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Pay for children's clothing afterwards at these 55 best online stores (Afterpay, Klarna or Billink)

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With the following overview you can choose from a large number of shops where you can pay afterwards. You can safely pay for your children's clothing afterwards with Afterpay, Klarna or Billink.

From jeans to skirts and from T-shirts to shirts, see first, pay later!

That is why I also want to mention my favorite online department store for children's clothing as a possibility.

You cannot pay with Afterpay, but they do have their own post-payment system which works perfectly.

I mean of course Wehkamp. And they have all the brands that don't offer it themselves. It is an online department store with a lot of children's clothing brands.

The largest offer online where you can also pay afterwards.

That completes my list with the best stores where you can pay afterwards with Afterpay.

These are the best afterpay children's clothing stores, then I will tell you more about them and also list all 55 stores for you:

Pay online children's clothing afterwardsPayment method
Best online department store: Wehkamp Online department storeWehkamp pay afterwards logo
(check out the clothes)
Most extensive range of children's clothing: clothes.comafterpay-pay-afterwards
(check out the clothes)
Cool children's clothing online: Tumble 'n DryPay afterwards with Klarna
(check out the clothes)
Best baby clothes with afterpay: Miintoafterpay-pay-afterwards
(check out the clothes)
Cutest brand: DidiWehkamp pay afterwards logo
(view Didi at Wehkamp)
Best newcomer to online children's clothing: bol.compay afterwards at bol
(check out the clothes)
Best girls clothes pay afterwards: Bomont girls clothesafterpay-pay-afterwards
(check out the clothes)
Best kids clothes with Klarna: Kixx OnlinePay afterwards with Klarna
(check out the clothes)
Best Cheap Online Kids Clothes Outlet: To be Dressedafterpay-pay-afterwards
(check out the clothes)

It is now more common for people to order children's clothing online. For example if you want to see something before you buy it.

This option exists with payment afterwards. With this method you will receive a digital invoice by email after you have received your clothes at home.

There are several such services such as AfterPay and Klarna, but Billink is also making good progress.

After delivery of the purchase, they will send an invoice by email on behalf of the webshop where you bought your children's clothing. The number of orders with AfterPay increased by 60 percent in a short time to more than two million transactions!

Here's a video about the convenience of Afterpay:


It is therefore widely used and there are now also quite a number of children's clothing stores where you can pay afterwards with one of these services.

With the following overview you can choose from a wide number of shops where you can pay afterwards.

You safely pay for your children's clothing afterwards with a provider such as Afterpay and Klarna.

From jeans to skirts and from T-shirts to shirts, see first, pay later!

Below I will tell you more about each individual children's clothing store per payment method.

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Children's clothing stores with Afterpay

These are all children's clothing stores where you can pay afterwards with Afterpay:


pay afterwards at didi

DIDI means 'big sister' in Hindi and the shop is completely designed for the “sisterhood”! Friendship and unconditional love are central to Didi and they show that in their service and clothing.

They therefore design for the active woman and the active girl who wants to be herself. Maybe a little different from the mainstream clothing.

You can pay afterwards with AfterPay, and they are even located at Wehkamp with their range which makes paying afterwards much easier.


pay clothes afterwards

They live up to their name and are all about small clothes. From cool brands like Vingino to Tommy Hilfiger (view the brands here on the site).

With clothes you will also find such a wide range of some of the top brands in children's clothing. As many as 150 children's brands, including:

  • Vingino
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Returns
  • Name it
  • Babyface
  • Mim-Pic
  • Tumble'N Dry
  • Chic
  • noppies
  • Adidas
  • B.Nosy
  • Car Jeans

These brands are supplied from size 44 to size 188 for the slightly older children.

This way you can find clothes for even your premature baby, but also for all his brothers and sisters of different ages.

If you like deals, there is also an outlet section with last season's clothing at heavily discounted prices.

This way you can still buy nice clothes on a budget.

You can also pay afterwards here at per digital invoice via Afterpay.

I am so beautiful

at ikbenzomooi you can buy children's clothing with afterpay

This is more about clothes alone. In addition to baby, children's and teenage clothing, they also have a large lifestyle range for children.

For example, you can find many in the field of convenience with your child such as diaper bags, but you can also go there for your children's room or just a nice gift.

They guarantee a super fast delivery as everything is in stock from our own warehouse and it is simply an affordable online store where you do not really have to compromise on quality to save some money.

They also have a complete nursery design where you can find fun inspiration.

The brands include:

  • O'chill
  • Tumble 'n Dry
  • Dirkje Babywear
  • DJ Dutch jeans
  • Carlin Q
  • nOeser

You can pay afterwards with AfterPay in the Netherlands and Belgium, when you take a look here on


amazing kids webshop

IKenIK is an online baby and kids clothing store that is growing very fast due to their quality and service and you can go there for baby clothes to teen outfits.

In addition, they also offer a lot of extras such as maternity gifts, but also children's room furnishings such as wall stickers and you can also find nice things for yourself as a mother to pamper you, because you can also do something, right?

Truly a one-stop shop for children's items.

The range changes daily as they carry some of the biggest children's clothing brands, brands like:

  • Koeka
  • Lodger
  • Little Dutch
  • Babies Only
  • Snooze baby
  • happy horses
  • Woood
  • Kids depot
  • Coming Kids
  • Handed By
  • CottonBaby
  • BamBam
  • Jollein

You can also pay afterwards for FREE with Afterpay, where after 14 days, as with all Afterpay shops, you will receive an invoice by email to complete your order.


amazing kids webshop

This store simply has a very extensive range of the most famous and high-quality children's brands for children from baby, to toddler, toddler and also older children to teenagers.

