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Bigjigs: Super Funny Irish Toy Brand

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Bigjigs is a toy brand from Irish soil in the United Kingdom and a true family business par excellence.

The couple Liz and Peter were both teachers before they started making toys.

Funniest wooden toys


With their ethical values ​​and a focus on education and child development, Bigjigs makes incredibly fun and responsible toys.

Product image

This background has helped them a lot in developing toys that contribute to the development of children.

The fact that the company has grown rapidly does not mean that Bigjigs has lost sight of the family aspect. Liz and Peter's two sons, Sam and Tom, are now directors of the brand.

The whole family is still actively involved in the design and production process of the toys.

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Bigjigs toys

You might find the most beautiful (wooden) toys at Bigjigs. From educational puzzles to cute doll houses, this brand is at home in all markets.

At Bigjigs, creativity and sustainability are central and that is certainly reflected in the collections that this brand offers.

Beautiful inviting colors, interesting designs and very high quality wood provide hours of fun!

Bigjigs toys

Bigjigs is also a very accessible brand with great prices that suit every wallet.

Does your child like beautiful buildings and does he or she prefer to construct endless train routes? Then you can go to Bigjigs.

Does your son or daughter prefer a challenging puzzle to train fine motor skills? You will also find what you are looking for at Bigjigs.

Most Bigjigs toys are also portable and therefore easy to take with you on holiday or visiting family. So your little one will never be bored!

There is really something for everyone at this fun toy brand. Even the littlest ones are not left behind with the baby-safe options on offer.

Is Bigjigs an ethically responsible company?

Hell yes!

All of the Bigjigs toys for sale are made in the Middle East, where Liz, the owner, visits regularly to ensure that everything is produced in an ethical and fair manner.

The wood used to make the toy meets all important environmental criteria.

The most commonly used wood in Bigjig's toys is rubber wood. Rubber wood is a by-product of the latex production process and therefore very sustainable wood.

In addition, all Bigjigs partner brands are also selected on the basis of ecological and social references.

How safe are Bigjigs toys?

Safety always comes first at Bigjigs.

Every toy designed and sold under the Bigjigs brand is extensively researched and tested by an independent lab to ensure it meets all safety standards required in Europe and the US.

This testing process is very extensive. Consider, for example, rigorous durability testing, chemical analysis and paint analysis and attention to age-related guidelines.

Small children not only play with their hands, but also with their mouth. That is why it is important that the toy does not contain toxic dyes.

Luckily you can breathe easy with Bigjig's toys; all toys of this brand are 100% safe.

Learning by playing

Toys should not always be fun, but also educational!

Especially at a younger age, when your little one's development is at its peak, it's important that toys also encourage growth.

Bigjigs toys do just that. With puzzles, numbers and rhythm it actively works on the (fine) motor skills of your child.

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For which age group are Bigjigs toys best suited?

Bigjigs has toys for virtually every age group. From soft plush cuddly toys to teething rings for babies, to dolls for toddlers and books for the older children.

All toys are divided into age groups:

  • 0 to 12 months
  • 12 to 24 months
  • 2 to 3 years
  • 3 to 4 years
  • 4 to 7 years
  • 8+

What kind of Bigjigs toys are there for sale?

Bigjig's toys are incredibly diverse. This brand really has everything in its range:

Wooden train tracks

Playing with trains and rails is a great way to encourage creative and narrative thinking and encourage imaginative play in your little one.

The train collection is also very easy to expand.

For example, choose a beautiful set of rails with a train and slowly expand the set with a station, a railway crossing, a drawbridge or even a dragon crane!

Check out their fun windmill!

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Arts & crafts

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Let your child discover their creative side with the wide range of Bigjigs creative games and activities.

For example, we really like their bead set, where you can string small beautiful necklaces, or the fun chalk eggs that come in a really, cute egg carton.

This segment also includes the many clay sets of Bigjigs, such as the flower clay set or the racing car clay set.

Baby & toddler

Bigjigs entertains all ages, including the little ones.

The plush, soft cuddly toys offer your baby comfort when they need it most and for the slightly older children there are toys that fit well with the developments that are the most important around this age phase.

Consider, for example, animal puzzles or building blocks. The fun colors look cheerful and keep your little hours busy.

Check out their cute dog cuddly toy!


Actually, most Bigjigs toys offer an educational aspect, but this special range mainly focuses on that.

The folding blocks teach your little one about organs, tables, football, planets and dinosaurs. A wide selection of books are also available, covering topics such as recycling, the solar system and animals.

Your child can of course also discover the outside world with the insect research pots.

Pretend play

When your children are a bit older, they will probably fantasize more and more freely in their play. With the right toys, your little one can freely enter the dream world!

The dollhouse sets from Bigjis are very fun and colorful. They can also be expanded with other furniture, dolls and accessories.

Another fun fantasy toy is the supermarket set, complete with scanner, order drawer and receipt roll. It fits very nicely with their store set.

Outdoor toys

Is the weather nice? Then there is nothing better than playing outside!

Play with your child outside and plant a vegetable garden! The tool kit with handy fanny pack is perfect for that. Their watering can is also nice for the Outdoor!

A ping pong set is another way to spend time together outside, or hang up the cute swing.

Do you have water nearby? Then you can also choose from a wide range of boats and buckets.

Children's and bedroom

Make the nursery a true inspiration for your little one with colorful furniture and decoration.

The play mats are not only beautiful and handy, but they are also great fun to play with! Your child will certainly enjoy this with a few cars or dolls.

The same goes for the fun ones gaming tables from Bigjigs.

Teach your child to spell his or her own name with the decorative wall letters that are available in many different colors and motifs.

Games, puzzles & gifts

The many balls, music boxes and puzzles belong to this category.

Think of fun jigsaw puzzles or domino sets, but also cars, and golf and cricket sets can be found here.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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