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A play mat is a very fun and often useful addition to any household with children.

In addition to providing a clean and warm place to play on the floor, a nice play mat often also provides extra entertainment for the little ones and is good for the development of your baby:

After about 3 months, your baby can see more and more clearly. He can reach out to toys, but not yet grasp them. The perfect moment to see how your child reacts to a play mat, one with baby gym is a nice idea then.

He learns to distinguish colors on the cloth, to reach and grasp, to recognize shapes and to understand connections. All his senses are stimulated.

Even for older children, a play mat or play mat remains very interesting, so it is nice to choose one with roads!

Play rugs are more than just a rug these days. In this article I'll take a look at all the features and show the 32 best ones at the moment.

Best play mat rated for indoor and outdoor use

In addition to being available in different colors and materials, they often have very nice themes.

And some you can not only use for an indoor game day, but you can also use them outside in the garden or play in the park on a lovely sunny day. 

In this extensive article we take you into the world of play mats. With so much choice, there is undoubtedly a rug that fits your child completely.

Our absolute favorite dress is this large double-sided play mat with cheerful colors.

It is quite a large rug and takes up a little more space.

But this rug does give a lot of fun to several children at the same time, for example twins. There is enough space for everyone!

Moreover, with this rug you have a 2-in-1 advantage, because it is double-sided. In addition, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. 

It is a handy and practical rug that you can easily fold after use and take it with you to the next playdate. 

Washing is also easy, you can simply put the rug in the washing machine.

Here are the nicest rugs in a handy overview, then I will also go deeper into each of these choices:

Model Images
Best play mat large: Nail-proof double-sided

Large play mat for children 180x200cm in bright colors - Double-sided! Play mat - Play mat - Outdoor toys

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Best Baby Playmat: Fehn aiko & Yuki

Fehn Aiko & Yuki 3D play mat for baby 80 x 110 cm

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Best play mat bag: Fuji

Best play mat bag Fujl

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Best animal play mat: Nevaja Rabbit

Play mat animal - Play mat - Play mat - Play Mat - Maternity gift - Baby shower - Baby - Rabbit

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Best play mat with weighing: House of kids village

House of Kids traffic carpet village 100 x 100 x 4 cm green

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Best city map play mat: Chicco electronic city play mat

Chicco electronic city map play mat

(view more images)

Best farm play mat: House of kids play & store

best farm play mat

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Best traffic play mat: Quiet town street carpet

Quiet Town Street carpet 95x133 cm

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Best Play Mat with Cars and Trains: Eddy toys toy mat

Eddy Toys Playmat City 80 x 120 cm - Incl. 4 cars

(view more images)

Best harbor play mat: Discover your city

Connection city plan play mat with harbor theme

(view more images)

Best unicorn play mat: Obsession Lollipop Unicorn

Obsession Lollipop Children's carpet unicorn play mat 120x170 Unicorn

(view more images)

Best Jungle Playmat: Block

Exciting jungle play mat

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Best black and white play mat: dear llama

black and white play mat with llama as storage bag

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Best play mat foldable: XL foam with bag

Large Play Mat for Baby - Imaginarium - 200 x 140 cm

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Best Play Mat Around: Elodie details

Elodie Details Playmat Graphic Devotion New

(view more images)

Best Anti slip play mat: year of production 1588

Play mat and toy storage bag in 1 - XL - Play mat with drawstring - Toy storage bag

(view more images)

Best outdoor play mat: Taf toys water-repellent play mat

Taf Toys Picnic play mat for outside - water-repellent play mat - 0 to 99 years

(view more images)

Best water play mat with inflatable edge: L1ght

L1GHT - Inflatable Water Play Mat - Baby Play Mat

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Best puzzle play mat: Foam floor puzzle

Foam Playmat puzzle

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Best play mat with music: Bumba

Indoor play mat with music from Bumba

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Best play cloths rated

Below you will find a comprehensive overview to give you an idea of ​​the spectrum of interesting and fun play mats.

The range is so large that we have sorted the rugs into different categories.

