Pay afterwards for your children's tablet at these 13 stores

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  January 1, 2021

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Are you looking for a fun, educational and safe tablet for your child and would you like to make a guaranteed quick purchase without too much google work?

Do you want to keep your purchase as simple as possible and complete as quickly as possible? Be sure to read on!

The ease with which a purchase can be made is increasingly influencing our purchasing behavior. We like to buy in a targeted and time-saving way.

Buy your children's tablet with afterpay

That is why we would like to support you in your search for the children's tablet that best suits your needs by offering a selection of shops where you can pay specifically with AfterPay, or Klarna, Billink.

These are the top stores with pay afterwards:

Store Payment method afterpay-pay-afterwards afterpay-pay-afterwards afterpay-pay-afterwards afterpay-pay-afterwards afterpay-pay-afterwards afterpay-pay-afterwards Wehkamp pay afterwards logo

We will separately look at our Top 3 best online stores with Afterpay where we focus on what makes their offer better, wider or more interesting compared to the other stores.

We will also describe how user-friendly the website itself is and what options you have to save even more time and money.

At the top you will always find a brief overview of a rating based on the 3-star system and which age categories are represented on these sites.

After that, we will mention some other stores that have less choice and specialty, but do offer devices here and there that cannot be found on other websites.

This is how Afterpay works:



online stores that offer tablets with Afterpay

Below you can find a list of all online stores that offer AfterPay as well as the amount of tablets available and which brands this store offers.

  1. Directivity:, number of tablets offered: 16, available brands:
    • VTech Storio Max (blue, pink),
    • VTech Baby Activities Tablet,
    • VTech Storio 2 Game Toet Toet Cars A busy day in Alphabet City,
    • VTech Storio 2 Game Cars 2,
    • VTech Storio Game PAW Patrol,
    • VTech Storio Max Game Finding Nemo,
    • Kurio TAB Connect Telekids (blue, pink),
    • Kurio TAB XL White Bumper,
    • Kurio TAB Lite (pink, blue, green),
    • Clementoni Touchpad Sapientino with 20 cards, and
    • Clementoni Disney Frozen Loudspeaker.
  2. Store: degrotespeelgoedwinkel.nlnumber of tablets offered: 10, available brands:
    • VTech Activities Tablet,
    • VTech Woezel and Pip Tablet,
    • VTech Cars 3 Tablet,
    • VTech Storio Max (blue, pink),
    • VTech Storio 2 Disney Princesses,
    • VTech Storio PAW Patrol,
    • VTech Storio 2 Cars 2,
    • Ravensburger Game Scotland Yard, ed
    • Ravenburger Smartscope.
  3. Store:, number of tablets offered: 9, available brands:
    • VTech Storio 2 Hello Kitty,
    • VTech Baby Activities Tablet,
    • VTech Baby Teletubbies Tablet,
    • VTech Baby Woezel and Pip Tablet,
    • Kurio TAB Lite (pink, green),
    • Clementoni My First Tablet, ed
    • Waiky Kids Power Tablet (blue, pink).
  4. Store: wohi.nlnumber of tablets offered: 7, available brands:
    • VTech Cars 3,
    • VTech Storio Max Blue,
    • VTech Storio Max Pink,
    • VTech Baby First Tablet,
    • VTech Baby Touch Tablet,
    • VTech Color Touch Tablet, and
    • Bumba ABC Tablet.
  5., number of tablets offered: 6, available brands:
    • VTech DigiGo Blue,
    • VTech DigiGo Pink,
    • VTech Lightning McQueen,
    • VTech Baby Woezel and Pip,
    • VTech PJ Masks, and
    • VTech Baby my first Tablet.
  6. Store:, number of tablets offered: 2, available brands:
    • Android Pink and Blue. The largest selection with the largest variety!

