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These are the 22 best children's clothing stores in Arnhem and surroundings

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Arnhem is the fashion city of the Netherlands. There is also a lot of fun for everyone under 12 in our own city.

It is easy to reach from Utrecht where there are also nice shops, but offers just a few different styles and brands, making it a very nice outing.

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Arnhem shops on the map:

nicest children's clothing stores in Arnhem

We start with:

Little Things - Kerkstraat 1

Little things church street 1 in arnhem

Little Things that make life beautiful '. A store where you can find the best stuff

This is where you come for children's clothes that are super fun to receive and to give!

They sell the brands: Noodoll, Little Hedonist, Meyco, gendarmes, makii, Love Mae, Dutch-lifestyle, Pakhuis oost, line loves, color paperbags and les petits vintage.

Little Things is located at Kerkstraat 1 6811 DL Arnhem

 4ActiveKidz - 108 Leemansweg

4activekidz leemansweg arnhem

4Activekidz is the online shop where you can get outdoor sports and swimwear all year round!

4ActiveKidz is the online shop with super nice quality, colorful outdoor sports clothing.

You can go all year round for swimwear, winter sports outfits, beautiful rain boots or other outdoor clothing, from various trendy brands.

4Activekids is located at Leemansweg 108, 6827 BX Arnhem

 Arnhem Store - Gruyter Passage 24

children's clothing stores in arnhem

In the Musiskwartier you will find children's clothing made of 100% organic cotton made by local designers!

A shop in the center of Arnhem with special products from designers from Arnhem or the surrounding area.

Often unique or limited products made of high-quality materials, often produced in a sustainable way.

A varied range of clothing and accessories, but also other products such as books and lamps.

The clothing is made of 100% organic cotton, made by hand and of very high quality.

Clothing brand Hamoki, Cheerful, graceful and unique are the characteristics of the girls' clothing and hair accessories of the Dutch brand Hamoki.

For girls from 4 to 11 years. It is very comfortable, soft and anti-allergic.

Arnhem Store, Gruyter Passage 24, Arnhem

War Clothes - Vogelzang 46 (Elst)

War clothes in Elst

Do you put your children back in the new for free! Just swap your kids clothes and toys! In Elst there is an exchange point for children's items from the KrijgdeKleertjes foundation.

Durable, handy and cheap! Tidy up your closets, bring your children's clothes and (small) toys and exchange them for something you can use.

This way you can put your children back in the new for free. In addition, exchanges can be made by appointment. Donations of children's clothing and toys are also welcome.

Get the Clothes is located at Swap Point, Vogelzang 46, Elst.

Gabbertje - Rijnstraat 26

Gabbertje children's clothing

Are you looking for cool brands such as; Cars, Petrol and Nickelson? Then come and have a look at Gabbertje.

Looking for a cool shirt for your daughter or trendy pants for your son? Something nice to combine with that shirt with those emoticon smileys?

Gabbertje is a trendy children's and teen clothing store where you can succeed for cool children's clothing for both boys and girls.

They sell clothing in sizes 92 to 176 of the following brands: Cars, Petrol, Retour, Nickelson, Z8, D-Xel, DeeLux.

Gabbertje is located at Rijnstraat 26, 6811 EW Arnhem

Ollie children's clothing - Oranjestraat 14 (Velp)

Ollie children's clothing Velp

Ollie Children's Clothing offers both children's and baby clothes. Are you looking for good quality children's clothing for a nice price?

Then you have to stop by Ollie children's clothing in Velp. You are here for brands such as Tom Du and Feetje.

In addition to clothing, they also sell socks, pajamas and fun maternity gifts. Ollie Children's clothing is located at Oranjestraat 14, 6881 SE Velp

Garçons bleus - Wielakkerstraat 34

Garcon Blues kids clothing Arnhem

A whole store especially for tough guys! You don't think so easily. Are you looking for exclusive children's fashion for tough boys?

Then you are in the right place at Garçons Bleus in the 7 streets of Arnhem. Garçons bleus is located at Wielakkerstraat 34, 6811 DB in Arnhem

Babs Store - Dorpsstraat 77 (Elst)

Babs store children's clothing Elst

Looking for great children's clothing brands? Then come and have a look at Babs in Elst. At Babs they sell designer clothes from size 104 to size 176.

The collection consists of a wide range of hip and contemporary brands. Here they are always looking for new brands.

In this way, the store is always aware of the latest trends. You can go here for the brands; Bengh per principesse, Scotch Shrunk, Scotch R'belle, Bellerose, Vingino, Return jeans, 10Days, Jake Fisher etc.

