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Shop at these 11 great children's clothing stores in Deventer

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Deventer, a nice city to go to with the whole family.

And if you then soak up the culture, or visit a museum, do some of these nice children's clothing stores.

We have put them on the map for you, and below that some more information about the shops.

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These are the children's clothing stores on the map of Deventer:

The 11 best children's clothing stores in Deventer

MOOS Kids - Houtmarkt 18

Moos kids deventer

MOOS is the baby and kids store in Deventer. Voted favorite store of Deventer in 2015 and we are very proud of that!

And since July 2018, Moos has been part of Holy Cow Netherlands, but with the same service and offer.

We therefore offer a wide range of baby and toddler clothing from trendy brands such as Tumble N Dry, Noppies, Name IT, Kiestone, FLO, Levi's, babyface.

For children's clothing you have also come to the right place: Name It, Return, Tumble N Dry, Levi's, Indian Blue Jeans, Molo, FLO, Quapi, Kiestone, noppies, LOOXS, babyface can be found in our range.

The kids will quickly feel at home in our trendy store. We love babies, and we love having fun with the older children.

Do you not live in Deventer and do you think it is important to get advice?

Do not hesitate to contact us! MOOS Kids is located at Houtmarkt 18, 7411 CG Deventer.

Cool Jay - Flora73

Cool Jay children's clothing deventer

The versatile range of children's and baby clothing and especially the personal attention and service are of paramount importance and make a visit to our store definitely worthwhile.

In short, plenty of reasons to look for clothes in our store or on our webshop!

With a mix of trendy, affordable quality brands from the middle segment, they offer you a wide range up to size 176.

New items from every week Name IT and Lmtd! But of course there is also Cars and Z8 of Vingino to admire something new every week.

The Cool Jay collection is structured in such a way that it is supplemented and / or renewed every week. Your visit will never be in vain.

There is always something new to admire! By the way, Cool Jay does not only sell baby clothes and children's clothes, but also nice maternity gifts.

We hope to see you in the best children's clothing store in Deventer! Cool Jay is located at Flora 73, 7422 LR Deventer.

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De Amaranth - Nieuwstraat 81

The Amaranth - kids fashion deventer

De Amaranth is a shop with organic and ecological fair trade clothing in Deventer. A wonderful shop with stylish quality clothing and fair fashion.

Responsible and surprising. Genuine and honest. Different and portable. Heart warming. Only a small part of the collection can be seen on the website.

For more information you can always call or email. And of course you are always very welcome in the store!

With us you will find for the kids: Wild Wawa offers sustainable and responsibly produced alpaca clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers.

No disposable textiles, but honest, timeless and high-quality customization. Cosilana is the chosen supplier for the wool silk underwear for women, babies and children.

Their products have an excellent fit that suits the Netherlands. Recently they have the wool-silk underwear for babies and children in 4 cheerful colors.

In addition to wool-silk underwear, they can also supply underwear made of 100% organic wool or 100% organic cotton.

The products are made in Germany. Pololo makes the vegetable tanned “learn to walk” slippers.

These slippers have a non-slip sole, which gives the child grip and prevents it from slipping. The slippers are super supple and not easy for the child to take off.

They tan their leather with vegetable tannins and dye the slippers with vegetable dyes.

The slippers are made in Berlin. Grodo makes handy socks and tights for babies with the Demeter quality mark.

The Amaranth is located at Nieuwstraat 81, 7411 LK Deventer.

Shoeby - Houtmarkt 14

shoeby deventer

Shoeby distinguishes itself mainly through extreme attention to the customer and an astonishing amount of service. This is how we want to make every customer a true fan.

Whether in-store, online or outside, we always go the extra mile!

We have women's and men's clothing from our inspiring and contemporary brands such as Eksept and Refill. And for the children we have our own labels Jill and Mitch.

For girls: Trends. A trend, what exactly is that? A trend is a fad that moves in a certain direction for an extended period of time.

For example, skinny jeans used to be a very hip, while now you see more and more flared jeans coming back. Whether your daughter is in a fad is her own choice.

It may be that your daughter doesn't like the pleated skirts at all and would much rather wear a fancy denim skirt.

While the rest of her friends can't have enough pleated skirts.

Always different fashion phenomena. Fads persist throughout the year. One trend stays longer than the other.

In this category the trends within the Shoeby collection are highlighted.

The girls' collection is examined and the different fashion phenomena are given the focus.

From shiny cats to cool stars, everything is possible. Choose the favorite items of your little girl and create a fashionable look.

If you have trouble creating outfits, visit one of our personal shoppers in the Shoeby stores.

They help you put together the coolest outfits.

Keep up with the craze. Whether it is winter, summer, autumn or spring, each season has specific trends.

The fads are worn by many people for a while, after which it changes into a new hipe.

Is your daughter coming or would your daughter like to distinguish herself from the other girls?

Looking for the latest trends with accompanying items for your little girl? Then come quickly to

For boys: Whether or not your son enters a fad is up to him.

It may be that your son likes the hoodies very much, but prefers to leave the checked blouse in the store.

While the rest of his friends can't have enough blouses.

