12 best children's tablets tested: complete selection aid & buying tips

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  May 19, 2021

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Nowadays EVERYTHING goes digital and everyone works with means to keep up with the times and your child sees and wants this too. 

A good children's tablet helps children deal with this properly, with handy settings that make it safe and educational.

A regular tablet does not always work well, and EVEN NOT all children's tablets offer enough functions to take children along.

That's why I've been testing kids' tablets for the past few weeks to make it EASY for you to choose.

Best children's tablets tested

The ABSOLUTELY best this Kurio Connect. It is not the cheapest, but still very affordable and the parental settings, such as a time restriction on specific activities and one of the largest libraries of own content, make it the children's tablet of the moment.

I also reviewed 11 other tablets and there are also some more budget choices to choose from, plus one specifically for younger children.

I have looked at the included games, security, speed / memory, design and of course a good price-quality ratio.

Here are the best from the test in a nutshell, then I discuss all the important functions per tablet:

Best Kids TabletImages
Overall best children's tablet: Kurio Connect TelekidsKurio Connect Telekids(view more images)
Best Budget Kids Tablet: Denver TAQBest Budget Kids Tablet: Denver TAQ
(read more customer reviews)
Best for baby and toddler: Vtech activities tabletBest for baby and toddler: Vtech activity tablet(view more images)
Best pre-installed games at low price: Waiky Power TabThe pink waiky powertab
(view more images)
Best Cheap Educational Apps: Clementoni ClempadClementoni clempad
(view more images)
Best supplied cover: ALCATEL 1T7 FamilyAlcatel 17T children's tablet with sturdy cover(view more images)
Best widescreen: Denver TAQ 10 inch
(view more images)
Cheaper but the Kurio child-resistant settings: Kurio Tab Litekuriotablite8gb
(view more images)
Best Kids Tablet for Toddlers: vTech Storio Max XLvtechstoriomaxXL
(view more images)
Budget for smaller children: vTech DigiGovtech digigo as the best children's tablet(view more images)
Best for older children: Point of View children's tablet with headphonesPoint of view tablet for children
(view more images)
Best Kids Tablet for Books: Amazon Fire Kids Editionamazon-fire-kids-edition
(view more images)

Children's tablet buying guide

When looking for a tablet for your child, at least look at the age suitability.

That is why I have drawn up this visual decision aid and I would also like to pay extra attention to this:

Suitability of children's tablets in a chart

We've got a few more alternatives on this list that are cheaper, for example, or with a better cover, but these are the top picks to choose for your child's age.

Is your child older than 10? Then I would definitely go for an adult tablet that you might also want to make a bit more child-friendly, such as the:

Tablets, just like laptops or telephones, have basic components on the inside such as:

All these parts work harmoniously together to give you the best experience in using your tablet or smartphone.

Although these things are a little less important for a children's tablet (because you are not going to run difficult software and most children's games are quite simple, especially for the younger children), it is still important for the speed with which the tablet responds, and thus the EASE OF PLAY (* * Daddy! The tablet is slow to respond! **)


The size of the display of the tablet that you are going to choose depends most on what you will need the tablet for.

Are you going to use it purely for multimedia? Or do you also need it if you travel a lot with your family?

Do you need a tablet that is convenient to transport but also decent enough to watch a video and play games?

If you are someone who likes to draw and edit a lot, we still recommend choosing the tablets with a screen size of 10 - 18+ inches.

Plus you have to take their small hands into account with young children.

Choosing the OS (operating system or operating system)

In addition to the better known operating systems such as iOS (Apple), Windows (Microsoft) and Android (Google), there are also other OSes that you can choose for your tablet. 

Most children's tablets also have a standard OS already built in and that means that you usually work with Android with a child-friendly shell around it.

These are the specific tablets made for children of a certain age.

For what purpose?

How you are going to use your tablet is another consideration that you have to take into account.

Is this only for your young child, or should other family members also be able to use it such as older children for school or you also a bit for work or email?

In the latter case you probably want to go for a full tablet with child-friendly settings, such as the Samsung tablets that we wrote about before.

If children are the reason for buying a tablet, there are some that are specially designed for children like the Kurio.

In any case, a children's tablet is often used to play games or watch YouTube videos, but it can also be used for educational purposes.

That's also why I let my kids play and learn on a kids tablet, but of course with protected internet settings and I limit screen time.

Do they need their own tablet? Not in itself ...

I have researched which device our readers give their children, and that is often their own tablet or telephone, especially up to a certain age.

Give you a children's tablet or your own device

Most people give at least some sort of device to their kids, and on the other hand, many parents are concerned about screen time settings and parental controls.

The right children's tablet can then be very useful to get a better grip on how long and what they use a tablet for, only entertainment or also to learn something?

Considerations for Using Apps and Content

All major OS developers, which are iOS, Android and Windows, have their own app stores where you can download various apps and programs for free or paid.

With children, you would prefer to choose a children's tablet that cannot simply access this, or buy a full-fledged tablet and block the stores or set a limit of an amount.

Android clearly has a big lead over Apple's products in terms of apps for children, but also in making the tablet child-friendly.

Battery life

What's the most important element to perhaps spend a little more on kids' tablets? Battery life!

Yes, because if your battery doesn't have enough power to keep up with all that high performance, your tablet won't be nearly as fun as you thought it would be.

The problem with high quality specifications is that they consume far too much battery and will run out quickly.

So if you want to spend a little more, choose a good battery in particular.

The price

Because tablets are developed by different brands with different sizes, specifications and features, you can be sure that the price can vary considerably from the lowest price segment (starting from € 50) to the higher segments (€ 150 to € 200 or more for a child's tablet).