Babs Store is located at Dorpsstraat 77,6661 EH Elst

Neighbor & Neighbor - Weverstraat 57 (Oosterbeek)

neighbor and neighbor children's clothing oosterbeek

This super nice gift shop in Oosterbeek is highly recommended!

This is really the kind of store where you can feast your eyes!

Here you found the best gifts, cuddly toys, games, crafts, dinosaurs, bags, lights, balance bikes, bracelets, dresses, t-shirts and much more fun for little and big girls, boys and mothers!

They sell, among others, the brands; Habba, Feetje, kapla, Green Toys, Happy Horse, Jelly Cat and many more!

Certainly you can pass here for a nice birthday present or something for the holidays! Neighbor & Neighbor, Weverstraat 57,6862 DK Oosterbeek.

Sissy-boy - Koningstraat 13

sissy boy arnhem

Not just for clothes! Sissy-Boy is a unique fashion and lifestyle brand in Koningstraat.

At Sissy-Boy you can not only find nice children's clothing from size 86, but they also sell nice children's toys, furniture and gadgets!

A wonderful shop to browse through. You can also buy from them online and pay afterwards with afterpay.

Sissy-Boy is located at Koningstraat 13, 6811 DE Arnhem

Woods - Koningstraat 16

Woods children's clothing Koningstraat Arnhem

Looking for a nice and trendy shop in the center of Arnhem? Take a peek at Woods!

Woods is a spacious children's clothing store with over 140 m2 of great brands such as Tumble 'n Dry, Bakerbridge, Scotch & Soda and Vinginio.

A household name in Arnhem's city center since 1999!

The store is provided with a new collection every month, they like personal contact and do not hesitate to advise you!

Make sure you come home with something nice! Woods, Koningstraat 16 A, 6811 DE Arnhem.

Simply ByNeel - Klarestraat 29

Ordinary children's parties

Is it a children's shop, children's workshop or children's party? No it's just byNeel!

You will find this very special place in the Beekstraat! At Simply by Neel you can go for fun workshops, children's parties, children's clothing and gadgets and you can even have your kids' hair cut!

Their motto is “We just do what we want to do” and we can fully agree with that! Just byNeel, Klarestraat 29,6811, XNUMX DP Arnhem

Zus & Zo 4 Kids and More - Marasingel 19

clothing store for children in arnhem

At Zus & Zo 4 kidsand more you can find fun, hip and affordable (brand) children's clothing.

At Zus & Zo 4 kids they offer a wide range of beautiful and high-quality second-hand children's clothing in sizes 50 to 164.

Due to the continuous flow of new input, new beautiful items pop up every week. Zus & Zo 4 Kidsand more is located at Marasingel 19,6846 DX Arnhem.

Own Style Child - Steenstraat 66

Own style child on the Steenstraat in Arnhem

Eigen Stijl Kind is a cozy store in Arnhem full of fun children's clothing and gadgets!

Eigen Stijl Kind is a super fun new children's store in Steenstraat!

In addition to a large collection of Petit Louie and By-Bar, Koeka and Danefae, they also sell original gifts and children's books!

Really recommended to have a look. Eigen Stijl Kind is located at Steenstraat 66 B, 6828 CN Arnhem.

Ready to Dance - Looierstraat 18

Dance outfits for children in arnhem

Come and choose your dance outfit at the largest and most complete dance shop in the Netherlands. The specialty store for dancers for 20 years.

From the store in Arnhem they sell dance shoes, dance clothes and dance accessories for various dance forms.

In the new, spacious and cozy store they offer: 

  • The largest and most extensive range of dance shoes and dance clothing in the Netherlands.
  • Expert measuring of pointe shoes (more than 500 pairs in stock).
  • The trusted faces of the Ready to Dance team who are ready to give you personal and professional advice.

Ready to dance is located at Looierstraat 18,6811 AX Arnhem

 Aunt Sabien - Emmastraat 26 (Velp)

Aunt Sabien in Velp children's clothing

Great second hand store. Are you looking for second-hand (brand) clothing, boots and shoes that are as good as new?

Then you should pay a visit to Tante Sabien in Velp!

Tante Sabien has more than a thousand pieces of children's clothing, including many designer clothes. A new batch is hung in the store every day.

Beautiful jackets, pants, shirts, dresses, shoes and boots that are all 100% fresh and without stains or damage! So take a quick look!

Aunt Sabien at the Emmastraat 26,6881 SV Velp

Bambolina - Molenstraat 6 (Elst)

Bambolina kids clothes in Elst

Are you looking for something completely different? Exclusive clothing and accessories for girls from 0 to 8 years old, with style!

If you are looking for something really special for your daughter, then you really should visit Bambolina in Elst!

