Best Wooden Toy Cars Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 11

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Best Wooden Toy Cars Reviewed

Best natural wooden wagons: Fagus

Pictures with three different wooden wagons

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These construction vehicles are not only beautiful to look at, but children also love to play with them. They are designed for ages 3 and up, but smaller children as young as 2 play just fine with them, according to the reviews.

Many of the carts come with simple peg dolls in red and blue that can be the drivers, and they are generally quite heavy so maybe this is why this is recommended for older toddlers.

What sets these carts apart from others you may have seen is the material and built design. They are made of beech wood and are connected with plugs and glue (read: no screws or nails)!

The tires remind me of bicycle tires because they are hollow inside and run smoothly on the ground.

The cars are so easy to maneuver for effortless steering. Not only can they actually grab, tip and push, but most of them can also be locked in the different positions.

Here's a little bit of what they look like and how big they are:

Prices for the cars are decent, but these products are heirloom quality and designed to last.

If you have a little one who is in love with construction play this will no doubt be a hit. 

View all cars here

About the origin of Fagus toys 

Fagus was founded in 1969, but it wasn't until 1981 that they started producing wooden toys.

Toy reviews & comparisons
Toy reviews & comparisons

The products of this toy brand are made in Germany in a sheltered workshop by people with an occupational disability.

The production process revolves around sustainability, quality and safety. The products are made to be passed down through generations.

The great thing about these toys is that many parts actually work mechanically. Consider, for example, the crane; which can steer, lift, hoist, turn and extend.

The vehicles are designed in such a way that children can easily pick them up and then experience them with all their senses: feel, turn, drive, slide, etc.

The toys contribute to the development of gross and fine motor skills and fantasy play.

The surfaces of the toys are treated with transparent lacquer that protects the wood but at the same time ensures that the structure remains visible. This allows children to experience the characteristics of the material.

The Fagus story is also one about trees, which gives the brand its name.

European beech (Fagus) is a genus of deciduous trees in the family Fagaceae, native to Europe, Asia and North America.

Best Natural Wood: Goki Nature

Image with three of the nature wooden Goki cars

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Beautiful smooth finish and tactile wood for children's hands and 100% natural. This makes the dump truck, forklift, cement truck, train and much more indispensable for the construction site in the nursery.

It's a great way to develop imagination and role-play, and provides a channel for children to understand and express their feelings through reenactment of everyday experiences.

Check out more Goki toys here

The background of Goki Nature

Goki is a German brand that produces high-quality wooden toys with a strong focus on sustainability.

The products are produced in Europe and all locations where they are made have a climate neutral energy balance.

Goki also fights against child labor by supporting various institutions. In addition, donations are made for planting trees (currently 50.000 pieces !!).

Furthermore, the brand stands for a good price-quality ratio. It is a functional toy with modern colors.

The wooden toy by Goki complies with the 2009/48 safety guidelines for children's toys. It has a CE mark and complies with the EN 71 standards for mechanical and physical safety, fire safety, free of heavy metals and free of harmful chemicals.

Goki Nature is a specific series and a unique part of the Goki brand. The untreated wood of the Goki Nature series is colored by means of an ecological heat treatment.

The series therefore consists only of natural and brown colored wood and the treatment gives the wood a characteristic odor and color.

Goki Nature's toys are made from 100% natural wood, which is of the highest quality and ecologically sound. The toy does not contain any chemical additives.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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