Offer: ***

Usability: ***

Age categories: 9 months to 10 years

Free delivery and free returns within 30 days

Check out the children's tablets here

The range of children's tablets at

Just type “children's tablet” in the search box at the top of the page and you will immediately get a nice overview of many different devices.

The three major brands available on this site are VTech, Kurio and Clementoni.

The Kurio tablets offer a standard tablet with child-friendly content including Kurio Genius for safe internet and a parent zone where you can make time and app settings for your child.

These tablets are available in different colors as well as in different models.

The VTech and Clementoni tablets, on the other hand, are the tablets with a focus on education and games for both babies and young children up to 10 years.

From alphabet games to Disney and Pixar inspired adventures, here you are sure to find what will make your child happy!

Characteristics of

After you have entered your search query, you will immediately see a list of search options based on brand, category, color and price on the left.

Here you can indicate all parameters within which you would like to limit this search.

At the top right you can also sort the search based on relevance or price.

Just like with one of the most famous shopping sites,, offers various suggestions based on your search query.

For example, if you click on the VTech Storio Game PAW Patrol for more information, you can find an overview of related products on the right.

So you don't have to keep going back to the homepage. The website sorts out similar products for you. works together with a sales partner for the more specialized products.

In this case, on the right-hand side you will get an overview of the different partners and the varying prices associated with them.

In addition, offers the option for fast shipping with delivery for the next working day, you receive the product free at home and you receive a 30-day reflection period to return your device for free if it does not meet your needs.


This website offers the most user-friendly way to shop online because the layout is completely focused on targeted shopping.

The website offers both sorting options and purchase suggestions that match your previous search.

Moreover, offers the widest range of children's tablets with the greatest variety.

Both the standard tablets and those with specific educational purposes can be found here for ages from 9 months to 10 years. A very close second place!

Offer: **

Usability: **

Age categories: 6 months to 12 years

Paid delivery, no free returns

View the offer here

The range of children's tablets at

The offer of loses just one asterisk compared to

The amount of tablets offered is already somewhat lower, but here you also have a fairly wide variety of devices available within a nice age range of 6 months to 12 years.

The VTech Storio Max, available in both blue and pink, is the basic tablet with a wider range of functions, just like the Kurio series at

We must add that the Kurio series better meets the needs of older children and you can use this VTech more easily for children from 3 years.

Here too you can find a nice range of educational games for children of all ages.

New on this website are two interactive games offered by Ravensburger, for children around 12 years old.

The nice thing about Ravensburger Game Scotland Yard, for example, is that the board game can be used together with the tablet to combine a classic board game with a modern touch.

Characteristics of

The first thing to keep in mind is that the search for “kids tablet” won't get you anywhere. It is better if you search under “tablet” and make your selection from there.

Here too you will find search filters on the left and a sort option at the top right. Unlike, you cannot select multiple search options here, but you can only click on one specific item.

What this website does have is a specific search option for your child's age.

Where offers you an overview of similar devices, offers suggestions for a combination deal with a toy or other product for the same age group at a 5% discount.

While it would be nice if you just wanted that specific product for your child, these items in and of themselves have no connection or value in the purchase of a child's tablet.

Here too you can enjoy fast delivery and have your tablet in your hands the next day, but here you pay shipping costs that go down as your purchase amount increases and you do not have the option to return the product for free.

View the offer here

Product comparison: Which store is cheaper?

If both stores offer the same product that you would like to buy, of course there will only be one question left. Which website is the cheapest? and both hope to attract more buyers by playing with discounts or specific offers. gives you different price options from multiple websites with free shipping and offers discounts and promotional prices for paid shipping.

For example, let's take a look at the VTech activity tablet for babies and young children, a product offered by both websites.

This difference is quite negligible, but still cheaper at

Since the shipping costs at from € 75 are only € 1.95, we recommend that you shop at if you plan to buy multiple products that will exceed a total price of € 75.

Then with the combination of the discounts and the greatly reduced shipping costs you will ultimately end up a lot cheaper.