Their collection consists of exclusive Italian, Spanish and Dutch brands such as; Monnalisa,

Kate Mack, Ladia and many more. You can also succeed here for baptism and communion outfits, party and bridesmaid dresses.

Bambolina is located at Kleine Molenstraat 6,6661 ED Elst.

America Today - Bakkerstraat 63

America Today in Arnhem

Nice basics at America Today, cool American children's clothing from size 110.

America Today in the Bakkerstraat is a hip fashion store with fun basics at normal prices.

Here they sell children's clothing from size 110/116 and nice All Stars shoes from size 30.

Here you can find shirts, sweats, jogging pants and hoodies with characteristic logos, prints and details.

Especially nice for the older kids! America Today is located at Bakkerstraat 63,6811 EK Arnhem

Van Monique - Langestraat 28 (Huissen)

Van Monique children's clothing in Huissen

Super nice children's clothing store in Huissen! At Van Monique they sell affordable and beautiful designer clothes according to the latest trends.

For the kids they have a real catwalk with disco lighting on which the boys and girls can show the clothes! That certainly makes shopping less boring! They sell

and baby clothes in sizes 50 to 74 including: BESS and Gymp.

From size 92 to 176 they sell beautiful designer clothes from: Vingino, Retour Jeans, Petrol Industries, Dress like Flo, Bomba Boys, Bomba for Girls, Tumble 'n Dry, Moscow, Claesen's, Bleu Pepper etc.

Van Monique is located at Langestraat 28,6851 AR Huissen

LOT's - Raapopseweg 76

lots of rapopseweg arnhem

In addition to second-hand clothing, LOT'S sells designer clothing from top brands, such as Diesel, Replay, McGregor, Tommy Hilfiger, River Woods, Mexx, Indian Rose, Timberland, and Esprit.

This is just a small selection from the wide range. And the nice thing is, everything costs only a fraction of the new price you pay in the city!

LOT's is located at Raapopseweg 76,6824 DT Arnhem.

NIK & NIK - Ketelstraat 24

NIK & NIK Ketelstraat Arnhem

Fashion label NIK & NIK has a cool store in the Ketelstraat, with a complete boys and girls line!

With the NIK & NIK collection, kids can make endless combinations to create different looks.

Classics and basics, combined with bold statements and an edgy touch. Jeans with a cool sweater at school or with a neat blazer for festive occasions.

A collection with a wink! Great that the store can now also be found in Arnhem! NIK & NIK is located at Ketelstraat 24,6811CX Arnhem.

Jamie's Children's Clothing - Willemsstraat 33 (Elst)

Jamies children's clothing in Elst

Jamie`s Elst sells children's clothing from size 68 to 176.

You can go here for various brands such as: Retour - Geisha - Lofff - Love Station - Cars - Jubel - Sturdy - Dutch Dream Denim - B-Nosy - Le Chic - Moodstreet - Nono - NinniV and more!

In addition to clothing, shoes and accessories, you can also find underwear and pajamas here. Jamie's Children's Clothing is located at Willemsstraat 33,6662 DJ Elst

[closed] Lux for Kids - Kortestraat 3

Lux for kids on the kortestraat arnhem

Lux forkids offers a beautiful collection of baby clothing and accessories from 0 - 2 years!

Here you will find super cool clothes from the brands Phil & Phae, Maedfor mini, Sleepyhead, Mockies, Sofie Schnoor and more!

LUX FOR KIDS is located at Kortestraat 3,6811 EN Arnhem

[closed] Hipsz Factory - Weverstraat 33 A

hipsz factory in arnhem

HipszFactory is a cheerful store with a large collection. There is something for every taste, whether it has to be cool, sweet, exuberant or hip!

They have well-known brands such as; Bengh per Principesse, American Outfitters, Moscow, IKKS, Bellerose, Reset, Claesen's, B [email protected], Brian & Nephew and Jake Fisher.

But you can not only go there for clothes and shoes from various well-known brands, but also accessories such as children's jewelry, socks and bags.

This is how you complete your outfit! HipszFactory is located at Weverstraat 33 A 6811 EM Arnhem

The easiest way to get to Arnhem for shopping

Kronenburg is located on the outskirts of Arnhem along the A325 and N325. Both roads are important access roads to Arnhem.

The shopping center is easily and quickly accessible by car due to the combination of location and (fast) roads.

Free parking spaces are available for the car at the shopping center. Kronenburg is easily accessible by public transport.

The shopping center is located a short distance from the GelreDome stadium and the Rijnhal. Happy Shopping!

Also nice nearby:

Children's clothing stores in Velp | the 7 best shops

In Velp you can go shopping. There is a friendly atmosphere and there are a striking number of specialty shops.

For a snack in between you can go to the bakery or one of the nice terraces.

