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Best tips to let your child lose his energy | 13 top ideas

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Are your children sometimes overflowing with energy? Then this article is for you!

Especially now with the Corona crisis it is becoming more and more difficult for children to discharge their energy in a decent or 'old-fashioned' way.

Your child is allowed to play outside, because outside air is healthy, but social contacts must of course be limited as much as possible. So kids nowadays spend a lot more time indoors.

Girl runs on the grass full of energy

But busy kids who have to stay indoors can quickly lead to a major disaster!

From gym together at home and various games with balloons to table tennis, children's yoga and building a tent. Besides physical games, I also thought about other activities such as mind games and cooking or baking.

If your little one is so energetic and you sometimes no longer know where to look, then I may be able to do you a great favor with this 'large, comprehensive guide' full of games and tips!

In this article I will focus on games where there is no computer, children's tablet, PlayStation or other type of device.

Nice old-fashioned play and exercise, that's what we want! From physical games to mind games, for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Gym together at home

A perfect way to let kids get rid of their energy is to naturally keep them active. Sports is an ideal solution.

I give you some examples of exercises that you can safely do with your kids:

  • Shelves (who can stand in the shelf position the longest?)
  • Burpees (who can do the most burpees in, say, 30 seconds?)
  • Abdominal exercises, such as crunches
  • Jump (long jump, 1 leg jump, back jump, high jump)
  • Climbing stairs

As sports have become increasingly difficult nowadays due to the Corona crisis, more and more people are trying to get motivated to keep moving at home.

But why not do exercises with the family? Put on some nice music and go gym together!

By the way, if you are not familiar with a burpee, this is how it works:

Games with balloons

We all know that balloons have a magical effect on children. They can often play with it for hours.

But playing with balloons becomes even more fun when you turn it into a game and add rules!

It is a bonus if the games are also good for motor skills and dexterity, and that children can of course use them all their energy.

Get a pack of balloons ( in the house (and maybe an inflation pump ( and get started!

Balloon game 1: The balloon must not touch the ground

You can make this first game a bit more challenging by adding other rules, such as: you can only hold the ball with your feet up, or only with your head.

Balloon game 2: Travel with a balloon between the knees

With the second game you need a little more (space). You should plan a small trail, for example with cans, plastic bottles and furniture.

The child completes the course with a balloon between the knees. Is the balloon falling? Then your child has to go back to the beginning.

Balloon game 3: High jump

Hang a balloon high so the child has to jump to touch it. Challenge your child to touch the balloon as often as possible within a minute.

The child immediately works on his / her strength, cardio and endurance!

You can play with balloons both indoors and outdoors, but any wind must be taken outside.

As you can see, these types of games can be very simple but have a big, positive effect on children.

Ping pong with cup

For this game you need two (plastic) cups and a (ping pong) ball.

Ping pong game 1: Throw and catch

Stand opposite each other and throw the ball at each other and always collect it in the cup.

Ping pong game 2: Water pong

Stand with your playmate at one end of the table each with a cup half full of water in front of you.

Now try to throw the ping-pong ball into the cup together. You can expand this game by placing multiple cups.

The great thing about these games is that it also stimulates hand-eye coordination. So play and learn at the same time!

'I'm going on vacation and taking…'

To let your child lose his or her energy, you don't always have to think about 100% physical games. Mind games can also make a child feel calmer by concentrating on the task.

You probably know the game 'I'm going on vacation and taking….' In this game you have to name again and again what the predecessor said and add a new object to the list.

To put a different spin on the game and make it more challenging, I suggest doing the game exclusively with movements.

For example, the first player makes a jump, the second adds a clap, the third does a jump, claps, and a bow, and so on.

This game puts both your body and your memory to the test. Be creative and have fun together!


You will probably think: life is always one big quest for me! Because how often in a day do you shout “Where are my keys”? Or to stay in the theme… “Where is my mask”?

Loading ...

Either way, a scavenger hunt is always a success for children.

A scavenger hunt does not only have to be done outside, with a little imagination you can also set up an exciting scavenger hunt indoors.

Scavenger Hunt 1: Find the puzzle pieces

Do you still have a puzzle at home? Then hide all the pieces around the house!

Whenever your child has found a puzzle piece, he or she must place it in the right place in the puzzle, after which he or she can start looking for the next puzzle piece.

Scavenger Hunt 2: ABC Scavenger Hunt

The ABC quest is for your children to collect objects from the house that start with the letters of the alphabet. For example a Dish Brush, a Barbie, a Calculator ... etc.

Let your kids store their belongings neatly after playing.

Instead of collecting the objects, you can also choose to have them take a picture of the found objects. Who is the fastest !?

Scavenger Hunt 3: Photo Scavenger Hunt

If you have time and feel like doing some preparations (not that crazy!), Here's another nice idea: take detailed pictures of the inside, for example a piece of a chair, part of a door handle, something in the toilet. .

And then let your kids look for these objects!

Of course it is always possible to set up a scavenger hunt for your child (ren) outside.

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Bake or cook together

If you are done with all those games, it might be a nice idea to bake or cook with your children.

For example, try out new recipes, bake tasty cookies or prepare a delicious dinner together. Children always love it great for cooking.

Okay, it might take some patience in the kitchen, but with a little effort, the end result should be there!

Of course you can always turn it into a challenge or game: who bakes the most beautiful cakes or the craziest cookies?

