Best Airboard Rated: The Ultimate Lightweight Jumpboard

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Maybe you've never heard of it: a Airboard.

It may be that your first thought is a kind of surfboard. That is not surprising, because those Airboards also exist.

But in this article, by AirBoard we mean an inflatable landing mat. You could compare it to an air mattress, but it is just that little bit different.

Best Airboard Rated: The Ultimate Lightweight Jumpboard

Before I give you more information about Airboards, I would like to tell you which – in my opinion – are the best Airboards of the moment.

My ultimate favourite the AirTrack Factory AirBoard. This Airboard may be slightly more expensive, but then you have a product from a brand that has a reputation that you say 'you' to. Especially useful if you already have products from AirTrack Factory in house, so you can connect the different mats with each other.

In the table below you will find my top 3 favorite products and later in the article I will discuss each product in detail.

Best overall

Air Track FactoryAirboard

The AirBoard is made of high quality PVC material that makes it strong and durable.

Product image

Best extra thick

YouAreAirAirBoard Pro 4.0 15cm

The YouAreAir AirBoard Pro 4.0 15 cm is extra thick and resilient, making it perfect for performing tricks.

Product image

Best price/quality ratio

YouAreAirAirBoard Pro 4.0 10cm

The YouAreAir Pro 4.0 10 cm is an affordable, high-quality and robust Airboard that is perfect for sports and exercises.

Product image

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What is an Airboard?

Airboards are, as it were, inflatable blocks, made of the same strong material as rubber boats.

This means that Airboards can take a beating.

Airboards are extremely robust; the bottom and top of such a board are connected to each other with thousands of wires.

As a result, the surface always remains stable and even.

You can also use the Airboard on different surfaces. They can be filled with air and also have a non-slip finish.

Airboards are used for training and performing exercises. All kinds of athletes can use it.

Think of gymnasts, cheerleaders, martial arts athletes, etc. You can practice somersaults on it, flip-flops, but you can also do rehabilitation exercises on it.

In addition, it is sometimes used as a play mat for children.

What should you pay attention to when you buy an Airboard?

Before you purchase an Airboard, there are a number of things you should take into account. Below you can read which ones they are.

Regulate air pressure

A good Airboard gives you the option to let in more or less air and thus regulate the air pressure yourself.

The more air there is in the Airboard, the higher you can jump. Professional athletes often prefer harder mats.

If you buy an Airboard for your gymnastics school or other location where it will be used a lot, it is important that the air pressure can be adjusted.

And especially if children also start using the Airboard.

Furthermore, the heavier the user, the more air you need to add to ensure a solid surface.

The size of the Airboard

Pay attention to the dimensions of your Airboard. You want to have one that meets your needs.

If you buy an Airboard to perform acrobatic moves, you may need more space.

Or maybe you're looking for an Airboard that suits you AirTrack can connect.

Even then it is wise to take the dimensions into account, so that you can ensure a seamless transition.


How important is the price of the Airboard to you?

If you mainly want to use the product at home to do some simple exercises yourself, you may be looking for a not too expensive model.

However, if you are going to help customers in a physiotherapy practice, then you have to take the quality of the board into account.

There can sometimes be some differences in quality, so keep that in mind. It is wise to always go for quality, especially to guarantee safety.

Of course it is always useful to look for offers, so that you can still save a little money. Airboards are not exactly cheap products.


Depending on the purpose of the Airboard, you may find it useful to check whether it can also be used on the water.

In general, Airboards can withstand water well. Always check the product description of the products you have in mind to see if that is indeed the case.

Airboards are actually – as already mentioned once in the introduction – a kind of air mattress. You could float around on it!

Still, I don't recommend an Airboard, just like an AirTrack mat that is also waterproofto float on water for days.

That is not good for the material, because chlorine or algae could affect it.

The best Airboards reviewed

Now it is time for a detailed explanation of the Airboards that were highlighted in the table above.

Starting with the best overall: the AirTrack Factory AirBoard.

Best Overall: AirTrack Factory AirBoard

AirTrack Factory is one of the most famous brands in the inflatable sports equipment industry.

It is also the proud partner of the KNTB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Turn Bond).