This mainly concerns the very large collection of children's brand clothing, in addition to some outlet prices for children's shoes to trendy swimwear for your amazing kids.

Everything on the site is actually in stock so that you never have to wait long until you have it at home, and you can pay with Afterpay.

Lots of choice to pay for children's clothing afterwards

Koter Gift

at koter gift you can pay with afterpay

Koter Kado has been dedicated to gifts for a long time, the personalized gifts that are so nice to give at birthdays and maternity visits.

But they have a lot more in the field of articles and clothing for children and you can pay with Afterpay.

Sake store

Sake store pay with afterpay

You may not have heard of it before, but Sake store has been a household name in the North of the Netherlands for about 35 years and has been expanding throughout the Netherlands for quite some time with their online store.

There are 14 physical stores that you can find throughout Friesland and of course the extensive webshop where you can order everything from stock from one of the stores.

If you shop at Sake, you are probably looking for trendy fashion for your son or daughter with nice clothes and trendy shoes.

They are especially known for their wide range of jeans for all ages.

Are you looking for hip, trendy and also a bit of a quirky contemporary clothing? Then a visit to one of the stores or the online store of Sake is a must!

You can easily pay with AfterPay.

Pay baby clothes afterwards: Cute baby clothes

they also have afterpay for cute baby clothes

Nowhere will you find such an extensive and focused baby range as with cute baby clothes. The name says it all, of course.

In particular, they have very nice and trendy branded baby clothes ready for everything from newborn to toddler when they start walking and toddler.

They also receive new articles every day because the trends are moving very fast with so many brands. The main brands are:

  • Dirkje
  • KokoNoko
  • Tumble'N Dry
  • mood street
  • Sweet!
  • Vingino
  • Jollein
  • Name-It
  • Quapic
  • BESS
  • puckababy
  • Bampidano
  • Zero2three
  • noppies
  • Babyface
  • Snooze Baby
  • baby deluxe
  • Loffff
  • B.Nosy
  • Born tobeFamous
  • Pebble
  • Melton
  • Chic
  • NinniVi
  • Bla bla bla
  • Dutch Dream Denim
  • Imps & Elfs
  • O'Chill
  • noeser

You can pay afterpay afterwards for € 1,99 for orders up to € 400.

This is the store when you are looking for designer clothes or brand shoes for your baby, toddler, preschoolers or older children. is always open because they only service online.

So you can buy your designer clothes at any time of the day and the store will deliver it to your home the next day or the day after.

In addition to the regular range, you can often find price promotions to find nice clothes on a budget and you can of course pay with Afterpay.


Bomont really specializes in girls' clothing, so if you have a son, look further to one of the many other stores.

But this specialization does lead to one of the largest collections of girls' outfits you will find.

It concerns hip and cool girls' clothing from brands such as:

  • Scotch R'belle
  • and Geisha slot
  • Nik-Nik
  • Returns

Much of this clothing has funny lyrics (I have too this whole article about funny texts on children's clothing) full of slogans, mini motifs and lots of embroidery. This provides a contemporary look with a lot of playfulness.

Paying afterwards is not an issue at all! Look here on for the fun children's clothes.


Humpy kids and teens

Humpy is another specialized store with an extensive range of clothing for children of all ages.

And it is not just an online store, they have been around for over 40 years and continue to keep up with the latest trends.

Humpy has two physical stores that you can always visit, one in Katwijk and one in Noordwijk, but if that is too far you can safely order with Afterpay and only pay when you are sure that you want to keep something of the ordered items.

Well-known brands that you will find include:

  • Nick Nick
  • Vingino
  • and Geisha slot
  • Tumble n Dry
  • Quapic

You will find these in size 50 to size 176 and you can also buy shoes for your child, or some nice gifts and a lot of accessories such as belts, children's braces, stuffed animals, bags, hats and caps.

At Humpy you can pay for your children's clothing afterwards with Afterpay.

From Tilburg Online

Van Tilburg has also opted for afterpay

Van Tilburg is a real family business and they proudly say that. For your family, by a family.

With fashion and sports items they have grown over the past 65 years from a single small family business to a household name in the Netherlands with now more than 600 brands in the shop.

Not only an extensive range of children's clothing, but also fashion for men and women, so you can also go shopping for yourself.

In addition to an excellent online service and fast delivery, they even have their own workshop where you can have clothing that is too large or too loose, real craftsmanship from a family business that knows what they are talking about in the field of children's clothing.

You can easily pay online with Afterpay for a single euro in payment costs.


At Terstal you can pay afterwards

Terstal children's fashion is a tough brand, that is at least what they stand for and the latest collection also exudes toughness, hip and cool.

In all their clothing they use high-quality fabrics that have a nice drape and fit. Ready for children to play in, usually made of flexible materials such as cotton and elastane.

You can go there for almost all children's sizes, sizes such as:

  • newborn (50-68)
  • baby (68-86)
  • toddler (92-128)
  • kids (134-176)

You can get baby, boy and girl clothes, each with a huge range of styles and articles of the latest trends.

Paying afterwards with afterpay is one of the options at

Kids Department

kids department online store

At Kids Department you can find a unique children's clothing collection, all in sizes 50 to 152.

And you can also go to the physical store where they personally take the time to help you choose.

