Bruder vs Playmobil: Two toy giants compared

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Do we want to talk about two serious top toy brands? Brands that have been around for generations?

Then it almost makes sense that we should talk about Bruder and about Playmobil bow.

Both toy brands are of German origin and are recognized from a distance by children - and their parents.

Bruder vs playmobil

Both it toys from Bruder like that of Playmobil, is world famous and popular with children and parents.

After all, Bruder started producing in 1958 toys en Playmobil in 1974.

The model toys van Bruder is indistinguishable from the real thing, this applies to both the cars and the tractors and other construction vehicles.

This German brand produces sustainably and therefore takes its ecological and social responsibility. Bruder toys after all, it will last for generations!

Laughter has been conquering for more than 45 years Playmobil dolls the world.

The system toys that was invented by Mr. Hans Beck now has an extremely extensive range.

From toy farm to castle and from pirate boat to hospital; what does not exist in it Playmobil form?

Both brands have a high play value and children can enjoy themselves in different role-playing games.

However, Bruder also stimulates the development of technical insight.

Check out more Bruder toys here or look here for more Playmobil toys.

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What makes Playmobil toys so much fun?

Playmobil toys – and the characteristic smiling figures – provide children from all over the world with enormous fun.

But what's so much fun about it?

  • the creative role-play
  • practicing various professions
  • the development that the child goes through
  • Playmobil constantly comes up with new ideas and perspectives
  • Playmobil is extremely popular with parents

Children's imagination and creativity are stimulated Playmobil greatly stimulated.

Children find it a nice and safe feeling that they can invent and act out their own world.

All professions are covered; from firefighter to nurse, from vet to secret agent.

Playmobil is certainly on our top list the cutest princess toys.

The cheerful one Playmobil figures successfully overcome the biggest challenges, which is why children feel more confident in themselves while playing.

They never tire of it, and neither do Mum and Dad: they like to join in every now and then, because they used to play with it often.

What makes Bruder toys so much fun?

Bruder is known for its wide range of vehicles and for its excellent quality toys.

Everything is produced to scale, except for the series for the little ones.

But what do we love about Bruder? toys?

  • reality is imitated
  • the details of the vehicles
  • role playing
  • technical insight is stimulated
  • nice to collect
  • the little ones are also discussed
  • durable
  • excellent quality

Bruder has a wonderful agricultural series and there are also great professional series including cranes, trucks, fire engines, jeeps and other city vehicles and emergency services.

The B-world series from Bruder consists of play figures and sets, also great fun for children to use their imagination.

The solid Bruder Roadmax series is for the little ones. They have real rubber straps and securely rounded corners.

What are the differences between Bruder and Playmobil toys?

The B-world series from Bruder is quite comparable Playmobil.

B-world also includes figures in various professions, sportsmen, workshops, farm stables and miniature vehicles.

This toys was created to give children a pleasant playing experience that imitates reality, just like with Playmobil.

The differences between B-world from Bruder and Playmobil are:

  • B-World vehicles are copied to scale, Playmobil vehicles are not
  • At B-world, the dolls are right in shape and proportion, including the animals; at Playmobil, the figures and animals are not realistic and not exactly in proportion.
  • B-world only has room for the 'real professions' while Playmobil also has fantasy figures, actors and historical figures, such as pirates and dinosaurs.
  • Playmobil has more figures in different professions, more houses, animals, workspaces and work areas than B-World

It makes sense that Playmobil has more items to offer and is more extensive than B-world from Bruder.

Playmobil has been concentrating on (fantasy) figures, animals, professions and vehicles for over 45 years.

B-world has not been around for very long and is just one branch of the different Bruder series.

How long have Bruder and Playmobil been around?

Heinz Bruder came to work at his father's company in 1950 and started the production of small plastic toys in 1958, under the name Bruder Spielwaren.

His son, Paul Heinz Bruder in turn came to work here in 1987 and began to expand the products considerably.

All of their scaled vehicles have been sought after by children and collectors around the world for decades.

The company geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co.KG is Germany's largest toy manufacturer and has been producing since 1974 Playmobil.

This has been the case since this year toys a favorite with parents and children everywhere in the world.

A fun fact: since 2000, this company has also been producing high-quality plastic planters from the Lechuza brand.

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