From traffic plan to animal themes, from large to small, from functional to imaginative, it's all there.

We will talk about the different types of play mats and explain how to buy the best play mat for your child and what to look out for.

Best play mat large: Nagtegaal double-sided

So our absolute favorite play mat is this large play mat. This rug has an exceptional number of advantages.

The first thing that caught our attention is the size of the rug and the cheerful and fresh colors and patterns. 


It is a very spacious rug that requires some space, but which several children can have fun on.

The cozy figures such as animals, fruits and letters undoubtedly contribute to an even more fun atmosphere while playing. 

Second, it is a double-sided play mat. This means that both sides can be used. This is great fun and provides the necessary variety.

And imagine you have twins; each with its own character and taste, then this double-sided rug is definitely recommended.

This way every child will get their money's worth while you only spend once on a play mat. Inexpensive right?

All kinds of play options with this play mat

This play mat offers a lot of space for not only several children, but there is also enough space for toys.

Both slightly younger children and slightly older children can do their thing safely and comfortably on the rug. 

Thanks to the insulating and water-repellent effect of the material, the play mat also functions perfectly as an outdoor play mat.

If it is a nice warm day, take the play mat outside and play fun games with your child.

The great thing about this play mat is that you can put everything on it. Whatever you want, because there is enough space.

Fancy a somersault? Just roll! Spread out all the toys? Of course! Or you just lie on it and enjoy the warm rays of the sun. 

Best Baby Play Mat: Fehn aiko & Yuki

For the sweetest babies, a play mat without bells and whistles is not that exciting. We therefore started looking for a play mat that is multifunctional.

We have made our choices based on safety and functionality. 

Our preference for a play mat for the baby is this baby gym; Fehn Aiko & Yuki 3D play mat.


Most of the play mats are just flat, while this one looks cozy because of the cushions around the edge and the arch with fun toys. 

You can use this play mat for your baby when you want to have your hands free.

You can place the baby on the play mat so that it learns to play independently and can enjoy itself for a while.

The surprising sounds hidden in the funny toys are definitely a good incentive for the fine and gross motor skills and for stimulating the senses. 

Although the baby is safe on the rug, it should never be unattended.

You can also read about a baby gym on today's parents

Another great option for the baby: a foldable play mat

Our second favorite for babies is this foldable play mat from KipKep for on the go.


We chose this rug as a second alternative, because we know that babies sometimes visit too.

You can place your baby on this to play instead of lying in the crib or holding it on the arm all the time. 

Another nice thing about this play mat is that it also serves as a changing mat.

The design is so practical! In essence, you have a play mat that you can fold into a storage bag.

The bag also has compartments in which you can store small baby things such as wipes and disposable diapers. But your wallet and keys also fit in it. 

Best play mat bag: Fujl

Super handy to have a bag and play mat in one.

Best play mat bag Fujl

(view more images)

This is the kind of play mat you want when your child has a lot of loose blocks, such as duplo or lego or wooden building blocks.

But also if they have a town with all kinds of small parts such as houses, dolls and trees. 

You fold the bag with the toys in it and put it in the corner. Done!

View it here at

Play mat bag for the baby

Another safe and functional play mat for the baby is this one interactive play mat bag.


It is basically a play mat like any other mat, but with the extra option to convert it into a playpen.

This way you can keep your child safely on the rug and protect it from any pets or crawling insects. 

Best animal play mat: Nevaja Rabbit

We could not forget a cute play mat with an animal in our preferred list. On this only play mat rabbit we fell completely in love!


The rug is wonderfully fluffy and soft and you almost just want to cuddle with it.

The play mat is available in different versions, so everyone is satisfied in terms of color and animal species.

We found another nice variant, for example this one bulky elephant. The play mat is intended for children between 0-4 years.

This rug will undoubtedly look great in any nursery and is also very nice to give as a gift. 

Best play mat with roads: House of kids village

Toddlers are generally very active and enjoy exploring.

If you still want to be able to keep them busy in one place for a while, but at the same time do not limit their movements, we recommend a play mat with a theme. 

