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Best cart reviewed: 8 carts & 7 tips before you buy

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Having an wagon or handcart you will probably use to transport stuff (or children.. or even animals!) from one place to another.

So what do you pay attention to when buying a new handcart? Think of things like cargo space, payload and probably whether it is safe enough to carry living things, but in any case that it is durable and will last a long time.

In order to be able to choose the right handcart for your preferences and wishes, I have done all the tests and collected the 8 best cars for you.

Best wagon rated

Because wagon carts come in different variants and not all are made of the same material or designed in the same way, there are a number of things to consider in order to choose the best wagon for your situation.

This is what you DO NOT want: getting stuck in tall grass, or loose sand!

The best handcart you can get right now is therefore this one Beachtrekker Life foldable wagon† It has everything a qualitative and practical handcart needs, it is easily foldable and equipped with extremely robust wheels.

This handcart also has a large load capacity, is made of high-quality durable materials and is easy to handle.

The wagon shop has a handy video about it:

The Beachtrekker Life certainly has all the necessary features that make this handcart the best handcart.

But OK…

It is indeed not the cheapest. That is why I will discuss a number of perfect alternatives that may suit your situation or budget better.

Best wagonImages
Best Handcart Overall & For The Beach: Beachtrekker LifeBest handcart overall & for the beach- Beachtrekker Life

(view more images)

Best Cheap Foldable Wagon: Campart HC-0915Best cheap folding wagon: Campart HC-0915

 (view more images)

Best wooden wagon: Sunny Billy Beach Wagonbest wagon made of wood

 (view more images)

Best folding handcart on pneumatic tires: Samax Off RoadBest folding handcart on pneumatic tires- Samax Off Road

(view more images)

Best wagon with tipping function:  Güde handcartBest handcart with tipping function- Güde handcart

 (view more images)

Best little wagon: Androni beach set in wagonBest small wagon: Androni beach set in wagon


(view more images)

Best large wagon: Mountain Beach Wagon XLBest large wagon: Berg Beach Wagon XL

 (view more images)

Best wagon with tilt roof: BolderCar Foldable with pneumatic tiresBest bollard cart with tilt roof- BolderCar Foldable with pneumatic tires
(view more images)

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Handcart buying guide


To help you on your way in choosing the right handcart, we have listed a few points below that you should consider before purchasing a handcart.

By checking these points, you are guaranteed to be able to choose the best handcart.

Purpose of the car

Instead of walking up and down several times from one place to another, the best handcart allows you to carry all the stuff in one go.

No more lugging around with stuff, or with overfull shopping bags that cut your hands.

A handcart is also very useful when you go on a picnic, for example. You can easily bring the rug, all snacks and some toys for the children to the park.

Or during a day at the beach, whereby the parasol, the towels and even the children can all be transported to the beach in the handcart from the car.

Before you buy a handcart, it is therefore very important to know what you are going to use it for.

For example, if you want to use the car on the beach, it is advisable to opt for a handcart that can drive on all types of terrain.

You will also need a much larger handcart with a hood if you plan to take your children in it.

If you only use your handcart for groceries, it would be useful to choose a handcart that can carry a certain amount of weight, and at the same time has a light weight itself.

Once you know what you will be using the cart for, you can usually make a suitable choice.

Not sure yet whether you want a handcart or perhaps a buggy? I've compared them here for you (pros and cons)

Price of the cart

What is your budget? Ask yourself if you are willing to spend more for quality or less for a simple collapsible handcart.

Before you make a choice, it is useful to compare interesting options with their associated prices.

Look at different stores for the price of the same product. By doing this, you can save quite a few dollars.

Available space in the car

In addition to the carrying capacity, the volume of the car is also important. How much space you need in the cart again depends on what you are going to use the cart for.

Take a good look at the specifications for the contents of the wagon, so that you will not end up with a handcart that is too small.

Most folding carts become a lot smaller in size after folding so that you can easily store them or put them in the back of the car.

Some become more compact after folding than others.

So don't forget to look at the dimensions of the handcart when folded.

Based on this, you will have to determine whether or not it can find a place in the trunk or the storage cupboard at home.

Carrying capacity of the cart

The capacity of the handcart depends on the type of load you want to transport.

It is practical to estimate in advance the size and weight of the load you want to transport with the wagon.

This will help to choose the right handcart with a large or a somewhat smaller carrying capacity.

Maintenance of the wagon

In addition to everything else, it is good to consider the following: choose a wagon that is easy to clean and maintain.

Loading ...