When you are on the way to buy children's clothing in Arnhem, then Velp is a short detour to grab a few nice children's clothing stores.

Children's clothing stores on the map of Velp


Followmi children's clothing stores in Velp
Followmi has been a beautiful children's clothing store in Velp since 2017. Here you will find the best children's clothing in all sizes for boys and girls.
Finding and buying nice children's clothing can sometimes be quite a challenge and they understand that at Followmi.

Parents can enjoy a cup of coffee at Followmi while the children are keep busy in the play corner.

You can then view the extensive collection of children's clothing in a calm manner.

You will find an extensive range of clothing from different brands such as: Bampidano, B'Chill, B.nosy, Cats and Dogs, crush denim, D-rak, Dutch Dream Denim, Frankie and Liberty, Mr and Mrs Woods, Nik & Nik, O'Chill, Quapic, Return, Tygo & Vito, Z8, 3Pommes and - B-karo children's clothing.

The boys 'and girls' clothing can be found in sizes 86/92 to 176.

At Followmi, good service and personal contact are always highly regarded and customers like to come back more often.

Followmi's opening hours are: Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 AM to 17.00:XNUMX PM. The shop is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Followmi: Main Street 51, 6881 TC Velp

Ollie Children's clothing

Ollie Children's clothing children's clothing stores in Velp
Ollie children's clothing store has been a household name in Velp and the surrounding area for over 22 years.
Ollie's aim is always to sell high-quality and very affordable baby and children's clothing.

At Ollie they have several top brands. They have Feetje, for example, who makes very affordable baby and children's clothing.

Of course you will find soft colors such as soft pink and light blue in the collection of Feetje, but also more the bright colors that are in fashion at that time.

The Feetje collection is available in sizes: 44 to 86. This means you can also find nice clothes for premature babies.

At Ollie Children's Clothing you will find clothes in which the kids can play, but also take them to a party.

The clothes are cheerful and of good quality. You will find boys and girls clothing in sizes 92 to 128.

Ollie's opening hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10.00am to 17.30:10.00 pm, and Saturday, 17.00am to XNUMXpm.

The shop is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Ollie Children's clothing: Oranjestraat 14, 6881 SE Velp

Tante Sabien second-hand children's clothing

Tante Sabien second-hand children's clothing children's clothing stores in Velp
At Tante Sabien in Velp you can find quality second-hand clothing.
You will find the best brands and every day the collection is supplemented with 'new' clothing.

Tante Sabien has freshly washed clothes from very trendy brands that you can easily pay with iDeal. You will find all kinds of children's clothing for all ages.

All clothing is carefully selected and also meets the latest fashion trends.

Because it concerns second-hand children's clothing, there will only be 1 copy of certain items.

This way you know for sure that your child will look hip and unique!

And it is also nice that you have the option to return clothes yourself and get a discount on your purchase.

Tante Sabien second-hand children's clothing: Emmastraat 26, 6881 SV Velp

Sifra Fashion

Sifra Mode children's clothing stores in Velp
Sifra Mode is a cozy store where you can find the best children's clothing for boys and girls in different sizes.
The staff is also very friendly and helpful.
They know exactly what they are talking about and will advise and assist you in choosing the fun clothes for the children.

Many customers find it a pleasant outing when they step into Sifra. The clothes are of good quality and are also affordable.

You will find very nice children's jackets, children's trousers and jeans clothing.

Dresses from Smashed Lemon and K-Design and the nice brand Name It.

Also look out for the fantastic pants from Red Button and Cross, fresh tops from NED, Brandtex, Be Young, Enjoy and even more trusted Sifra brands.

Sifra Fashion: Main Street 206, 6881 TN Velp


Zeeman children's clothing stores in Velp
Zeeman offers clothing for the whole family. Especially for children you will find an extensive collection of children's clothing.
Very nice and cool and according to the latest fashion. And especially nice and cheap.

Children are busy all day and so they love clothing that feels good and has a good fit.

De Zeeman's clothes are of very good quality and last a very long time. Even after the many washes, the clothes still look very good.

At De Zeeman you will find colorful shirts, dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, blouses and baby clothing in various colors, patterns and prints.

There is something to be found at De Zeeman for every child with their own taste. Also look out for the well-fitting underwear and sleepwear.

Zeeman: Hoofdstraat 63, 6881 TC Velp


Scapino children's clothing stores in Velp
At Scapino you will find cheerful children's clothing in trendy colors and with fun prints.
The cute girls' dresses can be combined well with comfortable and colorful leggings.

Also look out for the very nice and cool children's sweaters in different fresh colors and of course the extensive range of good quality children's shoes.

Scapino makes every effort to always have a nice range of affordable and trendy children's clothing in stock.