You can pay afterwards within the Netherlands and Belgium with Afterpay.

Baby gift shop

The webshop of this gift shop for babies consists of a wide selection of birth gifts for boys and girls. And fun birth gifts also include nice clothes!

So in addition to the children's clothing, you can certainly also find cute cuddly toys, everything before going to sleep and also assortments and gift baskets.

Usually you shop here to give something to the parents of the newborn, but over time its popularity has grown into a shop for everyone with a baby.

Also take a look at the wide selection of items for baby room decoration, all items in the webshop are unique because you can always have it printed or even embroidered to personalize it.

A number of suggestions they give themselves:

  • have the name of the child embroidered on a bathrobe
  • have the date of birth printed on a bodysuit

And so you can think of a lot more for a unique gift and you can easily order online at baby gift with Afterpay.

Von Va Voom

Vonvavoom uses Afterpay for online payments

Von va voom stands for children's and baby clothing to let your little ones play freely.

So it's all about looking nice of course, but above all to be comfortable and last a long time during those intense play sessions.

Their belief is:

“We have to see and dress children as kids, and this includes, for example, baby clothing in which a baby can actually move around, cheerful colors and soft materials in the coolest and happiest prints. We have selected the nicest clothing for quirky children. ”

These are brands that I have not come across many at some of the other stores:

  • Maxomorrah
  • smafolk
  • JNY Villervala
  • onnolulu
  • Lily Balou
  • Babyface

You can pay afterwards with Afterpay.

VIP Kids

VIP Kidz online store

They call themselves the nicest children's clothing webshop in the Netherlands. And with such a name you also get the suspicion that it concerns exclusive clothing.

Well, they have everything. But it's more about how they make your kid feel when you style them with some of their outfits.

You can always score a hip outfit with the best children's, baby, boys and girls clothing.

From € 20, - it is free shipping, so you are already on it with a number of nice items and you can choose from the range of:

  • Quapic
  • TopItm
  • Ninni Vic
  • Little Miss Juliette
  • Return Jeans

They put together their own collection and looks by visiting these brands once a year to plan their children's clothing.

Nothing has been left to chance, such as Quapi for example because of the bright colors and motifs that provide striking combinations in your outfit.

This can be perfectly combined with the clothing of Little Miss Juliette, which usually has a more relaxed design, full of deep colors and materials that will last for a while.

What you should definitely check out is the pride of the store: the huge Jeans section with brands like

  • beebielove
  • Dutch Dream Denim
  • Levi's
  • Little Miss Juliette
  • Name IT
  • Return Jeans
  • Tumble 'n Dry

Payment afterwards is possible via AfterPay.

Circle of Trust

Made for older children, here you go from cute to cool and contemporary.

So you will find processed jeans. shirts with nice print and stylish sweaters.

You can pay afterwards with Afterpay, and they also have their range at Wehkamp are simplified to pay afterwards.

Chaos and Order

Chaos and order online store

Chaos en order is another hip store. These mainly go for colorful additions to what might otherwise become a boring wardrobe.

They also focus on shopping for looks, so that when you see a single item that you like, you can immediately put together the entire look to create the best outfits for your son or daughter.

In order to be able to deliver for most (somewhat older) children, they have their children's clothing available in 5 to sometimes 6 of the most common sizes.

You can pay afterwards with AfterPay.


Miinto focuses on another segment, namely that you buy directly from the nicest independent fashion stores in the Netherlands.

In addition, offers Afterpay for handling payment afterwards to make it as easy as possible for you as a shopper.

state of art

State of art online children's clothing store

Little men, or really tough guys. They are all welcome at State of Art where you can go for unique clothing in the age of 4 to 16 years.

The Rookies collection, as they call their clothing, is full of colors and playful with an adult twist so that they can satisfy even the toughest boys.

They say:

"Inspired on the one hand by the typical, fresh casual style and on the other by a city look, but with a wink."

AfterPay carries out the entire post-payment process for State of Art.

Small Rebel

Small Rebel clothing for kids

Small Rebel is another cool baby and children's clothing store that focuses more on the younger children.

They are specialized in clothing for girls and boys from newborn to size 128. So really for the younger kids.

Tough, rebellious and hip brands according to the latest trends!

Delivery within the Netherlands is free from € 75. That's nice, but you have to order something for that, otherwise it will be € 3,95.

And paying afterwards is possible using Afterpay and Billink up to an amount of € 250.

You can find all styles and prints from plain to printed clothing and some of the not so common brands:

  • Lucky No. 7
  • From Pauline
  • Small Rags
  • boof
  • Elodie Details
  • Electric Kidz
  • Tiny Turtle Caps

Mowi Kids

Mowi kids afterpay shop

Mowi-kids calls itself an outlet and has a huge range of children's clothing from various top brands on sale.

A number of brands that you can find cheaper are:

  • Airforce
  • MimPic
  • No tomatoes
  • Loffff
  • Hansop
  • Share luxury
  • Ducati
  • Fred Mello
  • Sea and Zo
  • Archimedes

They believe in their outlet concept and even give you a lowest price guarantee on children's clothing.

You can also pay afterwards with Afterpay.

Brand Girls Clothing

Brand girls clothes online

Girl brand clothing is strong in some of the well known brands for girls:

  • TOPitm
  • Chaos and Order
  • CHOOSEstone
  • Ninth
  • O'Chill
  • Bampidano
  • Birds by D-Rak
  • B.Nosy

You can pay afterwards via Afterpay.

