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11 Best Trampolines | Everything you want to know before you buy

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Are you considering getting a trampoline to buy?

When your kids see the new addition in the garden, they will certainly jump for joy!

In this article we have not only listed the very best trampolines per category for you, we have also made a handy buying guide for you!

In the buying guide we discuss what you should pay attention to if you are considering purchasing a trampoline, such as; the different shapes, age category, which format works with your garden and many more useful tips.

This way you can make the best choice for your family and choose the perfect trampoline.

For almost every family I recommend the rectangular Salta Combo at. Due to its shape, it can easily be placed in the corner of the garden, so you don't lose any unnecessary space. The brand is known for its high quality and it is especially nice that it is not too expensive.

There is of course quite a bit to consider when buying a trampoline and that is why we have prepared an extensive buying guide for you. You will also find a detailed review per type of trampoline later in this article.

Best rectangular trampoline: Salt ComboSalta Combo trampoline with safety net rectangular

(view more images)

Best in-ground trampoline: Salta Comfort groundBest inground trampoline: Salta Comfort ground


(view more images)

Best mini trampoline: Jump Up FitnessBest mini trampoline: Jump up Fitness


(view more images)

Best Round Trampoline With Net:
BERG Favorit Trampoline with Safety Net


(view more images)

Best Small Trampoline For Toddlers: Plum JuniorBest Little Trampoline: Plum Junior

(view more images)

Best trampoline large:
BERG Grand Champion


(view more images)

Best trampoline oval: 
BERG Grand Champion InGround
BERG Grand Champion InGround Trampoline - Includes Safety Net


(view more images)

Best trampoline for a small gardenEXITElegantEXIT Elegant trampoline with deluxe safety net for a small garden


(view more images)

Best Flatground Trampoline:
BERG Ultimate Elite
Trampoline BERG Ultim Elite FlatGround 500 X 220 Black + AeroWall 2x2 Black

(view more images)

Best trampoline without springs:
Jump-o-lene inflatable bouncer
Jump-o-lene Inflatable Bouncy Castle trampoline without springs


(view more images)

Best Trampoline Foldable:
Kid Active Foldable children's trampoline


(view more images)

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Buying guide – What do you pay attention to when buying a trampoline?

Logically you want the device to look good in the garden, but there are a number of other important aspects that you want to pay attention to beforehand. Below is a quick checklist:

  • Shape of the trampoline
  • Size of the trampoline
    – Size of your garden
    – Carrying weight and jumping mat
    - Age category
  • Safety

Shape of the trampoline

Trampolines come in 3 shapes: rectangular, round and oval. Each shape has its own advantages. The shape you choose depends on the shape of your garden and what you already have in the garden.

A rectangular trampoline

Do you have an elongated garden? Then a rectangular (or oval) trampoline is a better choice. Also jumps on a rectangular trampoline more controllable.

It turns out that you don't jump into each other or get on the edge that quickly.

In this regard, a rectangular trampoline is safer than a round trampoline.

A round trampoline

With round trampolines there is an equal pressure all over the frame. As a result, the frame of a round trampoline does not require any additional material, which often makes it cheaper.

The tension on the springs is evenly distributed and ensures that you jump to the center of the trampoline.

An oval trampoline

An oval trampoline has the best of both worlds.

With a combination of features of a round and a rectangular trampoline, the oval version offers a more controllable jumping experience.

How big should your trampoline be?

Now that you've decided which trampoline shape is best for your family, it's time to think about the size of the trampoline. The following three things are important for the selection process:

  • Size of your garden
  • Age category
  • Carrying weight and size of the jumping mat

The size of your future trampoline depends entirely on who will jump on it and your garden.

Trampoline size chart for the size of your garden

So the first step in choosing the right size trampoline is to look at the available space you have.

It is actually quite difficult to indicate which trampoline is best for your garden in terms of size, because everyone has a different idea of ​​what is large or small.

