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Are you looking for the ideal way to deal with limited space in the bedroom? Do you want something special for your child, or for yourself?

A loft bed offers a solution and it is of course just a very nice way to sleep; for the children's room, but also a solution in the student room or for adults living in small spaces.

With a loft bed you create living, play and work space. In my article I will give you advice about the best loft beds and surprise you with the best loft bed ideas.

Best loft beds

My overall best loft bed is this beautiful and minimalist one multifunctional pine loft bed from Bollie's Best† Why did I choose this loft bed? It is a beautifully finished piece of furniture that can be used in many different ways and is supplied complete with slatted base. 

But there are more beautiful options that might suit you and I'll show you all of them right away first.

Best loft bedImages
Overall best loft bed: Bollie's Best multifunctional pine loft bedOverall-best-loft-bed-Bollies-Best-multifunctional-pine-loft-bed
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Best Loft Bed With Desk And Closet: Mobistoxx HarmonyBest-loft-bed-with-desk-and-closet-Mobistoxx-Harmony
(view more images)
Best loft bed with desk and extra bed: The Bed King Coco Bunk bedBest-loft-bed-with-desk-and-extra-bed-The-King of the beds-Coco-Bunk bed
(view more images)
Best Loft Bed for Family: Riga Bunk BedBest-loft-bed-for-family-Riga-Bunk bed
(view more images)
Best Loft Bed With Sofa: Thuka loft bed Best-loft-bed-with-sofa-Thuka-loft-bed-
(view more images)
Best white loft bed (140 x 200): Vipack Claire sleeper Best-white-loft-bed-140-x-200-Vipack-Claire-sleeper-
(view more images)
Best Black Extra High Loft Bed: Mezzanine ELIOTBest-black-extra-high-loft-bed-Mezzanine-ELIOT
(view more images)
Best scaffolding wood loft bed: Wood4you bed Noortje Best-scaffolding-loft-bed-Wood4you-bed-Noortje-steigerhout
(view more images)
Best Loft Bed With Slide: WICKEY CrAzY Hutty cotBest-loft-bed-with-slide-WICKEY-CrAzY-Hutty-cot
(view more images)
Best loft bed with seat: Vipack mid-high bed NoahBest-loft-bed-with-seat-Vipack-half-high-sleeper-Noah
(view more images)
Best Loft Bed For A Toddler: Vipack tree house half high bed Charlottebest-loft-bed-for-a-toddler-Vipack-treehouse-half-high-bed-Charlotte
(view more images)

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Loft bed buying guide: tips for choosing

The time has come, you are going to choose a loft bed, but now the right one! It is important to pay attention to a number of points before you make your final choice, pay particular attention to:

Your space and the sizes of the bed

Measure the room carefully; does the loft bed of your dreams actually fit?

Have you also thought about any cupboard doors that need to be opened, the space to climb the stairs and do you have enough space to make the bed?

Is the ceiling of the room high enough? For most loft beds you need a ceiling height of 240cm.


Safety is even more important when your (children's) bed is high off the ground.

Does your loft bed meet the European safety standard for loft beds? If you buy this at a Dutch store, certainly.


Preferably choose a sturdy loft bed that does not wobble too much. Some loft beds can also be mounted on the wall.

What age do you choose the loft bed for

The really 'high loft beds' are suitable for children older than 6 years. Then they are big enough to climb in and out of bed safely.

(Multi) functionality

If there is a lack of space, a multifunctional loft bed is very nice, there are plenty of cool loft beds to be found, also with a bed and/or a desk and cupboard underneath!

Best loft beds extensively reviewed

With that in mind, let's go check out my favorite loft beds. What makes this one so good and when should you consider which one?

Overall best loft bed: Bollie's Best multifunctional pine loft bed


(view more images)

The choice was not difficult for me; the white lacquered multifunctional pine loft bed from Bollie's Best has a work surface that is spacious enough for your notebook and other accessories.

It has handy shelves to store books, for example. And a lovely sofa that can be transformed into a bed when needed.

The loft bed with desk comes with a slatted base (slat roll), and the mattress thickness may be a maximum of 15 cm, unfortunately the mattress is not included.

Desk and bed can be mounted on the right or left, whichever is most practical in your room.

It is a beautiful bed, precisely because of its simplicity, with a calm appearance and a lot of comfort.