Villa UK Kids lifestyle

Villa Uk Kids lifestyle

Villa Uk has more than clothing for your kids because you can go there for nice bedding, children's room accessories, maternity gifts and much more.

They praise themselves on their years of experience and advice they can possibly give about your purchase.

This way they can help you in your search for cool clothes and nice rooms for your child.

You can pay with Afterpay.

Wildlife store

Wildstore afterpay

Everything for a cute girl outfit, from clothes to shoes. With this name I expected it to be a bit wilder, or tougher, but it is a very nice range of clothing.

You can find new trends for girls, such as cute dresses and cool jeans from:

  • Z8
  • Quapic
  • B.Nosy
  • Funky XS
  • Name IT
  • Cars
  • Pinkberry

You can find nice brands with a bit more charisma, and combine that with basics from the cheaper brands to create a nice outfit, without having to go to someone else.

They also have a range of boys' clothing with a focus on well-fitting clothes that look cool at the same time.

You can pay with Afterpay.

Van Uffelen

Van Uffelen

Van Uffelen has an extensive range of women's and men's fashion in physical or online stores.

They have stores in Gorinchem, Leerdam and Rijswijk. But did you know that you can also go there for an extensive range of children's clothing?

With a wide range of brands and styles, there is something for everyone.

If you order online, you can also pay afterwards with AfterPay.

Check this out

Check out this children's clothing

You can find children's clothing in two main segments at Look This:

  • Boys clothing: The coolest boys' clothing from the latest collection of others B.Nosy, Bampidano, Tygo & Vito, Blue Seven and DJ Dutch jeans.
  • Girls clothes: The latest girls' clothing from B.Nosy, Bampidano, Birds by Drak, Blue Seven, Mim-pi and DJ Dutchjeans, among others. So you always have nice dresses, skirts and more for every occasion.

Afterpay: Afterpay carries out the entire payment process afterwards for Kijk dit.

This means that you will receive a digital invoice from Afterpay to pay for the purchased item.

Children's goods

Since its foundation in 2008, Kindergoed has built up a good reputation over time when it comes to kids' clothing for boys and girls.

This is mainly because they only partner with renowned names from the industry, brands like:

  • B.Nosy
  • Dutch Dream Denim
  • Lavava
  • O'Chill
  • Tygo & Vito
  • Mim-Pic
  • mood street
  • Molo
  • Chic
  • noppies
  • The Kunstboer

Paying with AfterPay is a good option Children's good here on the website.

Petrol Industries

When you think of nice boys' clothes, you think of Petrol. They even join Wehkamp with their range here so paying afterwards is completely easy.

Your boys are in the weather all day with activities such as running, jumping, playing, but also frolicking. This mourning requires clothing that can withstand this.

Clothing that is not only cool, but can also withstand all this violence. That's Petrol Industries.

And it is more than just cool jeans. You can go there for a comfortable sweater, a hip t-shirt or even that cool children's shirt.

But always that iconic Petrol look that makes your son so cool.

 But also You can order girls' clothing at Petrol.

From cool outfits to a really girly look. It's always for a girl with a distinct character.

So you can find not only cool jeans that last a lifetime (or until they grow out), but also nice girl-girl skirts and casual tops.

Petrol stands for high-quality clothing at affordable prices.

"Because playing, running, frolicking and dancing all day long requires clothing that can take a beating."

They monitor quality by keeping the entire chain and production under their own management and by incorporating checks at every point in the process.

Payment with Afterpay is possible at Petrol.

Purely Stubborn

Purely cocky afterpay orders

Puur Eigenwijs is also really a stubborn webshop with contemporary clothing. You can go there for:

  • O'CHILL and B'Chill
  • the latest pants from Dutch Dream Denim
  • Quapi Mini Boys clothing available in sizes 56 to 86
  • Quapi Mini Girls
  • Nice Jumpsuit Jenneke? Available in size 56 to 86
  • Quapi swimwear with awesome bikinis and swim shorts
  • The NINNI VI collection

You can also easily pay with Afterpay.

Bumaround with afterpay

Everything for that ass, that "bum". So you can go for washable diapers for a better environment. But also swimming diapers and all kinds of other sustainable products.

“Bum = Buttocks, Around = Around it. Bumaround also means: lazing around, chilling a bit, just relaxing for a while… So enjoy yourself! ”

Bumaround is known for wanting to take good care of the environment and therefore use as little packaging materials as possible or preferably recycled material as used boxes.

And if you think such a washable diaper is a pain, then you are wrong!

They make a so-called "All-in-one diaper", which is one with all the conveniences of a disposable diaper and which you can also put on quickly.

You can also opt for a “pocket diaper” model.

You can slide new inserts at the back to reduce the need to throw away, but still have the convenience of a removable section for easy washing.

With multiple inserts you can manage with a smaller number of diapers.

The diaper itself dries much faster than the insert sheets, so that with multiple insert sheets, which are a lot cheaper, you also have to buy fewer diapers.

Finally, you have the "preformed diaper" which gives you the same shape as with a disposable diaper with elastic at the legs and back.

This gives a perfect fit every time. You must also choose a cover.

You can use AfterPay to pay afterwards at this online store.


Benty kids shirts

You can of course also go to Benty for your children's clothing, but they also have a strong focus on fun accessories that you cannot find everywhere.

This can certainly be worth a visit to complete your kids look.

So you have everything from her accessories to cute bibs and of course the usual pants, t-shirts and sweaters.

