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K3 Roller Disco Microphone With Recording Function Rated

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Has your child been caught by the singing virus? The best microphones for kids will encourage them to to sing and to play.

I've written about it before the best kids microphones you can buy in different categories, but the ones you asked the most about were the ones with recording function.

That's why I come back to it with a review specifically about microphones that allow you to capture your singing skills.

My favorite is this kids microphone from K3 that lets you sing along to the best hits of the girl band. Mainly because it is very affordable so you can see if your child will really enjoy it, especially suitable for the younger singer and singer.

Product image
Toy score
Best for
  • K3 songs will appeal to many
  • Excellent price
  • decent sound
Less good
  • Not so fun if your child doesn't know K3

After researching kid-friendly microphones for over 12 hours, we found the best on the market.

And so, here they are along with comments on why we love them and what to look out for.

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K3 Roller Disco microphone with recording function

A must have for all fans of K3. It's a handy microphone, very durable and with the best songs from your favorite girl band!

K3 microphone with voice recording blue - Microphone

It is the best buy because it is not expensive at all, is perfect for K3 fans (like many children) and gives you 60 seconds of recording time to listen to your voice.

So without putting too much pressure on your child, they can already make a start with seeing how they sound themselves in a real children's microphone.

K3 Roller Disco Alternatives

Best light effects: Bontempi microphone with voice recording

The nice thing about this Bontempi are the light effects. This children's microphone also has 60 seconds of recording time to hear your singing skills.

Bontempi karaoke microphone with recording function

(view more images)

Show everyone how beautiful you can sing with this cool microphone! The microphone has a recording and playback function and contains four demo songs.

The lighting effects complete your performance and when you are done, you will be applauded! Nice to give children more self-confidence.

View it here at

Most comprehensive: MAX KM01

The most comprehensive recording microphone we've seen is this MAX KM01:

MAX children's microphone with recording function

(view more images)

This can easily be the best kid's microphone. Not only does it work as a wireless microphone, but you can also use it as a recorder and a speaker.

The microphone is seriously high-tech. It has a 3-layer filter that allows you to reduce noise so that your voice can be heard more clearly.

The microphone also works as a speaker. By connecting it to your Android device via Bluetooth or audio cable, you effectively convert it into a mobile speaker.

Available here at

Buyer's guide

Here's a list of features to watch out for when shopping for a kid's microphone.

I have used many of the following factors when evaluating these microphone models.


I don't like to spend my hard-earned money on toys that break shortly after purchase.

Durability can also be subjective, as some children are much more careful when handling their toys than others.

Still, finding a high-quality plastic or metal is your best choice.

Batteries or cable

If your child falls in love with these microphones that require batteries, you will need to purchase a lot of spare batteries.

This can get expensive, especially if the microphone is consuming a lot of power.

My personal preference is to use a cable or rechargeable batteries to save on waste and money.


How disappointing it would be if your child can't use this gift right away because it doesn't work with your devices.

Make sure it can pair or connect to your devices, that's the key to a good gift.

Appropriate age

You are making this purchase in the hope that your child will enjoy playing with it, am I right? So it is essential to check age suitability.

A toddler will not understand how to operate a more sophisticated microphone, and a teenager will certainly not be satisfied with a microphone as a toddler toy.

Looking for these important functions is extremely important, especially if, like me, you want to distract your child so that you can get to dinner quickly.

You can't go wrong with a durable microphone that will hold your child's interest.

A little more musical support? Then read also my article about the best children's microphones with keyboard.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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