Children's cardigans for girls with a floral print or a cool children's cardigan for boys with an emblem or a print.

Scapino certainly has affordable clothing in all shapes and sizes.

Scapino: Den Heuvel 4, 6881 VE Velp


HEMA children's clothing stores in Velp
At HEMA you will find beautiful girls and boys clothing of very good quality.
In addition to the solidity of the HEMA clothing, it is also affordable. The latest fashion is also closely followed in children's clothing.

This means that HEMA is always a good idea to stop by if you are looking for nice children's clothing.

HEMA clothing is comfortable and lasts a long time. And if your little one does grow out of her clothes, you will always find nice new clothes in a suitable size at HEMA.

At HEMA you will find clothes for girls and boys from size 86/92 to 158/164.

The clothing is made from fine fabrics, such as organic cotton and elastane. This ensures that it breathes and stretches.

This way your child will not only look nice, but you can also be sure that she feels comfortable in her clothes.

You will find suitable children's clothing at HEMA for every time of the year and in every style.

This makes it easy to make very nice sets with it.

For example, combine a cool cardigan with sturdy jeans or a sweet skirt with a nice t-shirt with print.

HEMA: Overtuin 3, 6881 TT Velp

Accessibility Velp

Bus and train

You can easily reach the center of Velp by bus or train. Velp train station is within walking distance of most of the great children's clothing stores.

Bus lines 1, 8 and 26 run from Arnhem via Velp to the region and vice versa.


Parking is largely free with the blue parking card. There is a P + R parking facility at Velp station. You can park here for free.

The car park manager is Q-park. There are 76 parking spaces available.

We have tried to give the best and complete possible picture of children's clothing stores in Velp, but cannot guarantee that we have not overlooked anything.

8 Children's clothing stores in Elst | These are the shops to visit

Elst is a place that has been inhabited for thousands of years. The foundations of Elst are literally on Roman remains.

The history of the area is reflected in Elst and that makes the experience when you go shopping in Elst very special.

The city exudes a historic atmosphere and if you combine this with nice shops and specialty shops, you know that Elst is a perfect place for a day of shopping, with completely different children's clothing stores like Arnhem.

In the center are also several nice catering establishments, where you can relax after a day of shopping.

Below we list a list of children's clothing stores in Elst.

Children's clothing stores on the map of Elst:

Bab's Store

Babs Store is now a household name in Elst and that is understandable when you see how long this store has been on the streets.
In a very nice building, which is easily accessible by car and has plenty of parking spaces in front of the door, Babs Store has been working on the road for 21 years now.
And the saleswomen's enthusiasm has not diminished in all that time.
The coffee is ready in this store… drop by for advice on the collection or browse for yourself if you prefer.

Babs Store sells designer clothing from size 104 to size 176. You will find the brands: 10Days, Little 10Days, Scotch & Soda, AO76, Vingino, Return jeans, NikNik, (miss) Ruby Tuesday and much more.

Babs Store you can visit the Dorpsstraat 77, 6661 EH Elst.

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Jamie's fashion & more

Another children's clothing store with a good and long reputation in Elst is Jamie's fashion & more.
Here they have been selling the nicest and hippest children's clothing for boys and girls for ten years.
And in addition to children's clothing, beautiful accessories for the little ones are also sold.

Collections are selected on style and quality and an extensive range of well-known and trendy brands from size 62 to 176 is offered.

Look forward to the brands: B.Nosy, Indian Bluejeans, Cars, Tygo & Vito, Tumble 'n Dry, Geisha, Moodstreet, Nono, Nobell, Bellaire, Le Chic, Street Called, Madison, 12 Monkeys, Legends22, LoveStation22, LoFff, Skurk, DJDUTCHJEANS, LCEE, Seagull, Kidz Art and so much more.

Jamie's fashion & more you can visit the Kleine Molenstraat 6B, 6661 ED Elst.

cock fur

Kakelbont, a fun and colorful shop, is a place where you as a parent can really shop at your leisure, with or without your son or daughter with you.
Because there's a fun one for the kids play corner where they can have some fun.
You can choose your favorite items while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. An ideal setup.

This children's clothing store sells children's clothing from size 50 and the collection runs up to size 152.

Brands are sold that have a good reputation and the clothing at Kakelbont is trendy, of good quality and has that little bit extra that many people are looking for.

Think of brands such as Quapic, Juliette, Topitm, Melissa & Doug, Molo and many more. You can also go here for nice accessories and gifts.

Pay Kakelbont a visit to the Willemsstraat 16, 6662 DK Elst.

With Mice

Met Muisjes is a concept store and already offers children's clothing from size 44.
The clothing collection runs up to size 116 and offers parents plenty of choice in beautiful items for the little ones among us.