So first see what the actual space is that you have and whether the trampoline you have in mind will fit in it at all.

For your convenience, a list has been made below with the size of your garden and which round or rectangular trampoline could possibly fit in it.

Garden sizeDiameter roundL x W rectangular
Smaller garden < 30 m²100-244 cm150 x 200 cm
Medium-sized garden 30-60 m²250-330 cm215 x 305 cm
Larger garden > 60 m²> 366 cm244 x 277 cm

Little space in the house?

If you are worried that you will not have enough space at home for a trampoline, then compare them with one of these air tracks in our article about this newest kind of air mats.

What you also have to take into account is the fall zone if there is no net around the trampoline. That is a distance of 1.5 m around the trampoline, which you must keep free.

From what age is a trampoline suitable?

You have now determined the shape of your dream trampoline and looked at the available space in your garden.

It's time to decide who exactly will be using the trampoline.

A trampoline offers a lot of fun, often for the whole family. Jumping is good for young children's motor development and is an easy way to keep moving for older children (and yes, parents too).

The first question most people ask is “from when can my child jump on a trampoline?”

To be honest, it is a little bit about the development of your child, but the average age is from about 4 years.

It is therefore a good idea to check the age category of the trampoline you have in mind beforehand.

For example, is it still too high? Then consider choosing a smaller trampoline.

Maximum carrying weight of the trampoline

How much weight a trampoline can support is probably one of the most important things to consider when buying a trampoline.

The weight of a trampoline depends on the size of the jumping mat and vice versa.

Exceeding the maximum weight capacity can cause the jumping surface to tear and cause accidents.

Since 2014, there has been European legislation that has determined that the maximum loadable weight for smaller trampolines is always 50 kg. However, that is independent of what the smaller trampolines can carry or the quality of the trampoline. With small trampolines you could possibly look at the manufacturer's test weight. The legal limit was created to discourage unsafe use of smaller trampolines.

The carrying weight of larger trampolines is determined by the manufacturer, so it is important to check whether it has a quality mark!

Jumping mat size and loadable weight

The load-bearing weight and the size of the trampoline go hand in hand, and age also plays a major role here.

Below you will find a table with average sizes, the maximum carrying weight of the trampoline and ages. It may be that it differs slightly per trampoline, but it at least gives you an idea.

Size trampolineCarrying weightAge
100cm - 244cm50kgfrom 4-6 years
244cm - 305cm150kg7+ years
366cm>150kg10+ years

Trampoline safety

How nice the playground is too, accidents can still happen.

This can happen because of a trampoline that does not meet the necessary safety requirements or perhaps because of incorrect installation or use.

Safety points to watch out for:

  • Quality mark: a safe trampoline has a quality mark. If all goes well, this will be indicated on the packaging.
  • Safety net: the net prevents children from getting outside the jumping surface and falling over the edge. Some nets even ensure that the springs fall outside the jumping surface, so it is extra safe.
  • Trampoliner Rim: this is quite simple, the thicker and wider the safety pad, the safer it is. In addition, a thick brim also helps to protect the springs and therefore they last longer.
  • Stainless material: the trampoline will be outside for a large part of the year, which can cause rust. Preferably choose a stainless frame, so that your trampoline will last for years.
  • Sturdy frame: this is also no higher math, the thicker the steel and the larger the tube diameter, the sturdier the trampoline will be.

A safety net at the trampoline

Make sure the net is firmly attached to the trampoline and stretches with the movements.

A safety net is included with many of the trampolines in our favorites list.

If this is not the case, consider buying it separately anyway.

Even more fun in the garden? Then take a look at these fun slides for children from toddler to 10 years old.

The 11 Best Trampolines: Reviewed

After these handy tips on buying the right trampoline, let's now go into our favorite trampolines in the different categories.

Which one is it going to be for you?

Best Rectangular Trampoline: Salta Combo

A safe choice! This rectangular trampoline comes with a safety net of 153 x 213 centimeters and is equipped with a sturdy and thick safety edge.