A traffic or landscape theme on the play mat is ideal. It is nice to drive with cars on a “real” road!

The essence of the play mat is to encourage the children to come up with their own stories and to give them a feeling about how, for example, traffic can work. 

We chose this as number one traffic play mat with a village theme. We thought it was worth this position as this rug is suitable for all ages.


The material is safe for the little ones to lie on, but on the other hand sturdy enough for a slightly older and more active child. 

The play mat basically consists of four parts that you can easily fold and store after use. It also has matching loops for convenience. 

Best city map play mat: Chicco electronic city play mat

Our favorite pick in the city map category is this electronic play mat.


The colorful play mat from Chicco depicts a street network on which your child can drive a car with the supplied toy car.

With a few pushes of a button, the rug plays different types of music and sounds. 

It is a highly interactive play mat that takes your little one to their own fantasy world in which they can drive a car.

Just watch how they will enjoy it. 

The play mat is suitable for children from 2 years old and will amuse both boys and girls. 

Best farm play mat: House of kids play & store

For children who love animals, there is this beautiful play mat with farm theme.


At first glance, the product appears to be a box. When you unfold the rug you will soon notice that it is a real farm (fun at toy farms) is. 

The animals are not included in the play mat, but you can buy them separately.

This cute farm animals for example are perfect to play with on this play mat. 

When your little one has finished playing, all toys can disappear neatly into the box and the room is neatly again. 

Best traffic play mat: Quiet town street carpet

Another choice for this category is a play mat with roads; this qualitative roll-up street carpet.

The play mat has a colorful print and a clear image of a network of streets in a village. 


You use this play mat indoors and you can easily roll it up after use. Because the rug has large figures, it is ideal for slightly smaller children between 1-3 years old.

With some toy cars it will be a lot of fun to ride on this carpet. 

Best Play mat with cars and trains: Eddy toys toy mat

Another nice option in the theme of traffic carpets is this interesting play mat. You clearly notice a difference with the previously mentioned rugs.


The road network on this carpet looks a bit more complicated and has many more roads and curves. That is why this rug is intended for a slightly older age group.

The nice thing about this rug is that four cars are included so that your little one can immediately start driving a car. 

Another City Map play mat

Building stimulates a child's development and creativity. With this play mat with a city map theme it will be very pleasant to play “town”.


This rug can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is made of waterproof polyester and will last a long time.

It can even be used as a cheerful tablecloth during a party and with the matching connection pieces you can expand the city map for even more fun.

This rug will also come in handy outside. Add it to the sandbox and you will see that your little builder will make up a whole story.

Certainly good to combine with this one fun mini excavator and pickup

Best harbor play mat: Discover your city

Finally, it is also fun to play in the harbor.

With this interactive play mat with harbor theme whose roads connect with the rug above your child will have a lot of fun.


They can have fun and exciting adventures with a few friends.

The play mat is in combination with a nice pirate boat or a cool ferry with cars a very nice play world for your child.

An absolute must for a children's party or just an afternoon at home on the living room floor. Ship ahoy!

Stylish giraffe play mat

Children usually like animals. You can't go wrong with a play mat with an animal theme.

If you are one of those parents who appreciate the minimalist, we can do this beautiful large play mat with giraffe recommend.


In our opinion, the play mat has a designer look and exudes tranquility, but is still very childlike.

Choose one of the play mats with your child's favorite animal on it.

We are convinced that your child will enjoy this copy with a giraffe very much. 

It is made of a high-quality and very comfortable material and remains just as beautiful even after a few washes.

The play mat also has a non-slip bottom making it safe for babies who are just crawling (this is when they start!)

This is also a very nice rug to combine with a nice play tent, for extra cosiness and fun!

Colorful animal rug to play on

Another playmat with animals that is also very spacious, but still slightly smaller than the number one, is this Chicco forest theme play mat XXL.


This play mat contains much more color and drawings of happy animals. Every child will certainly be stimulated by it and of course also be happy. 

The play mat is soft and comfortable for the smallest children to lie on, but is also perfect for the slightly older children to romp on. 

The handy thing about this play mat is that it is washable and also foldable.