At you will usually end up cheaper if you only need one item.


Although this store offers slightly less variety than, you can end up much smarter and cheaper if you want to buy several items at the same time.

Via this site you can also find a few interactive games that are not for sale on any other AfterPay website, which is great if you like to mix technology and some more classic aspects. most interesting for babies

Offer: **

Usability: **

Age categories: 6 months to 10 years

Free shipping and free returns within 30 days

Children's tablets on offer at

Although this website offers less variety than and, you can still find beautiful things for all ages.

Note the larger amount of baby tablets; VTech Storio 2 Hello Kitty, VTech Baby Activities Tablet, VTech Baby Teletubbies Tablet, VTech Baby Woezel and Pip Tablet and Clementoni My First Tablet.

For older children you can also find the Kurio models here and two models that can only be found on this site; the Waiky Kids Power Tablets in pink and blue.

Characteristics of

It is striking that the first two websites have a higher quality and offer and that other websites also follow an existing model.

The layout and search options of are very reminiscent of, with the difference that you can also choose separately on the left side with search options according to age, gender and any discount rates.

Again, you will get further product suggestions based on your search query and both fast next day product delivery and free returns up to 30 days.

However, the search options themselves are a bit confusing. If you only search on “tablets” or “kids tablets”, you will only find a few options.

You can only find the rest if you search for “VTech”.

If you wish to use this website, always search for desired brands in case you can find them that way.


Although the range is smaller, has a lot in common with in terms of layout and search options, with the exception of a few extra options.

This website is more recommended for parents who would like to shop for their babies.

Again, it is strongly recommended to compare the top sites with this one in terms of price.

Sometimes there are unexpected promotions and you can end up cheaper at a certain site!

Wohi, catch web & Geeektech

But as you can see, there are a few other online stores listed in the list;, and

These do not receive a special mention in our top 3, but they still deserve a place in this blog.

The range of children's tablets and can be described as websites with a mixed bag of products.

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You could of course say that Blokker is also a store with this concept.

The exception, however, is that Blokker engages many sales partners and can therefore offer a highly specialized offer even for a website with different options.

On you can find all kinds of things from electronics and toys to products for your home, garden, pets or even jewelry. is similar in this regard due to its rather confusing focus that starts with beauty products and ends with necessities for traveling.

Yet you can also find a surprising number of children's tablets here and some models are not even found on the higher ranked sites.

We are talking about VTech Cars 3, Bumba ABC Tablet, VTech DigiGo Blue, VTech DigiGo Pink, VTech Lightning McQueen and VTech PJ Masks. is a website with a slightly clearer focus; technology from gadgets, TV and gaming to PCs, lighting and sound.

Although this site is mainly aimed at a more adult audience, you can also find two nice children's tablets here that are not for sale on the other websites; Android kids tablets in blue and pink.

These beautiful and simple tablets are a nice budget option compared to the other tablets on the market.

Characteristics of the websites and have a similar set-up, but you have many more search options with a strong focus on the technical qualities of the product where only makes a distinction between brand and price.

At you can still enjoy a fast delivery service, but at you have to wait a few days., just like and, offers you a separate overview of related products.

The search options on, on the other hand, are very limited. You can only enter your search term and then filter based on price range.

Again, you get fast, free delivery and the website offers suggestions in the same search class.

At these 3 stores you can buy a children's tablet with Klarna

Today, a new gadget seems to be released almost every week.

In addition to mini-robots, drones and smartwatches, tablets have also been developed that give even the little ones a touch of technology.

The digital world is also growing fast.

Physical shops are increasingly making way for web shops and with the smartphone by our side, we can place an order at any time.

The post-payment options, which were introduced a few years ago, make online shopping even easier.

MediaMarkt is one of the web shops that offers this payment option.

An electronics giant where you can order the very latest children's tablet, without the money being immediately debited from your account.

