Cleaning up kinetic sand: Can you vacuum it up with the vacuum cleaner?

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Kinetic sand is sand that consists of 98% 'ordinary' sand and 2% non-toxic binder.

It has a brownish color and a coarse grain. Of kinetic sand you can knead and make shapes.

As you play with it, it will become smoother and smoother. However, if you leave it for a while, it will slowly sag.

Kinetic sand does not dry out, is non-toxic and is also anti-bacterial. In addition, it is wheat and gluten free.

Would your child accidentally put the sand in their mouth, then it's not a disaster, because the sand dissolves as soon as it comes into contact with water.

But what about it to clean up from kinetic sand? Can you suck it up with the vacuum cleaner?

Can you suck up kinetic sand?

Since the sand only sticks to itself, and not to your hands or clothes, you can do it easily to clean up. You don't have grains, but rather loose threads that stick together. It is, as it were, a mix of sand, clay and dough. You won't have any clutter in your house.

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Clean up kinetic sand with the vacuum cleaner

When you're ready to do it kinetic sand To clean up, it is best to sweep the large pieces together first.

Form it into a ball and dab the smaller scraps onto the ball, it sticks together pretty well.

You can simply vacuum up all the very small remaining particles with you vacuum cleaner (or let them do it themselves with their toy vacuum cleaner!), it's not fine dust that will break it.

Does kinetic sand stain?

Kinetic sand sticks only to itself and is not wet so it will not leave stains on surfaces such as tiles, carpet or wood or your clothing.

On what kind of surface is it best to play with kinetic sand?

Especially if you let your children play on, for example, tarpaulin, you can easily sweep the sand back together and pick it up when they're done playing.

After that it is important that you put the sand back neatly in the container that can be closed properly. It should not get damp. 

Even if it stains kinetic sand If not, it is best to let your child play with it on a flat surface. Consider, for example, a glass top.

Keep in mind that if the sand gets on the couch or the carpet, it will probably become a bit more difficult to clean.

So don't let your child play with it on the carpet or on the couch. Go for tarpaulin, a glass top, a plastic surface or otherwise on an even floor.

In general, these types of surfaces should not cause any problems.

Sometimes you also get a play tray if you buy a kinetic sand set. That is of course very useful!

If your child wants to play with it outside, for example on grass, put a rug under it. At the to clean up 'stamp' the leftovers with some sand, so that you don't lose any sand.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

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