Best toy construction site | Top 4 sets for the little construction fanatic

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 18, 2021

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For our little construction heroes, building toys are of course the most beautiful thing there is.

We've come across construction-related toys before - such as individual excavators or cranes - but how cool are complete construction site sets?

I did some research and found some great construction site toy sets for you that I thought were worth discussing!

Best toy construction site

To get straight to the point, I would like to show you the fantastic one first LEGO City Construction Bulldozer see.

At the time of writing, this toy set has received a 4,8 / 5 on more than 2.200 (!) Reviews! This means that the toy has been very popular with buyers.

The fascinating LEGO City bulldozer set contains many different parts to introduce a child to the world of the strong and tough construction workers!

From cement mixers to a working loading shovel and a toy crane with a wrecking ball: a child will learn exactly how construction work is done with these toys.

Toy reviews & comparisons video

In the table below you will find an overview of my favorite toy construction site sets, and below the table you can find all the details of these sets so that you can ultimately make an informed choice.

Best toy construction siteImages
Best toy construction site for 2+ years: DUPLO Demolition ball Demolition works 10932Best toy construction site of DUPLO- DUPLO Demolition ball Demolition works
(view more images)
Best toy construction site for 4+ years: LEGO City Construction Bulldozer 60252Best toy construction site of Lego LEGO City Construction Bulldozer
(view more images)
Best toy construction site for 5+ years: PLAYMOBIL City Action Mini excavator 70443Best excavator set PLAYMOBIL City Action Mini 70443
(view more images)
Best toy construction site with kinetic sand: Kinetic Sand Construction siteBest toy construction site with kinetic sand- Kinetic Sand Construction site
(view more images)
Best Wooden Toy Construction Site: KidKraft train track setBest Wooden Toy Construction Site- KidKraft Train Track Set
(view more images)

Why are construction site and construction toys so much fun for children?

I myself am a big believer in construction and construction site toys.

Children can not only express their imagination in this, It is also good for fine motor skills and teach children how to work on a construction site or other real-life situations.

A child is stimulated to think creatively and will enjoy playing for hours.

The nice thing about these types of sets is that you first have to build your own toys before you can play with them. That makes playing even more interesting!

I've looked at construction toys before. Find 20x construction toys reviewed here | Building toys 1 to 7 years

Best toy construction sites rated

There are several toy brands that offer complete construction site toy sets, including Lego, Duplo and Playmobil.

You can read more about these brands later in the article. First of all, I would like to present you my favorite construction site toy sets!

Best toy construction site for 2+ years: DUPLO Wrecking Ball Demolition Works 10932

Best toy construction site of DUPLO- DUPLO Demolition ball Demolition works

(view more images)

Looking for educational construction toys or a construction site toy set for your little builder? Nobody is too young to build!

That's why LEGO has designed the DUPLO series especially for the smaller kids, which also gives toddlers the opportunity to develop and have fun!

LEGO DUPLO is generally suitable for children between 1,5 and 4 years.

This construction set includes an adjustable crane, a dump truck, a bulldozer with heavy tracks and an opening cab, a house and accessories such as boulders and traffic signs.

Check out how much fun playing with this set will be:

With the help of the wrecking ball, kids can tear down the house, then sweep the 'junk' clean with the bulldozer and then with the truck (always fun toys) bring building materials to rebuild the house.

Except the fine motor skills, toddlers develop cognitive skills with these toys and strengthen their social and emotional intelligence.

Thanks to the three minifigures in the form of construction workers, they can think up and act out entire scenes and stories.

The play set is suitable for toddlers from 2 years old.

Check the latest prices here

Best toy construction site for 4+ years: LEGO City Construction Bulldozer 60252

Best toy construction site of Lego LEGO City Construction Bulldozer

(view more images)

I quickly introduced you to this fantastic building set in the introduction. I will now go a little deeper into the details of the toy.

This exciting LEGO City bulldozer set is designed for kids to be creative and simulate independent play, so they learn about real-life situations.

The construction site playset includes a bulldozer with working loader, cement mixer, toy crane with wrecking ball, XNUMX role-play minifigures and more.

With this building set, kids are even able to cordon off the construction site with a sign and the traffic cones, just like real construction workers do!

Have your child swing the wrecking ball to knock down the wall or scoop up rocks with the bulldozer. You can even run the cement mixer and a lot more activities.