  • To be used for 2 people
  • Pile thickness 38 mm
  • Wood is FSC® certified
  • Including slatted roll


  • Only bed frame and ladder are made of solid wood, the rest is in MDF
  • Comes without mattress


  • Dimensions: W98 x H152 x L208 cm
  • Age: From 6-7 years to adults no taller than 180 cm
  • Loadable weight: 50 – 100 kg
  • Weight loft bed: 30 kg
  • Functionality: Desk with drawer, shelves, seat, 2nd bed
  • Material: Solid wood for frame and ladder, other MDF parts
  • Lying surface: 90 x 200 cm

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Best Loft Bed With Desk And Closet: Mobistoxx Harmony


(view more images)

A very complete, this Mobistoxx Harmony loft bed with desk, but at the same time also a loft bed with cupboard (H139 cm x W88 x D50 cm) and bookshelves. An ideal solution for a smaller nursery.

It is comparable to the overall best multifunctional pine loft bed, but not made of real wood, but very beautiful and a few hundred euros cheaper.

The desk is pleasant to work on, because it has a spacious work surface (133 cm x 66 cm). The wardrobe has a rod for hanging clothes.

This loft bed is produced in France and finished in high quality chipboard, it comes with a slatted base. The neutral color means that this loft bed always looks great in the nursery.


  • A lot of convenience in a small area
  • Beautifully finished
  • Including slatted base


  • Not made of real wood
  • Exclusive mattress


  • Dimensions: W138 x H189 x L2.08 cm
  • Age: Children from 6-7 years to 180 cm tall
  • Weight loft bed: 184 kg
  • Functionality: Bed, desk, wardrobe, open cabinet with shelves
  • Material: Good quality MDF
  • Lying surface: 90×200 cm

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Best loft bed with desk and extra bed: The Beddenkoning Coco Bunkbed

Best-loft-bed-with-desk-and-extra-bed-The-King of the beds-Coco-Bunk bed

(see more images)

Loft bed Coco is actually more than a multifunctional loft bed, it is a complete children's room, for two children! It is therefore difficult to find a comparable model.

Coco has a desk with drawer unit and under the steps are cupboards, including a children's clothing wardrobe.

Although Coco is space-saving and has many practical storage options, the space in the cupboards is probably not enough for two children. The beds come with a slatted base.

My urgent advice: measure your space very well in advance and take into account the tilt of the bed during assembly!


  • Lots of extra space, efficient
  • Cable entry for PC
  • Stable construction
  • Well put together, description works perfectly
  • Both beds come with slatted base


  • Mattresses not included
  • Big job to put together
  • Colossal


  • Measurements: The space you need to reserve for this bed is W205 x L270 cm; the height of the bed is 190 cm.
  • Age: The bed downstairs can be used from 4 years, upstairs from 5-6 years and both beds are big enough for a (not too tall) adult. Only the children's room may be experienced as 'childish' by a 10-12 year old.
  • Loadable weight: 100 kg
  • Weight loft bed: 285 kg
  • Functionality: Combination of bed, desk, cupboards and guest bed or as a complete room for two children.
  • Material: MDF
  • Lying surface: 90 x 200 cm

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Best Loft Bed for Family: Riga Bunk Bed

Best-loft-bed-for-family-Riga-Bunk bed

(view more images)

Bunk bed Riga A wonderful asset to a guest room or holiday home.

This robust and sleek bunk bed has space for 3 people; 1 at the top and 2 at the bottom.

The entire frame is made of solid pine and is beautifully stained white. This construction is suitable for children and adults. The bed is easy to assemble and comes complete with slatted bases, but no mattresses.


  • Perfect for the whole family
  • Easy to assemble with clear assembly drawing
  • super stable
  • Excellent value for money
  • Complete with slatted bases


  • Mattresses not included


  • Dimensions: Lower bed 140 x 200 cm, upper bed 90 x 200 cm
  • Age: Suitable for the whole family except for babies
  • Loadable weight: Upper bed up to 50 kg
  • Functionality: Family sleeper
  • Material: Solid Pine Wood
  • Lying surface: Lower bed 140 x 200 cm and upper bed 90×200 cm

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Best loft bed with sofa: Thuka loft bed


(view more images)

The Thuka loft bed with sofa comes from the Danish quality brand Thuka.

This Thuka loft bed has a desk, storage space and comes with a cushion set for the sofa, it is simple, very practical and creates extra space to live.

If you prefer not to have gray cushions, you can always go for blue or pink cushion sets. The desk measures W86 x H75 x D95 cm.