Best airboard overall AirTrack Factory AirBoard

(view more images)

  • Afmeting: 100 x 60 x 10 cm
  • Material: PVC
  • Includes bag
  • Including Trackconnect system
  • With carbon edge protection
  • Available in the colors blue or black

With the Airboard from AirTrack Factory you have a meter long mat on which you can safely do exercises. The mat is 60 cm wide and 10 cm high.

When rolled up, the Airboard only takes up 100 x 15 x 15 cm.

Thanks to the supplied Trackconnect system, you can ensure a seamless transition with, for example, an AirFloor.

Read more here about connecting Airtrack mats with each other

You can also use the Airboard as an elevation on an AirFloor, and not necessarily as an extension.

The extra 10 cm elevation makes it easier to perform somersaults and flips, and you learn your tricks faster and in a safer way.

The material of the Airboard is PVC and is therefore very sturdy and durable. Furthermore, the Airboard is equipped with a carbon edge protection.

The only problem with this Airboard is that it is a bit on the expensive side, and that will mainly have to do with the brand.

Nevertheless, a good choice, especially if you already AirTrack products at home because you can easily connect the Airboard to those products for a seamless transition.

Check the latest prices here

Best Extra Thick: YouAreAir AirBoard Pro 4.0 15cm

If you are looking for an extra thick Airboard, the YouAreAir AirBoard Pro 4.0 15 cm is a good choice.

Due to its thickness, the Airboard is extra resilient. You can perform all sorts of tricks on it.

best thick airboard mat yourareair airboard pro 4.0

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  • Afmeting: 100 x 70 x 15 cm
  • Material: Master sports series DWF PVC | Microfiber
  • Water resistant
  • Including foot pump with pressure and pressure gauge
  • Including repair kit with PVC, glue and valve wrench
  • With handles
  • Available in 100, 300, 400, 500 cm length
  • Available in the colors blue, black, red

With the Airboard you can make creative training settings, at home, in the gym or outside.

It is ideal because it is lightweight, the air pressure is easy to adjust and you can take it anywhere.

You can use it lengthwise or widthwise and you can move the Airboard in no time. The Airboard is also water resistant.

Use the Airboard to provide extra push-off during a somersault, or to perform a AirTrack to extend.

Because you can adjust the air pressure to your liking, the Airboard is suitable for every athlete; from cheerleaders and freerunners to gymnasts and gymnasts.

The board is made of Master sports series DWF (Double Wall Fabric) PVC and microfibre, which are of high quality.

The DWF consists of two layers of coated vinyl, connected by thousands of threads. The Airboard is designed with sustainability in mind and will therefore last a long time.

The unique thing about this Airboard is that it is 50% thicker than average (15 cm instead of the general 10 cm).

It prevents jumping through the mat. It also gives extra resilience.

The Airboard is a kind of mini version of the Air Track.

It is recommended for children who want to play on a soft and resilient surface, but also to practice tricks or practice exercises of different sports.

The chance of injuries is a lot less if you use the Airboard and you always make a soft landing.

It will also boost users' self-confidence.

Via the foot pump – which is included – the Airboard is inflated in no time. Thanks to the two sturdy handles you can easily move or transport the Airboard.

The size of the Airboard is inflated (lxwxh) 100 x 70 x 15 cm. When rolled up, the mat is only 80 cm x 15 cm (length x diameter).

You get a foot pump with pressure and pressure gauge and a repair kit with PVC, glue and valve key.

This is the perfect choice if you are looking for an Airboard that is thicker than usual.

This Airboard is 15 cm thick and is therefore 5 cm thicker than the other two versions in this article.

Moreover, it is a bit cheaper than the Airboard AirTrack Factory. Perfect if you don't have a high budget and are looking for a slightly thicker mat.

Also not unimportant: this Airboard, just like the next one I will discuss, is supplied with a foot pump, while the Airboard of the AirTrack Factory does not come with pump.

Check the latest prices here

Best price/quality ratio: YouAreAir AirBoard Pro 4.0 10 cm

If budget plays a major role for you, take a look at the YouAreAir AirBoard Pro 4.0 10 cm.

This is actually the same product as the previous one, but 5 cm less thick.