With the accompanying loops you keep the folded play mat together and you can easily store it without it falling apart. 

Best unicorn play mat: Obsession Lollipop Unicorn

We must not forget the magical favorite animal of many children and especially girls: the Unicorn!

The best unicorn is this one soft rug with a picture of a sweet unicorn.


your little one princess will have hours of fun on this with all her toys and it is a beautiful addition to any nursery. 

The rug is made of high-quality polyester and is therefore colourfast and maintenance-friendly.

This is great since your little ones of course also have a mess on a play mat!

Beautiful pink play mat with butterflies

This is another beautiful piece that looks great in a girls' room pink play mat with a butterfly pattern.


It is a colorful and very comfortable play mat that fits perfectly in any playroom, but also serves as a picnic blanket or when you go camping.

The mat has an anti-slip bottom which makes it stable and lasts a very long time. We think this is a simple, but beautiful play mat. 

Best Jungle Playmat: Blokker

This beautiful one is a slightly more exciting item for the little ones jungle play mat with bow.


This beautiful play mat is perfect for babies and offers them an imaginative world to experience many adventures. There is a fascinating tropical bird hanging from the arches.

Another nice ring tail monkey and your little one imagines himself in a real jungle. 

Play mat storage bag with a beautiful peacock

Is it a rug or a bag? Well no, it is both! This ingenious play mat with storage bag is a round rug that acts as a storage bag after use.


You just pull firmly on the cord around the rug and the rug will roll up like a ball.

No more folding, but quickly pull, tie and you're done tidying up.

The rug also has a detachable shoulder strap that you use of course if you take the storage bag somewhere or hang it up.

This specimen is a beautiful pink with an image of a peacock. Very cute and also very soft.

Best Black & White Play Mat: sweet llama

If you are not very fond of too light colors for a play mat, then the other variant of this storage bag / rug is the perfect choice for you.

This black and white play mat works on the same 'pull and fasten' principle. The only difference is the color version. 

With the light pink color it gives a nice contrast and the sweet llama appeals to every child.

You can furnish each nursery according to the personality of your child or what you actually like.

Sometimes it is with a theme and sometimes it is not. Below are some recommendations for the nursery. 

Best play mat foldable: XL foam with bag

There are different types of play mats that are suitable for indoor use. Our top pick for this category is this pretty big one colorful indoor rug.


The rug is our favorite because it is a multi-purpose rug. You can use it indoors, but also outdoors.

It is also very spacious and easy to tidy up by folding it along the lines and storing it in the supplied bag.

Great play mat for the nursery

If you have more space, you choose a nice big play mat if this.

Large XL Play Mat Rug - Large Baby & Toddler Rug - Animal Rug Boys & Girls - Indoor & Outdoor
(view more images)


It is a dress suitable for both boys and girls and has a general theme.

With this rug you will definitely brighten up any nursery, the figures on it are lively and very colorful. This rug is for the age group 0-5 years. 

Best Playmat Around: Elodie details

If you don't want a theme in the nursery at all, that's possible too!

This graphic round play mat basically fits in any nursery regardless of how old the child is and whether there is a theme present or not.

Elodie Details Playmat Graphic Devotion New
(view more images)


You can easily add this rug to the current interior without disturbing it and still provide little ones with a soft and clean place to play.

Best Anti-slip play mat: Anno 1588

This is another nice round play mat that is also a practical tidy up aid cheerful play mat with anti-slip bottom.

Play mat and toy storage bag in 1 - XL - Play mat with drawstring - Toy storage bag
(view more images)


The anti-slip bottom ensures that your child is safe while playing with toys and stuffed animals. The play mat will not slide and prevents accidents.

After use, just pull the cord and all the toys disappear into the play bag.

Definitely recommended for parents who have little time to tidy up toys at the end of a long day.

Best outdoor play mat: Taf toys water-repellent play mat

You will find the best outdoor play mats here. We have listed very nice recommendations for you!

This is a practical outdoor rug that everyone can use. It is a perfect rug to take with you on a picnic.