The boys' collection is examined and the different fashion phenomena are given the focus.

From street boxing to motor cross, everything is possible. Choose the favorite items of your tough man and create a fashionable look.

If you have trouble creating outfits, visit one of our personal shoppers in the Shoeby stores.

They help you put together the coolest outfits. Is your son coming along or would he like to distinguish himself from the other boys?

Looking for the latest trends with accompanying items for your little man? Then come quickly to

Are you not looking for a trend, but for basic articles? Then you are also in the right place with the boys collection from Shoeby.

Shoeby Deventer Boreel is located at Houtmarkt 14, 7411 CG Deventer and Flora 123, 7422 LS Deventer.

Prénatal - Lange Bisschopstraat 7

Prenatal Deventer

At Prénatal you will find everything you need for you and your child!

If your baby is a little older and want to go out, a buggy is really a necessity to go where you want.

Do not forget to take a look at our baby clothing and children's clothing.

In addition to our website, we welcome expectant parents and everyone involved in our department stores and in our city shops.

You get a girl! Now that you know this, you can't wait to pick out some pretty clothes for her. And, the good news is you don't have to wait.

With us you can browse around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week between all the dresses, skirts, slippers and accessories.

Prénatal has only the best for your little girl. The nicest, most beautiful, sweetest and coolest clothes for baby girls and toddler girls can be found in this section.

We have something for everyone, if you like striking colors and prints then we have that, if your style is more minimalistic and clean, you will also find this in our collection.

Tumble 'n dry dresses, noppies pants and Babyface jumpsuits, but also a wide range of girls' rompers, pajamas, socks, tights and sleeping bags.

We also have our Sweet Petit collection.

This collection is aimed at hip mothers whose baby is dressed just as well as the mum, you will find fabrics and prints that are completely in at the moment.

Before you know it, your little girl has outgrown baby sizes and is already really getting bigger.

Find the perfect girl clothes for every occasion here. A nice pair of jeans to play outside and that can take a beating.

Or a real girl's dress in which she feels like a princess. You will find a suitable item for every occasion with us.

You will have a baby boy! Choosing beautiful, cool and comfortable clothes for the little one who is on the way can certainly be seen as a highlight during pregnancy.

Prénatal has warm sweaters and cardigans, colorful pajamas and cool jeans for your little guy. It's almost impossible to choose!

Boys go through life comfortably and hip with the clothing from Prénatal. We have nice, cool jeans, sweaters, cardigans, shoes and slippers in our range.

We have selected the best brands for you so that you can come to us for the hippest and coolest boys' clothing.

We have something for everyone, if you like striking colors and prints then we have that, if your style is more minimalistic and clean, you will also find this in our collection.

We also have our Sweet Petit collection.

This collection is aimed at hip mothers whose baby is dressed just as well as the mum, you will find fabrics and prints that are completely in at the moment.

You will find the best clothes for your baby or toddler for the best price in this section. Is your little boy already starting to become a tomboy?

After all, he is no longer a small baby - but a mini-person with a mind of his own.

This of course includes appropriate clothing. He can romp around in Prénatal jeans, shirts and jackets.

All clothing is made of durable fabrics that can take a beating!

Prénatal Deventer is located at Lange Bisschopstraat 7, 7411 KG Deventer.

Wibra - Flora 251-257

The Wibra in Deventer

We strive for more and more people to include the Wibra store in their regular shopping route.

Not only because the store is pleasantly decorated, but also because the great offers from our door-to-door brochures invite you to visit.

Once inside, there are always helpful people ready for you. At Wibra you can still really shop and you always go out happy!

Based on this vision, we deploy all kinds of means - such as training, exemplary behavior and remuneration - to keep the service of our employees at a high level.

And you notice that. At Wibra, we apply clear core values ​​when dealing with our customers, but also among colleagues.

We show real respect for others, communicate clearly and have the drive and motivation to achieve personal and business goals.

We aim to do better every day and not to think in terms of problems but solutions.

And perhaps most importantly: we do not hide the pleasure we enjoy in our work. After all, a smile costs nothing.

Wibra is located at Flora 251-257, 7422 LP Deventer.

terStal Familiemode - Boxbergerweg 30

Terstal family fashion deventer

Girls: Tops and T-shirts. In the girls' clothing collection at terStal you will find the hippest tops and most beautiful T-shirts.

Whatever look you want to go for, a top or T-shirt can always be combined well. Opt for a casual look and combine a top or T-shirt with a front print with jeans and sneakers.

Or go for a more girly look and combine a top or T-shirt with a skirt and leggings with a print.

You can shop in the collection both items with long and short sleeves. Enough choice for everyone!

Tops and T-shirts cannot be ignored in your wardrobe and can be combined endlessly. Mix and match the items and create a different look every time.

The girls' tops and T-shirts are made of cotton and elastane. These materials ensure a high wearing comfort and a nice fit.

Real must-haves are the front prints and all-over prints with which the tops are embellished. Order the latest girls' tops and T-shirts quickly and easily online at

Boys: Tops and T-shirts. Tops and T-shirts in the boys' clothing collection are embellished with hip colors and trendy prints.