It is inevitable that the handcart will get dirty. However, you don't want to be walking around with a dirty cart all the time. The handcart you ultimately choose should be easy to clean.

For the other parts that are sensitive, such as wheels, you have to make sure that you can easily get repair parts.


Most of these carts are made of durable materials. Nevertheless, you cannot rule out the possibility of counterfeit items on the market.

Therefore, make sure that you check carefully whether the wagon is sturdy and of quality so that it will serve you for a long time.

Handcart with solid tires or pneumatic tires?

The tires can be made of plastic or rubber.

Plastic tires are harder, while pneumatic tires can be inflated to a certain desired hardness. This makes pneumatic tires better suited for most terrains.

With solid tires you will never get a flat tire. This is because they are made of hard rubber and cannot be pierced.

These wheels also give better traction than pneumatic tires meaning you won't have any trouble driving over rocks or curbs!

However, vehicles with solid tires tend to be more noisy, so if you want to be quiet, opt for air-filled tires.

Handcart of different materials

Handcarts are made of different types of materials. Usually it concerns a steel metal frame with a container made of wood, plastic or a textile type.

The choice of material for the handcart depends on your own preference, your needs and how much time you want to spend on its maintenance.

A wooden wagon

For example, do you opt for a wooden handcart instead of a plastic cart to gardening (fun with your child!) then over time you will notice that the wood will rot and maybe mold after you have cleaned it several times with water.

Not a problem in itself and certainly not insoluble, because you can easily have the wooden parts cut out again. Just screw and slide and your handcart is as good as new!

A plastic wagon

However, if you opt for a plastic handcart, it is easier to clean with water.

The disadvantage of a plastic handcart can be that the cart will eventually discolour and may even show cracks because the plastic dries out due to frequent standing in wind and weather.

Properly storing such a handcart will certainly contribute to a longer lifespan.

So the choice of material you make again depends on your own preference and what you find important.

Top 8 carts reviewed

Now that I have listed the best carts for you and you know what to look for, I will discuss them in detail below and explain why these carts are PERFECT for your situation.

Best cart for the beach: Beachtrekker Life

The best wagon for the beach

(view more images)

  • Cargo space (size lxwxh): 75 x 52 x 32 cm
  • Load capacity: 100 kg
  • Cart weight: 16 kg
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Material: metal and textile
  • Optional: hood, brake and storage bag

During our search for the best handcart, we looked at specific properties: we were looking for a practical car that is easy to handle and made of high-quality and solid materials.

All these features can be found in the Beachtrekker and this is therefore our 'overall' favorite handcart and also the best handcart for the beach.

This beautiful cart is a stylish handcart for fun outings to the beach.

It is easy to fold, has a sturdy frame and rolls smoothly on air wheels.

The cart is available in blue, but also in the cheerful colors red, green and practical black.

You can optionally provide the handcart with a hood, a brake and a storage bag according to your own needs.

As the test winner of the folding handcarts in Germany, the Beachtrekker is a handcart that you can quickly and easily assemble and disassemble without the help of tools.

It really is that simple.

Here you can see how it works:

Thanks to the sturdy metal frame and base plate with filling, the Beachtrekker is perfect for carrying a maximum weight of 100 kg. The cart is light and can hold a lot.

So you can even take a child with you in the cart without any problems. If you also go for the accompanying wagon hood, then you immediately have some extra shade.

Ideal if your little one wants to take a safe nap during a day at the beach. It is a comfortable cart.

The pneumatic tires ensure that it is easy to drive through the soft sand on the beach.

The low center of gravity provides the necessary stability, making it easy to maneuver the cart up and down slopes and over paths.

The folding option allows you to quickly collapse the cart after use to give it a neat place in the trunk of the car.

Especially if you include the special storage bag, this wagon is easy to put away. When unfolded, the cart offers a spacious container to transport all your beach gear from the car to the beach.

Although it is certainly not the cheapest choice, this handcart is unbeatable in terms of quality. You will enjoy this for a long time, even when the children are out of the house.

Do you think the Beachtrekker Life is too expensive, but is it the model you are looking for?

Then take a look at the Campart Travel handcart below. It is cheaper and just as suitable for taking to the beach.

It is even slightly larger than the Beachtrekker, but can carry slightly less weight (75 kg versus 100 kg).

The Beachlife cart is made of metal, while the Campart is made of aluminum. That also makes this last cart a bit lighter (11 kg versus 16 kg).

With the Beachtrekker you can choose to include a hood, brake and/or storage bag.

The Campart Travel comes standard with a carrying bag. Both carts are equipped with pneumatic tires.