A number of unique collections adorn the online shelves such as ducky Beau which we have not seen before (available in size 50-92).

At Benty you can safely pay afterwards with Afterpay. You will first receive your clothes at home and only then can you make the payment according to the applicable conditions.

Ibiza Kidz

Izibizi kids online store

In addition to clothing, Izibizi Kidz offers a different range of accessories. Namely, the bags.

When your kids (or should actually say Kidz) go to school, a visit to the shop is very nice because of the range of hip and trendy bags.

But of course they also have trendy and affordable children's clothing, and shipped for free from € 34,95.

You can pay for orders with AfterPay up to an amount of € 150.

To be Dressed

I already mentioned it at the top of this article, but To Be Dressed is one of the nicest outlets you will find online, especially for children's clothing.

To be Dressed one of the 5 best children's clothing outlets we found.

You may not always find the latest fashions of this season, but if you're a budget-conscious parent like me, you might like to save a little.

Totally on the basics of the outfit and save your money for that one nice shirt or sweater that really stands out!

With such a wide range in one outlet, you don't have to visit all the individual stores to find the best deals.

You will find the best brands such as:

  • Levi's
  • and Geisha slot
  • Indian Blue
  • Tumble 'n Dry
  • Vingino
  • Monta
  • Love Station 22
  • Color kids
  • Baker Bridge

AfterPay is the payment method at To be Dressed

princess dress

At Princess Dress you can shop for lovely fantasy dresses and more. Everything for your little princess with more than 4.000 items in stock.

You can also pay afterwards. You will first receive your articles and then receive an invoice from Afterpay by email.

At which stores can I pay for children's clothing afterwards with afterpay

Children's clothing stores with Klarna

These are the children's shops with the option to pay afterwards with Klarna. Klarna is the competitor of Afterpay which has also connected many children's clothing stores.

It is a different way of paying afterwards, but it usually works the same way.

I always like to buy myself here at Wehkamp, and while it's not technically Klarna, this online department store does have its own form of pay afterwards and it works great!

The range is great, but if you are looking for more, there is the option to pay afterwards with Klarna at these stores:

  • Tumble n Dry: Cute shop with super cute clothes. The iconic labels with Tumble n Dry on it complete it (available here)
  • nOeser: With clothing made exclusively from organic cotton you know that you are making a sustainable purchase, and with a super cool design! (available at Wehkamp)
  • Name IT: It seems like every kid I know has something from Name It. And rightly so, it is a very nice brand (my favorite brand and available here at Wehkamp)
  • Kixx Online: Trendy children's and teen clothing with something for everyone and the best-known brands (view the children's clothing here on the site)
  • noppies: It's a brand, not a store with different brands. But Noppies stands completely on its own with an extensive range of the nicest clothes (view the children's clothing)
  • cool cat: Known from the street scene, but also active online. Tough children's clothing that stands out (view the range at Wehkamp)
  • Sissy Boy: Certainly not for sissies, I often wear it myself. And now my son too. Also have cool clothes for girls (view it online here)
  • olliewood: Something for everyone and good quality children's clothing (view the offer here)

Below we tell you more about each individual store.

Tumble n Dry

What a cute shop and super cute clothes. We now have a 6-month-old son and at every stage of his growth he has had children's clothes from this brand.

The great thing about the shop is that you can pay with Klarna after receipt and return it if you do not like it.

In the beginning, for example, I was still very doubtful what his color would be.

It now appears that it is blue (dark blue, so plenty of choice!). Look here in the online shop for the offer.  


kienk uses klarna

Kienk is another trendy baby and children's clothing store with an extensive range of brands and a number of fun fashion tips.

The nice thing about the shop is that they do their own photography, which in turn provides great inspiration for outfits that you will not find anywhere else.

You can choose Klarna at this store for postpayments.

Children's fashion PASik

Children's fashion PASik

At PASik there is a little more focus on underwear for the kids, so it might also be a nice shop to visit.

But of course also a lot in the area of ​​children's fashion, especially a lot of denim and cool clothes.

You can pay afterwards with Klarna.


Children's fashion should be fun and playful according to nOeser.

They always incorporate something funny in their clothing line and often have this reflected in several items for both boys and girls per season.

In this way they know how to make their recognizable mark on the children's fashion world time and again.

In addition, they want a better environment and healthier working conditions by only working with factories with GOTS certification.

That means only organic cotton, which is also sustainable clothing that will last for many playing sessions.

Also read my article about organic cotton and fair trade children's clothing.

The collection is made for kids aged 0 to 8, plus with the MOM collection you can even twin with your little one as a mom.

Pay afterwards with Klarna or their brand is also present at Wehkamp where you can pay by installment.

buy playpeners with klarna

The name says it all, here you come for children's underwear including boys boxer shorts from:

  • Björn Borg
  • Muchachomalo
  • Calvin Klein
  • Claessens
  • For girls there is underwear from Calvin Klein and Chicamala boxers

You can pay with Klarna.


Order b4Kids with Klarna

Just a little bit different and certainly things you won't find anywhere else.

The offer is aimed at a combination of comfortable clothing that is exclusive and above all affordable.

The motto is: children should be able to play nicely, so something will break every now and then.

It is useful if it is not only comfortable but also affordable so that you can replace it quickly.

In addition, they often only buy on a small scale so that they quickly receive new items.

Sometimes there are only two articles available per size, so if you see something now, there is a chance that it will no longer be there the day after tomorrow.