You can pay afterwards with Klarna. We show below which stores and which stores offer good products.

Media Markt

Our favorite is the Mediamarkt website, which offers various products when it comes to purchasing a children's tablet and its accessories.

You can choose between the Kurio Tab Connect in blue or pink, the Kurio Tab Light in light green, in light blue or in pastel pink and a somewhat simpler tablet with a Frozen of Cars theme.

Via the webshop of the MediaMarkt you can choose from various payment options, including the Klarna payment method afterwards.

View the range of children's tablets here


A rightly second place goes to a less well-known site, but one with a gigantic range of products.

The delivery time of the products is also very fast, often the product is delivered the next day.

Available in pink and blue, the previously mentioned Kurio Connect is a popular choice for young children; partly because of the option to enable 'parental control'.

The case also has the Kurio Tab Connect Telekids in pink and in blue on the site.

A more expensive variant of the Kurio Connect, with some more options, but at least also with the parental control.

For a more comprehensive model with many functions and a larger display, the Kurio Tab XL a good choice, which is also offered through this website.

The tablet is supplied free of charge by this online company. When you place your order, there are a number of payment options that you can choose from, including paying afterwards with Klarna.


A good third place is taken by Lenovo. Via this site you can choose the ideal tablet for your family from the series of children's tablets. 

The family tablets are equipped with specific functions that make it safe for children to use. Parents can switch on the so-called 'child mode'.

We have these covered in detail in our Lenovo blog post

The electronics in Lenovo's webshop can be paid for through various payment options.

You can choose iDeal, credit card payment or pay afterwards with Klarna.

Kurio Tab XL, also read more about the Kurio tab in our post

Some more details about the shops, the products and the payment options

children Tablets

Although tablets are the ideal 'gadgets' to keep children happy, the devices are not always safe for the smallest users.

The boundless digital world contains enough images, apps and sites that are certainly not suitable for young children.

The children's tablet is a device that responds precisely to this problem. They are small, light and handy devices with educational apps, videos and many possibilities.

In addition, the devices are largely equipped with various options with which a safe online environment can be created for the child.

For example, there are specific apps with which profiles can be set for the different users.

As a result, websites and videos are automatically filtered by age. Most kids' tablets also include the option to set a time limit.

As a parent, you still have control over the child's tablet use.

Pay children tablets afterwards with Klarna

The electronic handheld computers for the smallest can also be paid afterwards via various websites with Klarna.

These stores guarantee that you only have to pay for the tablet when you have the device at home and are completely satisfied.

Is your child bored again?

View the offer of the week on our collection of puzzle, coloring and activity books. offers a nice range of children's tablets and accessories: the website of one of the largest electronics stores in Europe.

You will find one of the most popular and best children's tablets in the webshop of the store chain, namely the Kurio Tab Connect.

The Kurio children's tablets are equipped with the Kurio Genius internet filter; a system with which various unsuitable websites and apps are easily blocked.

A time limit can also be set, so you can be sure that your child will not spend hours behind the tablet.

The Kurio Connect can also be used to connect to your smartphone. This way you always have an overview of the tablet use and behavior of your child.

In addition to the Kurio Connect, you will also find the Kurio Tab Light in the MediaMarkt webshop, an equally super safe tablet especially for children.

A simpler tablet with a Frozen or Cars theme can also be ordered online at this electronics store. They are child-friendly, light devices, with which the smallest can get acquainted with the digital world.

Computers, laptops and tablets are often expensive devices.

It is therefore understandable that you do not want the relatively large amount to be debited from your account even before you have the device at home.

Via the webshop of the MediaMarkt you can choose from various payment options, including the Klarna payment method afterwards.

By filling in some details, this payment service checks whether you are creditworthy.

MediaMarkt ensures that the package arrives at you quickly, while Klarna takes care of the administration.

You will then receive an invoice by e-mail and only pay when you already have the children's tablet in your hands.

