Best Airtrack mats reviewed and 7 ways to use them

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  May 18, 2021

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For some it may be a completely new concept, but for many it has become a new “way of life”: the AirTrack mat.

Maybe you want to read more about it, and I have collected a lot of background information about this new kind of mats for you.

But, maybe you have already seen one, you already know quite a bit more about it and you just want to know how to choose one.

What is an airtrack mat and what can you do with it

For beginners and people who are a bit further in their choice, I have gathered all this information in this complete guide.

What is important with an AirTrack? Well, not only the type of sport is important, age, weight and your level also play a role in choosing the right AirTrack mat.

I'll start right away with my favorite, because that's why this VidaXL Airtrack. For a good price, it offers quality, but is also great for recreational use at home. If your children are not professional athletes, they can easily practice tricks and even learn gymnastics in a playful way.

Toy reviews & comparisons video

Here you can see what you can do with relatively little space in your home or garden:

Ok, if you are really going for serious sports, I would advise buying a thicker mat, such as the one from AirTrack Factory, because these have more room to play with pressure.

But more about that later, I will discuss:

First the top 5 choices:

Type of AirTrack matImages
Overall best AirTrack: VidaXL AirTrack 3 metersOverall best Airtrack: VidaXL Gymnastics mat 3 meters
(view more images)
Best long AirTrack 5 meters: Fbsport Airtrack Gymnastics MatFBSport AirTrack long of 5 meters
(view more images)
Best for (semi-) professional athletes: AirTrack Factory AirfloorBest Airtrack for serious athletes Airfloor
(view more images)
Dear AirTrack mini: Airspot Airtrack Pro 100cmBest Airtrack mini: Airspot Airtrack Pro 100cm
(view more images)
Best cheap AirTrack: 3TOX Yoga matCheap AirTrack mat: 3TOX Yoga mat
(view more images)

What we discuss in this comprehensive post:

What is an AirTrack mat?

The AirTrack is a training mat that combines the benefits of a trampoline, bouncy castle, jumping floor and landing mat in one. This mat can be used for gymnastics, parkour, cheerleading, tricking, kung-fu and even physiotherapy and is suitable for different levels of sports because you can play with the air pressure.

Why an AirTrack and not a different kind of training mat?

The AirTrack is an inflatable mat that is used by gymnasts, athletes and children during their exercises.

It is so versatile because it is so safe, a thick soft plastic layer and only filled with air.

The advantage of such a mat is that you can set the hardness of the mat yourself, precisely because you can play with the air pressure, and this is unique in the world of practice mats.

And why you see them both for small children on their first roll and with professional gymnasts.

Quality of AirTrack mats

These types of mats are made of a high quality, sturdy plastic (the same plastic that is used for inflatable boats or the Stand Up Paddleboards) and the construction makes it very safe to use and durable.

The mats have a light to very large suspension, so that exercises can be done safely and you can make considerable air jumps on certain mats.

Versatile and portable

Once inflated, all mats can be placed anywhere. The mat is not connected to a pump that must continuously blow air into it.

So it makes no noise during use and you can use the mat anywhere. The seams of the mat are made so well that air loss during use is nil. 

The AirTracks are made in such a way that you can play with the thickness and pressure, which makes them incredibly resilient and safe to land on or firm and fast as a jumping floor.

They are airtight, completely silent, lightweight (generally weighing 3kg per square meter), flat, very small in storage (a 15 meter AirTrack fits in any car when not inflated) and even the installation is extreme fast.

Lees meer: how can you blow up an airtrack?

Better for the body

The benefits of exercising on an AirTrack mat are both physical and psychological. Your joints are less stressed because the shock is absorbed by the mat.

In addition, you can make higher jumps faster and a somersault will succeed faster, especially if you inflate it a bit more gently for more suspension.

For flexibility and self-confidence

And you can imagine that if you can do better tricks with less pain to your body, you will automatically enjoy it more.

Children who are afraid of falling are likely to dare to exercise if the fall does not hurt. Good for a child's flexibility and confidence! 

AirTrack vs trampoline

Trampolines are also a fun activity for children, but a limitation for advanced tricks and movements where you want to practice precision and balance.

Trampolines are designed to be able to jump high and possibly do tricks in the air where AirTracks are designed to facilitate exercises on the ground.

This is of course not advantageous when top athletes want to perform jumps and tricks that involve high jumps.

The trampoline is therefore more aimed at kids and teenagers who want to jump purely for fun, with average physical abilities.

