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Bruder MAN 02771 rated: Best toy fire truck!

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Come to the rescue with this one brother Brandweer Truck! With the fire brigade you can save people! Turn on the siren (which actually sounds) and let everyone know that the heroes are on their way!

They have a few models but this one is actually a lot of fun because you can really do everything with it.

Bruder MAN 02771 fire truck reviewed

In this article I take a close look at this amazing fire truck.

Overall best toy fire truck
brother MAN fire truck 02771
Product image
Toy score
Best for
  • Great sturdy construction
  • Good crane and real working fire hose
Less good
  • Very large and difficult to combine with other toys

Let's take a look at the specs first.

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  • Appearance: beautiful, very large, red car with light and sound
  • Features: three siren sounds and engine sound, folding ladder, folding side mirror, support legs, engine block, real working water hose
  • Age: 7-8 years
  • Sustainably made: Yes, great, good quality and will last for generations
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight and dimensions: 2 kg. 47 x 17,5 x 24,2 cm (lxwxh)
  • Scale: 1: 16
  • Batteries: Yes, 2

What is the Bruder MAN 02771 fire truck?

The Bruder MAN fire truck with rotating ladder, water pump and light and sound module ensures that every fire is extinguished!

The large car has folding outriggers for extra stability and the cabin can be folded forward so that you can see the beautiful engine.

The ladder is extendable and with the rotary knob you can adjust the height, and the side mirror is foldable.

At the top of the ladder is a spacious place for a firefighter figure.

The water hose can be rolled out and really works; you fill the tank with a water and the pump at the hose reel provides water pressure so that it sprays.

With the light and sound module, playing is even more exciting, you can switch on a siren or the engine sound.

You can press the button repeatedly to make the sound stop, but it will stop on its own after 20 seconds.

The fire truck has large profile tires and the scale is 1:16.

What makes the Bruder MAN 02771 fire truck fun?

With its many functions, this huge truck stands for endless fun: it is easy to use, made of solid material, and easy to clean, in short, a real Bruder truck!

Also nice to collect.

Of course it has a high crane so that is great fun and you can do up and down then and it can also stretch very far with the tray that can tilt.

This way dolls can also be put in. Unfortunately, the description is not very good so you really have to find out for yourself what exactly can be opened and what not.

There is also a ladder that can also be removed and you can hang it on the back of the crane so that dolls can climb on it.

In total he comes quite high, higher than my son himself.

Bruder MAN fire truck ladder

What my son really likes is that he can make four sounds, so it is as if he really comes to the rescue and extinguishes a fire.

Furthermore, the front can be detached and then you can actually see what is in it under the hood in such a car.

A lot of Bruder toys are mainly made to be quite realistic so they really looked at these kind of fire trucks to make them as realistic as possible so that's actually kind of fun to see.

One of the things that I only found out later, because that was not mentioned at all on the website, is that he can actually spray water.

There is a cover that can be opened and underneath is a reservoir that you can fill with water. That is especially nice in the summer of course to take outside to spray, and he can spray quite far.

With the pump you can first pump it up a few times and you actually have to pump the water pressure on it. It's a bit of a classic fire engine as they might have done in the old days.

Bruder MAN real working fire hose

With over 50 reviews it is one of the most popular fire trucks and with good reason.

Because it is so real, kids can feel like a real firefighter and, just like me, some people like to give it a little earlier to children before their 3rd year in order to get to know their next development phase:

My two-year-old grandson is so happy with it, he plays with it a lot. and it stimulates his imagination.

Overall best toy fire truck

brotherMAN fire truck 02771

Many functions provide endless fun: from the high crane to a real working fire hose.

Product image

Disadvantages of the Bruder MAN 02771 fire truck

There are also some less fun things about the car and that makes it a bit more difficult to play with and that in itself is not a very big problem, especially if you have older children.

But my son is a little older than 2 and he gets frustrated that it doesn't work right away, for example with that high crane that you can pull up by hand.

Which is not the intention because you actually have to move it up and down by turning the handle.

But it doesn't go down, that's pretty tight, so you really have to turn it down with the knob, which is very good in itself because then it stays in place, but for my son that's quite difficult, it has to be really discover and he can't do that very well yet.

Another disadvantage is that the hose is made of some kind of rubbery stuff and that's exactly the stuff that really attracts dust and dirt that you have on the floor.

For example, we have long-haired cats and everything comes down to it.

In the end, it's not too bad if you just clean it a little every now and then, but that's one of the things to watch out for if you have a house with pets.

The car is also quite big. Very big actually. That is very cool of course, but it makes it difficult to combine with others toys.

Fortunately, we have quite a few other Bruder toys that fit it exactly, but many other toys are in 1:24 scale or smaller.

Still, he's a lot of fun to play with.

With this beautiful play set you get a sturdy fire truck that produces light and sound. It works on batteries and the set is suitable for children from about 3 years old.


A very complete and very realistic fire truck that will last a long time.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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