Check the latest prices here

Best cheap folding wagon: Campart HC-0915

Best cheap folding wagon: Campart HC-0915

(view more images)

  • Cargo space (size, lxwxh): 90,5 x 48 x 32 cm
  • Load capacity: 75 kg
  • Cart weight: 11 kg
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Material: aluminum and textile
  • Includes carrying case

You can go anywhere with a foldable wagon like this one from Campart.

The first thing that strikes us about this handcart is its robust appearance. In addition, this handcart is super easy to open and close and it comes with a carrying bag.

It is a perfect cart to take to the supermarket around the corner, so that you can take all your groceries with you during your walk at once.

The hassle of lugging heavy shopping bags that may cut your hands while walking is a thing of the past thanks to this easily foldable handcart!

The cart has a sturdy steel frame and a 600 D polyester cloth which is finished in a sleek color with black details. The bottom plate further strengthens the cart if you plan to transport heavy items.

The cart has a practical model that you can quickly and efficiently unfold for use and also fold it back just as quickly.

The carrying capacity of the cart is 70 kg and the cart itself weighs only 11 kg.

It is a spacious cart that when opened (lxwxh) measures 90,5 x 48 x 32 cm and when folded the cart has a size of 42,5 x 21 x 80 cm.

It is therefore easy to store and also fits perfectly in the back of the car.

The PU wheels give the cart enough grip and stability while driving, but at the same time the cart rolls nice and smooth.

And because the handcart is provided with a water-repellent fabric, it can also withstand a rain shower or a leaking drinking cup. 

If your little one is tired after a day at the park, you can easily let him ride in the car, together with the picnic items.

If you think our wagon favorite is a bit too pricey, but you would like one that is foldable, then this beautiful one is a good choice.

Check the latest prices here

Best wooden wagon: Sunny Billy Beach Wagon

Nothing is more traditional and authentic than a wooden wagon. The Sunny Billy Beach Wagon is a wonderful example of this.

Nicest wooden wagon sunny billy beach wagon

(view more images)

  • Cargo space (size lxwxh): 92 x 61 x 96 cm
  • Load capacity: 100 kg
  • Cart weight: 16,5 kg
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Material: wood

This wagon not only looks fantastic, but can also be used for many situations.

It is the perfect cart for transporting your beach gear to and from your car, but it certainly also works well for when you go to the park or the zoo for a day.

You can put everything in it: picnic items, but even your children will enjoy a ride in this cart.

With a spacious bin of 92 x 61 x 96 cm, there is enough storage space to store all your belongings.

Because this handcart is partly made of wood, it is also ideal for use in the garden and can function as a mini wheelbarrow.

Put all your garden supplies such as watering cans, pots, rakes and seeds in the handcart at once and take it with you to the place where you will enjoy gardening that afternoon.

The cart itself is not foldable, but you can disconnect the four sides and simply slide them back together to form the bin when you need it.

Thanks to the pneumatic tires, you can drive the cart over all kinds of terrain without any problems.

With a carrying weight of up to 100 kg, you can take a lot with you in this authentic wooden handcart.

It is available in five cool colours: anthracite, blue, green, red and black. The soft grip handles also make this cart extra attractive.

The Güde garden cart – see below – may not be made of wood, but it corresponds to the Sunny Billy in terms of model and price, if you would like to see another, similar model.

The Güde garden cart is longer than the Sunny Billy, and the carrying capacity is also a lot larger (250 kg versus 100 kg). The carts weigh about the same and are both equipped with pneumatic tires.

The Güde handcart is made of steel and plastic and equipped with a handy tipping function. If the material is unimportant to you, this could also be an option!

If you would like to see another wooden handcart, take a look at the BERG beach Wagon XL (see below!).

Check availability here

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Best folding handcart on pneumatic tires: Samax Off Road

Best folding handcart on pneumatic tires- Samax Off Road

(view more images)

  • Cargo space (size lxwxh): 107 x 48 x 50 cm
  • Load capacity: 80 kg
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Material: steel, polyester

What always makes us happy are products that are multifunctional. The Samax Off Road is extremely practical and the best handcart on pneumatic tires.

The cart itself is not very heavy, but thanks to the sturdy construction it can have a lot of weight; up to 80 kg!

In order to be able to carry heavier weights such as a child or perhaps a pet, it is recommended to provide the bottom with a hard underlayment.

In this way, the weight is better distributed over the frame and the passenger can also sit more comfortably.

But even if you were to transport manure bags, pebbles or heavy garden tools, for example, it is better to provide a hard bottom.

And does your teen already have a paper route to earn some pocket money?

