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Children's clothing stores in Veldhoven | These 10 shops have unique clothing

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Veldhoven is on the other side of the A2 then Eindhoven and is a nice city for shopping. 

Veldhoven basically has two areas where you can shop well, as you can see on the map on the right.

Firstly, there is CityCentrum in the north: an easy and complete shopping center with over 125 stores.

In addition, there is the area in the south of the city that is called Veldhoven-Dorp with a long and pleasant shopping street.

Thanks to the interactive map on this page, you can see where your favorite stores are located.

Besides fun shopping in Veldhoven, you can relax in one of the many restaurants in the city.

On Friday evening you can take your time, because then there is late night shopping in the city.

Please note: every last Sunday of the month there is a shopping Sunday in CityCentrum, but every first Sunday of the month there is a shopping Sunday in the Kromstraat shopping area (Veldhoven-Dorp).

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Children's clothing stores on the map of Veldhoven:

Lucky Kidzz Wear

You can say that a store with enthusiastic staff. At Mazzel Kidzz Wear you can go for beautiful and cool children's clothing and accessories.
And if you cannot figure it out yourself, no problem, the staff will gladly assist you with advice.

There is a wide variety of brands and sizes available.

For example, you can go here for the very little ones among us, who fit in size 44, but there is also clothing up to size 164.

The brands are clearly well chosen and the overall look of the business has been carefully considered.

Brands sold include dj Dutch jeans, z8, bits, funky xs, Nik and Nik en Quapic and much, much more.

There is also a wide range of accessories and Mazzel Kidzz Wear is the perfect place to step inside during a tour of Veldhoven.

Mazzel Kidzz Wear is located in CityCentrum: Squares 255, 5501 EJ Veldhoven.

EB Kids Store (Elie Bombelie)

EB Kids Store in Veldhoven is a super cool and hip store with beautiful brands, good advice, service and fun!
Customer loyalty is important here and this store is not just about selling clothes.
The staff is driven to provide you with sound advice and think along with you.
Whichever way you or your son or daughter wants to go - tough, sweet, classic or rough - everything is possible.

It is difficult for you to make a choice from the items of the versatile and cool collection that EB Kids Store has in house.

Thanks to social media, we can also rightly say that customers call EB Kids Store the nicest (children's clothing) store in Veldhoven and the surrounding area.

The store offers a variety of brands and sizes. Popular brands include Levi's, Iceberg, Vingino, Tiffosi and BY-BAR.

EB Kids Store is located in the Veldhoven-Dorp area: Kromstraat 1E, 5504 BA Veldhoven.

Yero Baby and Children's Clothing

Customer friendliness, that's what they excel at at Yero. This is also evident from the countless praise they receive from their customers via social media.
Mothers with children who normally never want to cooperate in the fitting rooms say that only at Yero the children's clothes are put on without complaint.
The children are put at ease and with so many beautiful things to choose from, there is actually not much to complain about!

The store offers a variety of clothing brands and prices. A few favorite brands are: Name IT, Franky, BOOF and Tumble 'N Dry.

Thanks to the changing collections and great promotions, it is always worth visiting this store.

Yero is located in the Veldhoven-Dorp shopping area and is on the Kromstraat 9A, 5504 BA Veldhoven.

As in so many Dutch cities, the national ones are also represented in international chains in Veldhoven.

We give a brief overview of these stores that sell children's clothing.


C&A is located in the CityCentrum. C&A has such a long history in the Netherlands that in principle the store no longer needs an introduction.

But if you still have doubts about what they offer, read on.

The store excels in offering varied, fun and playful clothing for children of good quality for a very decent price.

You will find many different types of clothing, from sporty to chic, from underwear to jackets and shoes.

Actually, you can get a full look here. Baby sizes start at size 50 and continue up to size 92. Children's clothing starts from size 92.

C&A is located on it Meiveld 72-80, 5501 KC Veldhoven.

Cool Cat

CoolCat offers fun and cool clothes for boys and girls of good quality that are nice and comfortable.
You can go here for a trendy outfit for a very affordable price.
The latest fashion is followed closely and is of course incorporated into the own collection.
This way you are assured that your son or daughter will always look hip and trendy.