Best price quality ratio YouAreAir AirBoard Pro 4.0 | 70x100 cm — 10cm thick

(view more images)

  • Afmeting: 100 x 70 x 10 cm
  • Material: Master sports series DWF PVC | Microfiber
  • Water resistant
  • Including foot pump with pressure and pressure gauge
  • Including repair kit with PVC, glue and valve wrench
  • With handles
  • Available in the colors blue, gray and white

This Airboard has a size of 100 x 70 x 10 cm and is again made of Master sports series DWF PVC and microfiber.

The Airboard is of great quality, robust and also water resistant. When rolled up, the Airboard takes up only 80 cm in length and 10 cm in diameter.

Despite the low step, the Airboard is still extremely resilient.

You enjoy high quality material, you can easily adjust the air pressure and use the board for different sports and exercises.

You can also assume that you will enjoy this Airboard for a long time.

Pump up the Airboard harder, then you can make fast, technical jumps.

If you keep the air pressure a little lower, large, slower movements are possible, but also higher jumps and somersaults.

Here too you will receive a foot pump with a pressure gauge, which you can use to fill the Airboard with air within a few minutes.

Thanks to the two sturdy handles, this mat is easy to move. You will also receive a repair kit (DWF PVC, glue and valve key).

If you are looking for an Airboard with a fair price/quality ratio, this is probably the better option of the three.

In terms of price, it is in between the other two options.

And if you are not necessarily looking for a thick mat (15 cm), then this can be a great option with a thickness of 10 cm.

Check the latest prices here

Advantages of Airboards

Why an Airboard? Airboards can offer various benefits for different target groups.

Soft landing

Airboards are incredibly resilient and are, as it were, a kind of soft springboard. You can practice all kinds of tricks on it and you will always land softly.

With Airboards you can create different training setups, both at home and in a studio or gym.

You can also use them outside and even on the water!

You will first have to try out exercises on a safe surface, such as grass or sand (on the beach). Airboards are extremely suitable for that.

After that you can possibly switch to a harder surface.

Airboards not only increase safety, but will also improve the quality of your training.

Air pressure

Airboards are lightweight, easy to set (the air pressure, and whether you want to use them in length or width) and also convenient to move or transport.

With Airboards you have the option to adjust the air pressure exactly to your preferences, so that the Airboard is suitable for different types of athletes and purposes.

If you inflate the Airboard harder, you can perform a fast, technical jump, while a softer mat will allow you to perform an enlarged and slower movement.

Various uses

Thanks to the unique suspension and soft landing, it will become much easier to train tricks and jumps.

In addition to athletes, it is also a perfect product for children who want to play safely on soft surfaces.

Airboards give all your somersaults, flips and other exercises an extra dimension.

You can also use the Airboards perfectly as an 'unstable' surface and/or for balance and physiotherapeutic exercises.

For example, use them as an unstable surface for ankle stability exercises.

You can also do mounting and dismounting exercises on it and thus always create a challenging environment for yourself (or your customers).

Airboard as an extension of your AirTrack

Perhaps you had already heard of the AirTrack, but not necessarily from an Airboard.

AirTacks are inflatable gymnastics mats that also ensure soft landings during practice or training.

They are much longer than Airboards and similar to tumbling tracks.

The chance of injury is reduced, and athletes can practice all their tricks with more confidence.

An Airboard can be used separately, but is also often used for... AirTrack extend mats.

For example, there are ways to connect your AirFloor to your Airboard to ensure a smooth transition.

You can also use the AirBoard as an elevation on a AirTrack mast.

Adding that extra 10 or 15 inches in height will make it easier to practice somersaults and flips, and you'll also train more safely and learn faster.

More about this the cool exercises and tricks you can do on an AirTrack mat

Airboard and Airblock

There are even ways to connect your Airboard to an Airblock. This can be done, for example, via a Velcro system.

You can also stack them or use them next to each other, so that they can complement each other and you can expand the possibilities.

Airboards and Airblocks are available in different sizes, so you can use them for various applications.


In this article you have been able to get acquainted with my top 3 Airboards.

You now also know what advantages Airboards offer, for whom they are all suitable and what you should take into account when purchasing an Airboard.

Whether you are looking for a thicker Airboard, a cheaper version, or one from a well-known brand: you should have made the right choice.

Have fun practicing or playing!

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

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