They don't walk around the whole neighborhood with this car, but they nicely put the stacks of folders in the cart. The handcart can of course also be used for heavy shopping.

The sides of the cart are not high, so you can easily get your things out of the cart. You can also fold the sides if you want to store it efficiently.

Thanks to the wide tires, the cart can drive on different surfaces and despite the robust wheels, it is actually quite a foldable handcart.

You can decide how hard you inflate the tires, depending on where you take the cart for the day.

Another cart that is foldable, but which is a bit more expensive, is the Beachtrekker Life handcart. In terms of length, the latter is smaller than the Samax Off Road.

But the carrying capacity is higher, namely 100 kg (versus 80 kg). Both carts are equipped with pneumatic tires.

While the Beachtrekker Life is made of metal and textile, the Samax Off Road is made of steel and polyester.

The Beachtrekker Life also has a brake, hood and storage bag as options, if you need it.

Check prices and availability here

Best wagon with tipping function: Güde wagon

Best handcart with tipping function- Güde handcart

(view more images)

  • Cargo space container (size lxwxh): 108 x 53 x 20cm
  • Load capacity: 250 kg
  • Cart weight: 16.80 kg
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Material: steel and plastic

If you are looking for a large handcart, this handcart with tipping function is the one to have.

It is very tiring to carry things in your arms. Sometimes you will have to walk up and down several times because just not everything fits.

With this large wagon you never have to do this again!

The cart is so spacious that all your things fit in it. This cart is perfect as a garden cart, but you can also use it to transport other things, such as groceries.

The cart is just as convenient to use when you have to unload the groceries from the car.

The tray is made of plastic, so you can easily spray it clean after use.

The frame is made of steel and has a maximum load capacity of 250 kg; that is one of the great advantages of a steel construction!

Thanks to the tipping function, this cart is also ideal for use in the garden for transporting sand, manure bags and garden waste, for example.

The green version fits perfectly with this. Thanks to the pneumatic tires, the cart can easily roll on uneven terrain.

Please note, this wagon is not suitable for transporting children!

Check the latest prices here

Best small wagon: Androni beach set in wagon

Best small wagon: Androni beach set in wagon

(view more images)

  • Loading space box (lxwxh): 47 x 30 x 10 cm
  • Carrying capacity: 500 grams?
  • Cart weight: 170 grams
  • Plastic wheels
  • Material: K+plastic

Have you experienced the convenience of a handcart yourself and does your child want one too – but do you not need a large cart? Then the Androni handcart is the perfect choice.

This small wagon is ideal for playing and transporting not too large loads, such as the included beach set. The cart has a classic red color.

The handcart has a plastic container and wheels made of plastic. Thanks to the material properties, the cart never has a flat tire.

The cart is light in weight and compact, making it easy to take it with you and your little one can drag it behind him :)

A plus of this handcart is that it easy on holiday can, in the back of the car. It is small, and because you can also put some things in the tray, you don't lose much space at all.

Check the latest prices here

Best large wagon: Berg Beach Wagon XL

Best large wagon: Berg Beach Wagon XL

(view more images)

  • Loading space box (lxwxh): 127 x 60 x 50 cm
  • Load capacity: 100 kg
  • Cart weight: 33.50 kg
  • Solid pneumatic tires
  • Material: steel and wood

What sets this cart apart from the rest is the unique size it has. If you want to transport several children and/or food, this is the box for you!

De Berg is a wagon that offers the possibility to transport up to six children at the same time.

The specially developed handcart is intended for professional use in childcare. The cart is widely used by daycare centers and also by childminders and is very stable due to the solid tires.

This wagon can also be used at home with a family with many children, for example to take the children to the nursery, or to drive to the market, the playground or the park.

It is a practical means of transport that works perfectly for transporting more than one child at a time. This way everyone can sit comfortably and safely together.

For another wooden handcart, look again at the Sunny Billy Handcart.

The latter is, however, a bit shorter than the Berg Beach cart, but they have the same carrying capacity (100 kg).

Furthermore, the Sunny Billy is half lighter (16,5 kg vs 33,5 kg). The Berg Beach wagon is especially useful if you need a lot of space.

If a smaller wooden cart is sufficient, the Sunny Billy will suffice, mainly because it is cheaper, lighter, and has the same carrying capacity.

View this XL wagon here

Best cart with tilt roof: BolderCar Foldable with pneumatic tires

Best bollard cart with tilt roof- BolderCar Foldable with pneumatic tires

(view more images)

  • Cargo space (size lxwxh): 90 x 58 x 51 cm
  • Load capacity: 75 kg
  • Cart weight: 11,8 kg
  • PU tires
  • Material: steel and polyester

This beautiful, solid handcart has a black, powder-coated, steel construction and a green polyester fabric.