Met Muisjes sells beautiful and popular brands, which are known for the use of good and soft materials, such as A Little Lovely Company, Ardo, Babybanz, Converse, Doona, Done by deer, Bess, Dooky, Feetje, Ewers, Gymp, Franck & Fischer, Happy Horse, Jollein, Igor, Jubel, Imps & Elfs, Kids Concept, Levi's, Lucky no 7, Lassig, Koko Noko, Lodger, Mockies, Multi-mam, Nop, noppies home, Tumble 'n dry and much more.

You can order a very nice maternity gift at Met Muisjes, namely birth rompers from By MM (the own brand of Met Muisjes) and have the name or birth details of the child put on those onesies.

Is your budget a bit wider? Then a design ball pit a very original gift!

With Muisjes you will find the Kleine Molenstraat 4A, 6661 ED Elst.

As with many cities in the Netherlands, you will also find (inter) national fashion chains in Elst. Below we list most of these with a short description.


At Hema you will find an extensive collection of girls and boys clothing.

Qualitative, comfortable and super fun clothing that is specifically designed and made for Hema.

The latest fashion trends are taken into account when designing the clothing.

Hema has noticed that there is a growing demand for tougher girls' clothing. That is why more variation is added to the collection.

Lovers of girly clothes need not despair, because fun and cute dresses will remain part of the collection.

However, tougher girls' clothing will be added to the collection. For Hema it is important that children choose who they are.

From tough lady to sweet boy or from prince to princess.

Children's clothing is available at Hema up to size 176.

hema: Dorpsstraat 45, 6661 EG Elst.


The big advantage of Scapino's extensive range is that you always come across nice new children's clothing.

Both the collection of boys 'and girls' clothes are continuously supplemented with new fun and trendy items.

You will find pants and jackets, but also sportswear, for example. They have affordable clothing for children from size 98 to size 176.

And affordable is important with children who are growing like crazy.

Well-known brands at Scapino are Ai-girl or Oiboi. These collections are so extensive that you will have trouble making the right choice.

For the tough guys and girls who like to be outside, there is the Mountain Peak brand.

Scapino: Dillenburg 10, 6661 EE Elst. And they sit too with children's clothing stores in nearby Nijmegen.

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Shoeby City Gate in Ede
At Shoeby there is an extensive selection of children's clothing from the brands Jill and Mitch.
The girl brand Jill makes a young diva feel very special. Girls' clothing runs from size 92 to size 170.

For boys there is the Mitch brand for the curious and inquisitive little man.

Your tough kid loves sports, playing outside with friends, and exploring with his friends.

For him you will find T-shirts and blouses with a nice text print, a cool photo print, in denim or with checks at Shoeby.

Boys' clothing is offered from size 92 to size 176.

A unique range and wide choice of fun children's clothing makes Shoeby a must to visit when you are in the shopping mood.

shoeby: Dorpsstraat 23, 6661 EE Elst.


Zeeman offers affordable clothing, we already knew that.

But that this store also sells practical and fun clothing of good quality is perhaps not known to everyone.

There are rompers and soft jogging pants for the little ones from size 50 and for the slightly older children you can make fun combinations with the clothes in the collection that runs up to and including size 164.

The collection is renewed every season. In Elst you can also pop into Zeeman's search for fun, comfortable and competitively priced children's clothing!

Sailor: Dorpsstraat 2, 6661 EK Elst.

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Our location and how to get there

  • By train: Elst station is close to the center. With a ten minute walk you are already in the shopping street. In about an hour from Utrecht CS you are in Elst, with a change at Arnhem CS. Veenendaal of Ede.
  • By car: It depends a bit on the time of day and the traffic on the road, but in general you can drive to Elst from Utrecht within an hour. You drive via the A12 and A50.

Parking is free in the center of Elst; do not forget to place your blue card visible behind your windshield! Do you want to stay in the center of Elst for more than two hours?

Then park your car for free on 'het land van Tap', here your car can remain parked for longer than two hours without a parking ticket so that you can walk through the center to shop or enjoy the catering offer in Elst!

The center of Elst is not too big and you can visit the children's clothing stores on foot.

We have tried to give the best possible overview of the children's clothing stores in Elst, but cannot guarantee that we have not overlooked anything.

Also nice on the way:

A trip to Doetinchem? Also visit these 13 children's clothing stores

Do you love to shop? Then think about shopping in Doetinchem.

Here you will find not only shops of big names, but also smaller specialty shops and nice boutiques.

Doetinchem calls itself the hotspot of the Achterhoek. The Catherine Church is the shining center of the city.

Around it are nice streets that you dive into in search of beautiful children's clothing.

The city also organizes fun events that follow the seasons.

