Best Space Scooter scooter | How to choose the right one for your child (and yourself)

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  September 11, 2021

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'To the moon and back' on the spacy scooter scooter, why not? Has your child discovered the incredibly fun Space Scooter yet?

My 10-year-old son does, and so do I; together we took a good look at all the models and had a lot of fun trying one out!

Most kids with a lot of energy love scooters, but these 'spacy' scooters are even more fun for me, even for parents. This is due to the SUPER Pump & Go system. I'll explain to you what that means later!

Best Space Scooter scooter | How to choose the right one for your child (and you)

The Space Scooter can certainly also help a (calmer) child to develop his/her motor skills. Your child will enjoy spending his free time outside with this ideal scooter.

My son and I have definitely got the hang of it!

Best Space ScooterPicture
Best Space Scooter from 4 to 7 years: Space Scooter Junior X360Best Space Scooter from 4 to 7 years- Space Scooter Junior
(view more images)
Best Space Scooter from 8 years: Space Scooter X580Best Space Scooter from 7 to 8 Years- Space Scooter X580
(view more images)
Best Large Space Scooter For Adults: Space Scooter PRO X590Best Large Space Scooter for Adults- Space Scooter Pro SX590
(view more images)
Best Cheap Space Scooter: Space Scooter X580Best Cheap Space Scooter- Space Scooter X580
(view more images)

Space Scooter Buying Guide

What do you as a parent pay attention to when buying a Space Scooter?

When purchasing a space scooter you should pay attention to these main points:

Carrying weight

There are different models of Space Scooters and each has its own specifications:

Make sure that the allowed weight on the scooter suits your child. Also keep in mind that your child is of course still growing, and may already be able to handle a larger scooter 'on the growth'.

The Space Scooters are solidly built and will last a while. So if your child is already close to the age or weight limit, then rather go up a size.

Adjustable handlebar height

All Space Scooters have adjustable handlebars, but not all of them reach the same height. Again, go for the higher version if your child is on the long side.


Some Space Scooter orders come with nice accessories such as knee and elbow pads. This is a nice bonus, but only if you don't already have these things at home!

Take a test drive

Try one out with your child, just like we did, because then you can really know which type of Space Scooter is suitable.

Maybe the neighbor kids already have one and you can try it?

Space Scooter or Rock Board?

My review is mainly about the Space Scooter, but later in my story you can see the comparison I made: Rockboard vs Space Scooter.

The Best Space Scooters Reviewed

Toy reviews & comparisons

Let me start with the very best Junior Space Scooter.

Best Space Scooter from 4 to 7 years: Space Scooter Junior X360

Best Space Scooter from 4 to 7 years- Space Scooter Junior

(view more images)

The Space Scooter Junior is available in both pink and blue (surprisingly enough) and comes with a nice (free) Thys Toys protection set for wrist, elbow and knee. That's a nice bonus!

Children can drive a long way from the age of 4 with this Space Scooter – pink or blue, it doesn't matter; the Pump&Go movement is simple and easy to maintain for them.

It is the smallest size space scooter available.

It is important to protect your child, especially the younger children, with a helmet and possibly also with protectors for hands, wrists and knees.

They can certainly go about 10 km per hour with this scooter. Ideal for getting out of school with it!

A customer writes:

This step is highly recommended! My daughter has really enjoyed it. iIn the beginning you have to be careful (helmet), but children quickly master this. Ideal to take with you on holiday!


Check the latest prices here

Best Space Scooter from 7 to 8 Years: Space Scooter X580

Best Space Scooter from 7 to 8 Years- Space Scooter X580

(view more images)

The Space Scooter X580 is suitable for children from 7-8 years old, but if you want to ride it as an adult, you can also do that if you weigh no more than 90 kg. 

The handlebars are extendable up to 107 cm, which is great for an adult with an average height. Even if you are not a child, the Scooter remains a fun means of transport.

This Space Scooter can go about 15-16 km per hour, see it in action here:


View all available variants here

Best Large Space Scooter for Adults: Space Scooter PRO X590

Best Large Space Scooter for Adults- Space Scooter Pro SX590

(view more images)

This is the most robust of them all and the latest model, the Space Scooter Pro X590 is a tad more luxurious due to its improved engineering, compared to the X580.  

The great tough X590 can carry people up to 115 kg, it goes faster than 15 km per hour due to its renewed drive system.

That is harder than the other models and makes it very suitable for heavy teenagers and adults.

The braking system also had to be improved, and so did the grip on the handlebars: it's perfect with these premium rubber 'lock-on grips' as handles.

With the X590 you can take rougher and longer rides. Also a nice experience to make trips with your child! 


View all available variants here

Best Cheap Space Scooter: Space Scooter X580

Best Cheap Space Scooter- Space Scooter X580

(view more images)

The cheapest remains the Junior, but when we talk about a larger size that lasts much longer, the nice Space Scooter X580 is the cheapest.

It's a tenner cheaper than its X580 brother, and another special Edition also! If you want to be even lower in terms of budget, then second-hand or refurbished Space Scooters are something to look at.

Its features of this X580 are the same as the original by the way, only its red-white-blue color makes it a Limited Edition.

