Best Retro Wooden Toys Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 11

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Best retro wooden toy brands

Best retro wooden toys: New Classic Toys

Nice retro wooden play kitchen

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This wooden kitchen set is a recipe for fun!

There is also a sink with built-in storage space at the bottom to keep pots, pans and other essential kitchen utensils.

It's great for smaller spaces and recommended for ages three and up, little cooks will love it.

In any case, New Classic Toys has quite a few nice toys, a lot of wood and I think that's the approach, making new classics. So they are also products of quality.

But in terms of price it is not too bad. We have done a lot of research into play kitchens with what the possibilities are and buttons are of course great fun for children.

That is why we wanted to include a play kitchen with buttons. 

You also have differences between rotary knobs, which is found on many kitchens. Some that turn loose and some that you can turn with a real click sound and feel, and this one from New Classic Toys has that also with the oven.

Play kitchen of wood with light, sound & knobs

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That really gives the feeling that you are setting something up.

Toy reviews & comparisons
Toy reviews & comparisons

The only pity I found that the button at the top of the microwave is not made that way and that it just keeps rotating. 

The color setting of this kitchen is very nice with soft colors and looks good in your interior. Despite being small, it is of course a toy that will be in plain sight.

And you can also play with what's included:

  • you get a pan to fry your things
  • and one for cooking things
  • sturdy metal sink
  • ladle and spatulas
  • dishcloth
  • oven mitt
  • salt and pepper
  • signs

You can press the buttons and then the light of the stove will go on so that also gives a more real feeling of cooking, and if you press it again it stays on and it also gives a cooking sound.

Furthermore, there is a sturdy metal bowl as a sink and our son really enjoyed helping with the dishes. He wanted to do that in real life too.

Food is not included, but I would advise to buy nice wooden cutting vegetables and fruit and bread and the like, because that makes the game much more fun.

You can then cut it open because it has Velcro. You cut it with the knife, so that is also great fun to do.

The blade is also made of wood and is slightly tapered to make it easier to cut through

The oven can be closed and you can store everything there and you can turn the knobs to set everything for your fantasy baking, and you can also neatly put the dishes that have been washed away in the drying rack at the top.

It all looks very neat and it is quite a large play kitchen with everything you need to let your little one come up with his own game.

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We have a lot more play kitchens reviewed in this earlier article, with a lot of wooden choices in it too.

Some New Classic Toys background

New Classic Toys was founded in the Netherlands in 1991 and stands for quality and educational toys.

They have a wide collection and the toys are also durable and attractive, made of honest materials.

They offer toys that appeal to the imagination. All products meet the safety requirements of the EN-71 standard.

One of the highlights in the collection of this brand is the port series: a series of wooden boats, cranes and trucks around the theme 'The Containerhaven'. The series was developed in collaboration with the designers of Goochem Dutch Design.

New Classic Toys creates authentic wooden toys in European style. Manufactured to high standards of quality and durability, the products encourage children to learn to build, stack and imitate through play.

Most outspoken wooden brand: Candylab Toys

Most outspoken wooden toys Candylab toys

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Candylab toys makes beautiful wooden toys that is inspired by the glamorous America of the 60s and modern design.

The brand's wooden toys are of A-quality, or as Candylab says of 'heirloom quality'.

The brand has a unique range of solid wooden toy vehicles with a sophisticated design. Honest and beautiful toys that allow children's imagination to go their own way.

The company is based in Brooklyn and the toy collection ranges from classic American cars to typical American buildings, including typical motels, beach towers and buildings with large neon signs.

The toys are wonderful for young and old. The young audience praises the products, while the adults like to collect and display the wooden toys.

The wooden Candy cars are designed with clean lines and elements of iconic models from the past. When designing the Candy car, a lot of attention has been paid to the details and it is easy to recognize.

De Candylab Toys Woodie is a true classic.

You can even click a surfboard on the roof and hook the Candylab camper to the Woodie via the magnetic towbar.

The cars are sturdy and last a very long time. Furthermore, you can easily combine Candylab toys with other types of toys, including Playmobil.

The brand also cares a lot about our planet, which is why they try to avoid plastic as much as possible. The beech wood for their production comes from North American well-managed forests.

They try to keep the ecological footprint of their products as small as possible.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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