to pay this amount.

The holder not only ensures that the tablet stays neatly and securely in place while driving, but also ensures a pleasant atmosphere on the road.

And that is a big advantage!

I don't have to be right about this universal holder, but it is in the offing. Our trips by car will certainly be much more enjoyable.

In this way you create a comfortable atmosphere to travel with your child.

Especially for long distances this is definitely recommended.

You will be amazed at what a sweet sweet angel your child can be on the way, provided you can keep the fun.

This child's tablet holder is definitely one that I will purchase very soon.

Check the latest prices here

A third child tablet holder

For at home. Nice (children's) tablet holder. Cushion is made of stretchy cotton and is filled with an EPS (balls) filling.

Suitable for any size tablet, or even a smartphone or book.

One that we have also thought about is the Terapy tablet holder Paddy. The first thing that caught our attention is the fun design.

The tablet holder is anything but standard and not the traditional one you are used to.

Nice design and multifunctional

This nice tablet holder looks like a pillow for your tablet. You can use this to support your tablet or a book.

That is therefore a double function! And you now know that we are very enthusiastic about products with multiple functions. Who doesn't, by the way ?!

And because they also have it in a pink version, I immediately thought of my little pink lady.

Good for posture

The pillow is made of stretchy cotton and is filled with EPS (balls) filling. The holder is shaped in such a way that your tablet fits snugly in it.

You can place it comfortably on your lap or on the floor.

This is certainly a nice holder to have at home.

It ensures a better posture while using the tablet and less tension in the neck and shoulders when watching movies, for example.

Definitely recommended if you are looking for a nice (children's) tablet holder for at home!

The choice is yours

Of course you have to decide for yourself which child tablet holder works best for you and your family.

See what you want to use the holder for and which options and benefits are important to you.

There is something for everyone. Hopefully, we have made the choice for a good children's tablet holder a bit easier for you!

Also read about the best kids tablet cover to provide even better protection.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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