So some things are for the quick decision maker, but you can come back to them again and again for new inspiration, instead of wearing the same clothes for a whole season.

You can pay afterwards with Klarna.

Name IT

Name It is a cute brand with its own style.

You can almost immediately see that it is a Name It article, and that is sometimes quite difficult for a brand to achieve.

Much use of Denim in the designs and it is certainly an affordable line. But safety and comfort are never compromised.

The brand has been around for more than 30 years and is therefore almost an old hand in the children's clothing trade, but they effortlessly keep up with the times for a fresh look every season.

Name It consists of four sub-brands, namely:

  • Name It baby: 0-9 months, size 40-74
  • Name It mini: 1-5 years, size 80-110
  • Name It kids: 6-12 years old, size 116-152
  • and LMTD

LMTD was added later to offer the style-conscious t (w) a nice wardrobe.

Klarna can, but pay afterwards on their assortment at Wehkamp can also be done very easily.

Pay afterwards within 14 days (KLARNA invoice, € 1,95).

kixx online

Everything online for your baby, child or teen with the hippest brands in one collection.

The range of shirts, pants, dresses, winter coats or underwear includes the popular children's brands:

  • blue rebel
  • B. NOSY
  • Chaos and Order
  • Little Miss Juliette
  • like Flo
  • Molo
  • mood street
  • Name it
  • Ninni Vic
  • noppies
  • Returns
  • Scotch R'Belle
  • Scotch Shrunko
  • Vingino
  • Z8

This store also makes its own product photography, so you can certainly take a look there for inspiration.

Not many stores do this anymore nowadays as the product images of the brands themselves have also improved a lot.

You can pay on account via Klarna here on the site


Happybee kids clothes

Happybee has started with a different approach, focused on the busy life of the mother.

Started by two mothers themselves, they saw problems getting everything around with picking up and delivering the children and also cooking.

That's why they created a convenient store where you can easily find what you're looking for online without having to go to a physical store with all your kids in tow: HappyBee was born.

They only work with renowned brands such as:

  • Babyface
  • Tumble 'n Dry
  • cake walk
  • sevenoneseven
  • Levi's
  • noppies
  • Salty dog
  • Sweet!
  • Super trash
  • Vingino

Happybee has won the public award “Best Webshop 2010 and 2012 baby and children's fashion”.

Read more about the options for pay afterwards with Klarna


Noppies is also a quirky brand that makes extensive use of all kinds of soft materials and always tries to add a few tricks or extra conveniences to the garments.

For example, their pants are made with super handy slip buttons and adjustable waistbands to grow with.

Children often grow quickly and it is sometimes difficult to determine what size he or she needs.

Noppies has developed a size chart for this, so that you can easily check the sizes based on the height and girth of your child.

The children's clothing is available in sizes:

  • 74
  • 80
  • 86
  • 92
  • 98
  • 104
  • 110
  • 116
  • 122
  • 128

You can buy all these sizes found on their website here.

The boys collection is a cool collection of clothing, designed to give a hip contemporary boys look.

For example, the jeans for kids have cool washes and the shirts an edgy look.

The motto “as long as it feels good” applies to boys.

For the girls, it's more about girly details and fancy prints.

Your daughter probably already knows exactly what you want and don't want, and Noppies designs fit in seamlessly with that.

With the use of many fine fabrics and subtle glitters, the clothing always goes with the trends.

You can pay afterwards with Klarna. klarna pay afterwards has only set itself one goal. That is to offer the best and largest range of online children's and baby clothing.

Well, she managed quite well.

In addition, the range has a lot of variation from fashionable to traditional clothing and from well-known and more unknown brands.

In addition, they once won the Thuiswinkel Award for “best web store in the baby fashion and children's fashion category”.

Well-known brands include:

  • LoFff
  • Bomba for Girls
  • Return Jeans
  • Pebble
  • Chic
  • Sweet! Lifestyle
  • Tumble 'n Dry

Payment afterwards is possible with Klarna.

The Kids Republic

The kids republic store

This is not only an online shop, but it is also the largest children's clothing store in NEderland.

The physical store has a retail space of more than 1000 square meters and that offers space for no less than 100 brands.

The store is located in Bilthoven, but you can also shop online in this large range and pay afterwards with Klarna.

Baby supermarket

babysupershop webshop has many different types of baby clothing from rompers to clothing for boys, girls, even unisex clothing and many other items such as hats and baby socks.

Postpay is possible using with Klarna.

cool cat

CoolCat stands for attitude, sexy and fun! And not only for the kids, but also for yourself.

Girls' clothing is always hip and in style. So you have many different articles such as:

  • skirts
  • dresses
  • jumpsuits
  • playsuits
  • jeans
  • pants

The trendspotters are always looking for what can be seen on the streets and get their inspiration for the designs and outfits from there.

This way you can be sure that your daughter's clothes are completely hot and match the style of today.

For boys, Coolcat has divided the styles into three distinctive looks:

  • cool
  • casual
  • or chic

This gives countless combinations in prints, designs and styles to dress your boys.

You can pay afterwards via Klarna, or shop their range at Wehkamp


Koeka children's clothing store with Klarna

Characteristic of Koeka's permanent collection is that it is 'never out of stock'. This means that these products always go with the seasons and are always in stock.

In addition to this permanent collection that forms the basis, you will find additional new products and colors every season.

Koeka is also the brand known for the use of terry cloth in many of the clothing. Nice and soft and cuddly!

You will also find waffle and canvas as commonly used fabrics. Flannel and teddy are often used for the lining.

