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17 best outdoor games to play

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Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

If she playing outside like in itself but don't really know what to do, here are a lot of nice ones games to go do.

When I was a kid, we played outside with most of the other kids in the neighborhood for most of our free time.

We also made the most of the break at school to go outside. We kept ourselves pretty busy without modern modern technologies.

Best outdoor games

Then came computer games when we got a little older, but with fun games to do outside, we still enjoyed playing outside.

Below are some no-tech games that are fun for your kids to play.

  • Some can also be done well indoors.
  • Some can be done alone
  • or with just one boyfriend or brother
  • But most are best when done outside with a group of children.

Also, most of these games can be changed or improved by setting your own rules. Use your imagination!

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Top 17 best outdoor games

Hide and seek

Best outdoor games hide and seek and sardines

Everyone has played this, so a nice classic to give to your children.

Most parents have played with their children, because hiding and finding again serves an educational interest in small children.

I've heard of all kinds of variations on this game.

  • Sometimes you count to twenty
  • sometimes ten,
  • sometimes up to a hundred if you have a large playground or schoolyard.
  • Sometimes there is a home base that you can run to without getting tagged, making you 'safe',
  • sometimes you just wait, hidden, to be found.
  • Another very nice variant is sardines, where just one child is hiding and the rest has to find him or her. If someone found it, he should hide by it. Then the next child who finds the group, etc. until only one child remains to find the “sardines that are stuffed in a can”.

The general idea is that one person is 'it', that person closes his or her eyes and counts to a certain number without looking and then he or she tries to find the others.

  • Number of players: ideally at least three
  • Supplies: no

Kick the can

Children play kick the can outside

This Games is a variation on tag and hide and seek.

  • One person or a team of children is identified as “the” and a can is placed in the center of the playing area.
  • The other kids run and hide while the “it” covers his or her eyes and counts to a certain number.
  • “It” then tries to find everyone.
  • If a person is tagged by "it", they go into a place for trapped players.
  • If one of the non-captured players manages to kick the can, the captured players are released.

The game ends when all not-it-players are in prison.

  • Number of players: ideally at least three
  • Supplies: um… a can

Capture the flag

Group of children playing outside conquer the flag

This game is best when you play with a large group.

  • Divide the group into two teams, each team has a flag or other marker in the base of the team (or on one side of a field).
  • The object of the game is to run into the other team's territory, capture their flag and return safely to your own territory.
  • You can tap “enemy” players into your territory and send them to your prison.
  • They can be taken out of prison by a member of their own team who walks into your territory, taps a teammate and then runs back (nicest thing to allow only one kid out of prison at a time. It is sometimes played that all people in prison holding hands and making a chain back to their own territory, making it easier for members of their team to get them out of prison).

There is also a similar game called “steal the sticks” with almost the same rules, but now multiple sticks are used instead of one flag and you have to collect them all without being tapped.

  • Number of players: a large group
  • Supplies: two flags or other markings

Four squares (Foursquare)

Children play foursquare


This ball game is played on a square field that is further divided into four smaller squares, numbered one through four.

  • Each of the squares has one player, with the player with the most points at number one, lowest at number four.
  • You bounce the ball between the players and bounce once on the other person's court before that person catches the ball.

There are tons of additional rules to choose from. The person in square 1 may choose the rules (limping, starting outside the box, can be anything).

Anyone who breaks the rules must go down the rankings or be eliminated with another player turning to square four if you have more than four players.

  • Number of players: Four, unless you take turns
  • Supplies: sidewalk chalk for the course, and a cue ball


Hopscotch in a square

Use some sidewalk chalk and make the nicest hopscotch you can. Number the squares from one to nine or ten. Choose a rock that is good to throw.

Small stones can bounce too much and larger ones are difficult to throw.

  • Start by throwing the stone on square 1.
  • Jump over the stone and jump with a single foot or both feet (to follow the hopscotch pattern, a single square is on one foot, two squares next to each other is both feet each in one of the squares) all the way to the end.
  • Turn around and come back, stop on square 2.
  • Balancing on one foot, pick up the stone in box 1 and jump over box 1 to the start.
  • Continue this pattern with square 2 and so on, skipping the square with the stone each time.
  • If you throw your stone and miss the correct square, your turn is over.

This game can be played with an unlimited number of people, but only one person can take a turn at a time.

If it's raining or dark or too cold, you can hopscotch mats or pieces of foam like these for indoor purchase:

Foam hopscotch mat

(view more images)

Or if it is extremely hot this water hopscotch mat a nice one for the garden:

Water hopscotch mat for outside in the garden

(view more images)

  • Number of players: one by one, as much as you want
  • Supplies: sidewalk chalk or hopscotch and a stone

Jumping rope

Little girl plays skipping rope by herself and a group of children play it too

One of the greatest ways in which many children spend their break was and still is skipping rope.