The range of boys' tops and T-shirts is large and there is a suitable item for everyone.

They are completely according to the latest trends and are available in various colors.

Whether you want to go for a sporty look or for a cool look, with the tops and T-shirts from terStal you can complete any outfit.

Tops and T-shirts are indispensable in your wardrobe. The collection at terStal is affordable and the latest trends can be found online.

Real must-haves for boys are the tops with a turtleneck collar and tops decorated with large front prints.

Mix and match the models with cool jeans or pants and create your own unique look. Shop online at terStal easily and quickly for boys' tops and T-shirts online.

Baby: Tops and T-shirts. The newborn collection of baby tops and T-shirts is composed of various cute and cool tops.

The large front prints are entirely according to the latest trends. Do you want to make your little man or girl look good? Then the newborn collection is perfect!

You can choose from tops with long sleeves or a T-shirt with short sleeves.

You can easily and quickly shop the most beautiful newborn clothing online at

It is of course very important that the clothes for babies are comfortable and feel nice and soft.

Most tops and T-shirts are made of cotton and elastane and therefore have a high wearing comfort, in addition, the items are provided with extra press studs for more ease when putting on.

You can shop the newborn tops and T-shirts online at terStal.

terStal is located at Boxbergerweg 30, 7412 BD Deventer.

Anna Luca Children's Clothing - Leliestraat 58

Anna Luca neat Children's clothing

Anna Luca Children's Clothing is an exclusive and very surprising children's clothing brand.

The collection is characterized by a romantic, nostalgic look, inspired by the time of Ot and Sien!

Wearability and quality are important in the collections of ANNA LUCA.

The bridal clothes and communion clothes have a festive, but also clean look, so that these children's clothes can also be worn after the bridal party or communion party.

ANNA LUCA, layers and shades of white, mixed with soft colors such as ice blue, pink, taupe and ecru, form the basis for the ANNA LUCA collections.

Natural materials and elaborate details such as lace, embroidery, roses / flowers and ribbons give the various items a rich look.

Due to the timeless appearance of the children's clothing, all items can be combined with each other.

Anna Luca Children's Clothing is located at Leliestraat 58, 7419 CW Deventer.

WENDY & KIDS Deventer - Engestraat 15-17

Wendy & kids children's clothing store

Very cool brands for teens, kids and babies. You can find Wendy & Kids in the concept store of Plek Deventer!

Plek's concept store in Deventer is a very nice place to visit anyway.

But the Wendy & Kids store-in-store makes a visit even more fun.

Wendy sells luxury, but also very cool brands such as Sproet & Sprout, CarlijnQ, Little Hedonist and Tiny Cottons.

Are you looking for a real eye-catcher, something that will make your apple of the eye look super bright?

You will definitely find this item at Wendy & Kids! WENDY & KIDS Deventer is located at Engestraat 15-17,7411, XNUMXLC Deventer.

Holy Cow Deventer - Spijkerboorsteeg 10A

Holy Cow kids clothes

Another one of those shops that makes you very greedy.

Here you will find the cutest clothes for children, but also fun stuff for the nursery (lights, posters and paint rollers). And do you want to make a good impression at school?

At Holy Cow they also have a cool collection of backpacks, lunch boxes and more. Colorful, open, cozy and diverse: that's Holy Cow!

With a lot of love and pleasure we sell everything that makes us happy: the colorful clothes from Tante Betsy and Smashed Lemon; wallets from Keecie; watches and glasses from Komono; bags from Fjallraven and all kinds of nice brands for in and around the house such as House Doctor, Rice, Miss Etoille and Studio Snowpuppe.

All this and much more can be found clearly in our webshop.

We would also like to welcome you in our physical stores in the center of Deventer and Twello, where we have even more than you will find here online.

The nice thing is that you can see and touch everything up close. That makes you happy! Holy Cow Deventer is located at Spijkerboorsteeg 10a, Deventer.

Amazingkids Children's Clothing - Lange Bisschopstraat 32

Amazingkids Deventer

On you will find many well-known and high-quality brands of children's clothing for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and (older) children.

We have a large collection of children's brand clothing, children's shoes, swimwear for children, but also the accompanying accessories.

We continue to expand the collections and the number of brands, so that there is something for everyone.

In addition, we have the regular and sale collections for every season.

All children's brand clothing that we sell comes from our own stock and we only sell children's brand clothing of top quality and well-known brands!

Children's clothing Boys: Our boys generally behave differently from girls. Boys climb trees and romp with each other all day long.

It is useful to choose boys' clothes that can take a beating.

Amazingkids has selected the best suppliers and taken into account the quality requirement that this entails.

Boys' children's clothing must meet the standards: comfortable and high quality.

The purchasers from our internal purchasing team are trained to pay attention to these core values.

They understand fabrics and know what clothes are important to boys.

In addition to practical matters, it is of course cool to be able to purchase the special collections.

We pay attention to the latest trends and on this basis cool boys' clothing collections are selected.

Brands: The suppliers of boys' clothing are happy to work with Amazingkids.

This enables us to offer the most popular brands through our webshop. You can select size, color, price or brand through the filter on the website.