The water-repellent material makes this exactly what you are looking for in an outdoor rug.

We chose this one as the best outdoor play mat because it is so versatile.

The rug is spacious enough for you and your child and of course your picnic basket. But it is also ideal for in the garden!

Best water play mat with inflatable edge: L1ght

Is it very hot outside and can the children use some cooling? Then you choose this nice one water play mat with an inflatable edge.


This water play mat provides hours of splashing fun that your child will really enjoy.

Hardly any water goes in, so the little ones are safe in it.

The play mat is easy to connect via the garden tap. Simply connect the hose to the sprinkler and open the tap.

The kids will love the water. Also nice for when you have a garden party and several small children are visiting!

Best puzzle play mat: Foam floor puzzle

Are you looking for a nice foam play mat for outside? this foam floor puzzle a nice option.


It is essentially a puzzle mat that you have to put together. The parts are water-repellent and also very soft for your little one to sit on.

You can also demarcate the puzzle mat with shelves that serve as an edge.

For example, you can play games well within the perimeter without the dice (fun games here) flying in all directions.

Perfect for outdoors, but can also be used indoors. 

Geometric black / white puzzle mat

A play mat can therefore also have a nice puzzle theme! Here are some really nice options with an interactive puzzle aspect.

For a nice effect in the children's corner you can go for this soft one geometric puzzle mat.


This is a nice mat that should be left when the playing time is over.

The geometric design is stylish because of the simple black / white color palette and can be laid in different patterns.

The puzzle mat is made of soft foam, which makes it a nice surface for all kinds of games.

And the pattern is participating, for example teach your children to play drafts by going for a block pattern!

Best play mat with music: Bumba

This interactive play mat is also a great option for an indoor play mat play mat with music.


The rug is good for indoors and will keep every child entertained for hours.

The rug is equipped with a music panel that plays nice music for your little one and also makes sounds when the child walks or dances on the mat.

In our opinion a really nice mat to keep the little ones occupied indoors on a rainy day.

LEGO themed play mat

For the older children who sometimes get bored inside, there is this one nice playmat from LEGO.

Every child loves LEGO and with this play mat your child will undoubtedly have a great time playing. Very suitable for with LEGO cars drive around and make up stories.

PLAYMOBIL indoor play mat

Not a fan of LEGO, this will be play mat from PLAYMOBIL maybe more appealing.


This nice carpet can be combined with all kinds of nice sets from PLAYMOBIL.

For example, this fun Waterpark set, with which your children can enjoy themselves for a few hours. Playing indoors can be fun too! 

A more classic puzzle play mat

A lake traditional puzzle mat definitely belongs, with colorful letters and numbers for educational playtime.


This puzzle mat contains 86 parts and makes a nice large mat once it is puzzle together.

A very nice activity for your little one to start puzzling and certainly nice to be able to play on it afterwards.

Small tip: the parts are many. We recommend that you do not use all parts at once if you do not want to be too overwhelmed with all the puzzle pieces here and there.

What do you pay attention to when purchasing a play mat?

You can have different starting points to choose a play mat from.

You can choose based on your taste or that of your child, but at the same time other factors also play an important role in your final choice. 

Below are some questions you can ask yourself to make the right choice:

  • Who is it for: how old is the child? Is it a boy or a girl?
  • For what purpose: what do you want to do with the play mat? What options are you looking for? Music, toys, road network?
  • Is it safe: what materials have been used? Does it have a non-slip bottom? Are there any small parts that can come loose or parts that can pinch or entangle? Is it comfortable and soft?
  • Where do you use the play mat: is it for outside or inside, or for both?
  • Budget: How much do I want to spend? 
  • Maintenance: is it easy to store and maintain (wash)?

The answers to these questions will go a long way in helping you make the right choice.


What type of play mat should you buy?

If you want to buy something that your baby and toddler will use the most, get them a play mat!

A play mat is a soft mat designed and made for small children to play on.

They can sit, stand, sleep and play comfortably on such mats without having to sit on the cold and hard floor.