It's fun to jump alone, but it's even more fun to have a long rope and jump with some friends.

That's where jump rope rhymes come into being. They turn a simple exercise into a fun game of competing against yourself and others.

  • Number of players: One for single jumping, minimum three for a longer rope
  • Supplies: a short or long skipping rope



The general rules are that you must bounce the other person away with your marbles.

As with the other games, there are numerous variations.

  • that you make a circle in the sand (more fun sand games here) or draw on the sidewalk and then take turns trying to bounce each other's marbles out of the circle with your own large marble.
  • that you have a well as is the case with many schoolyards, but you also have them as tiles for your garden, and that you take turns to get your marbles in first.
  • my favorite was always that the well was close to the wall and that you could only bounce through the wall.
Marble tile for the garden

(view this tile here)

  • Number of players: at least two but as much as you want
  • Supplies: marbles, possibly chalk to draw a circle or a well

Playing tag

Tag and explanation of fun variants

It seems like everyone knows how to play tag, but in case your childhood has faded a bit, here's exactly how to play:

  • A group of children decides who will start as “it”. That person chases the other kids and tries to tap one of them with their hand.
  • The newly typed person is now “it”.

There is often the rule “no double tap” whereby you cannot immediately tap back the person who just tapped you.

4 fun variations of tag:

  1. shadow tag: In this fun version of tag, tap each other's shadows with your feet instead of tapping their bodies. So it should be played on a sunny day. The closer to noon, the greater the difficulty (due to the position of the sun).
  2. to freeze: This is a variation of tag where if the person who “it” is tapping you, you have to freeze where you are. Another player can tap you again to defrost you.
  3. TV tag: A variation of freeze is TV tag, where the person who wants to unfreeze the frozen player must shout out the title of a TV show. That program may no longer be used during the game. If someone calls a program that has already been said, he must freeze himself.
  4. blind man: This game is yet another variation of tag. The person who “it” is wearing a blindfold and trying to tap the other players. Those others have to keep calling to let them know where they are. Make sure to play this in an area that is protected from obstacles and other hazards.

The game is over when everyone gets tired of playing.

  • Number of players: a nice large group
  • Supplies: no.

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Best rated for outdoor play together: Spikeball 3 ball set

Nice set for outdoor spikeball
Loading ...

(view more images)

If they themselves would not go out so quickly but are always up for a fun game to play, these are the best games to give them.

“Spikeball is one of the best garden games ever invented,” says one reviewer, explaining the reasons.

"It's easy to carry, easy to set up, and it's an easy game that anyone can pick up quickly."

“Fun” is a word used in hundreds of reviews, and the general consensus is that this is a game for all ages.

“We've played from 5 to 65 years ... even a pregnant mother,” writes one reviewer.

As one reviewer puts it:

“It's essentially volleyball, but instead of the ball going over the net, you have to hit the net. As soon as he hits the net, the other team takes over. ”

That's why several reviewers say it's a great form of cardio.

Many also like how easy it is to take this game with you wherever you go.

"We really enjoy playing this game in the grass, on the beach, camping and more," said one reviewer, adding:

“You need a fairly large, open space to play, but everything can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly, making it easy to transport! ”

View this set here at

bean bag toss

Light up bean bag toss

(view more images)

This Fizz Light up pocket throw set is what I would classify as the Cadillac of corn board planks, ”writes one reviewer.

Quality is a word that comes up in dozens of reviews, and many also like that these folding shelves are easy to transport.

“I've played on a lot of different sets in my time and I have to say, this one is really, really fun,” writes one reviewer.

"The portability is great, it's not too light (you don't want the shelves to shift evenly when you throw a bag at them) but they aren't too heavy to lug around long distances."

While many reviews mention the convenience of taking this game to the beach or on a camping trip, this bean bag set is also light enough to make the trip to “Aruba and Mexico,” said one reviewer.

Wherever you end up going, one reviewer says you can play for a long time. “The planks and bags also withstand intense play,” they write.

"“These beanbags have not exploded, despite being used on a paved parking lot!”

Check the lowest prices here

Best offside for grass: Mölkky Finnish throwing game

Molkky Finnish throwing game

(view more images)

Many reviewers also hadn't heard of Molkky before ordering it, but were pleasantly surprised by how much fun the game is.

“Easy to set up, simple rules, a lot of challenging others, it all makes for fun moments for our family,” wrote one reviewer.

The simple rules make this a hit with all ages, as many reviewers point out, and large groups.

“Nice for any number of players (as opposed to Bocce or tossing beanbags, where you're limited to 2 or 4),” writes one reviewer, adding that it

"Is good for kids because they can throw a little closer, and more importantly, if they get bored and want to quit it doesn't stop for everyone."