If you have already become acquainted with a certain brand and have good experiences with it, you can immediately select the brand here.

But also take a look at our other brands, we have a huge choice.

Among others Name-it, Vingino, Quapi, Lucky no. 7, Petrol and Protest are big favorites and have collections to lick your fingers!

Sizes: From sweet baby to big, tough guy! The boys children's clothing sizes run from 0 to 188.

If you are unsure about the size, you can always call us to ask how the garment falls.

Our customer service can inform and advise you before you order.

Some brands are more popular than other boys kids clothing brands, but once the season is over you can shop well at discounted prices.

The discounts can be as high as 70%. You would slash yourself for letting this moment pass you by!

If you want to stay informed, sign up for the Amazingkids newsletter and don't miss a sale anymore! Order your boys children's clothing at Amazingkids.

It doesn't matter which boys' clothes you choose this season, you can be sure that your order will be delivered quickly.

In addition, you can easily return or exchange; useful if the article turns out not to be good.

At Amazingkids you can also order boys' children's clothing and have it delivered to an Amazingkids store of your choice.

You can see where the stores are located on the contact page and on the payment page.

The order will be delivered to you in the store of your choice without any obligation and without extra costs, so that you can pick up the package and pay there.

Of course you can also come and fit with your child (ren)

Kids Clothes Girls: Nothing beats shopping for your little girl! Especially with all those cheerful colors and prints!

You can go for real princesses girlish to Rihanna is cool. How is your girl? And what suits her?

At Amazingkids we are at home in all markets when it comes to girls' children's clothing.

It is certainly not a punishment for our purchasing team to see and select the new girls' clothing collections, but it is often difficult to make a choice!

There are so many girls children's clothing collections available in so many different styles and colors, it is a mecca for them too!

When making a choice, comfort and quality are always paramount, that is the basis that is assumed. If this is all right, we can choose!

Brands: Nowhere is there so much choice in girls' clothing brands as with Amazingkids. From very popular brands to the newly introduced new labels.

Via the filter on the website you can select by size, color, price or brand.

If you have already become acquainted with a certain brand and have good experiences with it, you can immediately select the brand here.

But also take a look at our other brands, we have a huge choice.

Among others Name-it, Vingino, Circle of Trust, Feetje, Nik and Nik, Geisha and Z8 are big favorites and have girls' children's clothing collections to dream of!

Sizes: From your little newborn baby girl to a tough teenager in the seventh grade, the sizes for girls children's clothing run from 0 to 176.

If you are unsure about the size, you can always call us to ask how the garment falls. Our customer service can inform and advise you before you order.

Some brands are more popular than other girls' children's clothing brands, but there are always some items left for the outlet.

Once the season is over, you can shop well at discounted prices. The discounts can be as high as 70%.

Does it always give you such a good feeling to make a good deal? Then sign up for the Amazingkids newsletter and don't miss out!

It doesn't matter which girls' clothing you choose this season, you can be sure that you will receive your order quickly.

In addition, you can easily return or exchange; useful if the article turns out not to be good. At Amazingkids you can also order girls' children's clothes and have them delivered to an Amazingkids store of your choice.

You can see where the stores are located on the contact page and on the payment page.

The order will be delivered to you in the store of your choice without any obligation and without extra costs, so that you can pick up the package and pay there.

Of course you can also come and fit with your children. Amazingkids Children's clothing is located at Lange Bisschopstraat 32, 7411 KL Deventer

Accessibility Deventer

Deventer easily accessible by train!

Deventer is very centrally located on the rail connections between Amsterdam / Rotterdam and the east of the Netherlands or Germany and on the Zwolle-Arnhem / Nijmegen line.

Deventer is therefore easily accessible by public transport, from the railway and bus station it is a 5-minute walk to the center.

Various buses also run from the station along the main facilities in the municipality.

By bus to Deventer

With the international bus company Flixbus you can travel easily and cheaply by bus to Deventer, for example from the cities of Eindhoven, Antwerp, Brussels, Hanover and Berlin.

Flixbus works with the most modern buses, in which you have a lot of legroom and a seat is guaranteed. Wi-Fi and power outlets on all buses.

By car

Deventer has an extensive range of different parking spaces and parking garages where you can park.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that certain areas have been set up for residents and companies for which payment must always be made (24/7) and parking is only possible at a daily rate (zone 6 in the Parking map of the Municipality of Deventer). Parking in the garages in the center is cheaper than on the street at a parking meter.

Electric car

In the center, you can charge your electric car at charging stations on Van Twickelostraat, Beestenmarkt (edge ​​of the center) and in the parking garages Brink, Stationsplein, Stadspoort and Centrumgarage.

You need a charging card to charge your car. You can go to various providers for the charging card.

You take out a subscription with which you pay for the charging.

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Also nice nearby:

Visit Rijssen and take these 7 fun & unique children's clothing stores with you

Perhaps you are on holiday near beautiful Rijssen, or you have only just moved and you don't know where to go.

