Can AirTracks snap? This is how you prevent this!

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Inflatable AirTrack mats have become very popular in the last decade, especially among gymnasts, trickers, cheerleaders and parkour athletes.

From professionals to amateurs; Airtracks are used in various sports to ensure a soft, stable landing and high jumps.

But can airtracks also snap?

Can AirTracks snap? This is how you prevent this!

It hardly happens that a AirTrack just snaps. It is important to keep it away from sharp objects.

In this article you can read more about what you can do to enjoy your Airtrack for as long as possible, and what you can do if the Airtrack still breaks.

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Can Air Tracks Pop Easily?

Air tracks are generally very strong and durable mats.

It is recommended - if you want to use the Air track outside - that you prevent it from coming into contact with sharp objects, such as stones and sticks.

It is very rare for an Air track to snap just like that. It is wise to place a tarp under the Air track for extra protection.

Furthermore, it is not recommended to use shoes that you wear outside on the Air track, because they can cause holes if there is something sharp under your shoe.

If you still like to wear shoes on the Air track, then I advise you to use a pair of shoes that you only wear indoors, or else only on the mat.

It's very unusual for an Air track to snap just like that when someone is training on it, especially if you Air track of a well-known brand is (such as AirTrack Factory).

So if you buy an Air track from a leading supplier, it shouldn't break easily.

These Air tracks are made of quality materials that offer a good bounce and a low impact landing, and are made to last.

Will Air Tracks Deflate Easily?

The following also applies here: A high-quality Air track will remain inflated for longer.

Air tracks will not deflate easily. If you keep your Air track inflated overnight, it may need some extra air if you want to use it again the next day (read here how to inflate an Airtrack).

In the long run (we are talking about months and years), it is normal for Air tracks to lose their original, high pressure over time.

This is usually due to the stitching fraying and air escaping during use.

That is why it is so important to invest in a good quality Air Track that is made with clean stitching and materials.

Check your Air track regularly

What can you do to make sure your Air track lasts as long as possible?

To prevent damage to your Air Track, it is important to check your Air Track regularly for any problems.

First, your airmat should contain enough air, but not too much and not too little. Too much air pressure makes your mat stiff.

If you land hard on it then you run the risk of cracking any weak seams.

Too little air pressure in your airtrack will - on the other hand - not offer you enough cushioning and will make you sink into the mat.

If your Air track is mainly used outdoors, checking the air pressure is even more important.

Heat affects the air pressure in the mat, making the mat stiffer with a greater amount of pressure. Cold air, on the other hand, reduces the air pressure in the mat.

But leakage can also cause the air pressure in your Air track to drop, so you should check it regularly.

Periodically check the track for signs of wear and make sure no threads or seams are thinning.

In addition, any direct heat can slightly melt the airway, causing an air bubble to develop at a certain point on the airway.

However, an air bubble in the fabric does not immediately mean that the mat is unusable.

It does need repair though, as the bubble is a weak point and can burst if you land too hard on the airtrack.

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