Calibrate hoverboard in 5 minutes with these easy steps

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hoverboards, also called "smart balance wheel", are fun and exciting tech toys to own, but they do sometimes require a little maintenance. If you notice that your board is no longer correctly balanced, you should hoverboard to calibrate.

The calibration process is relatively simple and requires only a few steps. We have prepared a handy guide for you in which we explain all the steps; the whole process should in principle only take five minutes!

This guide also discusses the many other issues that can arise during calibration.

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How do I do my Calibrate Hoverboard?

Make sure your board is resting on a flat, level surface. Odd surfaces like carpet will result in an incorrect calibration. Never try to calibrate your board upside down!

Turn off the device with the silver power button. It won't work in sleep mode, so really make sure it's turned off completely.

The recalibration process


  1. Post it hoverboard on a flat surface and make sure it is level.
  2. make sure it hoverboard is completely turned off. This means that it must be turned off by using the silver power button and not put into sleep mode by the remote.
  3. Once the hoverboard is level, press and hold the silver power button for five to XNUMX seconds until you hear a beep. When you hear a beep, you can release the button.
  4. At the front/top (depending on model), the indicator LEDs will begin to flash to indicate that the process has started.
  5. It takes approximately 30 seconds to complete the calibration.
  6. After these 30 seconds, press the silver power button again and turn off the hoverboard.
  7. The calibration process should be complete and you can now test the board.

    Your hoverboard should now be tested, read below about the next steps.

Test the calibration

Turn the device back on and jump on the board. drive it around to check if it's in balance, make sure to make a few turns in the process.

When everything feels good again and it glides smoothly on the road, the calibration is finished and you have another device that can last for months.

If you notice that the board is not properly balanced, there is possibly a problem with the printed circuit board or a loose connection in the wiring. We recommend that you buy a spare parts kit for hoverboard circuit boards.

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Other methods to calibrate your Hoverboard

Some Hoverboards also have alternative methods for calibrating it. Here we discuss the most common:

Bluetooth calibration

Bluetooth hoverboards is calibrated in the same way as non-Bluetooth models. The difference, however, is that calibrating a bluetooth hoverboard involves more risk.

You can damage the internal bluetooth chip whether you do the hoverboard calibration correctly or not.

You may want to hire the help of a professional or use your warranty to recalibrate these boards.

Remote Calibration with remote control

Remotes, believe it or not, are actually the root of many of the problems with hoverboards!

Hoverboard owners are usually kids around 9 to 14 years old and they forget (or may not even know) to turn off their hoverboard with the silver onboard button, instead using the remote.

This puts the device into a power-saving mode rather than turning it off, which can turn off the balance sensors.

We like to compare the remote control on a hoverboard with the “Sleep” function on your computer. You don't actually shut down the computer, you just put it into power saving mode and "wake it up" when you turn it back on.

For this reason, people will leave the hoverboard in “Sleep Mode” overnight, or even for many days in a row. You may then need to recalibrate the hoverboard.

Some models allow you to calibrate the board via remote control, usually with a series of buttons on the control. Every remote is different, so read the manual to find out how to use one hoverboard from a specific manufacturer needs to be calibrated.

But you can usually also use the same button method from above to perform the process without relying on the remote. This is usually considered the safer, more reliable option.

So also hoverboards with a remote control you can calibrate on the board itself.

Fix the problem

If all else fails, there may be a damaged part in the board. Unscrew the frame and check for any loose wires and reconnect them all in the process. If that doesn't work, you may need to replace the gyroscopes, connectors, or the entire circuit board.

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Recalibrate Hoverboard After Reset

Have you had to reset your hoverboard? Then it may be that you hoverboard need to recalibrate. After all, it has been completely reset to factory settings.

First things first: How can you be sure that calibration is the problem?

Are you really sure it's necessary? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is mine hoverboard in balance?
  • Have I already tried to recalibrate?

If the above two items are true, you may have a different problem such as water damage.

Don't worry, we've got a comprehensive guide to help you fix your water damaged hoverboard.

Did you know that you can turn your hoverboard into a kart?

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