Koeka has since grown into a fully-fledged lifestyle brand. The collection includes over 125 unique products in many colors for babies, kids and home.

They want to make parents and their kids happy with their Koeka range all over the world.

You can pay afterwards with Klarna.


The Lesara kids department

At Lesara there is always a new trend to spot.

You can go there for both yourself and your kids and they make it their mission to always be at the forefront of the new trends.

In addition to children's clothing, you can also find:

  • lifestyle
  • home products
  • clothing for adults

The term “Lesara experience” is already doing the rounds and they want to pass it on to all their customers, even though you shop at an online shop, they want it to always be an experience.

You can pay afterwards with Klarna.

Sissy Boy

Sissy Boy goes for the prints, with happy dinos, colorful flamingos or a funny robot.

This is a segment that has recently started to be neglected by other brands.

You can go there for children's clothing for girls and boys and for the ages from baby to teen.

Pay afterwards with Klarna is possible here at Sissy Boy.


Olliewood tries to appeal to the widest possible audience with their "something for everyone!"

They stand for good quality children's clothing and friendly service to always help you make the best choice.

For girls' clothing you can go for these brands:

  • B. NOSY
  • Quapic
  • Mim-Pic
  • Dress like Flo
  • Chic
  • Ninth
  • Someone

For boys it are the more rugged brands such as:

  • Tumble'N Dry
  • Vingino
  • Indian Blue Jeans
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • sevenoneseven
  • Z8

So everyone can choose something, because maybe you prefer the colorful collection from Someone or sporty designs from Chaos and Order, or the preppy Tommy Hilfiger.

You can pay afterwards here with Klarna

At which stores can I pay for children's clothing afterwards with klarna

You will find a wide range of clothing stores on the internet. The number of physical shops has therefore decreased enormously in recent years.

The large number of web shops make it easy to shop from the sofa.

Children's clothing is also increasingly being bought online. Something that doesn't fit can be returned so easily.

In addition, more and more payment options are also being offered.

In addition to payments via iDEAL, giro collection form or PayPal, many web shops offer customers the option to pay afterwards.

One of the payment services that makes this option possible is the Dutch company Billink.

What is Billink?

Billink is a Dutch payment service that was founded in 2009. This payment method makes it possible to pay for your online purchases afterwards.

This means that as a customer you only pay for the products that you actually keep. This way you no longer have to wait for the money to be refunded for a returned item.

The Billink payment method therefore gives online retailers a lot of confidence.

It makes shopping easier and makes it easy for them to place an order without a credit card or random reader at hand.

However, it is not only a big advantage for the customers, the web shops also reap the benefits.

It has been proven that customers make a purchase faster and often order more when they have the option to pay afterwards.

Unknown web shops are also gaining confidence by offering this payment option.

Online shops that use Billink's payment method often experience a significant increase in turnover; a real win-win situation.

More than 3000 web shops offer the option to pay afterwards via Billink. This fully Dutch payment service takes over a lot of work from the online shops.

After placing the order, the customers can select the preferred payment method.

If they choose 'pay afterwards' via Billink, the payment service will automatically send them an invoice.

This invoice must be paid within 14 days.

Billink also guarantees that the outstanding amount will actually be paid out.

In this way, the payment service gives both customers and web shops the necessary confidence.


The option to pay afterwards ensures that you only pay for the items you keep. This way you can without a doubt order different sizes.

It also makes shopping for children's clothing even easier. A toddler or toddler no longer has to queue for the fitting room or checkout.

There are several online children's clothing stores where it is possible to pay afterwards via Billink. We have listed a number of them for you.


LittleCool is a webshop with a wide range of baby and children's clothing.

In addition to clothing for 0 to 12 year olds, you will also find toys and accessories for children in this online store.

They also have a special page on the website, where you as a parent can find inspiration for both outfits and the decoration of the children's room.

You can easily pay for an order by using Billink's post-payment service.

Do you order multiple sizes? Then you can return the clothing that does not fit and you only pay for the products you keep.

Especially at an online children's clothing store with a huge range, such as LittleCool, it is useful that you do not have to pay in advance for a large order.

Minis Only

The online children's clothing store Minis Only offers “cool baby and children's clothing” from top brands.

The trendy clothing on the website is suitable for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

The progressive brand also has a unisex page, on which items can be found that both boys and girls can wear.

This webshop for kids offers no fewer than 16 payment methods, including post-payment via Billink.

Although there is a size chart with the individual items on, it can sometimes be difficult to estimate how a certain item of clothing will fit on your son or daughter.

By using Billink, the choice to order multiple sizes is made a lot faster. You do not have to pay for the order immediately.

This not only makes online shopping more fun, but also a lot safer. You only pay for the products that you are completely satisfied with upon receipt.

Even if you prefer to pay with Afterpay, Minis Only is the right place for you.

In this case you can also easily pay with your smartphone, by using the Afterpay app.

Where mainly excels is the range of clothing for premature babies. Even for the little ones you can find rompers, pants or dresses in this children's clothing store.

You will also find clothing from size 38 to size 80 on the small clothes web shop.

With this webshop it is also possible to pay for your order afterwards via Billink.

This gives you as a customer the guarantee that you only pay when you actually receive your order.

It is therefore a good payment method for less well-known web shops to gain the trust of the customer.

Have you placed your order? Then you will receive an invoice from Billink, which you must pay within 14 days.

You then only keep the items that you are satisfied with and the rest you simply return. The return costs are also completely free at!