At the time of writing, the center of Doetinchem, for example, has been completely brought into Christmas atmosphere and it is now even more fun to dive into the city and a nice trip from Arnhem of Nijmegen.

There are shopping Sundays every last Sunday of the month and in Doetinchem always have a theme, around which various street experiences are organized.

Extra special and so you can make a day of shopping an experience!

Children's clothing stores on the map of Doetinchem:

13 best children's clothing stores in Doetinchem


A great place to open this list is children's clothing store Bold Kids Store, in the heart of the city of Doetinchem.

This store offers children's clothing from size 50 to size 176. The collection consists of designer clothing and you will find clothing from the higher segment here.

 Its brands include BOOF, Calvin Klein, CarlijnQ, Circle of Trust, DKNY, Havaianas, Imotionals, Jacky Luxury and Little 10 Days.

The store is beautiful and spacious and you can walk around to your heart's content and view beautiful clothes for your son or daughter.

Or you can call in the help of the enthusiastic staff who are always ready with appropriate and professional advice.

The store is active on social media and lets its customers know which days special events are being organized, for example.

There are VIP evenings, for an evening of shopping with bubbles… who wouldn't want that ?!

It is therefore worthwhile to walk into Bold Kids Store on the Korte Heezenstraat 12, 7001 BN Doetinchem.


On the edge of the old center of Doetinchem is a very nice children's clothing and children's shoe store, Ellis.

The enthusiastic owner does everything she can to offer her customers a wide selection of fashionable clothes and shoes.

And that works well. Ellis is a popular store in the city, and for good reason.

The collection changes with the seasons and the store has a number of good brands in the range: Hip, Shoesme, Shabbies, Calvin Klein, Braqueez, Vingino, Pinoccio, Kipling, Havaianas, Bergstein, Returns , Tumble 'N Dry and Quapic just to name a few.

So are you looking for beautiful designer clothes, trendy accessories and attractive shoes?

Then step into Ellis shoe and children's fashion at the Korte Kapoeniestraat 102, 7001 CB Doetinchem.

Hip & Stip

Hip & Stip is a super cozy shop in Doetinchem. They provide a great service and it is always fun to visit the store.

You will find very nice and beautiful brands and beautiful things for your children.

And if you are picking out clothes, your son or daughter can take a seat in the barber's chair and get a new haircut. Ideal!

The store is very cozy and pleasant. The owners, who really have opened this business with passion, will make sure that you have a good time.

You always get good advice. Many customers therefore indicate that they would like to come back to the store.

Children's clothing can be found from size 50 to size 164 from brands such as Baker Bridge, Feet, Oilily, Vingino, Tumble 'N Dry, Z8, Sweet! and Koeka.

In addition to children's clothing, you will also find nice accessories and gifts in this store.

Hip & Stip you can visit the Raadhuisstraat 21, 7001 EW Doetinchem.

Tough & Hip

In the south-east of the city, outside the old city center, there is a children's clothing store that should not be missed and if you travel to Doetinchem by car it is certainly worth making a stop before or after you visit it. center of Doetinchem.

The owner, from her background in fashion and her experience as a mother, has been able to create a fantastic children's clothing store with clothing that is affordable and fashionable.

The clothing is sold from size 50 to 176 and is from various brands: Bambam, Bampidano, B.Nosy, Dutch Dream Denim, Feetje, Happy Horse, Ipanema, Jubel, Little Indians, Noeser and Sturdy.

In addition to clothing, you will also find shoes and various other accessories to complete the look of your son or daughter.

Or you can go here for nice (maternity) gifts!

Stoer & Hip is located on the BT, Dennenweg 34, 7004 EL Doetinchem.

As in almost all cities in the Netherlands, the (inter) national fashion chains are also represented in Doetinchem.

Below you will find a brief description of many of these stores.

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At C&A, the individual wishes and needs of the customers always come first.

With a wide range of fashion for children at fantastic prices, C&A is thrilled to inspire its customers.

The collection has a modern cut, trendy colors and unique designs.

And because the fashion industry is constantly changing and new fashion trends are constantly evolving, C&A offers changing collections with the season's most sought-after garments.

You will find many different types of clothing, from sporty to chic, from underwear to jackets and shoes. Actually, you can get a full look here.

Baby sizes start at size 50 and continue up to size 92. Children's clothing starts from size 92 and runs up to size 182.

C&A is located on the Hamburgerstraat 58, 7001 AL Doetinchem.

Cool Cat

CoolCat offers fun and cool clothes for boys and girls of good quality that are nice and comfortable.

You can go here for a trendy outfit for a very affordable price.

 The latest fashion is followed closely and is of course incorporated into the own collection.