These are the best children's clothing stores in Rijssen.

children's clothing stores on the map of Rijssen:

7 best children's clothing stores in Rijssen

Bengels and Ko - Haarstraat 15

Bengels & Co children's clothing Rijssen

Bengels & Ko has been the children's clothing store for more than 20 years with a contemporary collection and trendy brands!

Our customers buy, among other things, the latest winter jackets from Tumble 'N Dry from the Zero, Mid and Hi collection, but also the latest models of jeans from Indian blue Jeans.

Bengels en Ko in Rijssen has a wide range of the best brands in children's clothing.

We have the big and famous brands like Vingino, Retour, Mim-Pi, Tumble 'N Dry, Be a Diva, Beebielove and noppies at home.

But also newcomers like B.Nosy, Bellaire and Little Indians are purchased because we follow the fashion trends closely so that our customers enjoy them!

We sell baby and children's clothing from size 50 to 176. From baby to child to teenager, everyone can succeed at Bengels en Ko.

Every season we provide an innovative collection with a good combination of separate items and the most beautiful basics.

Baby clothes

In addition to children's clothing, Bengels en Ko also has an extensive range of baby clothing.

You will find baby clothing from Tumble ´n Dry, Babyface, noppies, Feetje and Little Indians.

From rompers to cool suits, Bengels en Ko has all the necessities for your little one.


Every season we also purchase the corresponding accessories from our brands.

For example, we have the underwear as standard Vingino in our range, but also buy scarves, belts and pajamas from Tumble ´n Dry, B. Nosy and Vingino.

Bengels en Ko is located at Haarstraat 15, 7462 AK Rijssen

More in the region: pay a visit to these Enschede shops 

Ten Hove Children's Fashion - Bouwstraat 7

Ten Hove children's fashion Rijssen

Ten Hove Kindermode is a well-known children's clothing store in the east of the Netherlands. We are located in Rijssen. You can find us at Bouwstraat 5.

We believe that quality of fun, affordable, smooth, wearable clothing is a must.

For that reason you will only find clothing from top brands, such as Kiestone, O'CHill, Quapi, LMTD, D-xel, Mayoral, S. Oliver, Name IT, Bam Bam, Dirkje, Blue Seven, Brian and Nephew and Rumbl Royal.

Follow us also on Facebook.

Ordering children's clothing online is easier than coming to the store.

Ordering children's clothing online means optimal ordering convenience, because a virtual store is always open.

No hassle to get anywhere, because you can order easily, safely and quickly from the comfort of your home. We only sell quality brands in our webshop.

Clothes from Name IT, Blue seven, S. Oliver, Dirkje and Kiezeltje are all known for their durability, quality and originality.

View our online range, we are convinced that you will find clothing that suits your personal taste and style.

In addition to Kiezeltje children's clothing, we also sell various other quality brands. Think Brian and Nephew, Blue Seven, Name It and S. Oliver.

All brands that are known for their special quality. We only sell top brands, you won't spend a fortune on attractive clothing with us.

Whether you opt for the price or the convenience of a webshop: we hope you succeed in making the perfect purchase.

If you go for super cheap, we advise you to keep an eye on the clearance. The clothing is of the same quality, but much cheaper!

And do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us: we would love to hear from you.

Ten Hove Children's Fashion is located at Bouwstraat 7, 7462 AX Rijssen

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Zus & Zo - Grotestraat 24

Zus & Zo Grotestraat Rijssen

Zus & Zo is a cozy shop where we sell nice second-hand children's and women's clothing.

We strive to always have a good range of (brand) clothing in our store that can last for another round.

Clothing is replenished almost every day, and a sniff every now and then is definitely worth it!

In addition to clothing, we also sell shoes, leggings, caps and other accessories. Also take a look at our ladies section.

We have beautiful clothing in sizes S to XL. You can also contact us for position fashion. Zus & Zus works together with its customers.

This means that we sell clothing that our customers bring in. We share the proceeds with the contributor. Look for conditions under the heading Clothing input.

See you at Zus & Zo! Zus & Zo is located at Grotestraat 24, 7461 KG Rijssen.

Little Crazy Kids - Enterstraat 1

Little crazy kids

New baby children's clothing for an affordable price, with fun accessories. welcome to our page of little crazy kids.

We are happy to be of service to you with good quality clothing at an attractive price. the prices go from 7,95 to a maximum of 49.95.

Customer-friendliness is very central to us and we try to help every customer with satisfaction.

Children have a great time, because of the larger space we now have we have a slide can realize and a table with duplo is ready for your child.

Fathers can wait while enjoying a cup of coffee. every 2 weeks there is a new addition of the zero mirano brand.

In short, enough reasons to come in every now and then to see what is there. bye!!

Little Crazy Kids is located at Enterstraat 1, 7461 CE Rijssen.

In the city it is sometimes difficult to find a specific style, read also our post about vintage & retro children's clothing.

Le Thème - Haarstraat 48

LE theme hair street

Le Thème Fashion is a fashion store with branches in Rijssen and Barneveld. We have been selling the best children's clothing for boys and girls since 1995.

Many well-known brands in the children's world - such as Tommy Hilfiger, Moscow, Retourjeans, Parajumpers, Antoni Morato, Hugo Boss, Petrol, Jottum, Geisha, Le Chic and Nik & Nik can be found in our stores.