This is still a large market, by the way.

However, an AirTrack is a solution if you are looking for more possibilities in activities and tricks and want to attract an even wider audience: namely the training athlete.

And we're talking about cheerleaders, acrobats, martial arts athletes, gymnasts, circus performers and so on.

With the different mats on offer, you can really choose the mat that is right for you. It is really different from a trampoline.

Even though you can do a somersault on it, not everyone is able to do it properly… just for fun, here's a movie with trampoline bloopers!

Top 5 best AirTrack mats reviewed

Overall best AirTrack: VidaXL AirTrack 3 meters

The Turnmat AirTrack is a handy mat for at home because it has smaller dimensions than the other two in the table.

The mat can also function well in the garden, for the children or for athletes who enjoy exercising in the open air.

Gymnastics mat best AirTrack above and below

(view more images)

This AirTrack mat is 3 meters (300 x 100 x 10 cm) and weighs 11 kg. Ideal for athletes, but also for children to play at home or in the garden.

Made from Double Wall Fabric PVC. Sturdy and water resistant.

With this mat you have enough space to train or play on your own, but you can also use it with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

You can adjust the air pressure depending on the number of people going on it at the same time. The AirTrack can even be used in the water!

Check prices and availability here

Best long AirTrack 5 meters: Fbsport Airtrack Gymnastics Mat

FBSport AirTrack long of 5 meters

(view more images)

The Fbsport Airtrack Gymnastics Mat is one that can be ordered in various colors, as well as in different lengths.

You can go for a large mat if it is for example for a gym, gym or for a martial arts academy.

A smaller mat is useful for at home or when not many athletes will be training on the floor at the same time.

Fbsport best Airtrack Gymnastics mat bottom and top

(view more images) 

This mat is available in various lengths. The mat in the picture is 400 cm long, 1 meter wide and 10 cm high.

The color options are black, blue, purple, light green, pink, and white blue. The PVC layer is 0.9 mm thick, for improved airtightness and durability.

Check prices and availability here

Best for (semi-) professional athletes: AirTrack Factory Airfloor

Best Airtrack for serious athletes Airfloor

(view more images)

The AirTrack Factory original AirFloor is good to start with but also very suitable for professionals. Here's where it all started.

For serious athletes, a thick AirTrack is a lot more suitable, and this is because you can play more with the air pressure. 

Good quality due to sturdy materials

By high quality we mean their Double Wall Fabric (DWF) for the perfect bounce, consisting of 2 layers of coated vinyl with thousands of threads connecting the two layers (80.000 per M2!).

This DWF is specifically designed for athletic training - it's called SportsDWF.

AirTrack Factory also uses a specific technique that prevents the mats from leaking. Every detail has really been thought through. 

Airtracks are made from strong, premium industrial materials derived from inflatable boat manufacturing.

The valves, Velcro and other materials are also of the highest quality.

All products are handmade by industry professionals and undergo strict quality control.

You will find that for different types of exercises, especially if you are starting something new, you will benefit from starting with a low pressure.

This way, new exercises allow you to get used to the slow, soft bounce and landing at low pressure, while the advanced athletes can bounce firmer with higher pressure.

AirTrack Factory original AirFloor best AirTrack

(view more images)

This AirFloor is perfect for all floor exercises and tumbling passes, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Easy to carry and set up, foot pump included. This mat has dimensions of: 110 x 35 x 20cm.

The AirTrack AirFloor can be used both indoors and outdoors: you can even do gymnastics in the garden or on the beach without any problems.

The air pressure is individually adjustable so that you can decide how you want to train.

The AirFloor from AirTrack is simple and, above all, quickly set up. The foot pump is included and with this you inflate the AirTrack in no time.

Also nice, the mat is very portable and can therefore be taken anywhere!

Check the latest prices here

Best AirTrack mini: Airspot Airtrack Pro 100cm

Best Airtrack mini: Airspot Airtrack Pro 100cm

(view more images)

The AirSpot is a round version of the airtrack, a kind of inflatable gymnastics mat that can be used as a jumping mat.

Thanks to the round shape you can use the AirSpot in many different ways and it is very versatile.

It offers the opportunity to be creative, even in small spaces.

The soft and resilient AirSpots motivate children to move and jump freely. Coordination and balance are therefore greatly improved.

The handy size of the AirSpot makes it easy to transport and use on the go!

The Airtrack Pro AirSpot is great for tricks, flipping, balancing and many other gymnastic tricks.

