Chicco Toys: This is what makes it such a fun brand

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Parents are increasingly aware of the importance of safe and responsible toys.

The range of baby and toddler toys on offer is enormous, which can make it difficult to make the right choice. Young parents prefer to rely on well-known and trusted brands for the fun of their little ones.

Chicco has been a reference in the field of toys for the little ones for more than half a century.

Chicco toys

Many parents still remember how much fun they or their brothers and sisters had with Chicco toys.

Whether you are a toy for the living room, in Bath of in the garden Chicco has it all.

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Why are Chicco toys so good?

Chicco has not just become the favorite toy of millions of children and parents.

A lot of choice

The first reason is that the Chicco range is so incredibly diverse.

For example, they have cheerful carts with which a toddler can learn to walk, interactive toys to learn about the world or magical hugs for sweet dreams.

I actually like the most these stacking cups, simple and cheap but my son had a lot of fun with them and they kept coming back to a new phase of his development:

Chicco stacking cups

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Safe toys - even for the little ones

Chicco's toys are always BPA-free and the quality is rigorously tested so that parents can sleep on both ears.

It has soft edges, is sturdy and does not contain small parts making it suitable for babies and toddlers.

Also the outdoor toys such as this soccer goal is tailor-made for the little ones:

Chicco football goal for the little ones

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They are great toys to play with with your baby.

Play to the beat of your child

Babies quickly grow into toddlers, and before you know it, your little one will literally be on its own two feet.

In every stage of infant and toddler age a different kind of toy is recommended, but as a young parent it is difficult to follow the rhythm of your child.

Chicco's toys help you with this: from a watch light for the crib and fun floating toys for the bath to all kinds of sports equipment and carts to stimulate movement.

Does Chicco only make toys?

No, Chicco has a wide range of products to help young parents care for their smallest scion.

How about this sturdy buggy, a safe car seat or a relaxing music mobile, for example?

View the full Chicco range here

Are Chicco toys expensive?

Although Chicco is a well-known quality brand, we find their toys by no means expensive.

Their products can be found at very attractive prices, especially on the internet.

Make sure you do not pay too much shipping costs, possibly by combining several products in one order.

Unforgettable moments with Chicco toys

Chicco's toys invite children to discover the world, with sound, colors and movement.

The interactive toys give them hours of carefree fun and stimulate their development, for unforgettable moments between you and your child.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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