Best swimming pool tile underlay for under your bath | Extensive review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  September 25, 2020

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Do you have an inflatable pool at home? Then it is not simply a matter of setting up the bath properly.

Because before you start, something much more important must first be done, namely choosing an underlay for under your bath.

If you are going to lay pool tiles, you should therefore lay an underlay to protect the bottom of your pool.

Swimming pool tiles as subfloor

In addition, it naturally also protects our feet, and especially those of our children.

The advantage of swimming pool tiles compared to a ground cloth is that tiles provide a soft surface. Swimming pool tiles are also mold resistant and you will be able to use them for years to come.

The tiles are infinitely expandable and in many cases come in sets of, for example, 5 or 6. The thicker the tiles, the more comfortable.

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The best I have found for an outdoor inflatable pool in your yard, for example if you want to put it on grass or on tiles are this one from DirectSupply.

A very good rating on, nice and sturdy and even thick enough to use for your washing machine so that it no longer vibrates or shifts.

But there are many more models that may be more useful in different situations. You can find them in the table below, divided into various categories:

Swimming pool tiles Images
Top rated tiles: DirectSupply Foam Top rated tiles: DirectSupply Foam

(view more images)

Extra thick non-slip pool tiles: UBT subfloor Extra thick pool tiles: UBT subfloor

(view more images)

Extra thin rubber pool tiles: Didak Pool Floor tiles Extra thin pool tiles: Didak Pool Floor tiles

(view more images)

Best pool tiles wood: Gorilla Sports Gym Floor Protection Mats Wood Look Best Pool Tiles Wood: Gorilla Sports Gym Floor Protection Mats Wood Look

(view more images)

What thickness of pool tiles should you buy?

This depends a bit on which surface you are going to set up the pool on. If you want to put it on the stones in the backyard, thicker pool tiles are wise.

If the pool is set up on the grass, you can do fine with thinner tiles, or even without tiles. Then consider a groundsheet.

Best pool tiles rated

Top rated tiles: DirectSupply Foam

Top rated tiles: DirectSupply Foam

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Curious which pool tiles have been rated well by customers who preceded you?

See for example the DirectSupply Swimming Pool Tiles.

These mats are water resistant, easy to clean and easy to install.

They are also reusable and help against water damage to grass or tiles. With these tiles you will ensure a robust separation between your swimming pool and the surface.

Customers state that the tiles are the right size, are easy to lay and that they are of good quality. They are soft, yet sturdy.

The Pool tiles - Set of 8 pieces has also received good reviews.

These tiles are made of durable polyethylene and you will enjoy them for a long time. You can, thanks to the puzzle patterns, lay the desired shape yourself. Very easy!

You get a set of eight pieces with dimensions of 50 x 50 x 2. Suitable for partially built-in swimming pool, built-in swimming pool and surface-mounted swimming pool.

Also perfect for a swimming pool with steel wall, frame, free standing, polystyrene and whirlpool.

These foam tiles feel wonderfully soft on your feet and, like all other previously mentioned tiles, are easy to attach to each other thanks to the puzzle pattern.

View all reviews here

Extra thick anti-slip pool tiles: UBT subfloor

Extra thick pool tiles: UBT subfloor

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If you are looking for extra thick pool tiles, take a look at the Pool Tiles - 4 + 2 FREE - Extra Thick from UBT. With these tiles, your swimming pool will stay clean and will not just leak.

Besides under the pool, you can also place the tiles around the pool. Children can walk around the pool safely.

In addition, the water will become dirty less quickly, because the dirt will remain on the mats.

The tiles are made of soft Eva foam and are placed in a puzzle shape. The size of each tile is 40 x 40 xc with a total surface of approximately 1 m2.

With one set you get six tiles with a gray color.

The strong floor protection set protects your pool floor better than ever. The thick mats even compensate for irregularities.

The pool tiles also prevent slipping. So you can safely climb in and out of the pool with wet feet. With these mats, the pool also always remains level.

View them here at

Extra thin rubber swimming pool tiles: Didak Pool Floor tiles

Extra thin pool tiles: Didak Pool Floor tiles

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These Didak Pool Floor Tiles are slightly thinner and have a neutral gray color.

The nice thing about the neutral color is that these tiles can also be used in other places in the house when the pool is not inflated.

With the set you get 8 tiles, with which you can cover an area of ​​2 square meters. Due to the ribbed top, these tiles are also anti-slip.

Later in the article we will explain how to calculate how many tiles you need to optimally protect your pool (and your family).