OR Media is perhaps less well known than the aforementioned companies.

However, this Dutch webshop has a huge range of the very latest electronics.

In the large range you will find, in addition to household appliances and even car radios, a number of children's tablets from the Kurio brand.

Available in pink and blue, the previously mentioned Kurio Connect is a popular choice for young children.

The tablets of this brand have also been tested as the best by the Consumers' Association.

There is a more extensive version available under the name Kurio Tab Connect Telekids, which is also available in blue and pink.

For a more extensive model with many functions and a larger display, the Kurio Tab XL is a good choice.

The Kurio Genius internet filter ensures that your son, daughter, nephew or niece can surf the web safely.

This web filtering system filters more than 30 billion websites.

The tablet is supplied free of charge by this online company. When you place your order, there are a number of payment options that you can choose from.

In addition to the regular payment options, such as iDeal or bank transfer, you can only pay for your purchases after you have received them.

Klarna's post-payment option is therefore a safe and reliable payment method for online retailers.

You will receive an online bill that you must pay within 14 days, while you often receive the products within 1 to 2 days.

This gives you the opportunity to view your purchases before you even pay for them.

Are you not satisfied or would you prefer a different children's tablet? Then you send the products back and your invoice will expire.

With Klarna's secure payment method afterwards, you can also be sure that you never have to pay for products that you do not receive.

This often convinces many doubting buyers, which means that the web shops, such as, also enjoy the benefits of Klarna.


A large number of tablets, laptops and telephones can be found in the webshop of Lenovo, a computer manufacturer founded in China.

Although most tablets are aimed at the somewhat older users, there are two specific devices that are labeled as 'child-friendly family tablets'.

The Lenovo Tab 4 10 ”is one of these family tablets equipped with specific functions that make it safe for children to use.

Parents can set the so-called 'child mode', which automatically blocks inappropriate websites and apps.

A more luxurious variant, which can also be used by the whole family, is the Lenovo Tab P10.

At first glance, a versatile device that many adults know how to handle.

The tablet is also equipped with a fingerprint reader; every user has access to a digital environment that is adapted to his / her age.

As a parent, you can set which web pages and apps are unsuitable in the child's personal usage profile.

This beautiful Lenovo tablet is also equipped with the option to set the maximum playtime for the child.

A device that can therefore be used safely by the whole family. Kind of comparable with this Junior Tab from Archos.

The electronics in Lenovo's webshop can be paid for through various payment options.

You can choose iDeal, credit card payment or pay afterwards with Klarna.

Don't have your random reader or bank card at hand?

Then simply enter your details and you will receive an invoice from Klarna, which you must pay within two weeks.

If you are not satisfied, you can return the tablet for free and your invoice will expire.

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a successful company founded in 2005 with the idea of ​​making online payments easier.

The originally Swedish company has grown into a huge company, which more than 100.000 online stores use.

This shows the popularity of paying afterwards; the possibility to pay for your purchases only after receipt of the order.

Because it has been found that online shoppers make their purchases faster when they can pay afterwards with Klarna, offering this payment option also offers web shops a great advantage.

Also, the online store owners no longer have to keep records.

Once the customer has placed an order with Klarna, the company takes over the payment process.

Pay afterwards with Klarna

When placing your order you often need your random reader or credit card.

You are also regularly expected to pay for your entire order before receiving your package.

The other service with which you can also do this is Afterpay

Klarna's post-payment method changes this, making it even easier to shop online.

You only have to enter a few details, after which the payment service will test whether you are creditworthy.

After the confirmation you will simply receive an invoice, which you must pay within 14 days.

This way you can be sure that you will never pay for an order that you do not receive.

The money is only debited from your account when you have the desired items at home. You do not have to pay in advance for what you return.

Do you have to wait another week until you receive your salary? Then you can already order with Klarna and pay easily when there is enough money in your account again.

The company even offers the option of paying in installments.

