Bruder vs Schleich: Both quality, differ in scale and themes

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It is sometimes difficult to make a choice, because there are so many types toys exist and brands with similar items. Sometimes a toys collection also very much focused on one brand toys.

Bruder en Schleich are both toy brands from Germany that generate such intense interest.

Bruder en Schleich are both realistic models toys. The biggest difference between the brands is the 1:16 scale Bruder around Schleich 1:24 uses. Also focuses Schleich focuses more on animals, in particular horses and horse stables Bruder is more focused on vehicles, such as work vehicles, tractors, agricultural vehicles and trucks.

Bruder vs Schleich

The toys of Bruder en Schleich is not only beautiful to play with, but is also often collected.

However, the brands use different dimensions and each brand has its own scale and detailing.

View here more toys from Bruder or look here for toys from Schleich.

In this video I watch the Bruder and Schleich horse trailers and put them side by side, that actually gives a perfect introduction to the differences:

In this article I provide information about the Bruder en Schleich toy collections and what both brands are known for.

Then I'll contrast the two brands so that after reading this article you have a better idea which one toys brand is more suitable for which situation.

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What are Bruder toys known for?

At Bruder the playing child is central. The brand has a wide range of crane trucks, fire engines and trucks, among others.

A number of models are even based on existing truck and tractor models. Great for kids!

The toys of Bruder is mainly characterized by its solidity and details. Bruder makes her toys on scale 1:16.

This toys is suitable for children to play with, but also great for model building.

I've been to looked at the beautiful Bruder construction toys.

Best truck with crane Bruder MB Arocs

The Roadmax series is for the smaller children: these are extra strong and colorful models.

For adults has Bruder highly detailed keychains and miniatures of the Bruder mini-series.

In addition to vehicles, the range also includes horses and associated horse stables made of plastic that can be constructed in various ways; you can decide for yourself how you combine the bottom plate, the upright parts and roof plates.

You can also place the matching horse boxes wherever you want.

What are Schleich toys known for?

Schleich asks for designing hair toys advice to biologists, parents and children to recreate the animals as precisely as possible, and to scale.

They are also painted by hand and often look lifelike.

The animals are also liked to be collected (for example the many possible horse breeds) and therefore not always necessarily used as toys.

Also Schleich focuses on designing the most detailed toys items, especially animals, such as farm animals, dinosaurs and wild animals.

The animals of Schleich all have a scale of 1:24.

The animals are made as true to nature as possible; think of the correct coat colors and skin markings, position of the body, the manes of the horses, the tail, etc.

This brand also makes toys 'worlds', such as the knight's world and the elven world.

Furthermore, it has Schleich some too toys vehicles and well-known buildings in its range.

Within the total collection are anyway the toy horses from Schleich the most popular. It is the most detailed horses toys what you can find.

That is why the horses of this brand are a bit more expensive than, for example, those of Bruder.

The horse stables are made of plastic and are equipped with various attributes.

What are the general differences between Bruder and Schleich?

What the brands agree on is the 'nationality' (they are both from Germany), the quality of the toys and sustainability.

But there are indeed differences.

The biggest difference between the brands is the scale at which they... toys to design.

At Bruder is that 1:16, at Schleich 1:24.

The brand also focuses Schleich focuses more on animals, and in particular horses and horse stables.

Bruder on the other hand, is more focused on vehicles, such as work vehicles, tractors, agricultural vehicles, trucks, etc.

Which toys So 'better' or 'more suitable' depends entirely on someone's preferences and personal situation.

What are the differences between Bruder and Schleich's horses?

To make a better comparison of the two brands, for convenience I take the horse sets from both and put them side by side.

As I mentioned above, the horses are from Schleich more detailed than that of Bruder and therefore also a bit more expensive.

The horses of Bruder are designed much more simply and there is less choice than Schleich the case is.

Bruder Bworld 62506 horse stable

If you or your child appreciates details, then Schleich be a good choice.

If that is not so important, but if budget plays a greater role, then it would Bruder could be a better idea.

What are the differences between Bruder and Schleich vehicles?

There is also a difference between the vehicles of both brands.

The cars of Schleich are mainly related to animals. Bruder focuses more on tractors and other (agricultural) construction vehicles.

The vehicles of Schleich include an off-road vehicle for a safari or for the Schleich farm, or a vehicle with which the vet can visit sick animals.

Schleich also sells a number of tractors. However, if that's the type toys is what you're looking for, it seems Bruder to be a better idea.

Bruder has several tractor models, multiple colors to choose from, and in my opinion the tractors are designed a little more detailed or realistically than those of Schleich.

At Bruder it is also better to go for fire trucks, excavators, tow trucks and other (agricultural) construction vehicles.

Are you going for Bruder or for Schleich?

That completely depends on your child's taste and preference!

When your son or daughter likes vehicles more like tractor toy, trucks and fire engines then you would go to the brand Bruder probably be better off.

Does your child prefer animals, such as horses and everything that goes with them? Schleich most likely a more suitable brand.

Whichever brand you choose, you know that both brands have it toys is always of quality and that the products will therefore last a long time.

There may be a price difference between the brands, so take that into account if necessary.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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