This customer gives 5 stars on

Nice space scooter: Good quality - easy to use - sturdy material. Easy to assemble. Perfectly tailored for daughter of 8


Check prices and availability here

Space Scooter FAQ

Now you probably have a good idea of ​​which Space Scooter is best suited for you or your child. I will now answer a few more questions about Space Scooters.

What is a space scooter?

It's a step, but in a completely different way.

You make a fast speed with a 'rock' movement, it feels 'as if you are walking in space' and hence the name.

The chain of the step is activated by shifting your weight on the front and back leg alternately.

Space Scooters are powered by the unique Pump & Go system. They are faster and so much more fun than normal scooters or steps, easier to use and more compact than a bicycle.

You can also just step with it.

It is available in three models: the Junior X360 for children aged 4 to 7 years, the X580 for children from 7 years and the new X590 from 7 years, and is also very suitable for adults.

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How do you drive a Space Scooter?

Hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands and put your standing leg in front of the deck.

With your other leg you push off (your strongest leg). When you have made enough speed, place the other leg behind.

To move forward smoothly, move your body weight from front to back and vice versa.

To take the turns like a real pro, hang lightly in the direction of the turn. With the (hand) brake you can reduce your speed and brake.

My 10-year-old son and I took turns trying out the X580 and we both thought it was a great experience. You've mastered rocking in no time, even me.

This scooter turned out to be sturdy enough for both a 10-year-old and an adult and I felt it drove quite fast. 

A 10-year-old can also easily prepare the scooter for use (with the supplied Allen key) and fold it back after use.

By the way, Bogdan Popescu shows you in this handy video how easy you can unfold the Space Scooter, it changes from step to 'rock movement', vice versa, and how to fold it again:

Uphill I had some trouble keeping up the momentum myself and the next day you can feel that your calf muscles have worked hard!

But… I am now very curious about the new model, the X590!

Space Scooter vs Rockboard

Both the Space Scooter and the other brand 'RockBoard' are good and popular scooters, and both super fun to ride! Which do you choose?

You can ride both by 'just' stepping, but you can also ride them by using your weight and moving it from your front foot to your back foot and vice versa. 

There are a few differences that I will go through with you below:


If we look at its appearance, the Space Scooter has, in my opinion, a slightly sportier look than its brother from the RockBoard brand. 

The Space Scooter is available in multiple colors or color combinations; a total of 9. 

The RockBoard is available in 4 colours, always in combination with a black deck.

The deck of the RockBoard seems to be a bit thicker, which makes it look a bit sturdier.


These steps are roughly in the same price range, the price mainly depends on the different features.


The height of the handlebars is important. Both scooters have an adjustable handlebar, so that the height can easily be adjusted to the height of the child. 


This is where the two really differ.

The Space has 'heavy-duty' solid plastic wheels with a diameter of 20 cm, which are not very shock-absorbing. 

The RockBoard is equipped with 20 cm diameter urethane wheels with plastic spokes. 

These wheels reduce the shocks and vibrations of the road slightly better. The number of wheels for both is two.


Both have solid tires that cannot go flat and they are maintenance-free. However, solid tires do wear out faster, making them less suitable for long distances.

Brake system

Both have a V brake braking system.


A Space Scooter has a smooth air suspension, which makes acceleration really nice.

The RockBoard has a more durable (rear) suspension made of cast aluminum and accelerating may feel a little stiffer. 


Both are compact and easy to fold, but are quite heavy.

The robust frames of both the Space Scooter and the RockBoard are made of ultra-strong steel. 

A few pluses of the Space Scooter

A few pluses of the Rockboard brand 

Age size chart

Model Space ScooterAgeLength
Junior X360children from 4 to 7 years110-126 cm
X580children from 7-8 years and adults up to 90kgfrom 126 cm
X590children from 7-8 years and adults up to 115kgfrom 126 cm

From what age is a Space Scooter suitable?

The Junior model is already suitable for children from 4 years.

The Space Scooter is powered by the unique Pump & Go system. Children often find it faster and more fun than a normal scooter or scooter, and it is easier to use and more compact than a children's bike.

Space Scooters are available in three models: the Junior X360 for ages 4 to 7 years and the X580 and X590 for ages 8 and up.

Is a space scooter dangerous?

A Space Scooter or scooter goes about 10 to 15-16 kilometers per hour. With a regular scooter you will probably drive 8 to 10 kilometers per hour.

You are not allowed to drive on public roads with this scooter. 

It is important that your child can jump with two legs and can keep his balance. It is better to guide your child the first times, so that he gains confidence.

Do you want to practice with your child first? Then consider a balance board like the Wobbel and similar.

But it remains sensible (read: recommended) that your child wears a real bicycle helmet and wears wrist, elbow and knee pads.

In the Netherlands, however, we are quite stubborn when it comes to bicycle helmets or other protective equipment.

However, consider it! An accident is just around the corner and a brain injury is the last thing you want to do to your child.

With this overview of the 5 best stunt, skate & bike helmets your child is safe and yet also cool.


The Space Scooter is a scooter and a rocker at the same time, which makes it a very nice product.

The fact that you can change whenever you want makes all children, but also many grown-ups like me, happy and active.

Especially the rock movement is nice, and provides a decent speed. Did I get you to let your kid try it out now? Or maybe you yourself?

The reviews I've read about this product have been very positive!

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