Salta Combo trampoline with safety net rectangular

(view more images)

With this combo trampoline from the Salta brand it will be very cozy on the summer days.

This rectangular trampoline fits easily in a small garden with its dimensions of 153 x 213 cm.

It is also equipped with a black safety edge and a safety net for maximum safety.

It gets a 4.5 out of 5 out of 175+ reviews, and for good reason. The springs of the trampoline are very sturdy, so you can jump nice and high.

For example, one customer has been satisfied with it for more than a year, but he still has a good tip about putting it together because that is quite a thing:

I think it's a great one. You can assemble it all by yourself, but assembling it together is a lot easier and faster. I have had it for almost 1 year and it is only outside. The trampoline still looks good.

Below you can see how you can safely set up a trampoline like the salta combo:

Check prices and availability here

Best inground trampoline: Salta Comfort ground

You can dig all trampolines in, but there are also special inground trampolines available.

Best inground trampoline: Salta Comfort ground

(view more images)

These types of trampolines have short legs, so you don't have to dig up as much soil. The legs are outside the hole.

The rectangular shape and the fact that it is an inground trampoline makes the Salta comfort ground a safe choice for your kids. It can be easily placed in a corner.

A disadvantage of an inground trampoline is that you can only use it inground. Without a pit there is not enough space under the jumping mat.

My favorite inground trampoline is this spacious model from the Salta brand customers with an average score of 4.8.

And this, of course, is why you would buy an inground one, as one customer puts it:

Really solid trampoline, thick protective edges and sturdy bouncy castle† Top quality for a good price. Also just much nicer design than the typical round on legs

It looks great and I think it is a lot safer, but it does require some digging, as Salta shows here:

This trampoline offers an excellent jumping experience because of the integrated ventilation system, which ensures sufficient air flow from the pit under the trampoline.

Check prices and availability here

Best mini trampoline: Jump up Fitness

With a diameter of 96 cm and low to the ground, due to its compact size, this trampoline fits everywhere.

Best mini trampoline: Jump up Fitness

(view more images)

Would you like to jump but do you have limited space? In that case, this mini trampoline is an excellent idea!

In principle, you can place a mini trampoline anywhere. In the garden or even in your living room.

The legs are short, which significantly reduces the risk of a hard fall. Young children from 2 years old can already play on this.

It has only 6 reviews on, it's not the most popular choice to buy at least at the time of writing, but they do give positive reviews because it's easy to use and lives up to expectations.

I also like this trampoline as a budget choice. If you are willing to spend a little more for a mini trampoline, you can opt for a trampoline with a rail.

View it here at

Best round trampoline with net: BERG Favorit

Does a round trampoline fit better in your garden? Then the BERG Favorit is a good trampoline choice!

No matter how big the trampoline is, there is always the possibility that your child will fall off the trampoline. To prevent this, special safety nets are available.

A trampoline safety net is attached to the legs and closes the entire trampoline. You can then enter the trampoline via a zipper or between two flaps.

BERG Favorit Trampoline with Safety Net

(view more images)

A safety net ensures that your trampoline immediately becomes a lot higher. If you don't like this in your garden, you can always dig in the trampoline.

My recommendation for a good trampoline with a net is the BERG Favorit trampoline.

This trampoline is available in different sizes. You can choose from a diameter of 270, 330, 380 and 440 cm.

Here you can see the main differences between the different BERG trampoline models:

With all BERG properties, this trampoline is weather resistant and perfect for personal use. The supplied safety net ensures a safe and closed jumping surface.

View it here at

Best Small Trampoline for Toddlers: Plum Junior

My favorite little trampoline is a nice compact model from the Plum brand.

Best Little Trampoline: Plum Junior

(view more images)

It is a round trampoline, has 6 legs and a diameter of 140 cm and is specially designed for toddlers, toddlers and primary school children, with elastic suspension for silent jumping.