Check the most current prices and availability here

Best Pool Tiles Wood: Gorilla Sports Gym Floor Protection Mats Wood Look

Best Pool Tiles Wood: Gorilla Sports Gym Floor Protection Mats Wood Look

(view more images)

The Gym Floor Protection Mats Wood Look are indeed not made of real wood, but they do look like that. This may be preferable if you want to go for a neutral look for the floor under the pool.

The 8 mats in the package are made of soft foam and are easy to assemble via a puzzle system. You can also easily expand them by using a second or third set.

The mats can also be used for sports, or for working in the garden, for example. They will of course also look great in it your child's playhouse!

Check availability here

Why buy swimming pool tiles?

If you have a pool, it is always recommended to buy tiles for underneath, although it is not required.

But why exactly?

We will give you three good reasons to use pool tiles in your pool.

It feels more pleasant than garden tiles

You can buy different types of pool tiles. You can go for soft tiles, but you can also opt for underlay tiles that mimic grass.

In any case, it is better to choose underlay instead of garden tiles.

Imagine that there are sharp edges on the garden tiles; then it can be a painful experience!

With under tiles you do not have the problem of sharp edges.

Optimal protection

Of course you want to have 100% fun with your swimming pool, and that includes getting in and out of the pool without any problems.

If you buy a swimming pool from a certain brand, you can order the under tiles of the same brand. For example, if you have bought a Bestway swimming pool, you can also order pool tiles from the same brand.

Of course you can also buy them from another brand, because swimming pool tiles are universal and can be used for any swimming pool.

With pool tiles, your pool is perfectly protected against damage.

The pool will also not be punctured by sharp particles from the ground.

Get in and out of the pool safely

Pool tiles usually don't get slippery and are much more flexible than garden tiles. This way you prevent nasty accidents.

Pool tiles are especially ideal for children when they run enthusiastically over the mat to jump into the pool. Should they accidentally fall or slip, the fall will be well absorbed thanks to the pool tiles.

Falls thus become much less painful and the children will be less likely to sustain wounds.

Always make sure that children swim safely! Here we have listed the best swimming armbands for you.

Frequently asked questions about pool tiles

How do you lay tiles under a swimming pool?

It's as easy as it looks!

It is simply a matter of connecting the puzzle pieces together.

Take the size of the pool into account, so that the pool will of course fit on the subfloor you have just installed.

Check in advance how many tiles you need and how many sets you have to buy. It is nice if you also put the tiles around the pool.

We have examined various swimming pool tiles and picked the best ones.

How do you choose the surface?

Before you start laying the tiles and the pool, you determine the surface.

This is an indispensable step in the process. Regardless of the size of your pool, determining the substrate is the first successful step in setting up or assembling the pool.

If you choose the wrong surface, it can cause damage.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the substrate:

If you have taken all these points into account, you choose the right surface and then look for the right pool tiles.

Alternatives to pool tiles

There are various types of underlays for swimming pools.

Some people opt for a groundsheet, others for an underlay. You can also opt for artificial grass and foam tiles.

The type of subfloor must be selected based on the subfloor: grass, earth, gravel, sand, or pavement.

In general, the best solutions are rubber play tiles or a wooden deck. It not only looks good, these materials are also very suitable for placing a swimming pool.

With a wooden deck your pool will stand straight. You will also never suffer from sand or other dirt.

Can a swimming pool stand on grass?

Yes, you can put your pool on real grass. However, this cannot be longer than a few days.

If you do leave the pool on the grass for more than a few days, chances are that the grass under the pool will not survive.

You could possibly restore this again, but you will almost always keep seeing where the pool was.

If you want to put your pool on grass, it is recommended to lay a ground cloth. This way you protect your pool against sharp things that can be in the bottom.

How many pool tiles do I need?

Now assume that you have a swimming pool of 2 by 2 meters.

To calculate the number of pool tiles required, do the following:

You need 2 tiles per strip of 5 meters (in case 1 tile has a length of 40 cm: 200 cm / 40 cm = 5 pieces). Five of these strips next to each other makes 5 × 5 = 25 tiles.

Suppose there are six tiles in one package, then you need at least 5 packages.

It is always recommended to order some extra tiles, in order to create a beautiful edge around the pool.


As you have read, swimming pool tiles are indispensable if you have or are going to buy a swimming pool.

Swimming pool tiles not only protect your pool against cracks, but also your whole family against unsightly falls.

Choose the right pool tiles for the surface on which your pool will be placed, and you will enjoy your pool for years to come!

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