Are you looking for nice, comfortable and trendy clothes for your son or daughter? Then come and visit one of our stores, we are happy to help you!

We cordially invite you to come and see our collection!

Online: If you place an order, it will be delivered to your home as soon as possible (often the next working day!).

Take a quick look in our webshop and order the most beautiful children's clothing quickly, safely and easily!

Le Thème is located at Haarstraat 48, 7462 AR RIJSSEN

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Shoeby - Bouwstraat 52A

Shoeby Rijssen

Kids Clothes for Girls: The first rule for kids clothes? That it is nice. After all, every girl wants to be able to play like a princess in her new clothes.

Without having to worry as a parent that your daughter will come home unintentionally. Quality comes first!

The extensive collection of girls' clothing in our online shop therefore forms the basis for a lot of fun.

Our own brand Jill - for big and small girls - alternates with other Dutch children's brands such as Tumble 'n Dry and Cakewalk.

Because that's what Shoeby is too: always close by.

If you order girls' clothing online, you can pick up your package easily and for free at a Shoeby store in the area.

And with approximately 230 branches, that is probably not far away.

Trendy girls' dresses and bomber jackets. Jill - Shoeby's own brand - is energetic, full of humor, a little sweet and yet very tough.

So whatever type your daughter is, in our online shop you will find everything you need to dress her from head to toe.

Cool tops and romantic blouses and girls' trousers for real girl-girls or tomboys. Sweaters and cardigans for summer or winter.

Coats that barely hang on the coat rack. Or which she would prefer to leave hanging there, but which is not possible because it is not possible to go outside without it.

Sweet bomber jackets that are combined with sturdy girls' jeans to romp around in. Nice dresses, because girls will be girls.

These clothes for girls are packed with crazy drawn artworks and photo prints, decorated with beads, studs and sequins.

The details provide striking collections full of humor and fashion that fit your big or small girl like a glove.

This way, your daughter will always feel special in the girls' clothing from Shoeby. Also in Leeuwarden they have nice girls' clothes

Children's clothing for boys: The boys clothing from Shoeby is intended for the tough, curious and inquisitive boy.

T-shirts, boys' shirts, sweaters and cardigans with a sporty and graphic vibe.

Our own Mitch brand - for small and big boys - alternates with other brands such as Tumble 'n Dry and Twinlife.

The latter brand is all about football, but whether your son likes to kick a ball on the field or rather climb trees: all boys' clothes in our online shop are comfortable and of a solid quality.

This ensures that your tough boy will get rid of it without accidental damage.

Play like a boss in our boy's jeans. Today's little men are full of character, just like our collection.

Rule number one is that his clothes are comfortable. Most pieces are made of a supple cotton or polyester.

Your son must of course be able to play like a boss.

Our sturdy pants and jeans are meant for endless romping and usually have an adjustable waistband, so it always fits.

Many of our T-shirts have a long fit. Not only does this look cool with a sweater over it, but it also conveniently grows with its height.

Shoeby - Rijssen is located at Bouwstraat 52A, 7462 AZ Rijssen.

Scapino - Hogepad 1

Scapino Rijssen

Scapino has grown into the largest supplier of shoes, fashion, sports and leisure products. You can find our stores throughout the Netherlands.

At Scapino, trends in the field of shoes and clothing are closely followed. This means that the items in the range are according to the latest fashion.

And always with a discount in euros! Of course you will also find our extensive collection on You can shop easily, quickly and when it suits you best.

7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium! In addition to exclusive weekly deals, you also benefit from high discounts in the online outlet!

Children's shoes and children's clothing: good and cheap

You want good children's shoes and children's clothing for your children. But it has to remain affordable, because they grow out quickly and sometimes something breaks.

That is why the range of is ideal.

Whether it concerns children's accessories, shoes or clothing, we always have good and inexpensive products in stock for you.

Children's clothing from Ai-girl or Oiboi

You will be positively surprised by the versatility of our range of children's clothing.

Thanks to brands such as Ai-girl and Oiboi, there is a lot to choose from in this area. Trendy, affordable and for all seasons.

In our webshop you choose your ideal children's clothing for a good price.

Mountain Peak: robust for children

Fleece jackets, rain suits, thermal socks, ski clothing, hiking boots, backpacks: the Mountain Peak brand has been specially developed for the more robust products in our range.

Also specifically for children. Choose top quality for a competitive price with this cool brand.

Scapino is located at Hogepad 1, 7462 TA Rijssen.

How do you reach the Rijssen shopping center?

Rijssen-Holten, located in both Salland and Twente, is the ideal base to discover the best of both regions.

The combination of the beautiful location and the good accessibility make Rijssen-Holten, with the Holterberg, literally a top location in the region.

The closest stations to De Hoge Wal shopping center are:

Rijssen, Oude Veemarkt is 544 meters away, 8 min walk.

Rijssen, Molenstalweg is 549 meters away, 8 min walk.

Rijssen, Station is 623 meters away, 9 min walk.