Klarna's post-payment option therefore gives the customer a safe and reliable feeling, while guaranteeing an increase in turnover for the webshop.

Using Klarna to purchase children's tablets works great

When you make large purchases online, such as electronic devices, you naturally want to make sure that this order will arrive.

Often the amount is even debited from your account even before you have your new tablet in your hands.

Fortunately, it has been possible to pay for your order afterwards for several years.

The Swedish company Klarna has also contributed to making online shopping even safer and easier.

If you choose the payment option afterwards at checkout, you only pay after receiving your order and only for the products that you keep.

A super good reason to purchase a nice children's tablet from one of the online electronics giants.

This way you can shop on the web with confidence and the little ones can safely explore the online world.

Buy a children's tablet with Billink

Children often already know at a young age how to unlock a phone or switch on a tablet.

This ensures that they are not always in a safe online environment.

In order to introduce children to the digital world in a healthy way, it is a good idea to purchase a children's tablet.

These educational and safe devices are specifically aimed at young users.

There are several websites that offer children's tablets, which can sometimes make it difficult to make a good choice.

If you are unsure whether a webshop is reliable or if you would like to pay the bill only after receipt of the tablet, you can choose Billink's payment method afterwards.

You can read here which web shops you can use this payment service.

What is Billink?

Billink is a Dutch company that makes it possible to pay afterwards at more than 3.000 web shops.

Billink's payment method guarantees a safe way of shopping online. This way you can be sure that you never have to pay for an order that is not delivered.

When returning a received product, you no longer have to wait for the money to be refunded; after all, you haven't paid yet.

You only have to do this after receiving the ordered products and when you are completely satisfied.

How does payment with Billink work?

Billink's post-payment method is ideal if you do not have a random reader or credit card at hand.

Even if you have to wait a few days for your salary to be paid, you can already make your purchases online thanks to Billink.

Many orders are delivered within a few days, while you have two weeks to pay Billink's invoice.

Very easy, if you want to buy a birthday present quickly, but do not have enough money in your account.

When you checkout, you simply choose Billink's payment option afterwards. It is then checked whether you are creditworthy.

You will then receive an invoice from Billink, which you must pay within 14 days. Do you return the products?

Then your invoice will expire and you will not have to worry about it anymore.

Buying a children's tablet with Billink

There are several web shops where it is possible to pay afterwards.

Below you will find a number of web shops that, in addition to the Billink payment method, also have a number of children's tablets in their range.

Toys & Family

Toys & Family lives up to its name; the webshop is filled with toys for young and old.

The store is mainly characterized by the range of sustainable and responsible toys.

They offer both indoor and outdoor toys and also have quite a few items to dress up a child's room with.

The children's tablets that this webshop offers make it clear that toys for the little ones can not only be fun, but also very educational.

There is already a tablet, from the brand Clementoni, which is suitable for children from 12 months. 'My first tablet', as the toy is called, is an interactive and talking tablet that allows the little ones to learn about animal sounds, colors and the alphabet.

If we look at toys that are more like the tablets as we know them, we arrive at the 'Cards touch tablet'.

This tablet, also from the Clementoni brand, is suitable for children from the age of three.

It is a device with which toddlers and preschoolers can not only practice letters and numbers, but also learn how to use the well-known touchscreen.

This way they get to know technology in a fun and safe way.

In addition to the Clementoni toys, Toys & Family has even more tablets for young children in the webshop. Have you made a choice?

Then in most cases you will receive the educational toys within two days after placing your order.

To make online shopping even easier, it is also possible to pay afterwards with Billink at this webshop.

Even without a credit card at hand, you can easily place your order. You will then receive an invoice from Billink, which you must pay within 14 days.

Still not completely satisfied with the tablet? Then you return your order free of charge and your bill from Billink will expire.

You do not have to pay until you are completely satisfied with the product received.