The trampoline has a wide edge and comes with a safety net with fine mesh.

Thanks to the integrated safety net, the jumping surface is enclosed to guarantee optimum safety. The 30 elastic springs are made of elastic, which makes this small trampoline an extra safe choice for your little one.

This round trampoline comes in neutral black or beautiful pink and has been specially developed for toddlers, preschoolers and primary school children.

The jumping device offers many hours of fun and the opportunity to promote body motor skills at a young age.

It is a small but nice trampoline that takes up little space and is suitable for a small garden.

Check the latest prices here

Best trampoline large: BERG grand champion

The bigger the better? In the case of a trampoline, this is certainly important if you plan to jump on the trampoline together.

My preference for a large trampoline is this BERG champion trampoline, with a diameter of up to 520 cm.

It is a really large trampoline with a large jumping surface and a maximum weight capacity of 120 kg. It comes with a safety net and a black powder-coated frame.

(view more images)

You do need some space for this trampoline because it measures 520 x 95 cm (diameter x height).

It is a high-quality trampoline and with solid steel work of 2 mm thick, your children can jump to their heart's content on this sturdy trampoline.

A unique detail of the safety net is the self-lockable closure, which closes automatically when you get on or off the trampoline.

Very useful for very keen jumpers who can forget to close the net.

Here is the Tyler Ferullo who shows you what you can do with it:

The net is 180 cm high and makes the trampoline 270 cm high in total.

Furthermore, this large trampoline has a 3 cm thick edge with a width of 38 cm, which is completely covered.

If your child gets on the edge, he is in no danger of getting his toes or fingers between the springs.

Check availability here

Best oval trampoline: BERG Grand Champion InGround

A beautiful and safe oval trampoline is this green colored BERG Grand Champion InGround Trampoline.

With a size of 515 × 365 cm to dig in, including safety net.

BERG Grand Champion InGround Trampoline - Includes Safety Net

(view more images)

It is an inground trampoline that comes with a safety net for optimal safety.

A very large trampoline to do all your tricks and stunts. The trampoline measures 515 x 365 cm and is intended for a spacious garden.

You dig this inground trampoline into the ground, so you don't have to climb, but just step on it.

As known from this brand, the materials used are of the highest quality and all necessary safety functions are present.

This trampoline can hold a number of people and offers a safe, but also fun jumping experience thanks to its oval shape.

View more reviews

Best trampoline for a small garden: EXIT Elegant

With a diameter of 251 cm and a sturdy frame with strong L-shaped legs.

EXIT Elegant trampoline with deluxe safety net for a small garden

(view more images)

A good trampoline for a small garden is the EXIT Elegant trampoline.

It is a great specimen that offers enough space to jump and just in a small Outdoor suits.

The spherical shape of the net is different from that of the average trampoline, but offers the necessary safety.

It is a high-quality finished safety net with extra thick foam around the posts. Thanks to the net you can jump as high as you can.

It is well rated by these customers on both price and quality, and one of them says:

The kids are very happy with it, they say that the trampoline jumps very well… in addition, we as parents are also happy because there is a solid net around it.

In this video from Exit itself you can see how big it is:

Other features of this trampoline are: the fresh blue color, the diameter is 251 cm and a sturdy frame with L-shaped legs.

Because of the special Foot Protection System in the protective edge, you will never get your feet between the springs while jumping.

Check the latest prices here

Best flat-ground trampoline: BERG Ultim Elite

A flat-ground trampoline is a trampoline that is completely embedded in the ground. There is no step like an inground trampoline.

The flat-ground trampoline is, as it were, built into the ground and at ground level.

The best flat ground trampoline is this Trampoline BERG Ultim Elite FlatGround.

With dimensions of 500 X 220 cm and including AeroWall for ultimate tricks.