It is a luxury model that is specially equipped with PU tires and a hood. These tires cannot go flat and offer the comfort of regular pneumatic tires.

You can also drive carefree over hard surfaces with these tires.

The extra-long handle is also unique, which makes pulling the cart hassle-free.

The hood can be easily disassembled if necessary. You can set up or fold the handcart back together in no time at all.

There are also loose polyester cloths available in various other colors, namely red, pink, gray and black. This way you can give the handcart a new look from time to time!

Another wagon that can be fitted with a hood is the Beachtrekker Life.

The latter is, however, somewhat smaller than the BolderCar, but has a larger carrying capacity (100 kg vs 75 kg).

The Beachtrekker Life is made of metal and textile, while the BollardCar is made of steel and polyester.

The great thing about the Beachtrekker Life is that you can add a hood, brake, and/or storage bag to the whole.

With the BolderCar, the cover is included as standard, and it can also be removed if necessary.

There is a big difference in price: the Beachtrekker Life is a lot more expensive than the BolderCar. Perhaps something to keep in mind.

Check the latest prices here

What can you do with a handcart?

The main function of a wagon is to be able to carry and transport things and / or children from one place to another.

In principle, you can transport anything with a wagon.

Some carts are specifically made to carry certain weights and other models are multi-usable.

Below we have listed what you can do with a handcart:

  • Transporting children, easy for nurseries and childminders
  • Transporting picnic items, such as cool boxes, picnic basket, barbecue set
  • Transporting garden supplies, such as fertilizer bags, watering cans, pots, plants
  • Transporting beach equipment, such as folding chairs, umbrellas, beach bags
  • Transporting toys such as sand shovels, buckets, favorite cuddly toys
  • Transporting groceries
  • Transporting pets

What is important when transporting things in a wagon is that everything remains in its place as neatly as possible and that it does not fall over or fall out of the cart while driving.

In the case of a handcart that is specially made to transport children, it is wise to choose a handcart with a high rim or one that has safety belts.

Children can stand up and fall over or fall out.

The history of the wagon

A wagon or wagon is in principle a cart with two axles, which must be pulled.

Nice to know; this vehicle first appeared on the Dutch market around 1890.

The first model, the Roman cart, was named after the inventor L. Rooms by the same name.

In the past, carts were large, made of wood and equipped with wooden wheels, but today there are compact folding models and the carts run on pneumatic tires or on tires made of plastic.

The function of the wagon, on the other hand, has not changed much.

The vehicle is still used for transporting children to and from school and is also still used to transport groceries and all kinds of other things from one place to another.

Over the years, the wagon has been made more and more functional and practical, and a mainly light cart has been developed that can still bear a considerable weight.

In addition to the authentic wooden carts, you now have dozens of other advanced models that are foldable and made of other materials such as textile and plastic.

Today's wagon carts are versatile and have various modern functions compared to the traditional wagon.

The handcart remains a favorite with many who would like to experience the convenience of not having to lug stuff up and down.

Using a handcart literally lightens the loads that have to be carried, and that is still a good reason to use the vehicle in everyday life.

Frequently asked questions about carts

Can children ride in a wagon?

A handcart can be a great way to transport children. Moreover, kids will also enjoy this experience. However, there are models that are more suitable for transporting stuff.

Do wagon wagons work on sand?

Bollard carts with rubber tires roll easily over any terrain, including wet and dry sand. The high sides of the carts make it great for dragging kids and/or lots of beach essentials to your perfect spot in the sand.

Is a handcart suitable as a beach cart?

A wagon certainly comes in handy on the beach. Of course, the cart must be able to handle the sand to be of use to you. A beach cart needs sturdy wheels to roll over the sand. It also needs a good handle for easier pulling, and plenty of room to store your stuff.

At what age can a baby ride in a handcart?

The handcart is suitable for kids from 18 months to about 5 years.


It is very nice to have a handcart because the possibilities are endless. Besides the fact that you can easily store your things in it, it is perfect for transporting several kids in it on a day out.

It can be an ideal means of transport at many stages of your life.

Even if you buy the cart mainly for your children, you still enjoy it in other ways when they get too big for it.

Think of your child's newspaper route, think of a picnic, heavy shopping and a pleasant day at the beach. The handcart will last a very long time and is more than worth the money.

I wish you lots of outdoor fun with the wagon!

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