The final choice, of course, depends on yourself and will largely depend on your goal for the tablet.

Your use and necessity is what determines your decision. Do you mainly use it at home and can it often be on the charger? Or is it the intention that he goes on the road and on vacation a lot?

Make a choice based on your need and purpose for your tablet. 

Best children's tablets rated

Well, the advantage of these tablets specifically designed for kids is that you can set the limit in how much you want them to play on them and even what activity.

So you can say, ok…. You can watch videos for half an hour, but then only use educational apps. You can control it as a parent if you want to invest the time to set it up.

And therein lies the power of a real kids tablet instead of just giving the family tablet to your child and hoping it will work out.

Overall best children's tablet: Kurio Connect Telekids

The most bought kids' tablet right now, and with good reason!

Kurio tab connect kids tablet with parental settings

(view more images)

Where the Denver TAQ is really a budget choice, the Kurio Connect Telekids costs a bit more, but you get a lot of specifications and fun in return

Suitable for: Children who want to do a little more with it, often slightly older children. Convenient integration with the Telekids or Studio 100 offering and great safe-internet mode.

To begin with, as a parent, you have full control over what your child does with the tablet and how long the device is used.

You can filter out unwanted apps with the handy App Management, and websites are filtered and categorized.

This is where this Tab Connect SHINES!

The most useful child-safe settings you can find, and quite easy to set up.

In addition, you can always control and stay in touch with your child with your own phone and App, a unique parental experience that none of the other tablets offers.

That is also the choice you make for this tablet, because it is, for example, less powerful than the even cheaper Denver TAQ.

But for parents who want the greatest security and the best child-friendly content and apps, the Connect is unbeatable.

Not for nothing the MOST SOLD children's tablet at the moment!

Create multiple profiles for your kids

You can set the desired internet behavior for each profile, so that your child can always use the internet safely.

In addition, you can set a maximum time per session that your child uses the tablet, so that your child cannot sit on the tablet all day.

Blue light filter is also a nice function that makes looking at the screen less bad for the eyes.

Kurio tab advance best of 2018 and 2019

(view more images)

In addition, 8 profiles can be set on the tablet, which is easy if several children use the tablet. The device then remembers what the preferences are based on which profile is used.

The tablet also has Kurio Motion Games that are played with the camera of the tablet, which is of course very cool for the kids.

The Kurio Connect is packed with handy gadgets, making it a very attractive tablet and therefore also earned a place in the top 11.

It is an investment because the device is quite expensive, but it is well worth it!

Also watch Kurio's trailer about the Connect:

Check the most current prices and availability here

Best Budget Kids Tablet: Denver TAQ

Suitable for several ages, safe and cheap

Denver Taq kids tablet

(view more images)

Suitable for: Smaller children who mainly use the children's apps. It is a lot cheaper and easy to use for younger children.

Furthermore, the tablet has a memory of 8 GB, which is expanded because it fits a micro-SD card.

That is a big advantage, as it allows you to download more games from the Google Play.

Finally, the price is one of the main reasons that the tablet has ended up in the top 11, the tablet does not cost much at all and is therefore one of the cheaper tablets in this list.

All in all, a good tablet with which to enjoy a lot of fun for a low price.

We do want to be fair in our assessment. As a result, some features lag a bit behind, but the price-quality ratio is great.

You also have access to the KIDO'z software that makes learning and playing very easy for children.If you want to calculate how expensive your chosen children's tablet is during the promotion, the calculation is simple: 'the price * 100/121' gives the correct price without VAT that you will have to pay!

The products and brands that participate in this promotion will sometimes change. Just before the promotion, it is always announced which products and brands are participating. So make sure that your chosen children's tablet also participates in the promotion!

The offer applies in the Mediamarkt stores and in the webshop, so if your children's tablet takes part in the promotion, you don't even have to leave the house to get the children's tablet with a nice discount.

The range of this giant is actually quite limited when you consider the other products they sell.

For example, you will get lost in the TVs, laptops, speakers, and home appliances they offer.

In the field of children's tablets, there is really only one brand on offer, and that is Kurio.

They offer a total of 3 models, the Telekids Tab Advance (pink or blue) and the Kurio Tab 2 in green.

These are one of the most qualitative tablets available on the market and the store guarantees that too.

The models do fit in different price ranges

View the range of children's tablets at MediaMarkt here

Babies with a children's tablet

In addition to the nice VAT away with it promotion, Mediamarkt naturally also has offers running all year round, which change every week.

You can also view the brochure online if you don't get it home.

Also keep a close eye on this, because your child's tablet might be there. How much discount you get varies greatly.

Yet there are often good offers where you get a nice discount.

And then you don't even have to wait for the VAT away with it, and you can get the tablet even earlier.


Buying a kids tablet can be quite pricey, but you don't have to. As long as you keep an eye on the offers and wait for the right time!

Bol.com has annually recurring promotional weeks with many different discounts, and Mediamarkt has gotten away with the well-known VAT promotion.

In addition, both stores have constantly changing offers, which you can also keep an eye on for well-discounted children's tablets.

We hope that with the top 11 tablets you have gained more insight into the range of available children's tablets on the market!

So here's my favorite, the Kurio Connect Telekids: a good offer at bol.com.

Read also: the best laptops for school children

Joost Nusselder, the founder of Speelkeuze.nl is a content marketer, father and loves trying out new toys. As a child, he came into contact with everything around games when his mother started the Tin Soldier in Ede. Since 2016, he and his team have been creating helpful blog articles to help loyal readers with fun play ideas.