Rijssen is 639 meters away, a 9-minute walk. Rijssen, Vermeerstraat is 840 meters away, 12 min walk


Holten and Rijssen offer plenty of options for both long-term and short-term parking. Do you want to visit shops and restaurants in the village center of Holten?

Do you want to park close to the Holterberg for recreation? Park free of charge for a whole day at the green transferium or at P + N Dorp next to the railway station.

Located at the foot of the Holterberg and a 2-minute walk from the center. For a short (er) visit to the Holterberg, you can park at P + N Berg.

Parking in Holten is free, some locations have a blue zone (don't forget your parking disc).

There are several parking spaces around De Sallandse Heuvelrug where you can enter nature directly from the car.

Rijssen has various parking garages and parking spaces in and around the center. There are a number of blue zones (don't forget your parking disc).

Parking is free for the first hour and a half in the parking garage under De Hoge Wal, then paid parking.

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Also nice on the road:

10 Children's clothing stores in Nijverdal that you should visit

In Nijverdal you can really indulge yourself if you are looking for fun and original children's clothing.

This nice town is known for the varied shops that you will find there and the nice compact center makes everything easily accessible.

You can enjoy the nice local boutiques but also the well-known big names such as Shoeby, terStal and HEMA.

You can find very nice clothes during a day of shopping with and for the whole family.

Children's clothing stores on the map of Nijverdal:


Are you looking for a nice and cozy store full of fun, crazy and unique items for babies and children? That's Kikke!
At Kikke you will find the nicest children's clothing, the most beautiful furniture, the finest bedding and that one creative wallpaper.

But they have more. You have also come to the right place for a special maternity gift, a trendy outfit, surprising accessories and beautiful toys.

At Kikke you will find the best children's clothing brands. For example Bboom, with their wonderfully soft baby outfits, leggings and sweaters.

Or Trixie, and Trixie Baby, known for good quality rompers with a nice print. Or Koeka, with the sweet hats.

At Kikke they have everything from pants, shirts, jackets, slippers and sweaters to sweaters, cardigans, leggings, backpacks, pajamas, dresses, hats and caps.

Everything in different shapes and sizes, the sizes run from newborn to 92.

The shop is just outside the center on the other side of the track, but really worth the small detour.

Kikke: De Joncheerelaan 54, 7441 HH Nijverdal

LILY Fashion

LILY Fashion opened its doors in 2017 and you notice that they really have a love and passion for children's clothing.

You will really come across the nicest clothes for your boy or girl such as t-shirts, blouses, vests, jackets, shirts, shorts and long pants.

You can also find nice accessories, underwear and shoes.

Some well-known and good brands that are sold include CarlijnQ, Z8, Scotch & Soda, LOAVIES, LA sisters and Colorful Rebel.

They even carry their own brand by LILY, with really nice kids leggings.

The clothes you find at LILY are always of very good quality and will last a very long time.

Many customers keep coming back because they think it's a super fun store and are happy with the treatment they receive from the different store employees.

LILY Fashion: Keizerserf 11, 7442 MG Nijverdal


In Nijverdal it is certainly worthwhile to visit Woods Kinderkleding.
They have been around since 2005 and have several branches in the east of the Netherlands and even a webshop.

In Nijverdal you have the largest branch where you can choose from countless fun, hip and cool children's clothing for boys and girls.

You will find an extensive range of different well-known brands.

At Woods they always select the range of children's clothing for excellent quality and offer a cool, fashionable, contemporary and wide range.

And all that at competitive prices.

And when choosing the right children's clothing, you will also receive friendly help from the shop staff.

They are always ready to serve you at all times, especially if you are in the store with small children.

At Woods you will find nice suits, dresses, blouses, sweaters and shirts in different colors and sizes.

You can easily combine this with the beautiful and cool long trousers.

Some brands you will encounter at Woods include: Antony Morato, B.Nosy, Bellaire, Bellerose, Cars, Feetje and many others.

Woods: Keizerserf 32B, 7442 MN Nijverdal

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At Bristol you can find fun and inexpensive fashion for all the family.
There is a wide range of boys and girls clothing in different colors and sizes.

Look out for the hip skirts, fun shirts and timeless jeans that complete an outfit.

You have cool shirts with funny prints, cute skirts, elegant dresses, trendy pants, warm jackets, blazers in bright colors, sporty sweaters and sweaters.

With Bristol clothing, countless combinations are possible, so that you can often create completely new looks for any occasion.

And thanks to the friendly prices, you will soon succeed for the whole family.

Bristol: Keizerserf 7, 7442 MG Nijverdal


The HEMA is always a good idea when you are shopping for fun children's clothing. All children's clothing is designed by Hema itself.
They meet quality, price and are also hip and trendy according to the latest fashion.

At HEMA you will definitely find clothing that is comfortable, comfortable and of good quality.

Even when the clothes have been washed a number of times, they still look like new.

For the girls you will find very nice dresses, skirts, tunics, shirts and cardigans. For your tough boy you will find nice shirts, cardigans, jackets, pants and shirts.

You will find them in different colors with very nice inscriptions.

With the clothing from HEMA you can make different combinations, so your kids always come up with something new.