Tech 66

Tech 66 is a webshop full of tech products that are delivered from China.

Although it may take a little longer for the ordered item to reach you, most products are competitively priced.

The devices are also extensively tested, so that you are assured of a reliable and well-functioning product.

In addition to tablets for adults, the Tech 66 web store also offers products for children.

The Swees Tab M775D1, for example, is a user-friendly and safe children's tablet.

The device can be used to play educational games, watch videos or take photos.

There is also a connection to the internet possible and there are via the Google Play Store to download various apps.

These functions make it an interactive device, which certainly offers more possibilities than the aforementioned Clementoni tablets.

The Swees Tab is available in three fun, bright colors and will be delivered to your home for free. There is also the Child Tab from Archos which we have reviewed here.

At checkout, Tech 66 offers different payment methods; for example, they accept iDEAL, PayPal and credit card payments.

Online shopping is made even easier for you, however, by Billink's payment method afterwards.

The children's tablets of this web store can also be paid via this payment service.

You will receive an invoice from Billink by e-mail, which you must pay within two weeks of receipt.

This way you will never be charged for a product that you do not yet have in your hands.


Another web store that excels in the field of affordable electronics is

In the webshop you will not only find trendy gadgets and accessories from famous brands, but also a few nice children's tablets.

In addition to the aforementioned Swees Tab, also has a unique children's tablet with a Spongebob theme in its range.

This Children's Tablet Sponge comes in a Spongebob box and has a cheerful blue border that fits completely into the theme.

What makes the device especially suitable as a children's tablet is the Parental Control System.

This system allows parents to block certain websites or games for the child.

Time restrictions can also be set and multiple profiles can be created, so that the tablet adapts completely to the user.

With control in your hands, you as a parent can confidently introduce your son or daughter to the digital environment.

With the Kinder Tablet Sponge they can play educational games, watch videos and listen to music in a safe way.

Whether you order the Swees Tab or the Kinder Tablet Sponge; at your order is shipped completely free of charge.

And that's not all. If you choose the Billink payment method at checkout, you only pay afterwards.

With this payment option you can be sure that you are dealing with a reliable webshop.

You do not run the risk of having to pay for an order that does not arrive and you only pay when you are completely satisfied.

many pink variants you won't find there, but they have a good range.

With Billink you can easily and safely buy your purchases online

When children come into contact with the digital world at a young age, you naturally want this to be done in a safe way.

A children's tablet is the perfect device to introduce them to new technologies in a safe and educational way.

With children's tablets, the parents are still in control. There are plenty of web shops that offer these educational and especially fun devices.

However, it is not always immediately clear whether you are dealing with a reliable online store. Fortunately, this has changed due to the later payment service Billink.

You can use this payment method to pay for the new children's tablet for your son or daughter afterwards.

This way Billink makes it a lot simpler and safer to make your purchases online.

Lees meer: this is how you test a child's tablet

Conclusion and are the clear leaders in terms of supply and user-friendliness.

They offer variety and specialization and are therefore a good choice for the shopper who does not yet know much about children's tablets.

On these websites you can learn a lot about the different types and types that you can find on the market.

The other websites, on the other hand, are an interesting option for the shoppers who already know what they want.

A specific baby tablet on or those beautiful, simple Android tablets on… although you sometimes miss the specialization here, you do get a nice range of tablets that cannot be found on the other websites.

Since some websites offer the same, making a price comparison is always very interesting.

Do not be deterred by possible delivery costs and know that with discounts and especially if you want to buy several products at the same time, it can still work out cheaper, even with this surcharge.

We hope this review provides you with a good guide to buying a new kids tablet with AfterPay!

Have fun shopping!


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Joost Nusselder, the founder of is a content marketer, father and loves trying out new toys. As a child, he came into contact with everything around games when his mother started the Tin Soldier in Ede. Since 2016, he and his team have been creating helpful blog articles to help loyal readers with fun play ideas.
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