The Airspot is essentially a mini AirTrack, here's how you set one up and what you can do with it:

This air-filled mat reduces the impact when landing, which ensures safe and fun practice, such as in your living room.

With FBsport AirSpot you can safely practice jumps and gymnastics tricks anywhere!

Check prices and availability here

Best Cheap AirTrack: 3TOX Yoga Mat

Cheap AirTrack mat: 3TOX Yoga mat

(view more images)

Just like FBSport, 3TOX also comes from the SUP world, that is the world of Stand Up Paddleboards, one of the newest water sports with an inflatable, yes actually water mat.

It is therefore not surprising that a number of these brands are taking their technology, which has been around for a while longer than the AirTrack, to these mats.

And because of their current infrastructure, they can produce a lot cheaper.

The 3TOX mat, which they describe themselves as Yoga mat, is therefore perfectly suitable for all your AirTrack exercises and is one of the cheapest on the market.

Check the latest prices here

Variants of the AirTrack and accessories

The product range of AirTracks for home use is made of just as good quality as the AirTracks that are mainly used by the professional athletes.

But there are also a fair number of variants and accessories available to make it easier to meet your specific training needs.

We will list the options below for you, so that you can properly understand the difference between the mats and immediately see which mat best suits your situation.

For every type of AirTrack mat, they are silent, the pressure can be regulated and inflation is done in no time. Also, they are all portable and small in storage.

The AirTracks and AirTricks are adjustable in shape and size. Connect multiple tracks for different setups and possibilities!

Sports you can do with an AirTrack

As described above, the AirTrack mats can be used for various types of athletes and sports.

Below we give you some extra useful information about the AirTrack per sport.

AirTrack mats for school gymnastics

Various studies have shown that gymnastics is the best sport for children to practice and improve body coordination.

It is important that schools take this seriously, only it appears that many sports teachers have difficulty with this because they experience fear when teaching with conventional sports equipment as it is often made of hard materials.

Think of the wooden cabinet and wooden beam, or even metal products.

AirEquipment such as AirTrack mats are therefore a perfect solution that ensures that children can develop and train safely and at the same time have a lot of fun.

This is also beneficial for the teachers, so that they can teach with peace of mind.

Children will also be less afraid of challenging themselves on this type of sports equipment. They will land softly and feather high. 

The very first AirTracks were intended for and designed by real gymnasts.

Where you used to do gymnastics with foam mats, beams and a wooden cupboard, nowadays you have AirEquipment in all gyms.

AirEquipment is safer, more exciting and provides better training of all types of skills.

Training on an AirTrack mat also brings a lot of fun while training.

Who doesn't remember dragging carts with the long mat?

And then try to dive in pairs or do a handstand with a transfer without seeing asterisks?

Well all those problems during gym class are a thing of the past when the AirTrack mat is used. 

Children can exercise more safely. This will definitely make them dare more and have more fun during gym classes.

The mat is ideal, because it is quick to set up, put down, but also tidy up. 

The mat has some suspension and you can do different exercises on it.

Whether it is used to teach the basics of gymnastics exercises to children or used during the best gym class of the year: monkey cages!

It doesn't matter, the mat is ideal for all these uses. 

Here you can take a look to see the different uses during a gym class:

Freerunning and parkour on the AirTrack mat

The AirTrick is the first training surface specially designed for tricking and freerunning.

With its large and resilient surface, this mat is ideal for starting tricks as well as advanced movements.

The AirBox and AirStep are the best products for parkour and free running. Individual parts can be used individually or stacked on top of each other.

The high resilience and soft properties of these products lower your anxiety level and big tricks can be performed on these mats!

AirTrick AirTrack possibilities and what you do with it

A large mat has been developed for freerunning and parkour tricks and tricks.

This mat has therefore been given the name AirTrick and has an extra resilient effect. This makes it friendly for advanced and novice users. 

The price tag is slightly higher than with other Airtrack mats.

There are even battles to see who can do the best AirTricks! For example, watch this video of such a battle in Russia:

Cheerleading on the AirTrack mat

AirTracks are also the perfect cheerleading training kit.

The mats feel soft on the body when you need to stretch, are resilient for beautiful jumps and also stable enough for pyramids!

Improve your tumbling skills on the AirTrack P2 or P3, or choose an AirFloor for various cheerleading exercises.

The mats are all very small and handy in storage and super fast to set up.

Optionally, you can add another 35 mm carpet-bound foam to an AirFloor to create a portable mat for a spring floor.