An online children's clothing store that focuses entirely on girls is

This webshop offers clothing from size 80 to 152 from well-known brands such as Quapi and B.Nosy.

In the blogs on this website you can closely follow the latest trends in girls' clothing.

When you have placed your order, you can choose from different payment methods.

In addition to iDEAL or PayPal, you can also pay afterwards with Billink. This payment service is completely free.

You will receive an invoice within 3 days, which you must pay within 2 weeks.

Do you order for more than 20 euros? Then will ship your order completely free of charge.


RebelXS is a webshop full of children's clothing from affordable Dutch and Belgian brands.


These brands have been carefully selected by RebelXS.

This web shop therefore guarantees products that are made in a fair way. The children's clothing store has garments for both girls and boys.

You can also shop for a nice outfit for the little ones at RebelXS. In this online store you will find dresses, cardigans and pants from size 62.

You can easily search the website by brand or even navigate by winter or summer clothing.

The shipping of your order is completely free. The option to pay afterwards via Billink ensures that you can easily order multiple sizes or products.

This way you can safely shop the new wardrobe for your son or daughter online.

Top Kids Fashion

TopKidsFashion is the right place for affordable children's and baby clothing. The online children's clothing store offers clothes for children of all ages.

From clothing for the newborn to trendy outfits for the older children. TopKidsFashion is both an online children's clothing store and a physical store.

In addition to well-known brands, such as CARS and B.Nosy, the webshop even has Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) boxer shorts for young boys.

Your order will be shipped completely free of charge from the low amount of € 17,95.

You can easily pay for the products in your shopping cart via iDEAL or credit card. Do you only want to pay after you have received the items?

Then you also choose Billink's post-payment service at this webshop.

So you don't have to pay in advance for items that you don't want to keep.

Roos & Tijn Designerstore

Roos & Tijn Designerstore is more than an online children's clothing store.

In addition to clothing, you will find a wide range of accessories, lifestyle products and toys.

The different categories make navigating to the item or size you are looking for even easier.

However, the wide range of clothing for babies and children can make it difficult to make a choice.

The online designer store offers more than 20 different brands.

Fortunately, you can also pay afterwards at this webshop for children. The service is offered for free, making online shopping even easier and more fun.

Paying afterwards via Billink also ensures that you as a customer know that you can safely make your purchases online at Roos & Tijn.

Cute Baby Clothes

Nice clothes for the little ones can be found on

This web store not only has a large collection of items for babies, but also sells clothes for toddlers, toddlers and teenagers.

You will find more than 30 different brands at this online children's clothing store.

In addition to shopping for the new collection, the webshop also has an outlet, with children's clothing for a low price.

Cute Baby Clothes lives up to its name, even offering clothes for newborn babies. For example, the clothing collection already runs from size 40.

If you have placed an order of more than € 20, it will be shipped for free. You often receive the package the next day.

Returns are also completely free at this children's clothing store.

In addition to the good delivery and return service, you can also choose to pay for your order afterwards.

Cute Baby Clothes will then outsource the payment process to the Billink payment service.

They check whether you are creditworthy enough to be able to pay afterwards.

If this turns out to be the case, you can order up to € 400 and you only pay after receiving your package.

Have you ordered multiple sizes? Then you only pay for the size that actually fits.

It is also possible to pay with Afterpay at this webshop. However, € 1,99 will be charged for using this payment service.

Hood Fashion

At you will not only find an enormous variety of children's clothing. This web store also has a wide range of women's and men's clothing.

A smart choice if you want to shop for the whole family at the same time. In this webshop you will find children's clothing in all kinds of categories.

From jumpsuits and waistcoats for young girls, to polos and sweatshirts for boys.

A large number of popular children's brands are also offered, including Vingino and NIK & NIK by Nikkie Plessen.

You will also find shoes and accessories for both young girls and boys on the Capuchon Fashion webshop. So there is plenty to choose from in this online clothing store.

At checkout you can choose Billink's free payment service. This makes it just a little easier for you as a customer to place a large order.

You only have to pay for the items you really want to keep. This way you can try on the various items at home in peace and quiet and easily return the items of clothing you do not want to keep.

Ieniemienie parties

Ieniemieniepartys is a cheerful web shop with more than just children's clothing.

You will also find lifestyle items, furniture for the nursery, toys and even children's bicycles here.

They have a huge collection with no less than 10.000 products in stock. The collection of children's clothing consists of unique items with often a funny print.

Football shirts and princess dresses can also be found on the website of Ieniemieniepartys.

The webshop offers ten different payment methods, so you can pay for your order in the way you want.

Would you rather pay afterwards? Then this can be done via Billink's Dutch payment service.

This service is completely free and gives you as a customer a safe feeling.

You can use this payment method afterwards at this online children's store up to an amount of € 250.

Many companies are responding to the enormous growth in the number of web shops.

In addition to paying via iDEAL or credit card, it is also increasingly possible to pay afterwards.

This not only gives the customer a safe feeling, but also ensures an increase in turnover for many online stores.

Billink is a payment service that, since 2009, has made it possible for customers to pay only after receiving the products.

This payment method can be found at more than 3000 online shops, including a large number of children's clothing stores.

This way you can easily order different sizes and have them fit your toddler or toddler at home.

You then pay afterwards and only for the items you want to keep.

Children will also be grateful if long queues for cash registers and fitting rooms are spared them.

also look at these Afterpay, Klarna and Billink shops with children's tablets

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