Bruder vs Siku: many similarities, scale & price differs

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Because what detailed vehicles these two manufacturers make!

Both Bruder as Siku have vehicles related to agriculture, logistics, construction sites, and emergency services, but where Bruder also forestry has, has Siku specifically military vehicles and even ships. Siku is also a bit cheaper and the largest scale 1:32 true Bruder 1:16 uses.

Does your child love trucks? toy tractors, rollers, cranes and everything that comes with it? Then it is really worth reading further…

Bruder vs siku toys

Bruder has many accompanying figures in different professions. Siku has 'only' driver figures for the vehicles, less detailed than those of Bruder.

Beautiful for children toys, but these vehicles are also hot items among adult collectors!

They are also very solid, they will last for generations. Maybe you used to play with it yourself?

View here toys from Bruder, or view more toys from Siku.

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What are the differences between Bruder and Siku toys?

I personally think that there are many similarities between them Bruder en Siku, did you know that both companies have been around for more than half a century?

Siku is often referred to as a good alternative to the often more expensive Bruder toys.

I looked for a few differences:

Bruder 02526 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon


(see more from Bruder)

Siku police car


(see more from Siku)



  • Professional series 1:16
  • B-world series 1:16
  • Roadmax series is not to scale


  • Super Siku serie 1:70,1:87, 1:90
  • The Blister series 1:85 and sometimes 1:90 
  • Farmer models, these were launched in 1983 in the standard 1:32 scale. Later this was expanded with the scale 1:87 and an intermediate size 1:50
  • controllable vehicles 1:32


  • the best plastic, comparable to what the car industry uses


  • metal with plastic
different series: 


  • Professional series
  • B-world series 
  • Roadmax series 
different series:


  • Super Siku series
  • Blister series
  • Farmer series
  • RC series
for little ones: Roadmax series for little ones: options in various series

What makes Bruder so much fun?

Bruder Claas Axion 950 with Snow chains & Snow Blower 03017 full view

(see more from Bruder)

The motto of Bruder is “Just like the real thing”.

All vehicles are passed through Bruder produced at scale, except for the sympathetic ones Bruder Roadmax series for the little ones, with safely rounded corners.

Bruder is best known for its impressive scale vehicles and for the excellent quality of their toys.

Create different aspects Bruder toys very well:

  • children can act out reality
  • they love the functions of the vehicles
  • they like the vehicles to collect
  • technical insight is stimulated
  • durability and excellent quality
  • the little ones are also discussed

Bruder heeft a beautiful series of agricultural and construction vehicles and there are also great professional series including trucks and jeeps.

Real build, tow, load and unload for your little one!

What makes Siku so much fun?

Siku 3505 ram with compressor trailer

(see more from Siku)

Also Siku is a sustainable brand that stands for strong toys that can last for generations.

All Siku vehicles – radio controlled or not – are indistinguishable from the real thing and super detailed.

The basis of the Siku vehicles is always made of metal. However, the details are made of plastic and are therefore flexible.

What do children love so much about it? Siku?

  • Siku vehicles are solid and really work
  • they are available in three scaled sizes
  • your child can act out real situations from everyday life
  • there is also a radio controlled series. This way your child lets the vehicles do work remotely.
  • all parts are replaceable

Children can play for a long time Siku toys forward.

It grows with them and can be expanded further and further. When they are bigger possibly with the remote controlled vehicles.

There are several types Siku scales, the most current are:

  • In scale 1:32 to have Siku vehicles most details. For example, the tractor cabin has a real working steering wheel and the tractors have a front and rear linkage.
  • In scale 1:50, the vehicles are slightly cheaper and have a metal frame, with a plastic superstructure. They are solid and less detailed.
  • The smallest scale is 1:87, suitable for the little ones. These vehicles have enough nice details and are nice and robust.

The radio-controlled series is made in 1:32 scale, so that the trailers and agricultural machines of the 'basic' series 1:32 simply fit behind it.

You can always beat good service Siku calculate; spare parts are always available.

A piece of history of these companies

Heinz Bruder the production of small plastic started toys in 1958, his son, Paul Heinz Bruder also came to work here in 1987 and started to significantly expand the products.

All Bruder scale-made vehicles have been famous among kids and collectors around the world for decades.

Owner Richard Sieper started production around 1950 Siku toys, made of plastic.

He then only has a few farm animals and a snow shaker in his assortment.

Later the company starts producing cars, the first Siku car – from the V series – was a Mercedes-Benz 300.

Siku started its production with cars of German brands, but then expanded its collection with well-known foreign brands.

Siku is extremely popular with collectors and will make its cars in die-cast metal, but with plastic details.

You can see from the numbering whether it concerns passenger cars, cars with trailers, small or large trucks, trucks with trailers, crane trucks or tractors.

Would you like to learn more about the history of Siku cars? Then look here.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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