In addition, you could connect multiple AirFloors with each other using AirTrack's seamless connection method.

This way you can create a real competition floor. Such a large competition floor can be set up in less than 45 minutes. 

In the Netherlands it is not yet as popular as in the United States, but that does not make the use of the mat for cheerleaders any less good.

In essence, cheerleaders are often performing the same acrobatics as gymnasts and so the use of the AirTrack mat will often be the same as for professional gymnasts.

But besides being perfect for practicing jumps, the mat is also perfect for making living pyramids.

Now the top cheerleader can rely on the mat for a smoother landing in the event of a fall. 

Trampoline parks with AirTrack mats

High jumps with the best AirTrack mat

As we had discussed before, you see more and more trampoline parks nowadays.

It is quite a job for the owners to find the right products that, in addition to bringing pleasure, are also innovative, safe, last a long time and of course not too expensive.

AirTricks fits perfectly into the picture, with hardly any maintenance costs involved and custom AirTricks can be designed. 

However, AirTricks are not a substitute for trampolines. What they do do is offer a wide variety of options for any park, more than a trampoline.

AirTracks are resilient to bounce on, soft enough for a pleasant landing, but also stable to run and play on.

You can optionally apply line markers to create a football or basketball court, for example.

AirTricks provide fun and limitless play possibilities.

The pressure to stand out from other facilities, services and activities

Park owners must ensure that the parks remain fun and innovative. The AirTrack can certainly play a role in this.

The most important feature of the AirTrack is its flexibility, in various ways.

First, the flexibility of activities that can be performed on the mat.

Think of fighting tricks for the martial arts athlete, beautiful jumps performed by acrobats or cheerleaders and crazy jumps for the parkour athlete.

This also provides flexibility in the customer base that can interact with the mat.

Finally, the flexibility of the physical placement of the mat in or around the facility.

This great flexibility gives your facility, staff and your services the ability to adapt in ways that steel or timber structures cannot.

In this way, these types of new customers can bring their skills to the parks, which was previously impossible due to the trampolines.

The athletes could not train their skills on it.

Thanks to the AirTrack mats, various athletes have more opportunities to train outside and can even give a show for customers of the trampoline and freestyle parks every now and then.

That will certainly be appreciated!

No, that's right, an AirTrack is not a trampoline. Yet for many trampoline parks it is a nice addition to the park.

The AirTrack offers something different than a trampoline, even though it of course has a little less suspension. 

The suspension of an AirTrack is just enough to be able to jump, do tricks and land properly.

That is why we can recommend the following video! You are amazed at how these people can fly!

Recreational home use

The AirTracks can also be used for pure entertainment.

Think of acts that use acrobatic arts.

The AirTracks are resilient, flat, guarantee a soft landing and are silent.

Even well-known acrobatic groups such as Cirque du Soleil use AirTracks!

AirTrack for gymnastics

The AirTrack mat was developed for the gymnastics world. The idea was to develop a product that would reduce the impact on the body when landing.

In addition, this product is lightweight and can be folded into a small package. This makes it easy to use and handy when moving. An ideal instrument for the gym! 

Tailored to the wishes of gymnasts

Because the manufacturer has worked with gymnasts all over the world for years, it is clear what the gymnasts' wishes are.

This has ensured that not only the mats for the professional gymnasts but all mats developed by AirTrack meet the highest standards. 

Would you like to see how you can use the mats, but also the AirRoll, in the gym, watch this video:

Tricking, Martial Arts and other combat sports

AirTrack Factory has developed various options for these types of sports. The 10cm thick AirFloor is ideal for exercising stability, maneuverability, strength, endurance and speed.

Connect multiple AirFloors to create a light and portable floor for training.

With the AirFloor you are able to perform controlled roles and you always fall safely.

Would you like to take a grand approach? Then consider the 30cm thick AirTrick.

What makes this product so special is the unprecedented height it gives you. Perfect for performing large jumps and movements.

Great leaps are also often made within the martial arts. The people who practice martial arts are often not averse to some acrobatics.

The AirTrack flat mat can be used for "normal" martial arts exercises, when extra suspension is appreciated. 

Here are quite a few home karate exercises:

AirTrack and senior gym

The advantage that the AirTrack mat provides a light load for joints and muscles is very nice for everyone, but especially for the elderly.

Elderly people who exercise are often limited by stiffness and (rightly) do not dare to put a lot of stress on their joints.

With the AirTrack they can do more than just exercise on an exercise bike or chair. 

