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Vtech Kidi Superstar: Best Toy Microphone By Stand Reviewed

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I've written about it once before the best toy microphones for kids, but there was so much demand for specific research into the best on a standard that I have now included it here.

How come when you're singing in the shower, you suddenly can as well to sing as Rihanna, at least it seems so!

Singing in the shower is one thing, but singing while standing in front of your own microphone on a stand is the next challenge!

There is something magical about singing. Just about every child is going to like it at some point.

Some of us lose love a little bit after that while it sticks with others.

Every culture in the world has folk music and songs. Music is like laughter: it is universal.

Even small children can sing. Why not get your toddler started early with a karaoke microphone set?

Your child probably won't be the next Ed Sheeran, but by giving them the best mic for kids, you open up a whole new world to them.

Finding the right kids microphone isn't easy, that's why you'll love this review.

That is why I took another look at the best microphones on a stand.

My absolute favorite kids mic on a stand is this one from Vtech. It can be very easily adjusted to different heights and can itself be folded so far that it can be placed on the table.

Product image
Toy score
Best for
  • Lots of fun songs
  • Stand makes singing easy
Less good
  • Sound quality was a bit disappointing

There aren't many who can do that and together with the nice vocal functions this makes it my top picks at the moment.

With this type of microphones there are a number of extra things to be aware of. You should look at:

  • is the stand sturdy enough?
  • is the stand adjustable in height?
  • can the microphone also be taken off the stand or not?

Let's take a quick look at the best choices:

Best Toy Microphone on Stand: Vtech Kidi Superstar DJ Studio

The Kidi Super Star gives children who love music the opportunity to sing and play.

The “Music Magic” button decreases the volume of the vocals so that children can sing to the music and even record their own voices.

VTech Kidi Superstar Lightshow Pink - Karaoke set

This toy is only available in bright pink and purple, and we really hope this doesn't put off boys, as boys between the ages of 5 and 8 can also really enjoy playing with the Kidi Super Star.

You can sing and record with just your voice (maximum 4 minutes), there are musical games to play and a glowing light to create a disco atmosphere.

The karaoke machine comes with a plastic stand, which is easy to assemble.

I found it a bit long again, but you can remove a tube to adjust the height. Most children also often use the microphone separately from the stand.

It's really easy to operate, with a dial to change options, but unfortunately doesn't have a touchscreen like the VTech Smartwatch.

The device requires 4 AA batteries (demonstration batteries are included).

You can also use an AC / DC connection, but VTech recommends using an official VTech AC / DC 7.5V 400mA adapter and removing the batteries when using it.

Music magic

You can play external music on the Kidi Super Star using the included 3,5mm jack.

We tested it with our old fashioned CD player and a mobile device.

The Magic Music button cancels or softens the main vocal of the external music, so that children can sing the main vocal through the microphone.

It worked really well with music playing from Spotify and YouTube. The main vocals were still quite audible when we tested it with the CD player.

De Vtech Super Star also has 8 built-in tracks, which the Music Magic button cancels all vocals, creating a great backing track to sing over.

Musical games and more

The favorite games for kids are Beat Catcher, Beat Boxer and Play that Instrument where you blow into the microphone to mimic the instrument.

You can also change how your voice sounds, which the guys really liked. They interviewed each other using the robotic voice and told scary stories using the echo voice.

At first I didn't think my boys would like the Kidi Super Star, but I'm pleasantly surprised.

They didn't mind bright pink although I think it would be more appealing to guys with better color choices.

The kids really enjoyed the voice recording feature and mostly used it to record themselves interviewing each other.

There is a small holder for a mobile device on the stand, which is very useful when using the external music connection via a mobile phone.

VTech recommends the Kidi Super Star for children from 6 years. At the VTech event, many younger children also enjoyed playing with the toys.

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Vtech Kidi Superstar DJ Studio Alternatives

Bontempi Stage microphone

This step Bontempi Stage microphone can be used both as a long stand and on a table and is much more fun to sing in than with a hairbrush in the mirror.

Best on stand: Bontempi Microphone Karaoke With Stand

(view more images)

This connected karaoke microphone has 10 demo songs, sound effect buttons, 2 drums or applause and a volume control.

It has an adjustment ring, it is made of good quality materials.

This product is the best buy and I recommend it because it is cheap yet very good.

  • For your future singing superstar
  • Stage or table microphone has an adjustable stand that is up to 3 inches long
  • Contains 10 demo songs with lights that flash with the beat
  • 2 sound effects and volume control
  • Microphone also works independently of demo songs

View the most current prices here at

Best cheap children's microphone on a stand: K3 Rollerdisco

First of all I want to say that you should not expect too much from it, because this one is really very cheap.

But it is a good choice for when you really want to go budget.

K3 disco micro Rollerdisco - Microphone

(view more images)

This one is also adjustable although it is not too long at its maximum position, but certainly perfect for smaller children and as a stand on the table.

It is a nice design, especially for girls who can really have endless fun with it.

View it here at

Is a child's microphone safe for your children?

Loading ...

Safety is always the number one priority when you are considering buying a product for your kids.

If you have a karaoke microphone, or a complete karaoke set before you buy children, could it harm them?

In general, children's microphones are usually safe for children: as safe as, say, a telephone or toys that run on batteries.

Of course there are some factors that can compromise their security, and I will mention them briefly.

First there are the materials used to make the toys.

Some materials are not safe for use by young children, especially certain toxic chemicals used in plastics.

An example of a toxic chemical is BPAThat's why you often see that many advertised products are BPA-free.

The other thing that can be unsafe for your child is loud volume.

If the karaoke machine is playing at a very high volume it can negatively affect your child's hearing ability, especially for younger children.

Your child can put his or her ear against the speaker and get all the sound directly into his or her ear.

The third point is if the karaoke machine is heavy and falls on your child. Hence, it is better to buy him or her a kid-friendly karaoke toy microphone.

These microphones are usually lightweight and made of child-friendly materials.

All in all, children's microphones are usually harmless. Certainly the choices from this list.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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