  • Explore all your needs: The first thing to do before selecting a type of play mat is to identify your needs. Make a list of the things you want so you can buy a mat with all the features you need. For example, do you want a pink mat or a blue colored one? Also add the little details to your list.
  • View the mat according to your child's age: You need a play mat that meets your baby's needs; so choose one according to its age. If he's a toddler, get something lighter or something he can play with a little more than just sitting on, like a puzzle mat. If he is older than 5 years, then let him choose his own playmat.
  • Read about the quality of the mat you are considering buying: You should keep an eye on what people have written about the quality of the mat. If most parents are satisfied with the quality of a particular play mat, buy it for your little one. Always check the reviews.
  • Measure the area in your home where you want to place the play mat: When buying a particular type of play mat, make sure to measure the space in your room. You can't buy a large play mat if you have a small room, no matter how nice it may look. Don't let your child's play mat make your house look too crowded; buy a more compact model for a small room.
  • Buy something that your child can use for a long time: You should focus on buying a mat that will keep your baby or your child occupied so that you can get some free time for yourself. This is one of the goals of buying a play mat for your child. For example, if your child goes to kindergarten, he can read letters printed on the playmat he is playing on.
  • Make sure the mat has a soft surface: It doesn't matter whether you buy a flat play mat, a puzzle mat or a foam play mat; all that matters is that it has a soft and smooth surface so that your child is protected from bumps if he falls on it.
  • If you have a baby, buy a mat with hanging toys to keep him occupied: There are a few play mats to which hanging toys are attached; this toy will keep your baby occupied for a long time. He continues to play with them and also falls asleep by staring at the beautiful colors and figures. Such toys not only relax his mind, but also give you some free time to do the other chores.
  • There are mats in the form of puzzles: Some play mats are available in different puzzle shapes. If you want your child to further develop his intelligence, such a play mat can help him with that. Such play mats are also aimed at developing your child's motor skills as he has to detach and attach the pieces of the puzzles.

Can a baby sleep on a play mat for a while?

Is it okay to let a baby under 6 months sleep on the floor during a visit?

For example, when you visit his grandparents and he needs a nap, can you put him on a play mat so he can sleep on it for a few hours?  

It is recommended that the ideal place for a baby to sleep is a secure crib, on a secure mattress, with secure bedding in a secure place to sleep, both during the day and at night.

Understandably, there are times when the baby cannot be placed in a cot for sleeping.

In these cases it is important to ensure that the sleeping environment used is safe.

A safe sleeping environment means that all possible dangers are removed and the baby sleeps in a safe place.

It is not safe to have a baby:

  • Leave unattended on an adult bed or bunk bed
  • sleeping on a waterbed
  • on a beanbag (like this one!) to let sleep
  • sleeping alone on a sofa or pillow
  • sleeping on a sofa or chair with a sleeping adult or child

It is also not recommended that the baby fall asleep on a play mat as this material is designed to be played on while the baby is awake and actively supervised.

Play mats can look like soft linens (Soft linens include pillows, comforters, comforters, soft toys, and bumpers.)

Soft bedding can cover the baby's face and cause breathing and / or overheating.

It is also very important to consider the safety of the environment when the baby is rolling.

Make sure to remove any soft, padded items that the baby could roll into or cover the head and / or face.

Question and answer

How does a play mat help a child's development?

Well-designed playmats encourage children to develop fine motor skills, develop visual development and hand-eye coordination. They also sometimes include lively floorboards designed to stimulate children's logic, reasoning and motor skills. children learn letters, Numbersrecognize animals, shapes and colours.

From what age do children use play mats?

Most baby gyms or play mats are safe to use from birth, as your baby's vision develops, toys, colors, textures and shapes will become more apparent and the way they play and touch toys will evolve.

Are Foam Rubber Play Mats Safe For Babies?

After researching EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam, it is widely considered a safe material for use in baby mats and toys. While there is some potential for formamide exposure, these risks are negligible and probably not a problem.


We hope that we have already given you an idea of ​​the different types of play mats that are on the market with our preferred list.

And if you have already made your choice here for the best play mat for your child, then we absolutely love it!

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