This way you are assured that your son or daughter will always look hip and trendy.

CoolCat has the right clothing collection for every season and the collection starts with size 110/116 and runs up to size 170/176.

CoolCat is also located in the center of Doetinchem: Hamburgerstraat 44-46, 7001 AK Doetinchem.

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Are you going shopping in Doetinchem? Then it is a nice idea to visit H&M.

H&M is all about teamwork and they are passionate about creating trends, colors, prints and materials.

Inspiration is obtained by studying other artists and designers, by traveling and meeting people from other cultures.

New trends, new colors, materials and prints are invented.

At H&M you can find the cutest clothes for your baby, toddlers and teenagers from size 50 to 170.

And thanks to the wide range of styles and materials, you can almost be sure that they have a suitable item for every taste.

Accessories are also plentiful and so you can actually achieve an entire look at H&M.

H&M you can visit the Catharinastraat 3, 7001 BZ Doetinchem.


At Hema you will find an extensive collection of girls and boys clothing.

Qualitative, comfortable and super fun clothing that is specifically designed and made for Hema.

The latest fashion trends are taken into account when designing the clothing.

The collections for children offer a huge choice and color combinations.

The clothing is beautiful and comfortable. At Hema you will find beautiful clothing for affordable prices, but made of good materials. Children's clothing is available at Hema up to size 176.

hema: Hamburgerstraat 23, 7001 AH Doetinchem.

Jeans Center

Jeans Center has been around for almost 42 years. In those 42 years, the store has grown into a business with nearly 100 stores and a webshop.

Their ambition is to make good quality jeans and contemporary fashion accessible for a good price.

At Jeans Center you will find a wide choice of kids & teens fashion. From the hip Garcia to the cool Cars: there is something for everyone!

The boys & girls collection runs from size 104 to size 170.

Jeans Center in Doetinchem can be found at the Hamburgerstraat 1-3, 7001 AH Doetinchem.


You are pregnant. Congratulations! Time to purchase the most beautiful packages for your little one! There are clothes in striking colors and cute designs.

In the shop you will find garments from the brands Tumble 'n dry, noppies and Babyface.

The store is a household name in the Netherlands and offers, in addition to children's clothing, also maternity clothing and all kinds of other products that you need when there is a little one in your life.

The clothes are of course made of quality fabrics, which are soft and comfortable to the touch and that will not tear or break easily.

 The clothes can be found in sizes 56 to 104.

Prénatal can be found at the Boliestraat 27, 7001 BB Doetinchem.


Tuunte has recently been taken over by Jola Mode and so many of the brand values ​​of this parent company have been adopted.

In short, you can say that it offers affordable fashion for the whole family, including the children.

There are a number of in-house brands such as, Just Small and Bakkaboe for babies.

The bigger girls can let off steam in the Persival and D-zine brands and the boys feel tough in Unlocked or Ravagio.

Children's clothing is offered from size 62 to size 176.

Tuunte can be visited at the Waterstraat 9, 7001 BG Doetinchem.

WE Fashion

WE Fashion offers children's clothing from size 92, but some items from size 98/104.

In any case, the collections are hip, are comfortable, are of good quality and have a competitive price.

You can go here for clothing for various occasions. Sportswear, sweaters, cardigans or blazers, glitter skirts, leggings or cardigans, you will find it all here.

And because WE also sell accessories, you can find a nice and complete outfit together.

We Fashion you visit the Hamburgerstraat 13 -15, 7001 AH Doetinchem.


Zeeman also offers affordable clothing, we already knew that.

But that this store also sells practical and fun clothing of good quality is perhaps not known to everyone.

There are rompers and soft sweatpants for the little ones and for the older children you can make fun combinations with the clothes in the collection.

The collection is renewed every season.

You can also pop into Zeeman in Doetinchem to find fun and comfortable and competitively priced children's clothing!

Zeeman is on the Hamburgerstraat 47, 7001 AH Doetinchem.

Our location and how to get there

  • In the train: in about 1 hour and 45 minutes you can reach Doetinchem station from Utrecht CS with two trains or a train and bus. Once at Doetinchem station, it is about 1 km from the center and you can walk up or you choose to take a bus.
  • By car: in about an hour and a half from Utrecht you drive via the A12 to Doetinchem. Once there, parking is possible in one of the more than 3.000 paid parking spaces. A day ticket costs only € 4 and is therefore affordable if you go shopping for a day.

Once you are in the center, you can easily walk from one store to the other as the shops are so close to each other - outside of the children's clothing store Stoer & Hip, which is a bit outside the center.

For more details, see the card at the top of this article.

We have tried to give the best and complete possible picture of children's clothing stores in Doetinchem, but cannot guarantee that we have not overlooked anything.

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