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Build a tent

Which child does not like building a tent? Cozy up in the living room or just in the bedroom.

Use a table and chairs and large blankets or tablecloths to make the cabin. Children will be happy with this for a while.

Then let the kids camp in their new tent! They can rest there with a cup of tea and biscuits.

Put some soft pillows and possibly mattresses and a flashlight, and your children can even spend the night in it if they want (and if you agree).

Make it beautiful with these 12 best play tents rated for indoor, outdoor & all ages

Conduct tests and experiments

Conducting experiments and experiments is a great way to keep your kids busy. The good thing is that you don't need any expensive or specific items for it.

And psst .. I'm sure mom and dad will enjoy it just as much as the kids themselves.

Children are curious and born scientists. By trying things out, they learn how the world works.

Here are examples of a number of instructive experiments:

Dyeing flowers

Pour water into a vase and add food coloring. Take a white flower and cut the stem about 15 cm at the bottom. Now put the flower in the colored water and wait.

Over time you will notice that the petals have discolored!

You can explain to your child that the flower absorbs the water and transports it to the calyx and petals. The water then evaporates in the leaves, but the dye remains.

Cola fountain

Put some Mentos candies (no more than five) in a bottle of Coke, stand back and see what happens.

Pay attention! Do not do this at home, unless you want to mop all afternoon!

It's a small experiment, but with spectacular results.

The explanation is the following: cola contains carbon dioxide, which causes sting. This gas slowly escapes when you take the cap off the bottle, but Mentos speeds up this process. This suddenly creates a cola fountain!

Egg in water (with or without salt)

Lower an egg into a glass of water. Does it float or sink? Now add salt (in the water); what happens in this case?

In the first case, the egg will sink to the bottom. If you add salt (6 tablespoons to half a glass of water), the egg will float.

This experiment teaches your child something about 'density'; salt water is denser than regular tap water. The denser the liquid, the easier an object will float in it.

Rainbow on paper through water

Fill a tall glass with water. Now keep a piece of paper behind it and let the sun shine through the water on the paper. You should see a rainbow appear.

You can hold the glass at different angles and heights to discover what is changing.

Explanation: sunlight contains all the colors of the rainbow, but you normally don't see them because you see them all at the same time. This is called 'white light'.

Water can 'break' the colors from the sunlight, so that you suddenly see those beautiful colors. The same happens with a rainbow in the sky: it requires water.

Here you can see even more ways to make a rainbow:

Children's yoga

Instead of letting children be active, you can also choose to have your child do yoga.

Yoga has a calming effect, and children's yoga can help your child to lose his or her energy and to relax completely.

Children's yoga can be a combination of active movement, concentration and meditation. Breathing exercises also play a major role.

Busy and energetic children often have difficulty relaxing. By making your child aware of his or her body and breathing, they can learn this.

Yoga also teaches children to take more control over their bodies. They will because of this sleep better at night and be less restless.

It is nice to do this together, also good for your well-being!

This video provides inspiration for yoga positions for children, using animals:

Musical chairs

That good old musical chairs! Who doesn't know it? You as a parent probably do, but many children of our time have not necessarily grown up with this game.

Just as a reminder: how does musical musical chairs work again?

Place an x ​​number of chairs. This is always one seat less than the number of kids participating. Place the chairs in a circle or rectangle, with the backs turned towards each other.

You now turn on the music and the children walk, dance, or run around the chairs. The moment the music stops, they should sit down as soon as possible.

For example, someone keeps dropping out and a chair is removed every lap. Whoever sits in the last seat has won!

Dancing is good for motor development, and by playing musical chairs, a child learns to deal with profit and loss. Furthermore, a child learns to listen carefully and to remain alert.

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Island tag

This game is for the outdoors, and all you need is a little space (a tiled ground) and sidewalk chalk.

Draw a circle with sidewalk chalk. This circle must be large enough to allow someone to stand with both feet in it. This is the island.

When you are on the island, you are free and you may not be tagged by the ticker. If the ticker no longer chases you, you have to get off the island.

This game will keep a child moving and have the opportunity to interact with others.

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Bottle football

Do you have a safe place in front of your house (or in the garden) where your kids can play undisturbed? Then bottle football is always a nice option.

For this activity you will need plastic soda bottles that you fill with water. Everyone puts their own bottle on the floor (without cap), and if you are with a group, you can, for example, stand in a circle.

You are supposed to kick someone else's bottle with the ball. When a bottle falls over, its owner must put it back upright as soon as possible.

The person whose bottle is the last to still contain water wins!

This game is of course ideal in good weather. What are the benefits of this game for development? Since it is a competition, children will learn to deal with winnings and losses.

In addition, there will be teamwork and cooperation or agree together how you can achieve a certain goal.

Table tennis

Table tennis is a game that you don't necessarily have to play in pairs. You can also play it with four or even eight children at the same time! It is useful that you have a large table.

Divide the table in half with a piece of string, or one just like you have one. The intention is that the ball is always hit over the line.

You earn a point if your opponent cannot return the ball or does not hit the line / net. Whoever first scores x number of points wins.

You can also play the game in the following way: the first child hits the ball to the other side and then quickly runs to that same side of the table to continue playing. Do you miss the ball? Then you're done.

Table tennis is good for hand-eye coordination. Because there is also a win element, children also learn to deal with profit and loss.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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