HEMA knows that children grow quickly and must constantly keep up with their wardrobe. That is why you get good quality clothing at very competitive prices at HEMA.

Hema: Achter de Keizer 15, 7442 NR Nijverdal


At Scapino they keep up with the latest fashion and have clothing with a good fit. You will find clothes for boys and girls of all ages.
Well-known brands at Scapino are Ai-girl or Oiboi. The clothes are hip, trendy and cool and you can wear them during all seasons.

For children it is important that the clothing is good and comfortable. Scapino's clothing is therefore also made of quality fabrics.

In addition to clothing, you will also find sports outfits and a complete collection of shoes for all occasions.

The clothing and other products at Scapino are always very attractively priced. This is great for parents, because children often want to change their clothing style.

Or they start a new sport and need complete equipment. Or they have simply grown a few centimeters again.

No problem, from outdoor clothing to jogging pants, from hip t-shirts to well-fitting jackets, from fitness clothing to ski equipment, Scapino has it all.

Scapino: Grotestraat 111, 7443 BD Nijverdal


In Nijverdal you also come across Shoeby. Here you can drop in for a very nice collection of original children's clothing.
From size 92 to 176 they have a lot of choice for both boys and girls.

You can choose from an extensive selection of shorts, jeans, T-shirts, sweaters, cardigans and accessories for girls.

Shoeby clothing is always beautiful and very comfortable. All clothing and accessories are of course tailored to the latest fashion.

Shoeby has its own brand, Jill for the girls and Mitch for the boys.

For these collections, we sometimes even collaborate with big names from the fashion world to tailor the clothing exactly to the children's fashion of today.

Shoeby is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for fun children's clothing in Nijverdal.

Shoeby: Grotestraat 105, 7443 BC Nijverdal

terStal Family fashion

The name already gives it away, at terStal Famliemode you are at the right place for nice clothes for the whole family.
The clearly arranged store with well-trained staff makes shopping a pleasure.

In the new girls' collection you will find cool sweaters and tops and sweet dresses and skirts, made of comfortable and soft materials.

The sweaters and cardigans are available in many colors and in different sizes.

The terStal clothing has a good fit and often very nice motifs or a nice neutral shade to be able to combine well.

The boys are also very comfortable at terStal now.

For your boy you can come to terStal for very cool sweaters, T-shirts, jackets and cardigans, with nice prints.

They can be combined well with nice jeans or trousers.

At terStal you will even find a complete newborn (size 50-68) collection with fine rompers and playsuits.

And if you simply need some basics, look forward to the fun pajamas, good quality socks and underwear.

terStal Family fashion: Henri Dunantplein 5-7, 7442 NP Nijverdal


At Wibra you can shop quietly and browse through the extensive children's clothing collection.
For the children you have an extensive selection of boys and girls clothing in different colors, sizes and designs.

It is important for Wibra that the clothing is of good quality and that it remains affordable.

Wibra is truly a Dutch brand and offers top quality and excellent service.

At Wibra they also think about the environment. In 2010 Wibra started the campaign 'Conscious living and sustainable entrepreneurship'.

To help prevent overuse of plastic, our own multi-use shopping bag is sold.

At Wibra you can choose from nice dresses, sweatshirts, jeans, T-shirts, skirts, pants, jogging pants and leggings in different colors, with beautiful and cool prints.

You will find clothing according to the latest fashion trends. Your children can move freely and happily in Wibra clothing.

Wibra: Keizerserf 21, 7442 MG Nijverdal


De Zeeman offers fun and good quality clothing for boys and girls of all ages at very attractive prices.
You will also find an extensive baby collection to dress your little one as warm and beautiful as possible.

Children's clothing is an important part of the entire range at De Zeeman. Parents are certainly happy with all the beautiful clothes and the small prizes.

At De Zeeman, children are allowed to choose their own clothes, regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl. That is why De Zeeman has a lot of unisex clothing.

But they also have nice clothes especially for the girls such as nice dresses and skirts.

The boys are also well catered for with the cool shirts and trousers in cool motifs.

Sailor: Henri Dunantplein 10, 7442 NJ Nijverdal

Accessibility Nijverdal

Conveniently located on the A1 and with its own train station, Nijverdal is very easy to reach.

By car

If you come by car, you can park it reasonably close to the center. There are various parking options in the center of Nijverdal.

A maximum parking duration of 2 hours applies in the blue zone. There is free parking outside the blue zone.

The Henri Dunant parking garage is located in the heart of the city center. The entrance and exit are located on Maximastraat.

The rate applies here: € 0,10 per 6 minutes (€ 1,00 per hour), daily rate € 5,00. You can enter from 07.00 a.m. to 22.00 p.m., exit 24/7.

With public transport

With its own train station and numerous bus connections, you can also easily reach Nijverdal by public transport.

The Sprinter between Zwolle and Enschede passes by several times an hour.

With NS bicycles and lockers at the station you can very comfortably plan a day of shopping in Nijverdal. Especially when it comes to children's clothing!

We have tried to give the best and complete picture of children's clothing stores in Nijverdal, but cannot guarantee that we have not overlooked anything.

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