One user likened the game to "combining the best elements of horseshoes, bocce, with the hand-eye coordination of bean bags," but many simply describe it as similar to bowling.

A general warning about the game is that it is best suited for the grass.

"You do need a flat garden with shorter grass to get the pegs upright," writes one reviewer.

Another says: "We were playing on asphalt one day and it damaged the pins a bit."

As long as you do the necessary prep work, you'll hopefully find that “It's still slow enough to have a beer and chat with your friends while you play, which is really the main reason for many to get a lawn game. ”

View this set here

Best for smaller children: ring throwing dancing worm

Best for smaller children: ring throwing dancing worm

(view more images)

This game is much safer than the original which comes with iron horseshoes and an iron base, ”says one reviewer. But it is essentially the old horseshoe throwing of the past.

That is why so many users have bought this ring set specially made for children from 3 years old for children.

“My family plays ring throws quite often in the summer,” wrote one reviewer.

“We have a set for adults and the kids always want to play. The horseshoes are just too heavy for them. I bought this set so my kids could play too. They love it. ”

View it here at

Best Yahtzee Outdoor Game: BS Toys

Yahtzee for outside

(view more images)

One reviewer saw this set of giant dice "at a graduation party this summer and ordered it literally right after the party."

In addition to graduation parties, reviewers love this one for family vacations and barbecues.

“We are big Yahtzee fans and bought this game for a family BBQ,” writes one reviewer.

“Everyone loved it and had a great time playing outside. The dice are the perfect size, great quality and loved the scoreboard. ”

Another comment is that this set is “better than I expected”.

“They are big and well made, but not too heavy to carry or use,” writes one user.

"They are soft and the corners are all rounded and the sides are smooth."

Many players also grab a bucket of me when buying this game to "get the real Yahtzee feel" as one user put it.

View this set here at Wehkamp

Best for the two of you: four in a row great for outside

Outside four in a row with two people

(view more images)

Reviewers rave about how beautiful this one BS Toys Set looks, which is probably why many users find it good enough to use on special occasions.

"The pellets are smooth and the wood is beautiful." Another says it is "almost too good to use outside".

Also, this newlywed says, “It was too a BIG hit as one of the games at our wedding.”"

"Only bad thing I have is the sound of the falling pucks because that means we can't play after the little one is in bed because we would probably wake her up, but that's a minor drawback to say the least."

Check the latest prices here

Best Garden Jenga: Giantville Tumbling Timber

Giantville Tumbling Timber

(view more images)

Reviewers are very impressed with how durable this Jenga set is. “I have a party rental business and my big Jenga games go out almost every weekend,” writes one reviewer.

Another reviewer said the blocks "can handle the throwing and carelessness of young children."

On the other hand, one reviewer warns that because the blocks themselves are so strong, everything else is at risk.

This user recommends placing them on a surface that is “resistant to the dents and scratches” associated with this game tipping over.

One reviewer, calling this game a “go-to” for their family, says, “We've had groups of family and friends of up to ten players. Everyone has a lot of fun and gets very involved in the game. … If you are considering buying this set, go ahead and make the purchase, you will be happy with your decision! ”

Check the latest prices here

Can Jam Ultimate Disc Game

Can Jam ultimate outdoor disc game

(view more images)

“If you don't play Kan Jam, you don't know what you're missing,” says one reviewer, who may sound harsh, but sums up how much fun reviewers think this game is.

“This is a ridiculously fun and easy lawn game,” wrote another reviewer.

“It has the strategy of horseshoes with the pleasure of a team activity. The rules are simple, the gear is built to last - if you're looking for a semi-active game to take to the beach, a family BBQ or even a corporate picnic, this is it! ”

Many reviewers mention how this game engaged their entire family and even inspired annual tournaments.

“It's a team game that's so much fun to involve the whole family,” writes one reviewer.

Another says it, “really helps to create community-friendly and friendly competition.

Check the most current prices at

Best boules set: Get & Go

Boules set

(view more images)

Many reviewers state that these bocce balls may not be official size, but there are plenty of beginners out there who play for fun and are fine with them.

"I don't know if they are tournament size, but I don't play in tournaments other than the one my 7-year-old boy orchestrates in the yard," writes one reviewer.

For their purposes “the balls are quite large. The markings are easy to identify. And the quality is generally great for the price. ”

Like this reviewer, many state that this is a great price for a bowling set. “I've paid a lot more for a set that doesn't match this,” writes a more experienced player, “as much as € 100 for a“ traditional set ”in my past.

But these come in a light bag and are easy to store, carry and the balls are great in the hand. Even traditionalists will love the feel and touch of playing a game of this. ”

This set is for sale here

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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