Child-friendly garden tiles and other surfaces for your garden

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I believe that you like one Outdoor must be able to enjoy it in all its aesthetic beauty. But the Outdoor must also certainly fit into your family life.

Do you want to let your kids play outside in the Outdoor while you enjoy the sun in peace and quiet? Then make sure that your children can enjoy themselves and have fun safe and can play.

The surface of a Outdoor is an important consideration to make. When creating a child-friendly Outdoor heeft security of course the highest priority.

But what kind of surface should you use to put your children on such a surface? safe and in a pleasant way to play outside?

Child-friendly garden tiles and other surfaces for your garden

There are several options for child-friendly surfaces Outdoor regarding.

You can choose among other things:

  • (artificial grass
  • wood chips
  • decking
  • rubber tiles
  • play sand
  • floor tiles
  • a combination of a hard and soft surface

Many parents with young children will have to deal with it safe and furnishing them Outdoor.

Playing outside in the garden is wonderful for a child. But it is extremely important that the Outdoor safe and and is child-friendly; a child should be able to clamber and romp without worries.

In this article I will therefore explain to you about child-friendly surfaces Outdoor and finally I will give you a golden tip.

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Child-friendly garden tiles and other surfaces for your garden grass

Do you want to let your children play in the outdoors as much as possible, but they might be not ready to play outside on the street alone, then the Outdoor of course the perfect place for that.

It's safer, and you don't have to leave the house all the time.

Grass or artificial grass is a handy surface for children.

Besides being soft, it evokes pleasant associations for us; summer, enjoy the outdoors with the family, or have a picnic in the Outdoor.

This is not just for the smaller children Outdoor with grass fine. Even when the kids get a little older, grass is the perfect place to set up a tent where they can spend a few nights during those hot summer months.

In addition, a grass field can serve as a football field.

An alternative to natural grass is artificial grass, especially useful if you want low maintenance.

If you prefer a real grass surface, go for sustainable grass seed or a grass mixture with at least rye grass (playing field mixture).

I recommend that you always have some recovery mix at home to get rid of bare spots.

Children also love to run, play, roll, etc. on grass.

Even if it's just a small patch of grass; As a parent of one or more (energetic) children, you really can't ignore it!

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wood chips

Child-friendly garden tiles and other surfaces for your garden wood chips

Wood chips in the Outdoor are perfect for under play equipment or swings, or around the sandbox.

Wood chips have a lot of advantages:

  • They have a natural look
  • They are not expensive
  • They have a fall-absorbing effect
  • Stays in place well
  • Easy to install
  • Lasts a long time

The perfect surface for children to play on without any problems, it is neither hard nor too slippery.

Wood chips are a good example of this. Wood chips also prevent weeds and keep the soil moist.

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Child-friendly garden tiles and other surfaces for your garden decking

Decks can be a pleasant surface, especially during hot summers. It is a surface that ensures that falling hurts less.

However, decking can become slippery when it gets wet, so be aware of that. Another disadvantage of decking is that it requires maintenance.

You will need to scrub the surface every now and then. With an anti-slip agent you can ensure that the surface continues to look good safe and remains.

Rubber tiles

Rubber garden tiles outside

Rubber tiles may not be the first choice for people - they don't always like it - but they do prevent children from getting hurt.

So they are actually indispensable in a child-friendly environment Outdoor.

Rubber tiles are extremely suitable for use under playground equipment or under the edge of a somewhat higher sandbox and require little maintenance.

Rubber tiles have a resilient effect and absorb vibrations, shocks and noise, which means that children play much more pleasantly on them than on hard tiles, for example.

The tiles will also never become slippery and you can easily trim them so that they will always fit wherever you place them, for example around the trampoline.

The tiles are also water permeable and dry quickly. One disadvantage of rubber tiles is that they can get very hot in the summer.

So even after a heavy rain, children can go back almost immediately playing outside on rubber tiles!

In addition, you can go for rubber tiles that are made of environmentally friendly (recycled) material and you can often choose different colors and combinations.

This way you can match it perfectly with your pavement or turf.

Rubber tiles may not be very attractive to look at at first, but because you can choose from various colors and motifs - from natural to striking - you can always match them to the rest of your Outdoor!

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(Play) sand

Child-friendly garden tiles and other surfaces for your garden play sand

If the previous options haven't convinced you completely, play sand might be an interesting option.

This is again child safe. People quickly think of playing sand a sandbox, but that doesn't have to be the case at all.

Besides the fact that sand can form a soft surface, another advantage is that it is easy to replace if there is contamination.

Ideally, you keep the sandbox clean by covering it when it is not in use. A mud puddle inside you Outdoor is the last thing you want!


The great thing about tiles is that they require little maintenance and they give a neat appearance.

Of course a fall is in a small corner, but if it happens on tiles, a child can still get hurt.

In general, tiles are therefore much less child-friendly. Still, there is a big 'but' ..

Tiles also offer very nice playing opportunities!

How about making drawings with sidewalk chalk, hopscotch and jump rope? In addition, you can also cycle and scooter well on it.

Tiles are also ideal for a terrace.

You have the option of giving the tiles a post-treatment so that you can easily wash off the chalk drawings made, so that the falling is less painful, and the tiles do not get as hot in the summer and also become less slippery.

There are also terrace tiles with a so-called 'soft touch' top layer. That is nice for bare feet.

Always opt for low-maintenance ceramic or coated tiles that are lightly colored. These will absorb less heat than dark, anthracite colored tiles.

Ceramic tiles are easy to keep clean and scratch-resistant.

A combination of substrate

Many people with children prefer a soft surface, while other people prefer a hard surface Outdoor.

But a child-friendly one Outdoor might as well combine a soft with a hard surface!

A soft surface of your choice, for example grass, sand or rubber tiles, is ideal as a play zone, while a hard surface is pleasant if children want to cycle or scooter.

So you can go in different directions, consider what is best for you and your family.

Also think of a piece of simple earth, om enjoy gardening with your child!

Extra tip: do you pay attention to the sun?

You may now have chosen the perfect surface for your child, but don't forget the position of the sun either.

We love to sit or play in the sun, but too much sun can be dangerous; you don't want your little one to get burned.

Lubrication is important, but due to the leeway in the Outdoor If you install it in the right place, you will save yourself and your children a lot of misery. The best option is a playground where there is sufficient shade.

Of course you can always use a sail or shade cloth. This is also useful for when it rains; children can then play outside undisturbed on these kinds of days.

Finally, as a parent, accept that you... Outdoor gets battered every now and then by your kids.

They will occasionally damage something and no matter how difficult that may be, we will have to accept it…!

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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