The sofa can be easily extended into a bed and with the fold-out mattress on it suitable for friends who come stay (and come and play fun games!)† When you pull out the drawer, the bed appears.

The mattress of the sofa bed is made of polyether foam and very importantly: oeko-tex certified, which makes it suitable for allergy sufferers.

Next to the sofa/2nd bed is the storage space with lid, great for putting bed linen in.

Thuka recommends that you also purchase the slatted frame from them, because it, like the loft bed itself, has been safety tested and meets European safety standards.

You choose whether you mount the ladder of the loft bed with sofa on the left or right, the desk and sofa can also be mounted in a mirrored manner.

Thuka is comparable to our Multifunctional pine loft bed, but slightly more expensive. As an extra, it has a wide storage drawer, which the multifunctional pine loft bed lacks.


  • Solid Danish quality
  • Ladder right and left mountable


  • Mattress and slatted base not included for loft bed (but for guest bed)


  • Dimensions: L208 x W98 x H175,5 cm. The width is 104 cm including ladder and 188 cm with unfolded sofa bed
  • Age: From 6-7 years to adult, but no longer than 180-185 cm.
  • Weight loft bed: 79.5 kg
  • Functionality: bed, sofa, guest bed, work/study area with desk plus bookshelves.
  • Material: Solid pine, white lacquered
  • Lying surface: 90 x 200 cm (mattress not included). Mattress size sofa bed: 188 x 75 cm (included)

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Best white loft bed (140 x 200): Vipack Claire sleeper


(view more images)

The Claire double loft bed from Vipack is made of solid pine wood, lacquered white. Claire comes with a slatted base, but also an exclusive mattress. The paint is water-based and contains no harmful substances.

You can use the space under the bed to place a desk, or make it a cozy cushion corner.

You could also choose to put another single bed underneath, so that you can accommodate a total of three people, two of which are upstairs.

You then get the idea of ​​Bunk Bed Riga, only the lower bed is suitable for two people (140 x 200) and above it you have a single bed.

With the Riga you are ready in one go and therefore a lot cheaper than with this Claire loft bed.

The slatted base is included with the Claire. You have to buy the mattress separately. Vipack recommends their 'Comfort' mattress of 140×200 cm.

This size loft bed is perfect for a student room or studio.

Do you also like this bed, but too big? It is also available in taupe and with a sleeping place of 90×200 cm, which makes it more suitable for a children's room.


  • Solid pine wood
  • Sleek and simple design
  • The slatted base is included
  • 2 person loft bed


  • No mattress included


  • Dimensions: ​​W140 x L209 x H190 cm
  • Age: From about 12 years to adult, but no longer than 180-185 cm.
  • Weight loft bed: 61.80 kg
  • Functionality: Space-saving bed, ideal for youth or student room
  • Material: Solid pine, white lacquered
  • Lying surface: 140 x 200 cm

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Best Black Extra High Loft Bed: Mezzanine ELIOT


(view more images)

Mezzanine Eliot bed 90 x 190 cm fits in a children's room, but is especially cool for teenagers and practical for students with a small room.

I love the black frame, nice and minimalistic and industrial.

Under the bed you could put a desk for your notebook, but you can also make it a nice place with an armchair and a small table to chill out.


  • Beautiful industrial and mature look
  • Bed base included


  • Delivered without mattress
  • It is quite high and does not look very robust


  • Dimensions: L198,2 x W140,7 x H182,5 cm
  • Age: From 7-8 years to adults no longer than 180 cm
  • Functionality: Loft bed
  • Material: Epoxy Metal
  • Lying surface: 90 x 190 cm

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Best scaffolding wood loft bed: Wood4you bed Noortje


(view more images)

As fond of scaffolding wood as I am? Loft bed Noortje from Wood4you is made of aged scaffolding wood and will adorn any room with its sturdy look.

The bed is supplied as an assembly kit, but fortunately the panels are already assembled and sanded smooth.

The price is fine, but you only have a loft bed, without other features such as a desk or cupboards, etc.: just like this Mezzanine Eliot 90 x 190 cm.

The Mezzanine Eliot is 25 cm higher than the Noortje loft bed and made of black metal with a cool industrial look.

The height of Noortje is 1.65 cm. The height under the bed is approximately 125 cm high and this loft bed is made for a mattress of 2 meters long and 80 cm wide.