Watch this video to see how the mat is recommended for use during senior gym:

What can you do on an AirTrack? Top 4 exercises for at home

If your son or daughter is suddenly talking about AirTrack exercises, don't think that he / she is talking about a new PlayStation game or about riding a hoverboard.

AirTrack exercises are about gymnastic and physical activities on an AirTrack mat. You can read below what this means and what it looks like!

I've picked out some really fun exercises for each level, including video so you can see how, read on.

Airtrack exercises for at home

The mat recommended by AirTrack Factory for home use is lightweight and compact when rolled up.

All mats use the same materials and technology, so the quality of this product is equivalent to the product that is recommended for, for example, a school.

AirTrack Factory AirBeam for exercises at home

But once the mat is ready for use, you can start with safe exercises. This video briefly shows what the possibilities are:

Is there any training that can be done at home to improve your child's natural athletic ability?

Gymnastics is a natural sport for most children. Many children like to jump and tumble.

It is a matter of practice and training to train those first movements in the amazing walkovers, flips and balance exercises.

Gymnastics is a sport that almost anyone can try. This is a sport that both girls and boys can not only participate in, but also excel.

What gymnastic training can you do at home?

If your child starts bouncing up the walls and is constantly climbing and rolling, chances are you have someone who needs to expend some energy with home gymnastics.

Make sure there are no furniture or hard surfaces in the area where your beginner gymnast will practice and avoid movements that can strain young muscles or joints.

Incorrect exercise for young children can cause serious injuries, so make sure your prospective gymnast adheres to a simple exercise regime and increase the difficulty very slowly once the muscles get strong enough to do the work.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

Roll over

Grab the airtrack mat and give your child exactly that space to roll over within those lines. Give them a piece of paper to put between their chin, and if they practice it properly, it should stay put.

When that skill is mastered, shorten the width, an inch at a time, for example by putting some tape over the air track to where they are allowed to roll.

The cartwheel

If your child is already cartwheel, you can try adding that gymnastic skill to the mix and also give them a little less room to improve their form each time.


Stand at arm's length from your child as she practices rising to a handstand, a basic entry-level gymnastic skill.

Gently catching an unbalanced movement can keep her from falling to the floor and so they get used to the balance. 

Luckily the air track is nice and soft so let them try it for themselves, but a little help in the beginning can help find the right balance.

And before you know it, they can walk back and forth across the mat on their hands.

Roll backwards: practice towards somersault

If you want to do a little more, you can start practicing a back roll and eventually improve your skills for a somersault:

Once you start doing home gym exercises, you'll find yourself coming up with lots of ideas for fun, injury-free home gym exercises.

Practice safely on the AirTrack mat

Not every daughter is a semi-professional gymnast.

But many children like to practice a handstand or to create their own Freerunning course.

By making this mat part of the course or by letting them practice on it, you can save yourself and your child a lot of headaches! 

An airtrack training set has blocks that you can attach to various places on the mat with Velcro to give an extra dimension to the exercises.

A nice addition to the standard use of the mat!

Correct air pressure and surface

You should never feel the surface when you land during use. Then there is clearly not enough air in it.

You also have to take into account that temperature can influence the air in the mat.

So check the mat regularly before use and do not just leave the mat outside in the sun or rain. 

In addition, the manufacturer points out that you have to look carefully where you place the mat. Make sure the surface is free of sharp stones, for example.

Or use an undermat to protect the AirTrack mat. 

In addition, the manufacturer points out that you have to look carefully where you place the mat. Make sure the surface is free of sharp stones, for example.

Or use an undermat to protect the AirTrack mat. 

Due to the resilience, the mat gives you more momentum to your tricks and flips. You can also regulate the spring force by adjusting the (air) pressure.

Test for yourself what the ideal pressure is: would you like a hard mat, or as a beginner would you prefer one that feels softer?

Experiment yourself and find the most comfortable way to train for yourself.

Do handle the AirTrack mat safely

Always handle the mat as carefully as possible and do not use it to land on, for example, if you want to jump from a high distance. This mat is not made for that. 

Frequently asked questions about AirTrack mats

What is the difference between the traditional tumbling tracks and the AirTracks? 

AirTrack mats have their roots in traditional gymnastics and tumbling gyms.

Because these mats are filled with air, this leads to a reduction of injuries during training and flexibility in setups and placement around the gym.

The AirTrack mat also ensures a faster transition to the 'spring floor' because of the similarities in technique and timing, in contrast to the slower techniques that require tumbling trampolines.