See everything in action here:

The perfect set to teach your child the art of building with LEGO bricks in a fun way and to get carried away in the world of construction.

Thanks to the simple building manual, your child can start with a lot of confidence and develop his or her building skills.

The toy is suitable for children from 4 years old and consists of 126 parts. At a fairly young age, children can enjoy themselves with a beautiful LEGO building set.

For generations, LEGO has been a toy brand loved by young and old. The building blocks always look cheerful because of the many colors and are indestructible!

Check prices and availability here

Make it all more real through your child to give toy building materials!

Best toy construction site for 5+ years: PLAYMOBIL City Action Mini excavator

Playmobil city action 70443

(view more images)

The unique play system from PLAYMOBIL stimulates imagination and creativity.

Children can fully indulge themselves in various role-plays and can thus act out real-life situations or even invent their own world.

Is your little one a diligent construction worker !? Or does he or she want to become one? Then the PLAYMOBIL mini excavator with construction site might be a wonderful gift!

In addition to the mini excavator, this set includes a house module, an architect minifigure, a construction worker and accessories to recreate real-life construction-related situations in detail.

De excavator has a folding cab and a 360° rotatable digging arm. Here you can see it in action:

The particles are tailored to children's hands; they have a pleasant feel and rounded edges so that the toy can always be played safely.

With this set you can be sure that you will get high-quality toys with a robust design. Thanks to the manual, mom and dad can help to build the set.

In total, the set consists of 117 parts and the toy is designed for children from 5 years.

An example of a situation that can be reenacted with this set is the following: with the mini excavator, the construction worker digs the stones out of the ground.

Then the channel pipes are placed in the foundation, followed by the bottom plates.

The architect carefully checks every step that is taken. The architect also measures all walls with the protractor; the house must of course be safe and straight.

This house will be a masterpiece !!

The set really has a lot of cool accessories.

Check the latest prices here

Best toy construction site with kinetic sand: Kinetic Sand Construction site

Best toy construction site with kinetic sand- Kinetic Sand Construction site

(view more images)

But wait ... What is a construction site without sand?

With this construction site from the brand Kinetic Sand you get a suitcase full of kinetic sand, a crane with shredding ball and sand bucket, a brick platform, a dumper truck with shape and an instruction sheet!

Kinetic sand is moldable and magical sand. It flows nicely through your hands and does not dry out, so you can play with it again and again.

With the help of the crane and two attachments, your little one is able to dig and build. With the sand bucket you can dig up, move and shape the kinetic sand, then demolish it with the shredding ball.

This little boy can't get enough of his set:

The dumper truck has working wheels and a 3-stone mold at the back. For example, you can dump bricks for building walls.

The kinetic sand is actually addictive, but if your child gets tired of it at some point, just close the 'sandbox' with all the accessories in the suitcase.

The toy is intended for children aged 3 years or older. Last but not least: the kinetic sand is natural and wheat, gluten and casein free!

Check prices and availability here

Best Wooden Toy Construction Site: KidKraft Train Track Set

Best Wooden Toy Construction Site- KidKraft Train Track Set

(view more images)

Wooden toys is becoming increasingly popular because people are increasingly trying to take the environment and sustainability into account.

Wooden toys can take a beating and will last a lifetime. The only downside to wooden toys, however, is that they are often slightly more expensive than plastic toys.

On the other hand, you can enjoy it for a long time and you can even pass it on from generation to generation!

With this toy set you build your own city and construction site!

The set includes 61 train tracks and urban landscape pieces, all in a handy bucket:

The wooden train track is long, so that it can be played with several children at the same time.

You can run the magnetic train underneath a construction site. Then drive the truck to the quarry where a wooden bulldozer is waiting to do the necessary chores.

A working crane hoists the cargo up and down next to the steep trestle slope. The vehicles can drive up and down between trees, traffic signs and hard-working (wooden) construction workers!

Is your little one done playing? Then everything can be neatly stored in the accompanying bucket.

The parts are designed with great detail; each item is made of and carved from high-quality and robust wood.

The industrial details of this toy set will tickle every child's imagination.

The set is firmly put together and the toy is suitable for children from 3 years old.

Check prices and availability here


Is your child crazy about construction sites and do you think a single construction vehicle will not be enough? Then there are a lot of nice complete construction packages that can turn it into a whole building party in one go!

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