Best flatground Trampoline BERG Ultim Elite with AeroWall

(view more images)

It is a unique trampoline with an extra function. Besides jumping on the trampoline, you can also use the flexible AeroWall springs to do stunts.

You can see this amazing thing in this video from BERG itself:

It is rectangular in shape and takes up a minimum space of 500 x 220 cm. A very nice trampoline for the whole family to enjoy.

Check prices and availability here

Do you want even more jumping action? Then take a look at our article for the best AirTrack mat!

Best trampoline without springs: Jump-o-lene inflatable bouncer

Do you still want the pleasure of a trampoline for your children, but do you think a trampoline with springs is still too dangerous?

Then you can choose this inflatable trampoline without springs.

The trampoline bouncy castle has a round shape and a diameter of 203 cm and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can also be used as a swimming pool!

Jump-o-lene Inflatable Bouncy Castle trampoline without springs

(view more images)

This trampoline is a colorful bouncy castle that looks very cheerful in the house, but is also perfect for outside during a children's party, or just on sunny summer days.

Afterwards you can just take out the air and put it away.

The toy offers just as much jumping fun for your child without the possible danger of springs that small feet can get between.

Moreover, this trampoline can also be used as a swimming pool by filling it with water. So double the fun!

More than 600 reviews giving him a 4.1 out of 5 stars. There are a ton of positive reviews about how much fun it is for kids from 2 to a little older and how sturdy it is.

Yet there are also some reviews that it leaked quickly or was difficult to keep inflated. It seems that not every piece offers the same strength:

I bought this for my 1 year old daughter. She absolutely loves it. Has such a pleasure to bounce in it. The first one we received emptied after 3 days. Had a small hole somewhere. After contacting Amazon and the company, a new one was sent for us right away.

In any case, that was quickly resolved.

It also has a high edge of 69 cm, which limits falls from the trampoline.

Also nice to put in balls, and you can see a bit how big it actually is:

The trampoline can bear a maximum weight of 54 kg. That is about the weight of 2 children, between 3 and 6 years.

Thanks to the sturdy vinyl, the trampoline can take a beating or rather a jump or two.

Check out the prices here at Amazon

Best trampoline foldable: Kid Active Foldable children's trampoline

To take anywhere, with handle and non-slip rubber feet for safe jumping.

(view more images)

How nice is it for your little one to take the trampoline with you? For example on vacation or to grandpa and grandma. This mini trampoline is ideal because it is foldable and also super safe!

The trampoline is executed in beautiful fresh colors and has a handle that ensures that your little one can always jump safely without falling or falling off the trampoline.

The trampoline stands on legs that are provided with non-slip rubber pads so that the trampoline is stable, especially during jumping.

The trampoline can be easily folded and has the dimensions 87x87x85 cm. Your little one can play on this trampoline from 1 year.

Of course under the supervision of an adult.

View it here at

Best trampoline brands

Many people who want to buy a trampoline wonder which brands are the best.

This is quite a difficult question to answer, because each brand has its own specific characteristics.

However, there are some brands that stand out above the rest, because of the good experiences people have with it. Below you will find the 3 top brands.

A favorite trampoline brand of many: Salta

The trampolines of the Salta brand are known for their innovativeness and quality. The uniqueness of these trampolines is the wide safety edge and sturdy steel frames.

The materials used are of high quality and the springs are also very sturdy. This brand has an extensive collection of trampolines, from small ones to large oval trampolines.

Another popular trampoline brand: BERG

The Dutch trampoline brand BERG stands for high-quality and durable products.

The trampolines of this brand can stand outside without discoloration or rusting.

A characteristic feature of this brand of trampolines are the springs that make it possible to jump easily.

The BERG range is wide and has something for everyone.

A top trampoline brand: EXIT

Trampolines from the EXIT brand are high-quality products that also look hip and trendy. However, safety comes first.

It is a brand that is popular with both adults and children.

The EXIT brand has a wide range of design trampolines with a cover edge in different colors to change the look of the trampoline.

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