The AirTracks are airtight and you don't need an expensive, big, noisy blower.

A small hand-held fan is enough to blow up even the largest AirTracks within four minutes.

In addition, the new generation of AirTracks has only 60% of the weight compared to the old tumbling tracks.

Is the AirTrack mat safe?

When you use the AirTrack you don't have to worry about unsafe and hard landings.

So you can safely practice your artistic skills on this mat. If your jump or trick goes differently than expected, the AirTrack gives you the guarantee that you can avoid painful falls.

Which air pressure in the AirTrack is best to use?

This depends entirely on the product, the sport, the skill level and the weight of the users.

It is advised to always use enough pressure not to wear out and refill the mat for each new workout.

Always refer to the owner's manual for recommended pressure levels.

Incidentally, a mat cannot be damaged if it is 'too much pressure'. The extreme pressure that would be required to break a mat is unfeasible with the pump included in the package.

Moreover, AirFactory's products last a very long time, but in any case assume a lifespan of more than 7 years.

This of course also depends on how the mats are used and how frequently they are trained.

All products are guaranteed for two years.

It covers the following: manufacturing defects, non-use damage to all parts, including seams and surface.

How long does it take to inflate an AirTrack?

4 minutes. Within 4 minutes you can inflate your Airtrack of almost all brands with even a small electric hand pump.

What thickness of mat should I buy?

The standard sizes for AirTracks are 10cm, 20cm or 35cm. 35cm mats are popular for power tumbling and trampoline parks, but you won't be buying them for at home or even in the gym.

For home use, the choice will then be between 10- or 20cm where 10cm is comparable to the standard mats for gymnastics at school and will in most cases be sufficient for beginners.

What is the weight limit of an AirTrack?

Because there is heavy air pressure on an Aitrack, it does not deform when you jump on it. That means that even if you are heavier you can safely jump on an AirTrack without damaging the mat.

Although most manufacturers don't have weight limits on their site, so when in doubt, get in touch.

Can you use an AirTrack outside?

Just like with padded foam mats, you can also use the AirTracks outside. The plastic outer layer even protects them from rain and moisture and makes them easy to keep clean, although I wouldn't leave them outside but clean up after use.

They are waterproof and can therefore also withstand the rain.

How do you store an AirTrack?

It is best to always store an Airtrack after use by deflating it and rolling it up over the full width, just like with a mat. This is how it is best preserved.

I don't recommend it, but if you want to leave your Airtrack outside at night, let it out a fair amount of air to avoid overpressure when the sun shines on it the next day and it gets warm.

How does quality control work at AirTracks?

Quality control is taken very seriously by AirTrack Factory.

  1. All materials are sourced from, purchased and managed by AirTrack Factory.
  2. All mats are subjected to a multiple inspection prior to shipment, including a 16-hour pressure test to ensure airtight seals, and photos and videos are taken prior to shipment to document each product.
  3. AirTracks are individually labeled and documented to monitor and archive the entire production process.

Do AirTrack Factory products comply with European REACH regulations?

REACH is a European Union regulation adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment against the risks posed by chemicals and increase the competitiveness of the chemical industry in the EU.

It also promotes alternative methods for the hazard assessment of substances to reduce the number of animal testing.

AirTrack Factory products comply with these strict regulations.

What else do you have to take into account with an AirTrack?

  1. Keep the AirTrack products away from fire and sharp objects during use.
  2. Make sure the inflatable mat is stored in a dry place and watch out for rodents and insect bites.
  3. It is possible that there is a small hole in the mat due to dirt on the surface that has not been cleaned. If the product is less than 9 cm damaged, you can use the repair film. This will cover the damaged area with special adhesive. Within 10 minutes you have fixed the AirTrack and you do not have to return it. Look for the instructions in the manual.
  4. The mats are measured by hand, so there may be 1-3 cm difference.

How can I protect the valves?

Leakage from the mat can be solved quickly and easily, but damage to the valves is more difficult.

Therefore, handle the valves with care and take the following points into account:


I think an AirTrack and all the options it offers are fantastic.

Hopefully with this article you have gained some useful information about the AirTrack, what you can do with the AirTrack and which AirTrack mats are best.

Joost Nusselder, the founder of is a content marketer, father and loves trying out new toys. As a child, he came into contact with everything around games when his mother started the Tin Soldier in Ede. Since 2016, he and his team have been creating helpful blog articles to help loyal readers with fun play ideas.