  • Manual with practical photos
  • Good price
  • Scaffolding boards are already sanded smooth


  • Comes without slatted base
  • No mattress included
  • No desk and closet


  • Dimensions: L206 x H165 x W96 cm
  • Age: from 6-7 years old to adult age, also suitable for heavy people, but no longer than 180-185 cm.
  • Loadable weight: 180 kg
  • Weight loft bed: 55 kg
  • Functionality: Space-saving bed
  • Material: Scaffolding wood
  • Lying surface: 200 x 90 cm

Check the latest prices here

Best Loft Bed with Slide: WICKEY CrAzY Hutty Cot


(view more images)

The Wickey Crazy Hutty is great for kids to create their own little play world with brother, boyfriend or sister, to play together on or under this bed, to slide or to chill.

Simply the nicest loft bed with slide!

The cabin is complete with a telephone and binoculars, steering wheel and rope ladder. The bed is made of Norwegian untreated pine wood and has a sturdy construction.

Under the bed is a nice spot with 2 hanging chairs. Furthermore, a washable tarpaulin is included for drawing on and sticker film.

The slide is 175 cm long. This loft bed can also be mounted as a mirror image, see the detailed installation manual.

Just like the Charlotte Treehouse semi-high bed, the Wickey is a great playground for kids.

The Charlotte is a bit simpler and in my opinion the Charlotte looks nicer in the nursery than the Wickey, but is a bit more expensive.


  • Entire construction is made of solid wood
  • Complete play hut


  • Woodworking experience recommended when assembling, due to the angled design (fortunately, the whole package is pre-drilled)


  • Dimensions: L224 x W90 cm
  • Age: For kids from 3-4 years old to about 9 (it might be a bit childish after that)
  • Loadable weight: 50 kg
  • Weight loft bed: 70 kg
  • Functionality: Bed, extended play area
  • Material: Norwegian Pine Wood
  • Lying surface: 90×200 cm

Check the latest prices here

Best loft bed with seat: Vipack mid-high bed Noah


(view more images)

This Noah Half High Sleeper from Vipack is beautiful, has a nice sheltered seat under the bed, with room for a few lovely seat cushions or a table and chair.

It is – especially in terms of height and age – comparable to the Treehouse semi-high bed Charlotte, although the Noah pine loft bed is much cheaper to purchase.

The Noah loft bed has above the sleeping area, is white in color and made of a combination of pine and MDF.

A sturdy and very cozy cot with a beautiful appearance, ideal for the nursery!


  • Including slatted base


  • No storage space
  • Exclusive mattress


  • Dimensions: L213,6 x W96 x H120
  • Age: From about 3 to 8 years
  • Loadable weight: 60-80 kg
  • Functionality: Bed with a cozy play area underneath
  • Material: Pine wood in combination with MDF
  • Lying surface: W 90 x 200 cm

Check the latest prices here

Best loft bed for a toddler: Vipack tree house semi-high bed Charlotte


(view more images)

The Charlotte tree house semi-high bed – also from Vipack – is a special children's bed in the shape of a tree house. This bed is simply a playful and cozy addition to the nursery!

The bed is grey/beige in color and made of MDF.

The steps are only short, so very easy for a toddler, maybe even a toddler, to climb in or out of the bed.

Unfortunately, a bed base is not included. A roller base is recommended for this bed.


  • Beautiful bed and house in one


  • Bed base is not included
  • Mattress not included
  • Pretty pricey


  • Dimensions: L209,3 x W136,7 x H185,2 cm
  • Age: From about 3 to 8 years
  • Loadable weight: 60 – 80 kg
  • Functionality: Bed and cozy play area in one
  • Material: MDF
  • Lying surface: 90 x 200 cm

Check the latest prices here

DIY loft bed from scaffolding tube

What also seems very cool to me is a loft bed made of scaffolding tube. You can get started with this yourself and make a great sturdy loft bed of tubes on legs. Complete with a ladder made of scaffolding tube to climb into bed.

A lot of tube couplings are used in a loft bed construction, so the cost price still rises considerably. Scaffolding planks or a standard size slatted base can be used as bed base.

Working with scaffolding tubes is very easy. The pipe couplings are firmly clamped with an Allen screw.

Such a construction of scaffolding tubes has the advantage that it is always easy to disassemble or adjust, which is also useful if you make a mistake.

There are many different types and diameters in scaffolding tubes for sale, you can actually realize any project with it!

The tubes are, for example, available in stainless steel, aluminum or in (black) steel, round or square.

Before you start, the pipes must be cut to size. After that, you only need an Allen key for mounting.

Watch this video in which you can follow the construction of a 'loft bed' aka loft bed:

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