CoolCat has the right clothing collection for every season.

CoolCat in Veldhoven is located in CityCentrum: Meent 44, 5501 JK Veldhoven.


At Hema you will find an extensive collection of girls and boys clothing.
Qualitative, comfortable and super fun clothing that is specifically designed and made for Hema.
The latest fashion trends are taken into account when designing the clothing.

The collections for children offer a huge choice and color combinations. The clothing is beautiful and comfortable.

At Hema you will find beautiful clothing for affordable prices, but made of good materials. Children's clothing is available at Hema up to size 176.

Hema is located in CityCentrum: Squares 55-63, 5501 EE Veldhoven.

Jola Fashion

Jola Mode is an accessible fashion chain where you will find fun and affordable clothing for hip boys and girls.
Currently - 40 years after its foundation - the company consists of 83 stores, all of which operate under the Jola Mode name.

We work hard to ensure that the customer feels as comfortable as possible in the store.

The employees of the store are therefore trained to provide good service and to provide the customer with appropriate advice when requested.

Jola Mode offers various brands. For children who wear clothing sizes 98 to 176, this includes Cars, Ravagio and Unlocked.

For the little ones up to size 92, the store has the brands Bakkaboe, Dirkje and Just Small in its collection.

Jola Mode is located in Veldhoven-Village: Kromstraat 32C, 5504 BD Veldhoven.


Shoeby is a chain full of hip, cheerful and trendy clothing and is located in the Veldhoven-Dorp shopping area.

The store has two brands of its own, Jill for girls and Mitch for boys.

In addition to their own brand, Shoeby also sells other Dutch brands such as Tumble 'n Dry and Cakewalk.

The store therefore has trendy clothing and still maintains a competitive price.

It is definitely worth a visit if you are shopping in Veldhoven for a day!

Address Shoeby: Kromstraat 13J, 5504 BA Veldhoven.

WE Fashion

WE Fashion offers children's clothing from size 92, but some items from size 98/104.
In any case, the collections are hip, are comfortable, are of good quality and have a competitive price.
You can go here for clothing for various occasions.
Sportswear, sweaters, cardigans or blazers, glitter skirts, leggings or cardigans, you will find it all here.

And because WE also sell accessories, you can find a nice and complete outfit together.

WE Fashion is located in CityCentrum: Meiveld 118, 5501 KG Veldhoven.


Zeeman also offers affordable clothing, we already knew that.

But that this store also sells practical and fun clothing of good quality is perhaps not known to everyone.

There are rompers and soft sweatpants for the little ones and for the older children you can make fun combinations with the clothes in the collection.

The collection is renewed every season. You can also pop into Zeeman in Veldhoven to find fun, comfortable and competitively priced children's clothing!

Zeeman in Veldhoven is located in CityCentrum: De Meent 3, 5501 JJ Veldhoven.

Accessibility of the children's clothing stores in Veldhoven:

Since the shopping area spans two areas, you have to think about where you want to go first and how you get from one place to another.

It can certainly be walked, but it will take you more than half an hour. Nothing wrong with that when the weather is nice of course.

You can also take a bus, but count on it that it will take you more than XNUMX minutes to get from one area to another.

It only takes you about seven minutes by car.

By car: Veldhoven is located next to the A2 so access to the city is easy and fast.

Parking in the Kromstraat shopping center (Veldhoven-Dorp): free parking in the De Plaatse car park or in the blue zone (with parking disc).

Parking in the CityCentrum: there are sufficient parking spaces in the parking areas Braak, Bree, Geer, Lei, Meent, Repel, Meiveld (short term parking: maximum half an hour) and in the Geer parking garage. Paid parking applies everywhere here.

With public transport: From Utrecht Central you take the train to Eindhoven. From there you have to change to the bus to get to one of the two shopping areas.

Once you are in one of the two areas, you can easily walk everything.

The shops are almost all on the same street or surrounding streets and it takes minutes to walk from one shop to another.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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